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  1. Curiosity is both a gift and a curse. I think it is great that you’re so enthusiastic, it actually reminds me of when I first joined here, and I sincerely hope you enjoy your musical journey. That being said I will point out that many of us have taste that lies on the more extreme side of the metal spectrum. It’s and unfortunate fact that you probably won’t. Get much help looking for recommendations Re rap/rock, or similar genres.
  2. From what little I’ve herd rap metal is a misnomer. Rap/rock would be more accurate and honestly I hate all of it. Any similarity you hear to “groove” metal is probably because by incorporating a rap into guitar driven music need to provide a groove or beat for the vocals to bounce off. Rap elements exist in nu-metal too yet another genre, I don’t consider legitimate but that’s different can of worms.
  3. Last few: Aeturnus - Beyond the Wandering Moon Arckanum - Kostogher Darkthrone - Panzerfaust
  4. I think you something up Star Wars in a nutshell, when it’s good it’s good, it is just very rarely good
  5. Oi I’m an AFL fan, and I assure you that I possess both all of my brain cells, and all of my tee th… The undisputed champions of ferality these days are, unfortunately, considering it’s the team I follow, Port Adelaide, take the stereotypical, Collingwood fan, dial it up to 11, and that is the average port supporter
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