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  1. gaming

    Yeah I really don't know anything about Overwatch or modern games in general honestly.
  2. gaming

    Isn't that one of those pay to win MMOs?
  3. What's on your mind?

    Wait since when were you funny? Literally made my day and it's only 7am.
  4. What up!

    G'Day, please keep promo for your site to the event/promo sub-forum. You can also link it in your description. Outside of that hope you dig it here. Stage dive right in mate.
  5. What's on your mind?

    Well it's mighty hot here in R'Lyeh today, humid too, Cthulhu loves it but I could do with cooler conditions.
  6. Rate the song above you!

    Bit doomy, certainly unique, 6/10
  7. What's on your mind?

    Well it got me hyped. God damn I wish I could see in the cinemas but they're just so dark I can't really make out the screen.
  8. 5 Metal Albums You'd Take to a Desert Island

    Well it's had a lasting impact on me so I would hate to be without it.
  9. What's on your mind?

    Welcome back Grayscale So the stupid placement of our a/c, double bricked house, and temps in the low 30s celsius are combining to make life kind of miserable. Heat just stacks on heat with no relief becasue the a/c blows straight into the kitchen wall. I'm serious considering throwing the spare matress on the floor in there tonight so I can get a half decent night's sleep.
  10. Rate the song above you!

    It's that period of Sabbath I'm not overly fond of. 6/10 one of the better tracks to emerge from post Dio Sabbath
  11. Rate the song above you!

    Everything I dislike about bog standard prog right there 1/10
  12. Rate the song above you!

    It was ok 5/10
  13. Rate The Metal Genres

    Hmm well I'll have a go at this as well using the broader genres as my guidelines 10. Industrial I'd have put nu-metal in this slot but don't believe it to be a legit metal sub-genre. So Industrial then. Yeah I care for practically none of what I've heard beyond Strapping Young Lad. 9. Progressive Metal I started out with a bit of a taste for Prog but as time has passed it's really become quite uninteresting for me. Queensryche aside Future's End are the only pure prog band I still like. 8. Folk Metal Again I had a bit of a taste for folk metal early on. Nowadays not so much but I do still enjoy enough bands, Orphaned Land in particular. 7. Power Metal I like a few more power metal bands then the previous genres here. Blind Guardian, Nevermore, Persuader, to name a few. 6. Thrash Metal Close run between thrash and power metal since my interest in thrash is waning significantly. For a bit of fun I still get into it but no longer have much drive to explore the genre. 5. Heavy Metal I'm including the NWOBHM here because it is very much heavy metal. Sabbath, Priest, Maiden, Saxon, Accept, UFO, Mötorhead, Angel Witch, damn too many more to name. 4. Viking Metal I don't have as much knowledge here but I love literally all the viking metal I've heard so far. 3. Black Metal Can't get enough BM honestly. First and Second wave offer so much. 2. Death Metal Yep if you know me now this is no surprise. The classic DM sound does so much for me. Some melodic death metal and tech-death also works wonders as does a bit of progressive death metal. Astonishing to think it wasn't six years ago I couldn't stand the genre. 1. Doom Metal From the moment I started exploring the genre it became my favourite. I adore doom. The emotion it evokes, the atmosphere, the crushing riffs, the variety. So much to offer. Traditional doom, Sludge, Doom/Death, Black/Doom, Funeral Doom I can't get enough.
  14. What's on your mind?

    I'm so sorry to hear about that FA. I hope your son is ok.
  15. 5 Metal Albums You'd Take to a Desert Island

    Quite the haven for creatures of the night indeed. I would assume Count Requiem wants an invite?