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  1. Still waiting on my final grades for uni wish they’d hurry, no danger of failing just want to know how I’ve done
  2. No classes true however still not looking forward to the lockdown can someone find a vaccine for this stupid virus already oh and a belated happy birthday to FA
  3. Tube of the Resinated - Cannabis Corpse
  4. Man white background sure sucks for me, also done with uni just in time for the new covid outbreak in Adelaide so yeah not impressed
  5. Will get to it when I can mate. Year has been rough on me if truth be told and I ended up having a complete mental breakdown earlier in the year so just happy to be doing better and that uni is back on track. Anyway NP: Death - Individual Thought Patterns
  6. No, didn't even know there was one tbh very much out of the loop this year.
  7. Three weeks, two assignments, and I'll be done with uni for the year. Just can't wait to have a life again...
  8. Just stopping by cause I've missed you guys. Been super busy with uni and some family stuff so really haven't had time for the forum. See you guys soon and stay safe everyone.
  9. I'm still around guys and gals just been busy with uni and life.
  10. Black Harvest - Abject Been too long since I put this on...
  11. Well it's solid enough but Iced Earth don't do much for me outside Burnt Offerings so with that in mind 5.5/10
  12. 1. Immortal - In My Kingdom Cold 2. Mayhem - Funeral Fog 3. Dissection - Night's Blood 4. Darkthrone - In the Shadow of the Horns 5. Celtic Frost - Circle of the Tyrants 6. Bathory - Blood Fire Death 7. Behemoth - O Father O Satan O Son 8. Absu - Pillars of Mercy 9. Tormentor - Anno Domini 10. Venom - To Hell and Back Wow all the black metal today
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