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  1. Seconding what FA said please include album titles, it's a major pain trying to fix things otherwise.
  2. Once again life outs herself as a sadist. Just as I'm feeling really good about work and enjoying the responsibility that comes with heading a major project I get smacked straight back down. Turns out the boss no longer feels I'm the right fit for their business and so I've been fired effective immediately (the joy of being a casual employee). Yeah pretty sure it's my lot in life to never feel happy or optimistic about anything.
  3. Well the new blind cricket season starts tomorrow and I can't wait. Since I've declared my availabity for nationals in January I'll be making every effort to get picked.
  4. 6/10 Well Funeral Doom isn't for everyone, very much a love or hate genre given the crawling tempo and emphasis on atmosphere. Anyways here comes even more doom
  5. The clean atmospheric passages were imo the best elements of this song. The distorted riffs where, if I'm being honest, kind of uninspired and I feel the song never really went anywhere. 5/10 because it wasn't offensive to the ear in any way just not particularly exciting. Fair warning this next one is funeral doom and therefore moves at a glacial rate.
  6. Well I did what I could here. Couple of posts were too broken to fix and were deleted.
  7. Death - Individual Thought Patterns
  8. Well I've fixed everything worth bothering with in this thread. Album titles included and links repaired wherever possible.
  9. And for tonight's entertainment we have Cabin in the Woods for some black comedy.
  10. Viking metal is kind of it's own thing and those bands don't tend to have much in common with the melancholic atmosphere of doom metal. I wouldn't claim to be an expert but I can't think of any viking/doom bands off the top of my head. As for folk/doom I can't say. Outside of Orphaned Land there's no folk bands I like.
  11. Well shit turns out one of the riffs I wrote for this song is just a plain rip-off of a riff from Death's Zombie Ritual...awkward.
  12. My Dying Bride - Turn Loose the Swans
  13. Kind of feel bad for semi-spamming this thread. Ah well tonight's horror film...A Nightmare on Elm Street.