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  1. Welcome to the funny farm.
  2. Century Media I believe are the larger and therefore more profitable label. Therefore my preference is Century Media. Edgar Allen Poe or Charles Dickens
  3. Negura Bunget
  4. Darkness Descends - Dark Angel
  5. Hmm the rockish vibe to it was kind of cool. All in all though I find it kind of plodding. 5/10
  6. Under A Funeral Moon - Darkthrone
  7. Oh I hope Mcgregor knocks Money Mayweather out so badly. I've lost a bit of interest in MMA of late but do enjoy the arrogance of Conor. Anyway on my mind is the frustration of forgetting a really simple riff for 'Shores In Flames. That frustration is made worse by my remembering all the other riffs I've learned so far for the song.
  8. Odin, the hymns devoted to me would be far grander I mean have you HEARD Hammerheart?... Would you rather be Ray Bradbury or George Orwell?
  9. Overkill - Motorhead
  10. Clearly those judging the 'most liveable city' have never actually BEEN to Melbourne.
  11. Just booked my ticket for a small 12hr festival coming to my town soon. It's mostly local acts but Napalm Death are headlining. Gonna be hype.
  12. Not my thing 3/10
  13. Elegy - Amorphis
  14. Hmm my copies of 'Mad Butcher / Eternal Devestation' by Destruction and 'Time Does Not Heal' by Dark Angel seem to have vanished. No issues with 'Pleasure To Kill' by Kreator or 'Fabulous Disaster' by Exodus though so it isn't all bad news.
  15. 3/10