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  1. Iron Maiden - Hallowed Be Thy Name
  2. 0/10 because its impossible to rate a song Ican't listen to and it wouldn't work properly for me.
  3. Morbid Angel - Lord of All Fevers and Plagues Seems appropriate somehow...
  4. So is it bad that I'm really only disappointed that my Japan trip is off, that there's no footy for the foreseeable future, and that I don't know what the deal will be with my Port membership? All the othercoronavirus stuff doesn'tbother me in the least.
  5. Hope everyone is well and not stressing too much about the whole coronavirus situation. As for me well I'm looking forward to sleeping in as of next week with all my classes being either cancelled or shifted to online, just wonder how it will impact on assessments. More worried about the fact I can't get a refund on the now cancelled Japan trip honestly.
  6. Can't believe March is nearly upon us already. Uni starts on Monday and it just seems to have come around so quickly. Can't wait to get stuck in and I already seem to have a few contacts for when I finish the journalism degree depending on the path I choose to take.
  7. At the risk of this thread devolving into endless lists by yours truly I'll be stopping once I'm done with the eighties. Now on to the part no one asked for it's... RelentlessOblivion's Top 10 Albums of 1987 10. Pentagram - Day of Reckoning This doom metal classic is full of everything I love about traditional doom. Crunchy Black Sabbath inspired riffs, vocals perfectly suited to the music being crafted, Pentagram were on song with this recordandif you're a traditional doom fan youought to hear it. 9. Trouble - Run to the Light Perhapsnot as heavyas Psalm 9 this record still doesn't lack for punch. On top of the heavytone though isa stronger melodic element whichsets Run to the Light apart. The typical Ozzy inspired vocals ofTrouble are on full display here and it works so well with their sound. Not my favourite of their albums but it'sstill pretty damned good. 8.Napalm Death - Scum What can Isay about this record? It'sa grindcore staple, blink andyou'll miss half the record type stuff the genre is known for.The productionisgrimy,the vocalsnasty, the drumming furious and the riffsfull of energy. This isn't for everyone but boy will you know if Napalm Death are a band for you. 7. Melvins - Gluey Porch Treatments I know, I know, weird fucking title right? Welldon't let that stop you from checking this recordout. I guess you'dcallMelvins a sort of Doom/proto-sludge band. The riffs here are pretty damned heavy and there'splentyofthat hateful atmosphere Sludgewouldcome to be known for.Thiscanbe abrasive at times but that's part of thecharm if youaskme. 6. Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger Oh boy is this a fun listen. The title track alone is enough to put a smile on my face and is sure to do the same for anyone else who loves the fun side of metal. Memorable songs with some choruses you can sing along to, great riffs, andlyrics that will make you wish you could unleash your inner pirate. What's not to love 5. Sepultura - Schizophrenia This is easily my favourite Sepultura album The riffs are fast and furious, there's a relentless pummeling feel to this album that just gets me. Schizophrenia will have you banging your head so hard you get whiplash so kudos to these Brazilian thrashers for putting out an album which their peers would surely have been envious of. 4. Sarcofago - I.N.R.I Another entry from Brazil, this time first wave black metal. Everything about this record is nasty from the riffs, to the vocals, to the production and I love it There's a reason this record isconsidered a classic so go listen to it. 3. Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark When it comes to their blackmetal albums thisis Bathory at their best. Great riffs, evil atmosphere, menacing vocals, and great songwriting. No blackmetal fan should overlook this masterpiece. 2. Candlemass - Nightfall This is, quite simply, Candlemass' best album. The vocals are performed brilliantly, the riffs are heavyandepic, the songs themselvesare often sprawlingbutneveroverstay their welcome. Whenit comes to traditional/epicdoom thisisperhaps the best example of thegenreandit'sashame the banddidn't quitemanage tosustainsuchquality. 1. HolyMoses - Finished with the Dogs The top spotat lastand there was nocontestsofar as I'm concerned. This is an albumof vicious riffs, sick vocals, everythingyoucould ever want from a thrash album. Nothing else to say really just listen to it and do it right now. What a year this was and it's my bias for doom that decided a few spots hereso honourablementions are inorder:First to Death's 'Scream BloodyGore' for beingone of the first true death metal records and boasting some truly depravedvocals from Chuckandsome pretty sickriffs, Destruction's 'Release From Agony' for being phenomenal German thrash which would make the list most any other year, Sodom's 'Persecution Mania' for being their best album andanother classic of German thrash, and Morbid's 'December Moon' for being possibly thebest blackmetal demo ever missing out only because I'm not including demos or EPs on my lists.