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  1. I’ll take 34 Celsius every day of the week thank you, with windchill it’s 51°F here right now a full 9°F colder than the average for this time of year.
  2. By this logic thrash would be a degraded inferior version of heavy metal, itself a degraded and imperial version of rock and someone and so forth. That’s definitely true of some genres, I think industrial is weaker for the electronic elements and simplicity but it’s far from being true across the board
  3. And Doom, and Sludge, and Blues, and Grindcore, so at best Thrash barely scrapes into the top 10… alright, let’s give a slightly more serious. Answer. The best modern Thrash bands and albums blending it with other genres. Very few pure Thrash bands managed to catch my attention these days.
  4. Archgoat - Apocalyptic Triumphator Archgoat - Whore of Bethlehem Archgoat - The Light Devouring Darkness
  5. Anti - The Insignificance of Life EP (2006)
  6. Ancient North - The Gates (2022) Ancient North - The Dark Ages (2024)
  7. Vi - De Praestigia Angelorum (2015) VI - De Praestigia Demonum EP (2017)
  8. Der Ghoul - Hunger Anger Decay (2024) on first lesson fairly solid BM Dodsford - Wrath (2024) hmm somehow I missed this a month ago
  9. Alpha Omega - Chaos demo (2024) {Sweden} blasty black metal Parthaxitas - Weaver of the Black Moon (2024) not sure what I think of this one yet, sort of dissonant black metal Coldborn - The Unwritten Pages of Death (2024) {Belgium} another one I’m not quite sold on, this passages here that I like, but overall it’s a little monotonous
  10. Robert Johnson - Hellhounds on my Trail was thinking of learning this as a cover song, then I remembered the guitar tuning is kind of funky
  11. I hated having to make hollandaise, warm emulsion sources in general but at least when it came time to be assessed on them, I managed to not have any of them split. Somewhat ironic that finishing culinary school has proved easier than actually finding somewhere that’s willing to give me an opportunity. on the subject of food tonight‘s dinner is going to be chicken adobo, sadly without the fried garlic for garnish
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