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  1. I'd have missed the Dark Funeral show in favour of Devin Townsend... Also didn't know CoF were playing Cruelty, might need to re-think attending that show.
  2. 12? That's about the age I discovered metal, what are the odds? Welcome to the community.
  3. All the regulars have been there mate. I have to tell you though now that you're here we won't let you leave
  4. Officially the longest intro I've seen here. Welcome to the community. Please keep any and all promo to the appropriate area thank you.
  5. Turns out there's a worthwhile gig coming to Adelaide this year after all...Dark Angel, with a setlist that looks to be nothing but tracks from Darkness Descends and Time Does Not Heal. Count me in!
  6. Mournful Congregation - Scripture of Exaltation and Punishment
  7. Welcome to the community, see you around.
  8. This is the easiest choice in the world, alcohol for me. WYRB stranded on a desert island with Macgyver or Tom Hanks
  9. Guitarist of course Would you rather be wealthy and alone or destitute but with many friends?
  10. I've been so worried about restoring all my work stuff I never stopped to think about everything else I lost when the old computer went down, like the doc cimpiling all the albums I've had recommended to me over the years. The old hard drive could have been repaired but everything on it was corrupted so there's no point wasting the money.
  11. G'Day mate, welcome to the community. Jump right in we've got a great bunch of people here.
  12. It was ok enough but not brilliant 6/10