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  1. At the risk of this thread devolving into endless lists by yours truly I'll be stopping once I'm done with the eighties. Now on to the part no one asked for it's... RelentlessOblivion's Top 10 Albums of 1987 10. Pentagram - Day of Reckoning This doom metal classic is full of everything I love about traditional doom. Crunchy Black Sabbath inspired riffs, vocals perfectly suited to the music being crafted, Pentagram were on song with this recordandif you're a traditional doom fan youought to hear it. 9. Trouble - Run to the Light Perhapsnot as heavyas Psalm 9 this record still doesn't lack for punch. On top of the heavytone though isa stronger melodic element whichsets Run to the Light apart. The typical Ozzy inspired vocals ofTrouble are on full display here and it works so well with their sound. Not my favourite of their albums but it'sstill pretty damned good. 8.Napalm Death - Scum What can Isay about this record? It'sa grindcore staple, blink andyou'll miss half the record type stuff the genre is known for.The productionisgrimy,the vocalsnasty, the drumming furious and the riffsfull of energy. This isn't for everyone but boy will you know if Napalm Death are a band for you. 7. Melvins - Gluey Porch Treatments I know, I know, weird fucking title right? Welldon't let that stop you from checking this recordout. I guess you'dcallMelvins a sort of Doom/proto-sludge band. The riffs here are pretty damned heavy and there'splentyofthat hateful atmosphere Sludgewouldcome to be known for.Thiscanbe abrasive at times but that's part of thecharm if youaskme. 6. Running Wild - Under Jolly Roger Oh boy is this a fun listen. The title track alone is enough to put a smile on my face and is sure to do the same for anyone else who loves the fun side of metal. Memorable songs with some choruses you can sing along to, great riffs, andlyrics that will make you wish you could unleash your inner pirate. What's not to love 5. Sepultura - Schizophrenia This is easily my favourite Sepultura album The riffs are fast and furious, there's a relentless pummeling feel to this album that just gets me. Schizophrenia will have you banging your head so hard you get whiplash so kudos to these Brazilian thrashers for putting out an album which their peers would surely have been envious of. 4. Sarcofago - I.N.R.I Another entry from Brazil, this time first wave black metal. Everything about this record is nasty from the riffs, to the vocals, to the production and I love it There's a reason this record isconsidered a classic so go listen to it. 3. Bathory - Under the Sign of the Black Mark When it comes to their blackmetal albums thisis Bathory at their best. Great riffs, evil atmosphere, menacing vocals, and great songwriting. No blackmetal fan should overlook this masterpiece. 2. Candlemass - Nightfall This is, quite simply, Candlemass' best album. The vocals are performed brilliantly, the riffs are heavyandepic, the songs themselvesare often sprawlingbutneveroverstay their welcome. Whenit comes to traditional/epicdoom thisisperhaps the best example of thegenreandit'sashame the banddidn't quitemanage tosustainsuchquality. 1. HolyMoses - Finished with the Dogs The top spotat lastand there was nocontestsofar as I'm concerned. This is an albumof vicious riffs, sick vocals, everythingyoucould ever want from a thrash album. Nothing else to say really just listen to it and do it right now. What a year this was and it's my bias for doom that decided a few spots hereso honourablementions are inorder:First to Death's 'Scream BloodyGore' for beingone of the first true death metal records and boasting some truly depravedvocals from Chuckandsome pretty sickriffs, Destruction's 'Release From Agony' for being phenomenal German thrash which would make the list most any other year, Sodom's 'Persecution Mania' for being their best album andanother classic of German thrash, and Morbid's 'December Moon' for being possibly thebest blackmetal demo ever missing out only because I'm not including demos or EPs on my lists.
  2. Melvins - Gluey Porch Treatments
  3. RelentlessOblivion's Top 10 Albums of 1986 10. Manilla Road - The Deluge This album features impressive song writing and fantastic heavyriffs. The only thing which keepsit from featuring more prominently on my list is the vocals which are, in my opinion, extremely week and hold the album back to a degree. Still if you're a fan of traditional heavymetal this is wellworth the listen. 9.Sepultura-MorbidVisions Every knowsthe Brazilian Thrashers these days and rightly so they've released some iconic albums in their time. Their debut however is a raucous mix of first wave black metal and thrash with menacing riffs and fantastic drumming. Check it out because this is awesome stuff 8. Voivod - Rrröööaaarrr This is a pretty unique thrash record especially for the time. It's full of weird passages with a progressive tinge, interspersed with punkier sections, really just a chaotic mix that's good fun to hear. If that sounds like your kind of thing then go listen to Rrröööaaarrr right now. 7. Destruction - Eternal Devastation The teutonic terros Destruction are well knownbythrash fans as are their German countrymen Sodom and Kreator. With albums like this though it's no wonder they're considered one of German Thrash's best bands. The riffs are fast and furious tinged with black metal, the vocals are just nasty, and the songwriting itself is great. If you've never heard of Destruction this is a great place to start, and if you have well listen to this again anyway. 6. Fates Warning - Awaken the Guardian This prog/power masterpiece is truly epic. The songwriting is first class, the riffs are melodic, memorable, but far from dull, and the vocals while not always perfect fit well with the music to craft a stunning soundscape which simply must be heard. 5. Onslaught - The Force I'm honestly no fan of the UK thrash scene and Onslaught themselves are fairly inconsistent but on this album they are in top form. The riffs are fun andpack a real energy. The other instruments are solid and this record never fails to put me in a good mood. This is the fun side of thrashand onestly it's great. 4. Flotsam and Jetsam - Doomsday for the Deceiver This is a more melodic thrash record both in the vocals and riffs. That doesn't mean it hits anysofter, there's a real energy on display here and phenomenal songwritingpaired withtop notchriffs.Once again it's thrash that falls on the fun side of the genre andwell worth hearing. 3. Saint Vitus - Born Too Late Yep it's my bias for all things doom metal that sees Born Too Late in the top three for which I make no apologies. Slow and crunchy riffs taking cues from Black Sabbath? Check. Pained vocals which perfectly fit with the gloomy aesthetic of the songs? Check. If you're a traditional doom fan no doubt you know who these guys are and if not well golisten to this album right nowand do yourself ahugefavour. 2. Kreator -Pleasure to Kill Dark, furious, German thrash at its finest. Without a doubt Kreator's best album and imo the best teutonic thrash album period. The riffs are heavy and evil, the vocals nasty, every track is punishing and it is glorious. 1. Dark Angel - Darkness Descends So what can top Pleasure to Kill? Only a masterpiece from Dark Angel. As with above the riffs are dark, evil, and played at the speed of light. You can feel the fury dripping off thisalbum when you play itand it is thrashperfection. Well this was a hard list because I honestly think there were a lot of solidalbums this year but few real classics. On another day the order from tenth to third could look totally different.
  4. Just over aweeksincetheneedleinmyshoulder andstill no better.Mygod thisis the worst.OnamorepositivenoteI'vewrittensomenewlyrics whichI'm fairlyhappywith.
  5. Destruction - Eternal Devastation
  6. RelentlessOblivion's Top 19 Albums of 1985 10. Blind Fury - Out of Reach Memorable melodies, fantastic vocals, solid songwriting. This album is a fine example of heavy metal and if you like the style then this album is for you. 9. Omen - Warning of Danger Omen's sophmore album steps up the melodic elements and songwriting, the vocals are an improvement beetter fitting the melodic heavy metal on display. Battle Cry was a great debut album but Warning of Danger is a great album period. 8. Carnivore - Carnivore Have you ever wondered what a thrash metal album with doom elements would sound like? Well this is it. Great riffs, punky vocals courtesy of Pete Steele, outstanding songwriting this has it all. 7. Razor - Evil Invaders Heavy riffs, nasty vocals, great songwriting. This is a phenomenal thrash album that really should be heard. 6. Slayer - Hell Awaits This is, in my opinion, Slayer's best album. Great evil sounding riffs, menacing vocals, great songwriting Hell Awaits has them all in spades. Go listen to it. 5. Chastain - Mystery of Illusion This is a fantastic heavy metal album. The riffs are fantastic and heavy, the vocals are great and not the norm for a female fronted band, there's so much to love about this record. 4. Possessed - Seven Churches You ccould call this a proto-death metal album. It's intense and evil sounding from start to finish and the riffs will get you banging your head. A hugely important album in the extreme metal genres. 3. S.O.D - Speak English or Die The lyrics are tongue-in-cheek, the vocals are punky and intense, the riffs are fast and furious. If you haven't heard this yet do yourself a favour and check it out. 2. Bathory - The Return... Bathory's sophmore album is evil sounding first wave black metal at its finest. Evil sounding riffs, nasty vocals, great songwriting This is an amazing record. 1. Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion This album is perfect first wave black metal. The riffs are menacing, the atmosphere is evil, the vocals are intense and the songwriting is top notch. Listen to it right NOW!!! This was a tough year to settle on. There were some great albums that I couldn't squeeze into my list. On the whole I'm happy with this.