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  1. Pilot for sure. Bit of an Ashes flavour to this one which means all you Americans will have no clue what I'm on about...WYR be James Anderson or Glen Mcgrath?
  2. Well it seems my theory on how to stop Smith has been proven corrects now the question becomes is he good enough to counter the tactic? Due to the rain we didn't get to find out last night but I suspect even if he is England will be taking a huge first innings lead here.
  3. The wick, let me be the center of attention thank you very much. WYR lose your hearing or be unable to feel anything for the rest of your days?
  4. I quite enjoyed the atmosphere on display with this song it was nothing mind blowing but still very nice 6/10
  5. Well since I'm only a casual there's nothing to protect me if they decide to fire me. As for the only paying me for eight hours it's because of hours which I apparently owe them though I was sure I'd made all of those up with the last big project they gave me. So yeah I really hate this and want to quit but need the income.
  6. For a while there I was reminded of Skyrim, of epic voyages across serene and beautiful landscapes...then the song started and it was boring as hell 5/10 solely for the pre-song symphonic section.
  7. My Dying Bride - The Angel and the Dark River
  8. Oh I really just love my job, I especially love it when they dump a huge project on me, say it has to be completed withint 24 hours, inform you it's over 12 hours worth of work and by the way we're paying you for eight of those and cap it off by saying if it's not in our hands by 12pm we're not paying you at all. Can you tell I've been awake for 24 hours now?
  9. Just recently I found my old disc case full of all the playstation games I managed to snare up until I turned 14 or so. Fuck me how did I convince my parents to get half this shit? First 3 Resident Evil games, first 2 Silent Hill, Tekken 2 and 3, and that's just to get started.
  10. Well I had a bit of an anxiety attack today, wow depression and anxiety just how fucked in the head am I?, when my boss said tomorrow we need to talk about some things she's not totally happy with Some of it is a lack of communication on their end, a lot is my inexperience in the workplace, and I'm hoping none of it is to do with the quality of my work. Also hoping I don't get fired because even if I'm not working as many hours as I'd like the job is still good for me andis helping me slowly fix my dire financial situation. Worst thing is I'm not sure if all this stress and worry is just the anxiety or if it's actually warranted. Thinking, not for the first time, that I might need to see a therapist or something because this constant stressing over anything that goes even slightly wrong can't be good for me.
  11. Time Does Not Heal - Dark Angel
  12. A foot, can't play guitar or do my job with only one hand. WYR lose the ability to speak or lose your sight?
  13. Somewhere Far Beyond - Blind Guardian