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    What's the REAL deal?

    Friend of mine couldn't figure my taste. There is seemingly no order. I said it's the fuzz, man. That crunchy fuzz. That's what's doing it for me. Upbeat or downbeat, it's all about the fuzz. Do you have a name for what appeals to you? (Especially when it falls somewhat outside of your "usual" direction of taste.)
  2. MaxFaust

    What's the REAL deal?

    The first thing that came to my mind was Merzbow. Japanese chap. He makes "noise sculptures" with all sorts of arcane electronic equipment. Not all of it intended to be pleasing to the ears. Excellent, though. I'm gonna have to check that out, power electronics.
  3. MaxFaust

    What's the REAL deal?

    What does "power electronics" mean?
  4. MaxFaust

    Any horror lovers here?

    I can't say that I'm big on horror books ... but I luv me a good horror movie! There are even some "collector" tendencies. Both the classics and newer, "postmodern" stuff ... where you can't really tell if what's going on is "for real" or something that's only happening in the mind of the lead character(s). Such as for instance Haute Tension (High Tension, or some times also called Switchblade Romance) and Martyrs.
  5. MaxFaust

    Top 10 Albums of 2018

    Of albums released in 2018 ... are you fucking kidding me? I'm not even up to date with the 80s yet ... it seems kind of random what I hear about and not, so it's not like I've made any informed and conscious choice based in what I've listened to and subsequently arranged in some kind of neat order ... I can only say that there are two albums that have seriously hit it home with me this year of 2018: There is Craft, "White Noise And Black Metal" ... it appeals to me for the same reasons that the "new" Mayhem appeals to me. There is some kind of weird "surgical chaos" vibe going on in there that I find pleasing. Very competent work with several layers of discreet complexity. The "trve evil kult" black metal kids are probably not going to like this album, but metal conisseurs, musicians and intellectuals might just find a gem. Then there is Rivers of Nihil, "Where Owls Know My Name" ... which is one of those projects that break the form, in that it incorporates elements of various, seemingly incompatible things, such as chugging death metal riffs with a mellow saxophone solo ... which really should NOT work, but it kind of does anyway. Very interesting album, also a strangely beautiful creature. My third mention is going to be Outre-Tombe ... but I haven't quite processed that one yet. However, it seems so far that it might just become one of my "legends". We shall see.
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    Hard Rock and Heavy Metal: 1 Genre or No

    Another note on this issue: For some time now, I've been trying to understand why people are so hard assed about this "genre" thing. Because it wasn't like that at all back in the day. Nobody could care less whether it was rock or punk or glam or metal or whatever. Having the right kind of "groove" was what it was all about. Also, I suppose the attitude went a long way. Being in opposition, like. The only reasonable explanation I can come up with is the practical impossibility of having a "broad genre" approach these days. I asked about this in another thread. Thing is, mathematically speaking, a year has only 8,760 hours, and I think the total metal production in our world of today goes WAY beyond that ... so it's physically impossible to cover everything, no matter your good will and intention. The next step will probably be to get married to some more specialized subgenre then. Such as focusing exclusively on death, thrash, prog, stoner, trad, whatever ... and also mayhaps being a little defencive about this, in a "my way is the right way" kind of way. I don't know. The age of the old school "rock star" thing may be over. It's about genres now.
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    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    I keep buying shit all the time ... being still a "hard copy" kind of guy (I don't even own a smartphone) ... so that CD rack will have to be disassembled and replaced by something with more shelf space pretty soon. I keep putting that off. I also need to make another book shelf. Whatever. Ain't no big hurry. Anyway, I got both May Blitz albums at a bargain price recently. That's probably of no interest to anybody who's not into either 70s or "stoner rock" ... but if you are, I think it's still in stock at Amazon. It's not the "real" albums of course, but a re-release of both records on just one disc. Hurricane Records in Berlin might be involved. They have done that sort of thing with other great (but somewhat forgotten) names from the 70s scene, like Sir Lord Baltimore and Aunt Mary. Other than that, I think a lot of people are dumping their CD collecions these days Why else would you find so much cool stuff from the 80s in thrift and charity shops? I picked up a copy of "Melissa" for ONE euro. I had to. Fucker sells for like a 100 on Amazon. Why do need two copies? I don't. I'll probably gift one of them some day, to some young snotpuddle who don't know shit about "the good old days" ha ha.
  8. MaxFaust

    Rate the song above you!

    I'm gonna have to give Monolord 9/10 ... because I fucking love that album. If I were forced to "sacrifice"most of what I've acquired over the last couple of years, the Monolord album would be among the last to go. Over to some Mexican proto-metal from way back in Aztec times.
  9. MaxFaust

    Lemmy vs Peter Steele

    I never met Peter Steele, but I find it really hard to imagine Lemmy in a fight. Seriously. I don't think he would even know what to do. He simply wasn't that kind of guy. On the other hand, why would anyone want to fight Lemmy? He never told a lie in his life and he never bothered anybody.
  10. MaxFaust

    Rate the song above you (non-metal edition)

    Curiouser and curiouser. That's not exactly my cup of tea ... so 2/10 for effort? Have things gone disco here lately? I like some of that ... how about this one?
  11. MaxFaust

    What Are You Listening To?

    "Human" by Death has been on high rotation these last few weeks.
  12. MaxFaust

    Bands similar to Dream Theater/Prog Metal suggestions?

    I must admit having a problem with the very concept of "prog metal". I'm like that bird who comes flying along and then goes THUD into the window glass ... that is called 70s prog rock. While everybody else is flying merrily along, I'm stuck in the 70s. There is no getting around it. Arrested development, probably. Only today, I was at the post office and picked up a specimen of "Pet Arts" by the Petards, on CD, ordered through Amazon. German chaps, from 1971. "Krautrock" they used to call it. Not so much any kind of metal as perhaps "heavy psych" ... with tendencies towards "space rock". (Hawkwind is the big dick in the genre of space rock.) OK that was a lot of unnececessary information ... point is, as soon as I read the word "prog" my mind goes all 70s on me. It can't be helped. That being said, I did in fact enjoy the album "Affinity" by Haken (that's pronounced like the word "taken"). I believe they get sorted under the genre of "prog metal". It was released a couple of years ago.
  13. MaxFaust

    Another Brick In The Wall

    I have a feeling that the Pink Floyd album classic "The Wall" ought to have a sales peak these days ... since that word is having a weird kind of reoccurrence as "talking point" in mainstream politics. Doesn't search engines favour certain buzz words? Does this reflect any kind of reality ... or is it just one of those funny things?
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    Lies & Statistics

    For reasons not important here I got involved in a "do you remember 1980" type of discussion, somewhere else on the Wonky Wonder Web. As it happens, I do in fact remember 1980. Long story. Never mind. My point here ... and the question I wish to raise ... is, does anyone know anything about "relative release frequency" throughout the years? As in, how many acknowledged (non controversial on genre) metal releases have there been per year since 1980? Is this something somebody has bothered to research? And, if so, are the data available to the general public, somehow, somewhere? You would think this was a typical "Martin Popoff" problem ... but I simply have no idea. No clue where to look. The afore mentioned discussion stranded in pointless speculation about how many more releases of metal albums there are today than in the legendary year 1980. My feeling -- which may not be worth shit when it comes down to it -- is that more new stuff is being released per week these days than per year in and around 1980. It's simply no longer humanly possible to listen to "everything metal" any longer, because the day doesn't have enough hours. Sacrifices have to be made. Anyway, anyone in the know?
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    Lies & Statistics

    Specialization is inevitable at this point in time. I have the feeling that I've heard pretty much "everything" that was released in 1980 ... but only a few years after, I'd definitely lost control and started looking for narrower genre-oriented material ... in the general direction of Motorhead, Venom, Exciter, Tank ... as the eternal problem with this sort of thing is money. You just can't afford to buy it all. And even if you could, when are you going to have time to listen to everything? Also, there's a new problem in town. What exactly constitues an "album" these days? That was a spinoff question that came up during one of those inevitable "record of the year" conversations. It would seem like the music market is back at that point in the 50s and 60s when people would buy singles rather than albums. I have friends my own age who have completely stopped buying music in hardcopy. Instead, they have a godzillion tunes on their fucking phone. Who saw that one coming? Also, people cherrypick one or two songe from albums released by various bands, rather than buying the entire product. I'm uncertain what this "means" (if anything).
  16. MaxFaust

    Hard Rock and Heavy Metal: 1 Genre or No

    I can tell you why, but I'm unsure whether you'll believe me. Fear was never the issue. The word would be something closer to disgust. He thought of the metal scene as a bunch of fucking idiots. He would read magazines in search of "this week's most ridiculous band name" and laugh at their pathetic attempts at looking "evil and scary" ... when in fact they are just a bunch of ignorant kids. Metal as a separate genre wasn't created by the fan base, it's a mind trick that the record industry came up with to boost sales. Anybody who can remember a time before metal knows what happened ... because they watched it go down. It was like the Spanish Inquisition suddenly came to town and started sorting the good from the bad, the worthy from the unworthy ... and now we have a situation where people almost kill eachother over whether this or that is "true metal".
  17. MaxFaust

    Lies & Statistics

    Splendid. It would seem I was somewhere around the right track. This is why I added that "non controversial on genre" bit. It gets tedious very fast when, say, the discussion turns to whether Limp Bizkit (sp?) is a real metal band. I don't care what they are ... nor do I worry much about "new people getting the wrong idea". People should pick whatever they like, and try to enjoy their time. So ... 18,000 new releases last year? Damn.
  18. MaxFaust

    Hard Rock and Heavy Metal: 1 Genre or No

    I tend to think in terms of Venn diagrams. That is to say "circles of meaning". If we suggest that there is a large circle that is "hard rock" ... then we might go on to suggest that there are also smaller circles, such as heavy metal, glam, punk, stoner rock, etc. that go within this larger circle. They may even overlap here and there. Shit got really interesting when I ran into a most peculiar argument though: Much of modern metal shouldn't even be called rock, according to an old friend of mine. It's more like jazz, or funk, or some kind of experimental shit that exists outside of all proper genres. Which is precisely what they used to say about "prog rock" back in the 70s: It wasn't proper rock music. There was too much weirdness.
  19. Hello. Happy new year. I think the word you might be looking for here is theatre. As in, whether or not the show has enough of whatever X-factor it is that makes people want to sit through it. Perhaps even discuss it among themselves after. As a performing artist, you're walking on a thin line. Your audience doesn't care about "the real you" ... they want the rock'n'roll. It can be every bit as embarrassing when people start going "profound" as when they go berzerk in the costume department. At the end of the day, it's probably a bit like dating. You put on something nice to show respect for the event, but you don't try to dress up like you're "off to see the wizard" (although I suppose people are into all kinds of weird shit in that department). This costume thing has been a problem since like forever. Or at least those parts of "forever" that seem familar to me. Remember Spinal Tap?
  20. MaxFaust


    Alfred North Whitehead is famous for a number of things ... but all we need to focus on here and now is that he once claimed that all of western philosophy is little but a series of footnotes to the work of Plato. Was he right? Did he have a point? WTF is this even about? Amusement value dictates most of all that people do. In the world of rock, the kick value. Or impact. There's no denying the fact that once every blue moon there's something which seems to hit "everybody" ... which may or may not be a real mystery, but there's no denying the fact that if an artist sells a lot of records, the whole shebang is going to include a respectable bit of cash that's up for grabs. Anyway -- The question here is whether all of "heavy metal" is little but a series of footnotes to Led Zeppelin. I don't care who you are or where you're from ... it's a fact that everybody who decides to really get into the music of Led Zeppelin seems to have some sort of Blair Witch reaction to the whole idea. They get lost. They don't come back. They see the light. Who knows? Point is that there's no getting around Led Zeppelin if you want to understand why heavy metal came to be. They have it all down. Every trick in the book. Every lick, every groove. They've been there, done that. What is the entirety of metal music if not a series of footnotes to Led Zeppelin?
  21. MaxFaust

    help science?

    OK ... this went sideways, for which I am to blame. My apologies to the OP ... and anyone else that were feeling insulted. I shouldn't have worded myself like I did, as this most certainly doesn't help to get my point across, it only pisses people off. I know better. Really. It's just that I tend to get carried away some times ... and this "humanities vs. science" issue is a sensitive (and volatile) one. In the interest of full disclosure: I am in the hard science camp. It pisses me off whenever sociologists, psychologists, criminologists, and whatnot, claim to be practicing "science". This is patently false. "Humanities" is of course a worthy field of study, perhaps even some taxonomic gridwork, but science it ain't. My argument? Using the scientific method is of course laudable ... but approaching a field of study from a kind of "General Theory of Relativity" angle when you ought to consider it under the auspices of "Quantum Field Theory" isn't going to cut the mustard. Obviously, this will immediately confront us with some uncertainty issues. Basically that any human individual is essentially unknowable. "Knowing yourself" is a tall order for sure. Knowing somebody else? Forget about it. You can "know" someone your entire life ... which will not stop them from saying or doing things that make you question everything, like, WTF dude, where did that come from? Being young means being naive to people's motives. Hell, even old people can be really blind like that ... but who benefits from all these "studies" you keep hearing about all the time? In what ways do they benefit? The main source of political nourishment for most crackpot fringe asshats who are hating on gender, race and that sort of thing, is the field of "studies" ... that they can carry with them into debates and present as scientific corroboration of their points of view. Particularly when it comes to the question of what is and what isn't "normal" (and hence "democratic" by virtue of majority consent). Anyway, that's my position, clarified as best I'm able to. Again, sorry about the left field language above. I shouldn't have done that.
  22. MaxFaust

    help science?

    Okay ... this isn't personal, so let's get that out of the way. Fuck this, fuck that, those are only figures of speech. But let's get right to the meat: What can be known? How can it be measured? Who gets to standardize and effectualize this infomation? Obviously, if "we" are going to have mathematical standards, we have to first get to the point of standardized mathematics. What is the meaning of this symbol? Where goes what and why?
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    What's on your mind?

    750 pages of shyte later, the United States still have a muppet regime. Seriously? Donald Trump? Get the fuck outta here! He's not fit to run even a hotel, let alone a casino. But that's not what's on my mind. I'm worried about the future of musical recording, not the lives of individuals. I care not at all for the USA --may they all soon die, preferably in a painful way -- but I will work to keep the brand name Pink Floyd in ship shape. I like Pink Floyd. They should be kept alive, if for nothing else than as just as a standard for others to be measured against. Please keep studio recordings alive.
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    help science?

    Human nature is not a thing that human independent individuality should be measured against, in a right and wrong kind of way. Yet this is happening all the time, often for political purposes. Other than that, please go fuck yourself. Imagine Gavrilo Princip asking "please explain exactly how my personal suffering is affecting the lives of millions" ... or Adolf Hitler ever feeling a moment of doubt about his heroic mission. Who cares in the aftermath? Those who clean up only care about the nature of the mess. There is never going to be "peace".
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    Top 10 Gothic Metal Albums

    It's interesting that "October Rust" (Type O Negative) and "Spiritual Black Dimensions" (Dimmu Borgir) are "eternal" albums that I will keep in my list ... fuck the genres and the special interests discussion. What I tend to do when confronted by a new genre like this is ask what represented them in the 70s (or even the 60s). If they have nothing they don't really exist. However, it's a fact that I own records by Theatre des Vampires and things like that ... such as Death Squad SS (highly rercommended!) ... which qualifies in this genre, according to its parameters. So I respect the desire to have your own country or whatever ... it's just not economically feasible at this point in time. In MY opinion (which counts a lot to me!), the basic premise of "gothic metal" is a fail. The emotional indulgence of "being gothic" is anathema to the spirit of creativity. It all boils down to a wankard the tankard blow it all up kind of party ... but the issue is real enough. So what's a "Gothic" album from the classical age like? I'd search for Savannah Breeze and that sort of thing ... but the real issue is that there just weren't enough tear soaked fucking children back in the day. You had to support yourself. Make a living, That sort of thing. (This may be different today. I wouldn't know. I stopped caring in the 90s.) Like I'm sure many will do ... I suggest Arthur Brown as a starting point here. This will put "gohic metal" at an age which is close to that of metal itself, in terms of when the genre came to be.