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  1. Re: Deathstars bad news : Bone w Machine who are percussionist from Deathstars ,he left the band (((((
  2. MikaelaSim

    Dimmu Borgir!

    Re: Dimmu Borgir! hmm,why said so.maybe you dont like the sound of heavy metal instruments ? i am girl too,but i love them so much ! because they are really fantastic and awesome Norwegian blackmetal band anyway,people have their own mind,i still respect your mind
  3. Re: Brutal way. Welcome to the forum nice nickname btw!
  4. have you ever heard about this band ? It is about Sweden industrial metal band .This band is very cold and unpopular,but for me,they making good music ! Just feeling pity that they won't release new songs/album again! ( you can check it out their music video : osdMlcsVFpM
  5. Re: Which Rock Bands Do People Like? Muse is my most favorite and i more prefer 80's rock .
  6. Re: Ways To Kill Justin Bieber Poll this poll is freaking laugh my ass off xDDDD
  7. Re: Sweden Rock Festival i think it's not worth to go,because it dont have my favorite bands inside 3
  8. Re: Metal forum <3 And btw ,i am so envy you guys,you guys are really pro-metaller !!! because all of you are know lots of metal musics more than me! Especially you,Iceni! you are really talented about metal stuffs! (Y)
  9. Re: Hello people welcome to metal forum!
  10. Re: Hey Metalheads! Think you're in wrong thread,anyway i suggest you listen to Alestorm .they are really good band which is playing about Pirate metal and heavy metal
  11. Re: Metal forum <3 agree that.so if we need to have a good translator ,just ask people! no need to scare you will getting mistake through google translate ! ))
  12. Re: Metal forum <3 thanks! and you too!
  13. Re: How was your day? In five words or less study ,forum ,facebook,twitter and youtube!! my daily activities
  14. Re: Differentiate between metal and hardcore awwwh?i see now! thanks for the clearly details!