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melodic death metal

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Amon Amarth are good at what they do. They aren't particularly original in any way, and they seem to continually release the same album over and over again, and never really take many artistic risks. But they are very good. I guess you could call them the Soundgarden or Alice in Chains of Swedish Melodeath. Though I agree its seems like they are more of a power metal band with harsh vocals. The two best Melodeath albums I've ever heard though are Opeths My Arms Your Hearse, and Dark Tranquility's The Gallery. Great stuff. The Swedes pretty much perfected the genre.
I disagree, Amon Amarth were fairly original when they began, despite becoming somewhat stagnant after many years.

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I just heard these guys thanks to my drummer. They were part of the burgeoning late 90s metalcore scene here in the USA, but I hear little difference between this and the mid 90s Gothenburg sound. The vocals are a bit screamo, but not that far off. It's like a moodier, less intense Dark Tranquillity with a bit of Sacramentum vibe from the keyboards. Cool stuff. 




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Hello, recently I've been really into melodic death, I LOVE at the gates, black dahlia, amon amarth, carcass, etc. However, when I looked up some more melodic death bands to try I was really disappointed. I heard dark tranquility and soilwork and it was almost like pop metal. I just want more stuff like slaughter of the soul and nocturnal and heartwork. Any suggestions?


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FWIW "Slaughter Of The Soul", "Heartwork", and everything I hear from TBDM sound like pop metal to me. I share your feeling about later Dark Tranquillity, but their early albums are gold, some of my favorites in the genre. Same with At The Gates, I feel like they just got less interesting as they went along.

Check out Dark Tranquillity's "Skydancer", "Of Chaos And Eternal Night", "The Gallery" (my personal fave), and "The Mind's I" (very SOTS vibe on that album). I love older ATG, don't know how well you'd get on with it but "The Red In The Sky Is Ours" is still my favorite, and you should definitely hear "Terminal Spirit Disease", the EP that came out right before "SOTS". I bet you'd also really dig The Crown's "Death Race King".

Also check out Edge Of Sanity's "Crimson", early progressive DM with some great melodies; A Canorous Quintet, maybe the most underappreciated band from the Swedish melodeath scene - "Silence Of The World Beyond" fucking rules; Eucharist, especially "Mirrorworlds"; Unanimated's "Ancient God Of Evil"; maybe some stuff by Ablaze My Sorrow; farther afield, if you enjoy the older and more raw sound, listen to Dead Blue Sky's "Symptoms Of An Unwanted Emotion", they're an American group that kind of cloned the melodic Gothenburg sound. You may like Obsequiae, they're a recent black metal group but their melodies and songwriting are reminiscent of older melodeath to me.

You really ought to check through the recommendation threads for all of these requests. The melodeath thread is a bit thin, but still has some good stuff. (Note - moved to appropriate thread) There are a bunch of bands I can't fucking stand that will probably appeal to you, like Kalmah and Darkane, and maybe Garden Of Shadows, Enforsaken, and Vehemence. Happy hunting.

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At The Gates - Neverwhere

At The Gates - The Beautiful Wound

Dark Tranquillity - The Dividing Line

Dark Tranquillity - Zodijackyl Light

The Crown - Rebel Angel

A Canorous Quintet - Silence Of The World Beyond

Unanimated - Oceans Of Time

Ablaze My Sorrow - As I Face The Eternity

Eucharist - With The Sun

Dead Blue Sky - To Live In Dreams (this is from an American album released on a Belgian hardcore label, but hey...)

And not on the Gothenburg tip...

Edge Of Sanity - Crimson

Opeth - Black Rose Immortal (this one is looooong but totally worth the listen IMO)


Obsequiae - Suspended In The Brume Of Eos (not melodeath but you can hear the similarities)

Note - moved 03/17, sorry for any duplicate recommendations

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9 hours ago, DukeThylacine said: Kalmah, Valtari, Wolfheart, Varg (is metalcore-ish in guitars)

Btw did you check out Arch Enemy?

Haven't yet, what arch enemy album should I listen to? Also again, thank you everyone for the sick suggestions

Black Earth, Stigmata, and maybe Burning Bridges. They're worthless beyond that point though.

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On 20/05/2015 at 7:31 AM, Laihoard said:

I completely agree. Amon Amarth is really good they just don't experiment very much. Twilight of the Thunder God is an incredible album.

I agree with what most people have said regarding Amon Amarth. 'Twilight of the Thunder God' is my favourite album of theirs. It just seems to have an extra dash of emotion flowing through some of those riffs somehow. I own every AA album, although I'm wondering whether that run might have come to an end as 'Jomsviking' left me pretty flat. They really need to do something different now - it's just madness how generic they've become.

The fans seem to lap it up though and they are a huge band, so I don't think they're about to mess around with that formula. I've never understood how people can be so obsessed with them (says the guy who bought all their albums...). 

Melodic death metal is definitely more my cup of tea compared with the more straight ahead bands. I've long worshipped at the altars of Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates and albums like Dissection's 'Reinkaos' which is one of my favourite albums. 

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Hello and good wishes to anyone reading this post!

This is my first post so please move the thread if this is not the right place for this topic

So, I used to love various metal (or heavy) music in my younger years, but had a rather lenghty absence from it after I got more interested in Drum and Bass and other EDM-styled music. Recently i've been feeling nostalgic and curious about the metal genre again, and I was hoping you guys could help me with some reccomendations. I have a couple of songs that I truly love, but I have no idea where to find similar, or even good metal songs. I will post my top 5. Any feedback will be greatly appreciated!


1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXrTOqzXjD8

2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9PL4Xy4wrk

3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boV6PdHk8DU

4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MhChjGd2qKc

5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FsvI1kG4dY


It doesn't have to sound exactly like this, just an indication of my taste. I enjoy all kinds of music so just post whatever you think I might like! Thanks for all help!


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Any of those bands' back catalogues would be a good place for you to start. You'd probably like later Sentenced, and if you're in a softer mood you may enjoy Katatonia. A lot of this falls into the "melodeath" category, so you might also like some other modern melodeath bands. I have to admit that I actively dislike this particular sound, so I may not have much to offer here, but you may also get something out of older melodic death metal - early albums by At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity, A Canorous Quintet, Gardenian, Eucharist, Gates Of Ishtar. Maybe try Edge Of Sanity's "Crimson" and some mid-period Opeth, and since you seem to favor clean, modern production, you might get something out of the last few Septic Flesh albums. Happy hunting.

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Taking inspiration from our friend @True Belief's melodeath run in the "What Are You Listening To?" thread, I felt it would be a good time to add to this often neglected section of our fair forum.


Infinitum Obscure - The Luminous Black:

Infinitum Obscure is a band I posted about in the death metal suggestions thread some time ago, but they certainly merit a mention here. Their sound is kind of like a mid-point between The Chasm (not surprisingly, since some members here served some time in that death metal juggernaut's lineup) and Dissection, showcasing a much more melodic side of the introspective death metal formula pioneered by The Chasm. This is the kind of band that I would recommend to fans of melodic black metal that were looking to get into death metal, and one that fans of melodic death metal that's more than just Slaughter of the Soul regurgitation should dig this too.

Malignant Inception - Paths to Repression:

Here's one that I doubt anyone here will have heard of. Malignant Inception was one of the first death metal bands from Utah, and one that never really made it anywhere, with their biggest claim to fame being that Mike Kimball from one of their earlier lineups would go on to join Dying Fetus. However, the band does have some connection to this forum, as our very own @NTNR was once the bass player in this band. Anyway, the music here on their second album is a big step up from their Suffocation/Malevolent Creation styled debut, with a fairly ambitious and progressive take on blackened melodic death metal. I think this could have taken them places if more people had heard it, but not much escapes the grip of Utah it seems. Anyway, hopefully fans of the style here will enjoy it. 

Orphaned Land - El Norra Alila:

Most people know Orphaned Land for their more recent progressive folk metal albums, which I also quite enjoy, and will admit that they're probably the pinnacle of the band's sound. However, while their older work features many of those same tendencies in less developed ways, it's much more rooted in melodic death metal. They were great with this formula too, so the Orphaned Land album I reach for really depends on what kind of mood I'm in. Anyway, if you don't mind some middle-eastern folk or Paradise Lost styled gothicisms in your melodic death metal, give this a listen, it's good stuff.

Sacrilege - Lost in the Beauty you Slay:

Sacrilege was one of the shining stars of the melodic death metal scene in Sweden, with incredible melodies and a sound that was both heavy and accessible, but they split with Daniel Svensson decided to join the more commercially viable In Flames. Sacrilege does bear some resemblance to the best In Flames releases (Subterranean and Jester Race), but they were always more menacing sounding despite also having stronger melodies. This is a name that deserves to be remembered from the fruitful Swedish melodeath scene, and one that every melodeath fan should enjoy.

Sacriphyx - The Western Front:

Sacriphyx is a more recent Australian band with what I feel is a fairly refreshing take on melodic death metal. While they combine mid-paced, triumphant sounding death metal with classic heavy metal melodies in a way that's somewhat reminiscent of Arghoslent, their melodic tendencies also tend to have a lot in common with those found in the classic Greek black metal scene. This has led to many labeling the band as black metal, but I don't really feel that's accurate. Not that it really matters, this is excellent music that fans of both melodic black metal and melodic death metal should enjoy, and is one that may be a good entry point into the sound for those who don't tend to enjoy the more melodic side of death metal with its more raw production and brutal low vocals.

Soilwork - The Chainheart Machine:

Yes, much like In Flames, Arch Enemy, and other big names in melodic death metal, there was a time when Soilwork didn't suck. This does occupy similar sonic territory to the dreaded Slaughter of the Soul, but as with Darkane's early work, I find the melodies and thrashy riffs a lot more compelling here. I'm not sure if it's because it doesn't sound like the band dumbing down their sounding like At the Gates did so the songwriting feels more natural and less forced, or if they're just better at writing this kind of stuff, but it just works. It's by no means the best melodeath from Sweden or anywhere else, but it's certainly worth a listen.

Stormrider - First Battle Won:

Stormrider is a pretty obscure Swedish band with a somewhat blackened and heavier than usual take on melodic death metal, but even though it wasn't really the popular thing to do at the time, I quite enjoy their sound. This must have contributed to their obscurity, as this was the only YouTube video I could even find for the band. Their sound is fairly relentless, but still manages to incorporate awesome melodies that balance out the heaviness. For those who have enjoyed some of the more crushing offerings that I posted previously from bands like Dawn of Relic and Demonoid, this will be right up your alley.

Suidakra - Crógacht:

Suidakra is a long running German folk/melodic death metal act that despite a career of consistently excellent albums, still seem to be fairly obscure. The folk elements are of the Celtic variety, and are tightly woven enough into their sound that they could also fit comfortably into the folk metal category, as they are well ingrained into the vocals, songwriting, and melodic composition. However, I tend to think of them more in a melodic death metal context due to the guitar heavy approach, with excellent punchy riffs and running tremolo sections beset by blast beats and harsh vocals. Whichever context they fit best in your mind, they kick a lot of ass, so drop what you're doing and push play on this link.

Anata - The Infernal Depths of Hatred:

Anata gets a hefty amount of praise here and among many death metal circles due to their incredible and original tech-death formula, which is an endorsement I can wholeheartedly support. So what are they doing here? Well, their debut album is every bit as top shelf as their later technical offerings, but it's a melodic death metal album in the vein of early At the Gates and Crown of Thorns. Seriously, I don't know why this album isn't worshiped by every melodeath fan, it's that fucking good. I don't care if you skip past every other recommendation here, if you ignore this, we are no longer friends. 

Evocation - Apocalyptic:

The recent resurgence in popularity in death metal (particularly the Swedish variety) has brought about many reunions from older bands who called it quits in the heyday of the genre. Evocation are one such band, but they're not the typical one that you read about, because they didn't do much of anything the first time around. Upon reuniting though, they've had quite the fruitful career, releasing several albums in the vein of classic melodic death meta bands from around the time of their demise. While some tracks are closer to standard Swedish death metal, they still have a strong melodic showing, not unlike what you would hear on earlier Dismember albums. However, a lot of their songs are also more akin to Unanimated, Crown of Thorns, mid-period Hypocrisy, and the like. Anyway, it's pretty good stuff, check it out.

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Good stuff [mention=5429]BlutAusNerd[/mention]. I'm just getting into melodeath and I appreciate the list of shit to start with!
@FatherAlabaster, myself, and a few others have contributed videos and lists earlier in the thread as well. Don't stop at this point, there's lots more to explore here.

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    • I invite you to come with me to a time before 2008. It may surprise you to learn that at this point, Circle II Circle was actually a pretty damn good band. They did eventually become prog Godsmack, as history will record with bitter regret chronicling the storied tale of Savatage. For now, however, let’s make like boomers and complain about how things used to be better.

      Burden of Truth sounds like sentimentalism, at times. It feels rather like Skid Row filtered through Phantom of the Opera, in that characteristically Trans-Siberian Orchestra fashion. The difference, though, is that Circle II Circle crank the technicality and bite of their music significantly higher than TSO’s comfortable bombast. It’s certainly a little saccharine, but performed with such conviction and talent as to make that nearly irrelevant.

      Zak Stevens’ voice is vital to this whole undertaking. His overbored bass resonates unstoppably through every song, an unmistakably mature vocal delivery that dignifies even the album’s most banal emotional turns (“How can we learn to live as one…” “I walked by the church and saw the children, and the world through their eyes…”). Moreover, it is very identifiably American, and that’s the biggest selling point of this album. It’s worth noting he layers very nicely with his backing vocalists. The “The Black” and title track have particularly good harmonizing.

      One might be tempted to snicker at some of these lyrics and the melodies. How antiquated the notion of melodic music without dizzying rhythmic changes or production magic out the ass. Yet, the sheer power behind it all is impossible to deny. The piano line on “Heal Me” would be insufferable if it didn’t drag you in immediately. Despite the sugar content, Burden of Truth is largely fat-free. It doesn’t fall victim to most metal tropes, including the prevalence of vibrato. It’s endearing too, in a sort of Andie McDowell in Five Weddings and a Funeral kind of way, or perhaps of Joy Davidson in Shadowlands – very American.

      The opening to Revelations? Badass. The crunchy riffs of A Matter of Time? Some slick shit. The entirety of Evermore? One of the most masterfully tight, pointed pieces of prog metal out there that still pounds away at the ears like a cannon blast. If you wanted an aspirational American soundtrack, this is it. Songs for an endearing everyman with more behind his ears than you might guess.
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    • No matter how much you dislike Donald Trump, Ministry's overt and constant attack on his administration doesn't mean that "AmeriKKKant" is actually a good album.  I mean it isn't entirely a terrible album either but you will struggle to remember of of it after even a couple of listens, beyond the endless stream of frankly confusing and almost barrage like snippets of Trump audio bites that is, they are the only really memorable part.

      It isn't really an industrial metal album either.  It sound s more like a nu-metal band got sealed into a steel drum with their instruments and got rolled down a big hill.  It doesn't come across as particular caustic or aggressive though, just a bit of a racket made in a Republican nightmare.  

      Not long into the record the message you are constantly force-fed just gets bloating.  There's no rescue or reprise from it as the pace of the album is so inconsistent and frankly repetitive you have nothing else of worth to focus on as a distraction.  I mean you can be really angry and pissed off and still transfer it to audio without being boring (Body Count "Bloodlust" is a great recent example of this).

      Even if Donald Trump is listening, the message of this record is that it is too mediocre a response to the true horror of his administration.  The facepalm on the cover of the album is unfortuantely all too indicative of the quality of the record itself.

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      When I was 14 I witnessed the video on Raw Power TV to the title track from Judas Priest's "Painkiller" album.  "Painkiller" blew me the fuck away!  I mean, what was not to love?  Thunderous drums, a mix of gruff and shrill vocal antics and duelling lead guitars.  I went straight out that afternoon and bought the album on blasted it for consecutive days for the next 3 months.  All in all, not a bad gateway album to the band. 

      The real draw of "Painkiller" was the memorability of the experience was that one run through the record left seared scorch marks across your brain.  For years after I could run through the entire album in my head note for note.  "Firepower" is exactly the same.  A mere 24 hours after it coming into my life and I can sing along with the lyrics, air guitar to near note perfection and bash my fingers bloody to the drums on my desktop.  It's full of anthemic choruses and simple yet effective hooks that just pull you in.

      Try and not headbang to any of the opening six tracks, if you can achieve it you are almost certainly dead inside.  Try not to make ridiculous gurning faces to any of the lead work on here and again if you succeed, check your pulse!  Sad though it maybe that Glenn has confirmed his Parkinson's is now progressed enough to stop him from touring there is no doubt that he can exchange blows, pound for pound with Faulkner and barely break a sweat.

      There's no point doing a track by track description here, if you have read the review to this point you'll get the idea.  Criticisms?  It is too long, by about 2 or maybe 3 tracks.  However, you can easily suffer the dips in the quality here and there as you are rarely away from some truly great music.  It does get a little samey at times too but that's forgivable to me as nobody is looking to reinvent any wheels here this may cause issue with the longevity of the record though for me.  Right now though I love it, I fucking love it.

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    • One of my favourite urban myths is that you will go blind if you masterbate too much you will go blind.  Listening to Portal might make you go blind as you ears frantically take resource from your brain that was needed for mundane tasks such as vision and bladder control as they try to cope with the relentless auditory assault of "ION", however pulling your pud won't affect your eyesight boys.  Science bit over, on with the review.

      "ION" seems instantly more refined than previous outings.  Don't get me wrong here, there's no slick production values been applied and there isn't any venture into clean vocals for example.  It just seems that this time around things are more calculated.  "Phreqs" is like being attacked by a swarm of wasps, as chaotic as it seems there's some well thought out structure to the attack to maximise the impact.  One of the only criticisms I could draw against Portal of old was that sometimes the mental factor was up over 11 and things did tend to get lost.  "Vexovoid" remedied this a lot with its more "Horror" approach and "ION" seems to take that on a notch further combining dark alchemy and atmospheres perfectly.  The build of "Crone" for example is full of creeping dread and menace, finally arriving and proving to be as ghastly as I had hoped it would.

      For all the scientific intimation of the cover things are still more on the experimental as opposed to technical side of death metal.  There's still that pit of the stomach sensation of being dragged into some fathomless void by the spiralling darkness of those fucking guitars and the taunting evil of those drums - they are not just about all out assault folks.  The layers do genuinely seem to be being applied with more structure this time around and the instrumentation is used better than ever to produce real atmosphere.  Favourite release of 2018 so far.

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    • Fucking hell.  Where to start really?

      Nu-metal is apparently alive and well in 2018 and I don't like Nu-Metal, so the prospects for positive words in this review are slim.  It is not that I don't like Machine Head.  I mean I am not one of the mindless internet troll brigade who respond to every release with "These guys made "Burn My Eyes" and listen to this!".  Get over it bell ends, there's no more "Burn My Eyes" nor is there anymore "The Blackening" left to come.  Whilst I will openly admit to enjoying most releases since "The Blackening" there is no denying that the sound of MH has become increasingly diluted over the albums since their "comeback".  "Catharsis" is the end point for me.  It is so diluted it is like wearing my once dark black hoodie after it has been bleach hand washed and then boil washed - it kind of has lost all substance.

      The rapping is back, as if the first time round wasn't enough of a fucking car crash.  "Triple Beam" is without doubt one of the worst pieces of "music" I have ever heard.  When we aren't being treated to poor attempts at lyrical rhyming we are drowning in dreamy, hazy clean vocals that seem to be aiming (yes actually aiming) for harmony.  Yep, there's some catchy riffs but who fucking cares if you have to drink from the toilet to realise all you'll ever find in there is shit?

      Why this all has to go on for 15 tracks is a mystery?  I'll be honest, the skip button got used at least 13 times in writing this review.  For all the (frankly excessive) marketing that has been done for "Catharsis" I don't think I could feel anymore of an anti-climax.  Robb Flynn is all over every mag cover, web and video interview defending "Catharsis" and that's his entitlement, he didn't write any of this for me.  It is still terrible though.

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