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  1. I am positively sure you do not remember me since it's been a very, very long time since I've been on the forum. If you do however remember me, Well, then I just came by to say Hi to your profile since you're about the only one I remember :P

  2. Wolfheart - The Hunt. Been all over this band, and Toumas other bands, for a long time now. Before the Dawn and Wolfheart is easily his best ones so far!
  3. Not sure if someone already posted this band, once a one-man project of Before the Dawns' Toumas Saukkonen. Now a full band. Though the music video is from when he was by himself.
  4. Banned Because Of Time diffrences
  5. Banned Because I should go to bed
  6. Banned because i havent posted on this forum for over 11 months!
  7. Kalmah - Mindrust Because im kinda getting back in my Kalmah Mood <3
  8. Re: How was your day? IM BACH. Anyway, Today was just fucking amazing, Got home noy long ago from a local show, it was freaking awsume I really need to get out more
  9. Re: How was your day? So far so good, i will return with more in a couple of hours
  10. Re: Describe the user above you with 3-5 Words! is a very cool dude Im too damn tired to think of more
  11. Re: What Are You Listening To? Radio Called Rising-Metal http://www.rising-metal.com/ I belive its Something by Lamb Of God at the moment
  12. Re: Hi from Swedish drummer! Alltid kul med svenska band, nått jag måste kolla om det är bra aand for all you other people ''Always fun with Swedish bands, something i must check if i like it :p''
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