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  1. Thank you I've been by there and seen some great stuff. Your work is fantastic! I'll definitely share some things there too. Well, I know that it could have been longer than 4 but honestly, I thought it would be 3 years less than that. I still literally lay awake at night thinking "Why is everything taking me so long?" I can't believe you have that feeling too after doing this for 30 years. When I started drawing I thought it was going to be easy. It was a nightmare even just trying to grasp basics. I often would imagine what it would be like for me now if I had drawn throughou
  2. Really? I've never actually been on a forum like that before. I've always been on forums where if you talked too much or gave too much info at once people would perceive it negatively. Like you were showing off or attention whoring. Or they'd see how long a post or list was and just skip it out of laziness. So if I have finally found a place where I can speak freely that's really awesome
  3. Really? that's cool. I think the first death metal band i got into was Children of Bodom. I didn't really think I would ever like anything harder than just regular metal but after hearing them I just wanted to try every band and see how heavy I could go. Now I don't really have a limit. I'm always impressed by metal vocalists. I honestly want to learn to scream. I've been working on it. I'm a good singer in general but I've always had a very clean sound. I am able to get distortion of some kinds but right now its not very consistent. But I hear a lot of vocals in metal that just amaze me
  4. Thank you! There are so many. I kinda grew up on hair metal, but these days as far as genres go I tend to prefer melodic death metal, but I also dabble in Black metal, Technical Death Metal, Industrial, Heavy Metal, and Metalcore. Some favorites bands would be Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Dark Tranquility, Scar Symmetry, Threat Signal, Children of Bodom, Necrophagist, Job for a Cowboy, Goatwhore, Gojira, Augury, Amon Amarth, Nightwish, Arch Enemy, Behemoth, The Black Dahlia Murder, Baroness, Type O Negative, Nine Inch Nails, and Godflesh. I like endless amounts of metalcore bands
  5. Welcome! I joined recently too Hope you enjoy it here
  6. well i feel like yes but then again I like metal from then and now its so different now but still good in new ways but i have such a positive association to the metal i used to listen to as a child. so to me it will always be special or "golden" i think being real would be to accept that many things we see now are just offshoots of great original creative ideas from the past there is no area of life in which the past has become no longer relevant. the past is what shapes the future and it's what created our current now "who cares about how great judas priest us
  7. Hi Everyone, I'm Benni I'm a writer and artist. I've been a metalhead for as long as I can remember. I used to watch metal videos as a kid and my mom found this curious which i found funny. But over my lifetime I really never stopped liking metal. I've been to a lot of metal shows over the years, more than I remember myself. I like a lot of bands, more than I could possibly ever name, but I do tend to really enjoy melodic death metal, black metal, and technical death metal. I'm a huge Nine Inch Nails fans, I think that bears mentioning. I like Industrial a lot. But I don't
  8. I love a lot of bands, far too many to name, but I really enjoy Scar Symmetry, Arch Enemy, and Dark Tranquility
  9. I've always experienced a lot of judgment for listening to very dark or very hard/heavy music, especially with me being female. Everyone thinks I should always be happy and positive etc and that I should like pretty pink things and puppies and bubblegum pop songs. If I listen to metal they worry or discourage it. Many people I know have a belief that metal will "corrupt" me or others I would say that overall I'm not a dark or light kind of person, I live in both sides of the spectrum I think you touched on something real when you said that darkness is beneficial just like light,
  10. Quick question: How exactly does black veil brides and pierce the veil give metal a bad name? In my experience no one I know even talks about metal or has any opinion about it, except for other metalheads. So I've never seen anyone going around saying "I would get into metal but black veil brides...eek amiright?" I just want to understand how they give the whole genre all this bad press you speak of
  11. I saw it, it was wonderful. Very imaginative. Very exciting. At first I was kind of unsure, but I got really involved and ultimately wanted to move to Wakanda Yesterday I watched Guardians of the Galaxy. Both movies. I didn't think I would like them and that's why I waited so long to see them. They just seemed odd and frivolous or something. But it turns out they're really good. The characters are just hilarious. I was screaming. I don't know why I found it so funny I also love Groot. But then again it seems everyone loves Groot
  12. i have also been listening to metal since i was a child and i consider Slipknot, Disturbed, Korn, etc to be metal i listen to a vast array of metal bands in various subgenres and I often experience my friends expressing a lot of judgment or exclusion towards certain groups and subgenres. I don't really have preferences like that and I don't really hold certain types of groups above or below others. If the music is enjoyable that is enough for me. To me, metal is what I feel that it is, not what someone else tells me it is
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