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  1. Yes, musically quite good but I can’t stomach Peavey’s vocals any more. Secrets in a Weird World is an all-time favourite of mine. Preferred his higher range back in the day.
  2. There’s no denying Randy (RIP) was unique on both his Annihilator releases. Most people don’t realise he wasn’t a metal dude. Jeff Waters convinced him to lend vocals on the debut - he was already in a well known hardcore band DOA at the time. Annihilator was pretty much the only time in his career he did anything metal. He went back to hardcore post the Annihilator debut & tour. P.s. how’s your hair?
  3. Double horns up for this. Loved Coburn Pharr on vocals.
  4. My son is in his first Karate class tonight. I’m very excited. I hope he loves it. And ‘gets’ it.
  5. Savatage - Power of the Night
  6. Edited for accuracy. I do agree you can listen to anything you like, but their message is appalling.
  7. Running Wild ‘Pile of Skulls’. Superb.
  8. Last couple: Xoth - Interdimensional Invocations The Great Old Ones - Tekeli-Li
  9. Add Coffin Rot to your list.
  10. Madhouse - Money Talks Bullshit Walks Sleaze Roxx rated this #3 in their top album of 2019. Local Melbourne band, so just had to check it out. Solid.