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  1. Mixed morning at work, last few have been: Uada - Djinn (well...this is different) Rotting Christ - Fire and Flame (hard to find 2018 single) King Diamond - The Spider's Lullaby (first 5-6 songs are classic KD) Primal Fear - I am Alive (new song form forthcoming album).
  2. Mercyful Fate: Nuns Have No Fun
  3. Personally, I'm not sure too many of those albums offer a whole lot. In the Shadows & Time get good reviews but I prefer '9'. Nothing near the quality of the first 2 (and EP). FWIW, I just ordered some of the Metal Blade re-issues. Re: KD: You didn't pull the trigger on Give Me Your Soul... or House of God?
  4. Dream Evil - Dragonslayer
  5. I'll lend you a cat.
  6. Paradise Lost - Obsidian. Quite a varied album, after the drudgery of Medusa's death/doom. More thoughts after I've given it a few spins and Requiem has had time to listen himself (he HATES album spoilers)..
  7. New Destruction - Born to Thrash (Live in Germany) Well this dropped with no warning, an apparent last minute decision based on COVID-19 inactivity. Gotta say, the addition of a 2nd guitarist and Randy Black on drums has elevated this to supreme levels. As good a live sound & performance as you could want to hear. The dueling solo(s) on Mad Butcher are crazy. 9/10.
  8. Sabbat - History of a Time to Come. Had 'Dreamweaver' on but the worst production job of all time totally ruins this album for me. Almost unlistenable.
  9. Really enjoying this, but you have to be in the right 'head space' to get through it. I'm surprised its listed as having a DR of 6..really sound less jarring (production-wise) than Shrines.
  10. Hey I've been listening to a Brazilian band of late called Tales From the Porn (just an awful name I know..). Are you familiar with these guys? Stevie Rachelle (of Tuff and Metals Sludge fame) sings for them.
  11. Office door shut, headphone sin: Marduk - Wormwood (an oldie and kinda a goodie..) Catalano - Dark Skies (my sleaze metal discovery of 2020. Fucking great). Black Curse - Endless Wound (fine new death metal here folks, highly recommended).
  12. Shards of Humanity: Fractured Frequencies Solid thrash/death hybrid.
  13. Warrior - Fighting for the Earth.
  14. Busy morning, some solid listening has occurred. Ocean of Grief - Fortress of My Dark Self Testament - Titans of Creation Idle Hands - Don't Waste Your Time EP
  15. Great stuff. True Belief checking in for duty. Lots of listening going on this Easter, all quality of course because that's what I do. Last 2 hours or so has seen office door shut, headphones in and the following on heavy rotation: Virgin Steel: Invictus Wolfheart: Wolves of Karelia Unanimated: Ancient God of Evil