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  1. New Carcass song - and it’s underwhelming to say the least. Not something I’d release as a pre-cursor to my highly anticipated new album. Just seems flat. And plodding. Surely this cut won't make the album? Apparently it will.
  2. Harakiri for the Sky - Arson
  3. Running Wild new EP - Crossing the Blades. This is really enjoyable (Angelo Sasso back from the dead?!). Even the cover of KISS’ Strutter works (despite Rolf’s struggles with a couple of long notes).
  4. Dawn of Solace - Lead Wings. Album due next year, this lead single is clean vocals and highly enjoyable.
  5. Fen - The Dead Light. Enjoyable but a little slicker than Winter. Nebula is a really great song to start with if anyone wants to dip their toe into the water.
  6. True Belief


    World’s laziest cat
  7. I’m not talking incompetence, I’m talking smoke & mirrors. Dummy companies setting up to act as middle men for spy agencies in other countries and so forth. All condoned by home and host country. So much for ‘sovereignt states’. It’s staggering.
  8. Cant get enough of this one. Slightly more focussed sound (production -wise) than the last? The epic flowing melodies get me every time. This album would be perfect even as an instrumental release.
  9. I loved The American Way...never liked anything they did after that though. Heal & Independent were very average to my ears. Gotta say, the mastering on this release is pretty average, the whole thing sounds flat. Might give it another go but overall, I'm not that enthusiastic about this one at all.
  10. Very strong coffee this morning.
  11. Multiple Department of Defence, numerous 'Agencies' and the Aerospace/Weapons primes. The whole thing is a game.
  12. Every day at work I uncover more stuff (or tbh more is revealed to me) that leads me to conclude we are operating in a big charade. It's a massive game. And that the world everyone sees on their TV is not what it seems. It's being orchestrated behind the scenes. It's just staggering the stuff that goes on. And all roads lead to one organisation.
  13. The Burning Halo is actually their first of their material I bought. Like you, I faithfully bought more convincing myself I should be more interested... Been giving Hooded Menace's 'Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed' a fair bit of air (earphone) time this week.
  14. The debut ‘Where Lovers Mourn’ my fav by a long shot.