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  1. I’m looking forward to the freshly recorded version of Agent Orange on the upcoming EP. Different album to PM, I know.
  2. Post 1999 Saxon resonates most strongly with me. Lionheart, Thunderbolt, Metal Head, Killing Ground, Battering Ram.
  3. Yeah, reminded me a little of Spread Eagle, perhaps a little more blues inspired than the mighty ‘Eagle’ were. Arrive a little late to the party from memory and didn’t get a lot of traction. I’ve got the debut - nice guitar tone. You might like Dirty Looks’ debut if you like AB.
  4. Crashdiet- RUST. Another solid, Dr Feelgood-era Crüe release. 5 albums in, these guys never disappoint.
  5. Newly remixed & remastered version of Lustmord & Wargasm is now out there, and it sounds pretty good tbh. Having said that, the original was just fine by me.
  6. New Entrails. Solid meat & potatoes death metal. Dependable band if nothing unique.
  7. Gene, Paul, Ace.....and Peter???
  8. Warlock - Burning the Witches
  9. On a more serious note.... some others I rate:
  10. Dunno what it is but I love this album cover. I think it takes me back to happy times. And this. Killer band pic.
  11. I’ve got that Avenger LP!!!!!!
  12. True Belief reporting for duty. Yes, both myself and the almighty Requiem enjoy the ‘light’ and the ‘shade’. From Mayhem & Marduk all the way through to Whitsnake, Warrant, the Crüe and the mighty Skid Row. As grim and frost bitten as you may be, you owe it to yourself to borrow your sister’s pants, grab a pina colada and cruise the Sunset Strip. Join us.