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  1. Slow morning at work, allows me to catch up on some solid music: Havukruunu - Uinos Syomein Sota Ulthar - Providence Eternal Champion - Ravening Iron (this is a belter of an album!) Megaton Sword - Blood Hails Steel - Steel Hails Fire Hail.
  2. Hi all - last couple: Thy Serpent - Forests of Witchery On Thorns I Lay - Threnos Asphyx - Incoming Death
  3. Last few: Sentenced - Down Uada - Djinn Idle Hands - Mana Gorephilia - In the Eyes of Nothing
  4. New releases by Necrophobic and Napalm Death are pleasing me greatly.
  5. New Gorephilia - In the eyes of Nothing. Massive Morbid Angel influence on this.
  6. New Hittman ("Destroy All Humans)"- after 27 years! Talk about out of the blue....Some nice moments on this.
  7. Nice. I'm an Ambush fan. Played 'Desecrator' to death when it came out, 'Infidel' is ok but probably need to devote more time to it. Tried getting some merch a while back and found it almost impossible. The return of Blackfire has lit a serious fire under Angelripper's ass. This new single sounds like it was written for Persecution Mania. Interesting production/mix. Ok I am on a roll, some serious listening going on down here this last week or so, best summarized thus: New LIK album: ripper, old school death metal. New Draconian: it's symbolic when an old
  8. LIK - Carnage. New single "Funeral Anthem" is killer too.
  9. At your Infernal Majesty's service... NP: Uada - No Place Here
  10. Last couple: Faceless Burial 'Speciation' Tomb Mold 'Planetary Clairvoyance' Warrior Soul 'Back on the Lash'
  11. Opeth - Still Life Midnite City - s/t
  12. Mixed morning at work, last few have been: Uada - Djinn (well...this is different) Rotting Christ - Fire and Flame (hard to find 2018 single) King Diamond - The Spider's Lullaby (first 5-6 songs are classic KD) Primal Fear - I am Alive (new song form forthcoming album).
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