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  1. Just spent 3 weeks in North America. 1 week in Las Vegas for work (yeah right) where the highlight was the Raiders cheerleaders attending our big booze-up and two weeks in wider California. Managed to grab a few cool shirts - Savatage "Hall of the Mountain King", Marduk "Wormwood", Running Wild "Port Royal" etc. My son grabbed RUST in Peace and Marduk "World of Blades" shirts plus 12 x Iron Maiden guitar picks, Megadeth, Metallica and KISS guitar tab books and a Slayer poster for his room. Wife grabbed some nice key rings bless her (non-metal) heart. The 16 hours flight back was spent mainly digesting the new Ocean of Grief (its good), new Shores of Null, new In Flames (which I thought was reasonably good until the Majesties debut dropped last week and exposed this and the post-Slaughter of the Soul melodic death world as the diluted, overproduced formulaic sham that it is). New Wormwitch is sounding really promising. And for anyone who cares to check them out Inexorum are fast becoming one of my favorite bands.
  2. Easily the best since Come Clarity (which itself is the only post Colony album worth owning). Front loaded with aggression that the second half can't maintain, but yeah, it's the first time in 15 years I have listened to an In Flames album and been left with anything other than the taste of disgust in my mouth. Pretty good. I wonder if it's a coincidence that The Halo Effect form and suddenly IF get their balls back?
  3. Lots of talk re Airbourne...stood with Joel and Ryan at a local football Grand Final a few years back in Melbourne and not a single person in the 5,000 strong crowd knew who they were lol (mind you they are about 4 foot tall). I remember their very first few gigs years back playing with my mate's band at the time. It's weird how one local band goes on to make it big and another 1000 don't. Luck of the draw sometimes. No doubt they ripped of the AC/DC sound, they will tell you the same. Now Playing: Inexorum: Equinox Vigil
  4. Yeah The Halo Effect didn’t live up to it’s promise imo. If it’s an early In Flames fix you want, the upcoming Majesties album has it in spades. They even mention Subterranean (and Alf Svensson) as their target sound. Mind you the new IF album is actually pretty decent.
  5. Yes I see they are playing 2 side-shows with In Flames in Melbourne and Adelaide. Unto Others also here soon.
  6. Riot City - Electric Elite. Australian Tour on the way.
  7. Obsiquiae’s Tanner Anderson is heading up a very 1995-sounding melodeath project - Majesties. Debut single ‘The World Unseen’ is amazingly enjoyable. I’d swear it was an unreleased Unanimated song from Ancient God of Evil. Worth checking out.
  8. Also, I missed all the Paradise Lost (+MDB & Anathema) talk a few pages back. Interesting that Greg & Nick have started a new electronic side project called…wait for it…HOST. The one song released (Tomorrow’s Sky) is actually kinda interesting.
  9. Drudkh - All Belong to the Night. 4 songs over 45 minutes. Really enjoying this.
  10. Did you give it a spin? I went to buy a physical copy off Bandcamp and shipping was +$30 to Australia. Just crazy for an $11 purchase.
  11. Mother of Graves - Where the Shadows Adorn. So much BMD Katatonia and early Rapture in this. Loving it.
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