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  1. Sunday's gig of "Russian Metal Night" was awesome. Met the members of 2 out of 3 bands that were there (guys that played first left as soon as they finished) and had an amazing time at the concert. (more here) Here's a pic of my friend (2nd left) and me (far right) with the bassist (far left) and the singer of the band WelicoRuss. We also took pictures with like half of the members from bands Grai and Welicoruss with my whole crew in it, but those pictures were taken with my friend's phone and lost. As he said "they were not saved (by the dude who took the photo)". You can't imagine how pissed I am, considering how much I love both those bands. Well, at least I have this one as a memory
  2. Went yesterday (Sunday) to a concert with 2 folk metal, and 1 sympho-black metal band (at least that's how they declare themselves). It was hell of a good show, even more because I love all 3 bands. Killer riffs, drum beats and guitar melodies got me headbanging for good 2.5 hours total (with breaks between bands of course). Now it's Monday, 10:45 as I write this and my neck still doesn't hurt...which concerns me...maybe I actually headbanged the right way and didn't go nuts like a maniac. Plus I haven't slept since Sunday 5am. Gods know how I'll get up for work tomorrow. Anyway, although all bands are from Russia, I was lucky to have a friend with me who knows Russian, so we had a little chat with the bands after the gig, and took some pictures. Also bought a shirt and a patch from one of the bands. Really great time to remember. Wish they come again soon.
  3. Hey, that sounds awesome Alabaster! Best of luck with the gallery! There'll be a concert in January in my capital called "Belgrade Metal Meeting" with Kreator, Dagoba and many others, and today they announced that Vader will come as well! I can't fucking wait! This year has really been a great one for metal in Serbia: Accept playing for the first time here in March, Anthrax also playing for the first time which was in May and now even Gorgoroth is coming in November (although I'm not their fan, but they're a big name, so that's great). Not to mention a (mainly) folk metal concert this sunday which I can barely heckin' wait! I just hope it continues like this in 2018
  4. Metsatöll - Lööme mesti Nothing better than the sound of bagpipes to spice up your average thrash metal and make it 100% better
  5. A denim vest on top of a leather jacket. Don't remember seeing that before
  6. Hey guys. Recently I started collecting patches and thought about buying vest to sew them on. But I've been bugged by the question of what material should the vest be - denim or leather. I like leather, at least I've worn it more than denim..it's been so long not wearing denim that I don't remember how it feels (which is maybe why I thought about bringing it back in my apparel). Anyway, what are your personal experiences with them? I've read the "Denim vs. Leather" thread, but still haven't got enough info. The main thing that interests me is which one looks good after being worn. I know leather can get wrinkeled and torn after certain time, but what about denim. Does it only bleach out? Btw (important), denim wise, I'd only look for black denim (even if I have to get it custom made) because most of my apparel doesn't match classic denim...and I'm not much of a fan of the blue color. So, what are your experiences, advices, suggestions? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MOD NOTE - Merged this with 3 existing threads and promoted it as should be a real crowd pleaser, thanks for reigniting the debate Duke.
  7. Godspeed Relentless! Best of wishes for you!
  8. The Cult - Rain Totally forgot about the band until a friend posted their song on Facebook.
  9. Seems good, but it's not really my taste - 4/10 One of my recent folk metal finds.
  10. Children of Bodom - Black Widow Speaking of COB...man, haven't listened to them in a while.
  11. I actually listened to the album on YouTube xD (somebody posted it). I haven't been good with money this month, so everything will have to wait for the salary