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  1. What's on your mind?

    Marvellous effort from RelentlessOblivion there. Really super stuff. 2 for 22 here at the MFCG.
  2. "Where I Live"

    Consider it done.
  3. What's on your mind?

    It’s all happening around here. Parker’s getting (sort of) engaged, people are trying to break into Relentless’ place, BAN hates stairs. In my world, True Belief has personally outraged me by informing me he isn’t going to Paradise Lost this Saturday, which is simply unacceptable. Also, my wife, the immortal Countess of Bathorian blood-bathing belligerence, just counted her shoe collection and informed me she has 37 pairs. This seems to me to be excessive.
  4. 2017 Top Tens

    ‘Vikingligr Veldi’, ‘Frost’ and ‘Eld’ slay nowadays artistic wannabe Enslaved albums exclusively. Now make with the 2017 lists you landlubbers.
  5. What's on your mind?

    Yeah that’s true. It’s not quite the Asgaardian feast it sounds though. It’s more champagne flute than horns of Valhalla, if you know what I mean.
  6. What's on your mind?

    Getting tipsy on wine. Kids in the pool. Ate my fill of spit-roasted lamb. Keeping it metal by checking the forums.
  7. 2017 Top Tens

    I have ‘Isa’. It’s cool. The title track in particular is a favourite. I think I find the majority of it a bit less compelling but I haven’t heard it in years so maybe I’ll give it another spin. As Deathstorm would say, get back on topic.
  8. 2017 Top Tens

    Everyone's getting Enslaved tattooed across their foreheads, but I've never really been convinced with their post 'Below the Lights' material. It's too clever by half, if you ask me.
  9. 2017 Top Tens

    I was wondering how early was too early on this. I'm glad someone bit the bullet-belt and started the thread. With mediocre to poor albums from Satyricon, Anathema, Taake, Enslaved, Ensiferum, and Jyrki 69 (from my beloved 69 Eyes) there were great bands who didn't make the list this year. However, here are the releases that rocked the halls of Castle Requiem this year: Requiem's Top 10 Albums of 2017 10. Paradise Lost - 'Medusa' Ultimately a very disappointing album due to the sense that it feels deliberately engineered to sound retro, mixed with run-of-the-mill bland riffs. Yet, there are positive points here. Nick Holmes' voice, which has lulled me to sleep since adolescence, is engaging, and there is the Paradise Lost flavour that remains. Still, compared with 2015's 'The Plague Within' this really turned me to stone. 9. Eluveitie - 'Evocation II' I think this gets overlooked a lot. Chrigel and his band of interchangeable minstrels had lots of line-up dramas recently, but this is actually a great semi-acoustic/folk album. It's a lot better than 'Evocation I'. Anna Murphy's replacement singer sounds so uncannily like her that it's a bit creepy... Still, this is too long with too many tracks, like most of this band's albums. 8. Eldamar - 'A Dark Forgotten Past' Amazing Tolkien inspired one-man-band, this follow up album doesn't quite reach the heights of the glorious 'The Force of the Ancient Land', but it's not far off. The synth sounds are just incredible, and that synth female voice is straight out of Beleriand. Still, it gets a bit samey and it's a one trick pony for sure. It's just a great trick, though. Such atmosphere. 7. God Dethroned - 'The World Ablaze' True Belief got me into these guys, and this is my favourite album of theirs. The intro is so evocative with that melody and the radio/wartime voice. Oh man. The rest of this album has an excellent atmosphere that puts it up there as one of the great war themed albums in my opinion. I'm really impressed. I'm convinced. 6. Ex Deo - 'The Immortal Wars' Speaking of wars. These Ancient Rome loving loons have put out their best album so far. 'The Rise of Hannibal' is the anthem to end all anthems. I love Ancient Rome, I love songs about Ancient Rome, and I love Maurizio Iacono. Stirring material that brings to life the grandiosity and tragedy of the Roman Empire. Hail Caesar. 5. Hallatar - 'No Stars Upon the Bridge' With the tragic death of Aleah Stanbridge after the release of Trees of Eternity's only album, Swallow the Sun mastermind Juha Raivio, together with Tomi Joutsen from Amorphis and Gas Lipstick from HIM, created a dark and authentic expression of his grief. It still has many secrets to reveal to me at this point - and I don't own this yet - but this is shaping up to be one of those moments in time where art and the tragedy of life merge to transcend mere music. 4. Cradle of Filth - 'Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness of Decay' The second Cradle album with the two new guitarists, this doesn't quite meet 'Hammer of the Witches' for me, but it's close. It's really guitar based, with riffs and solos all over the place - it's genuinely breathtaking on that front. As a lifelong fan of Dani's lyrical excursions, I tend to find the narrative here a little vague and undefined, which annoys me a little bit considering how amazing his lyrics are on last year's Devilment album. The title is pretty shite too. I wish he would avoid these silly plays-on-words ('Thornography' anyone?). For a Victorian themed album there's precious little to do with the Victorian era or the atmosphere I associate with it. Overall, though, this is in the top 50% of Cradle albums, which makes it pretty special to my gothic ears. 3. Septicflesh - 'Codex Omega' My favourite band of the last five years and in my top 5 bands of all time, but I have to admit this album hasn't done it for me like the last four have. In fact, this is the first Septicflesh album since 'Sumerian Daemons' to not top my end of year list. All the ingredients are here and sonically it sounds amazing, but there are some 'b grade' riffs here that shouldn't have passed muster. The first two tracks need to go, and for me the album only kicks into gear with track 3: 'Portrait of a Headless Man'. Other songs like 'Faceless Queen' and 'Our Church Below the Sea' are brilliant (for the most part). It's definitely their weakest album since 'Revolution DNA'. I don't say all these things lightly, and I've played this album to death. It still makes number 3, but this band should be at number 1 for me. 2014's 'Titan' absolutely slays this album. 2. Wintersun - 'The Forest Seasons' A-mazing. I pointed and laughed at Jari and Wintersun like everyone else. Even though I own the debut and 'Time 1', I never really loved them, but I love this album. I LOVE this album. The production is perfect, and the development of the songs - anthems more like - is staggering. Track 2 'The Forest That Weeps (Summer)' is my song of the year. It brings my fist to the air, tears to my eyes, and fills my heart with glory. That Tolkien-epic choir!! The whole album is stunning. Brilliant lyrics too, and I encourage everyone to read their booklets as the songs play through. I didn't think Jari could do it, but he's the real deal. This was my album of the year until I heard... 1. Moonspell - '1755' As for this album. Their last release, 'Extinct', was good, but not great, and I wasn't sure what to expect with this. As it turns out, it sounds like the follow-up to their demo collection 'Under Satanae'. It has energy, groove, melody and a bit of ferocity that just transcends. The theme of the Lisbon earthquake that levelled the city in 1755 is present in the lyrics (all Portuguese with English booklet translations) and the music (with that Portuguese combination of European sounds with Ottoman inspired melodies). This band HAS NEVER SOUNDED BETTER. "The day rises in Portugal". Every song is a hit. 10/10. Album of the year.
  10. What's on your mind?

    The Melbourne Mayhem show is definitely not sold out. You can still buy Mayhem Tickets as far as I can tell. True Belief, Will and I (the unholy trinity) are attending, so it would be awesome if you wanted to catch up for a brew beforehand with us bros of brutal blasphemy. If you end up getting a ticket and making it over, let us know. What's on my mind right now is my wife's family's Christmas party today. It's at my CEO brother-in-law's place so will be an extravagant affair during which I plan to drink champagne to excess and avail myself of the rich mahogany facilities while the overindulged children play in the pool and generally keep out of my way. Speaking of overindulged children, right at this moment the Countess is speaking to our youngest vampire about behaviour. Our 4 year old is telling the Countess that it is she, in her infant vampiric wisdom, who "makes the rules of the house", repeatedly and loudly. Both the Countess and I dispute this authoritarian arrangement and maintain hegemony over both castle and grounds. Ah, vampire children. They feed on a few of the local peasantry and next thing you know they think they're in charge.
  11. Katatonia - the gothic alternative

    Top 5 Katatonia Songs (to be edited with statements when I’m off my phone) 5. For my Demons (Tonight’s Decision) 4. Serein (The Fall of Hearts) 3. Brave (Brave Murder Day) 2. Unfurl (July single) 1. Old Hearts Fall (The Fall of Hearts)
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    Good lad. Nice, especially your first entry. NP: Katatonia - ‘The Fall of Hearts’
  13. Albums you wish you could unhear.

    ‘Pyromania’ is definitely a great album. I love them both.
  14. Just had my Metal Breakthrough. What was Yours?

    Awesome stories! I love this sort of thing. Boy Scout summer camp in 1984. I have images of 'Friday the 13th' style clothes, attitudes and behaviours. Lots of scenes of America on television hahaha.
  15. whats your first metal album

    'The Ultimate Sin' is a great album. In many ways I can see what you mean about things changing after this. Personally I love them all up to and including 'Ozzmosis' which I think would have made a great final album! But yeah, those first four Ozzy albums are priceless in my opinion.