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  1. Sanatana. Lived a lot longer, toured heaps, lots of respect etc. Hendrix was sort of cut off in his prime I guess. I'm not much of an expert on either of them. John Lennon or Paul McCartney.
  2. Black Sabbath - 'Paranoid'
  3. 'Support true black metal only' and now neither band plays it! Just goes to show.
  4. Amazing. Is that from a Carpathian Forest album? (Is that Nattfrost?). Surely not...
  5. Melodeath wins over thrash for me in most instances. I admire good thrash, and let's face it not many Children of Bodom albums are really going to challenge a 'Master of Puppets' or 'Rust in Peace', but I don't usually find it particularly enjoyable. I know it's not very 'true', but I have no problem with the ear candy of melodeath over the workman-like labours of everyday thrash.
  6. Megadeth pre-'Risk' wins this without much of a battle. Sure albums like 'The System Has Failed' and 'Dystopia' have a few decent tracks, but nothing that can stand up to 'Peace Sells', 'So Far So Good So What', 'Rust in Peace', 'Countdown to Extinction', 'Youthanasia' and even the underrated 'Cryptic Writings'.
  7. Dan Swano is definitely the guy with his fingers in the most quality pies. He also plays drums in Katatonia's 'Tonight's Decision' which earns him even more points in my book. However, several of his projects fall into the 'good not great' category, and in some cases he does seem to be quantity over quality. The only other person I can think of who has participated in a plethora of great releases is Hellhammer. He is on albums by Mayhem, Dimmu Borgir, Arcturus, Age of Silence, Thorns + many others. He has also been a session member in Emperor and Immortal + many others. Ok, Hellhammer is not composing the music, he's just banging along with it, so on that front Swano beats him quite easily, but I can't think of anyone who has participated in so many great recordings and live shows in metal during the modern era.
  8. Classic. I woke up just now with the first movement of 'Winter's Gate' by Insomnium in my head.
  9. Lady Requiem forces a lot of vegetables on me, which is a good thing because I really wouldn't go out of my way to eat them otherwise. I guess I enjoy them, but they seem like a waste of time and I can't believe people actually buy them. Your breakfast sounds delicious. My daughters (of desolation and pestilential grief) were having eggs on toast for dinner because of our big lunch, but when they saw their daddy having crumpets they wanted them too. Sometimes simple dinners are the best. I've got conference food for the next 36 hours which will be good. I'm going to hit it hard and fast. And the free drinks...
  10. Deafheaven - 'Sunbather'
  11. I don't know much about these bands except that I bought Deafheaven's 'Sunbather' album on itunes a few years ago and I really like it. It's got a great emotional push to it. That first track 'Dream House' is phenomenal. I don't know how influenced I was by the album title, but it makes really good sense listening to this at the beach here in Australia during summer, because it's got this 'sun sparkling off the crest of waves with deep blue skies above' kind of vibe. A strange paradox where it's creating and remembering nostalgia simultaneously. I find it quite romantically philosophical. Then again, when I listen to bands like Alcest I find that they don't really interest me, so all in all I wouldn't call myself a fan of this post-black metal movement. Just that one album (or one song!).
  12. Abbath is just a clown, isn't he. He's not even trying to be serious anymore. Look at that 'Abbath Road' picture.
  13. Wolfheart - 'Tyhjyys'. No idea how to pronounce the album title. Tuomas Saukkonen's projects really all sound very similar despite their different names, and this seems no exception. I like his songwriting, but I don't love it. I'll give this a few spins and see if it takes. Insomnium - Winter's Gate This is more like it. They're touring in a week or so. I've never seen them before so this is going to be really exciting.
  14. For me the least appealing genre is that more extreme dance music. Mercifully I don't hear it very often. Most other genres are ok.