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  1. Hey man, it's great that you keep plowing through with these, but you might have more fun if you respond to discussions that you've prompted and have a chat about them, or even care to comment on others' lists from time to time. Of course you don't have to, but I'm wondering how much gratification you can possibly be getting from this hahaha.
  2. NP: Satanic Warmaster - 'Opferblut' The album cover here is so familiar... I just can't put my finger on it...
  3. Lately joining the Castle Requiem archives: Mayhem - 'Death Rehearsal' which I've wanted for ages. This is a very nice digipak with booklet edition of two 1987 rehearsals (17/1/87 and 18/1/87) with Maniac, Euro, Necro and Manheim prior to the recording of 'Deathcrush'. Limited to 300 copies. Brilliant packaging to be honest. Very professional. Antaeus - 'De Principii Evangelikum' as I realised I have never actually owned an album by these earnest evil emissaries. Atmosphere with plenty of aggression. Very satisfying. God Dethroned - 'Illuminati' which I bought because I really liked the first single, and I also have never owned a God Dethroned album in my life, which seemed remiss of me. Mercifully the last half of the album is fantastic, as the first half left me a little worried. So overall this is really good melodic death. Moongates Guardian - 'And in the Glade a Light Was Seen' to complement my re-reading of 'Lord of the Rings' (which I completed last night). Very good Summoning style Tolkien metal from Russia. Highly recommended. Druadan Forest - 'The Lost Dimension' because ditto above, except this guy is a Finn and even better. Beautiful Tolkien metal with some glorious expansive keyboard melodies. Running Wild - 'Blazon Stone' which was a gift from the dark lord True Belief, hail the king. Paradise Lost - 'Obsidian' digipak which took aeons to get here, and amazingly arrived one day before True Belief's copy which he ordered first hahaha. Viktory. I've played the jewel case version to death though, so less enthused now with this. Still a great addition to one of my favourite bands.
  4. Fuck sewing man. I actually get a seamstress at a clothes alteration store to put my patches on. Hardly nekro, I know, but neither is sitting there with needle and a thread, pricking my thumbs (something wicked this way comes).
  5. No, there aren't any lyrics included if I recall correctly. The booklet has the covers of all of the EPs and the dates of release. It's a great package, but there aren't any lyrics. Antaeus - 'De Principii Evangelikum' Sinister and powerful black metal with a death overlay.
  6. Hate Forest - 'Nietzscheism' I remember that bloke from university. Yeah, it's all coming clear now. Mr Forest. Great guy. Well, it's not a fullmoon, but the wine is flowing rather switfly - dangerously so - considering we're firmly locked down here in Melbourne and there are no exits. Vlad Tepes/Belketre - 'March to the Black Holocaust' is getting a good workout. About as good a work out as I'm getting with my family demanding I do PE With Joe every damn day.
  7. Burzum - 'Det Som Engang Var' This is close to my favourite Burzum album. What a great treasure it is. To think a guy who can scream like that can also write and play these songs. It's pretty amazing when you think of it from an early 90s perspective.
  8. Thyrfing are one of my favourite B level bands. I think I generally agree with you about 'De Odeslosa', although if pushed I might like it a little more than 'Hels Vite', which I felt was a pretty big let down from the dark and gritty brilliance of 'Farsotstider'. Jens Ryden is a cool guy and pretty good vocalist, but he just can't meet the gargantuan vocals of Thomas Vaananen whom I consider to be one of metal's all time great roarers. Both 'Hels Vite' and 'De Odeslosa' suffer in the vocal department I reckon. It's sort of like the viking metal version of when Blaze Bayley took over from Bruce in Maiden. He's ok, but the magic just wasn't there and he's better in his own projects.
  9. Satanic Warmaster - 'Opferblut' My version is almost certainly not the original 2003 pressing by No Colours Records, but because No Colours don't change the catalog ID when they re-release albums, and there's no dating on the jewel case version that I have, I honestly have no idea which re-release I actually own. Either way, it's a great album with that trademark SW riffage.
  10. Running Wild - 'Blazon Stone' Awesome digi deluxe expanded edition courtesy of @True Belief, that gentleman, who sent it in the post as a gift. Much appreciated brother. I'd never listened to Running Wild really at all in the past, and I've discovered that I've been missing quite a bit!
  11. There's nothing more metal than Tolkien. In lieu of recent metal music collection photos, I thought I'd share some Middle-earth. Here's what I've got: Three volume slipcase of 'The Lord of the Rings' books Single volume edition of 'The Lord of the Rings' book 'The Silmarillion' book 'The Atlas of Tolkien' by David Day Extended Edition DVDs of 'The Lord of the Rings' films with slipcases Boxset of all three Motion Picture Soundtracks including cards Summoning - 'With Doom We Come', 'Oath Bound', 'Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame', 'Stronghold', and 'Dol Guldur' CDs Moongates Guardian - 'And In the Glade a Light Was Seen' CD Emyn Muil - 'Elenion Ancalima' CD Druadan Forest - 'The Lost Dimension' CD I have several other albums from bands that write about Tolkien and who rip-off Summoning generally, but aren't specifically dedicated to 'The Lord of the Rings' 100% and hence are excluded from this collection. Pure Tolkien or death. (I also own 'The Hobbit' somewhere but I can't find it. Films suck, however, and aren't allowed across my threshold).
  12. This is really cool. I'm currently in the process of completing a full jacket with depressive suicidal black metal patches, on this once very expensive and stylish non-denim jacket. I've got a few on there but have some patches ready to go. Once Covid is over...
  13. Saor - 'Aura' Such beautiful, heartbreaking music from one of my all time favourite bands. Epic black metal with Scottish melodies and grand sorrow. This album actually features drums from Austin Lunn from the US band Panopticon. The guy is a drumming freak. You could listen to the album just for the drums. This album is slightly more organic and less polished than the next album 'Guardians', which is one of my all time favourite albums, yet this is still such a masterpiece. Obviously I can sing the praises of Saor high enough.
  14. Vlad Tepes/Belketre - 'March to the Black Holocaust' I've got the 2013 Drakkar re-release, but even they go for a lot of money these days. A rare and rewarding split that I bring out on a full moon, when the red wine is overflowing its cup.
  15. I love 'Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia', and I definitely recommend 'Eonian'. 'Eonian is a lot slower, more mid-paced with choirs and things like that, and some of the old school metal fraternity don't rate it, but I think it's actually really enjoyable, especially after a few listens. You might also like 'Death Cult Armageddon', which is the follow-up to 'PEM' and fairly close in style (although shitter). Personally I prefer the two before it, 'Spiritual Black Dimensions' and 'Enthrone Darkness Triumphant', so check them out for sure. NP: Running Wild - 'Blazon Stone' My first Running Wild album, courtesy of True Belief, and I'm really enjoying it. Great riffs here with an infectious 1991 metal atmosphere.
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