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  1. Requiem

    The Movie Thread

    Have you seen 'Interview with the Vampire', the first movie based on Anne Rice's books? It's one of my favourite movies and if you like 'Queen of the Damned' I think you'd love 'Interview'.
  2. Requiem

    Hi you all!! 8-]]

    *raises studded wristband and hand*
  3. Requiem

    Cliff Burton or Dave Mustaine?

    We definitely have a 'what would you rather' style thread. We're all going to vote for Cliff, but for me it's less because he's some kind of monster legend and more because if Mustaine stayed in Metallica we would never have had Megadeth. As much as I love the first four Metallica albums, and highly respect the Black Album, I think metal would be much worse off without 'Rust in Peace' and 'Youthanasia'.
  4. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    "Still" Life is good travelling music. How ironic. This is a pretty decent idea for a new thread actually - what makes good travelling music and what are some of your favourites? Maybe I'll start that up when I have a moment to think rather than reacting, ninja-like, to everything around me. NP: Shining - 'X Varg Utan Flock'
  5. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Katatonia - ‘The Fall of Hearts’ For every dream that is left behind me I take a bow.
  6. Requiem

    Top 3 albums/eps of the week.

    Shining - ‘X Varg Utan Flock’ Bloodbath - ‘The Arrow of Satan is Drawn’ Necrophobic - ‘Mark of the Necrogram’
  7. Requiem

    Metal books

    @True Belief never gave a fuck to begin with, so results are hard to discern.
  8. Requiem

    What's on your mind?

    Vampyre lore is the least of their rule breaking... They do burn up in the enemy sun though. We often wonder how snowbound regions deal with their young children in times of crisis. It must be a bloody nightmare at times.
  9. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Necrophobic - ‘Mark of the Necrogram’
  10. Requiem

    General Pics (Holidays, walks, outings etc.)

    Melbourne Brewery Tour Tastings. Requiem: Pictured. True Belief: Photographer.
  11. Requiem

    Found my new favorite band.

    So who's your favourite band?
  12. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    A hair metal extravaganza with Firehouse - 'All She Wrote' while I wait for my date to swing by and pick me up.
  13. Requiem

    MacabreEternal's Top 10 BM Albums 2018

    I started to lose Drudkh around 'Blood in Our Wells' to be honest - around the time that Hate Forest was put to sleep and the guys merged some of the Hate Forest elements into the Drudkh sound, evolving Drudkh into a more complex entity. They really only became more popular after that, which is great for them, but for me their last album that really speaks to me personally was 'Autumn Aurora'. Gosh that's a great album. Still, we can't live in the past etc...
  14. Requiem

    MacabreEternal's Top 10 BM Albums 2018

    The Varathron sounded a lot less sinister (the one time I heard part of it) than the mighty album they released before it whose name escapes me. Edit: ‘Untrodden Corridors of Hades’. What an amazing album. The new one sounded thin and incomplete to my ears, as if it needed a rhythm guitar or something. I need to check it out again I guess. 100 million True Beliefs can’t be wrong.