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  1. Requiem

    Lords of Chaos Movie (Mayhem Band)

    A couple of murders, a suicide and church burnings are already pretty sensational and really are the whole point of the movie. It won’t be a considered evaluation of Mayhem’s releases, put it that way. My fear is that it’s going to portray it all as a children’s joke that went wrong. For instance, why is Euronymous portrayed as 17 in the film when in real life he was already 24 when he met Dead and 27 when he died? What sort of chicanery is this?
  2. Requiem

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    Wow, a censored version of the story? I’m outraged. Hard to believe that certain terms were more acceptable in the late-Victorian era than today. Any idea what was censored? Also who was the publisher?
  3. Requiem

    Lords of Chaos Movie (Mayhem Band)

    I'm very nervous about this whole thing although I won't be taking any of it seriously so I should be able to just enjoy it for what it is... hopefully... maybe. Why is this in the self-promotion forum? We've got 'Lords of Chaos' and 'The Dirt' coming out. I'm excited and nervous about both movies hahaha.
  4. Requiem

    Metal books

    I erroneously posted the following message in the regular books thread in the Off Topic forum. Here it is where it belongs: Two coffee table books I've recently bought: 'Iron Maiden Album by Album' by Martin Popoff. Hardcover 'coffee table' type book. The concept is that Popoff and a revolving group of people (Marty Friedman, Mike Portnoy, Blaze Bayley and many others) look at every Maiden album and discuss its merits and shortcomings, with a plethora of images from the time. True Belief put me on to it as he had already bought it, and I'm glad I did. It's a fantastic window into each album, and the discussion is from a fan perspective but also looks at the technicality and behind-the-scenes side of things with some expert commentary. There aren't too many revelations though, and some of those might have made it more interesting, but for a group of people talking casually about each Maiden album this is hard to beat. 7/10 'Kickstart my Heart - Motley Crue Day-by-Day' by Martin Popoff. Hardcover 'coffee table' type book. It's not that I'm an obsessive Popoff fan, it's just that he puts out a lot of books. Like the amazing Ozzy Osbourne Day-by-Day that he did just prior to this one, the book contains a full timeline of the band, albums, events, debauchery that starts from the members' birth through to 2015. It's fun, informative, and Popoff doesn't pull any punches when it comes to Motley's foolish ways. I bought this on the back of the Ozzy book being so wonderful, and I'm not disappointed. It's really an encyclopedia of all things Motley Crue. Even if you aren't strictly into Motley Crue this still offers an interesting window into the music industry and the 80s in general. 8/10
  5. Requiem

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    I went to the topmost tower in Castle Requiem on the night of a supermoon where a cosmic pulse of magnetic energy from Antarctica was captured in an infernal engine of secret design that synthesised the waves into code that I was able to transpose into a forgotten priestly Sumerian script that I wrote down on new-minted vellum from a two-headed calf slayed on the first day of winter and that text revealed itself to be the true and immutable words of Aiwass, Nuit, Hadit, and Ra-Hoor-Khuit cthulhu fatagn.
  6. Requiem

    What's on your mind?

    Well, it's finally happened. I knew it would. When I heard that Ozzy was hospitalised with a respiratory infection I said to myself, "Requiem, he's never going to make it to Australia in March". And now I've, yet again, been proven correct. So my hugely expensive festival ticket, where I would have seen the great man solo for the first time (I've seen him with Sabbath but not with his solo band), will now allow me only to see bands of mild interest. This could be the last opportunity too, as I just can't see the old boy coming back to Australia after this.
  7. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Hair metal mix tape while gardening with hedge trimmers and the like. Technically that was ages ago but it’s never too late to report a listening experience.
  8. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Queensryche - 'Operation Mindcrime'
  9. Requiem

    Anger Management

    Try this on for some anger and pain:
  10. I'm not averse to image per se, and I love the image of black metal bands that get it right, because it seems to fit. Everything in context. The old shots of Darkthrone and Mayhem are haunting and amazing, because they fit the vibe of what's going on. I love image and theatre when there's a sense of authenticity to it. The shoe has to fit for it to make sense.
  11. Requiem

    Top 10 Albums of Any Given Year

    This had nothing to do with your Coroner shirt. You receive respect and tribute wherever you go. Nice list by the way and it reminds me I have some listening to do.
  12. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Fleshgod Appcalypse - ‘King’ The Dead Daisies - ‘Burn it Down’
  13. Requiem

    New Purchases/Acquisitions

    Aleister Crowely - ‘Liber al vel Legis’ Aleister Crowley - ‘The Book of the Goetia’ Thy Light - ‘Suici.De.Pression’ Korpiklaani ticket Eluveitie ticket
  14. Requiem

    Top 10 Albums of Any Given Year

    Well, it's clear that 1989 was a strange year that was dominated by hair metal and hard rock for me. Let's check out 1988 where the proper metal stands up and shouts. Requiem's Top 10 Albums of 1988 10. Running Wild - 'Port Royal' I've barely heard this band and I certainly haven't listened to this album in its entirety, but it takes the number 10 spot in honour of my brother @True Belief, who is a fan. Hail. Great 80s style pirates (the band)-in-a-tavern cover. I should actually listen to this at some point. 9. Candlemass - 'Ancient Dreams' Candlemass are always worthy of a listen, and this album has some nice moments. I really need to spend more time with it. Strange sort of fantasy novel cover, but it's cool as always. Candlemass will never be my favourite band but they're always respectable. 8. Bathory - 'Blood Fire Death' This is where Quorthon shifts his modus operandi from black metal to viking, and this album is the halfway mark. It's a bit rougher than things would become with 'Hammerheart', but it does the business with songs leaning towards the epic. I have a cheap re-release that lacks proper liner notes and lyrics, and I need a proper version. Stunning album art of valkyries in flight. 7. Slayer - 'South of Heaven' This and 'God Hates Us All' are probably my favourite Slayer albums, and I find this a lot more listenable and engaging than 'Reign in Blood' due to the slower pace and greater emphasis on melody, which I think actually adds to the menace rather than detracts. 'Mandatory Suicide' is mandatory listening and I remember playing this on drums back in high school in the 90s. Fitting album artwork. 6. Cinderella - 'Long Cold Winter' The worst thing this band ever did was give themselves such a limp band name, as Cinderella are actually pretty ballsy for a hair metal band. With Brian Johnson style vocals and a heavy blues vibe, this album is brilliant. The songwriting is just amazing. Of course, come 1991 no band called Cinderella could ever stand a chance. Boring all white cover. 5. Megadeth - 'So Far So Good So What' This is a strange album from Megadeth, probably because the production is so thick and the album cover is so alien. There are amazing songs on this release, such as the brilliant 1, 2 opening volley and of course 'In My Darkest Hour'. 'Mary Jane' is also a great haunting song. For some reason a kid at school chopped up a CD booklet and made it into a butchered cassette cover, which I had for years and frustratingly could only read half of the lyrics due to the scissor cuts. Strange what we remember from our youth... 4. Manowar - 'Kings of Metal' What an amazing album this is. 1987/1988 Manowar is some of the best and most fun metal I've heard, from the drama of 'The Warrior's Prayer' to untouchable epics like 'The Crown and the Ring'. For years I had underestimated this band, thinking they were just a corny Spinal Tap sort of thing, but no, they're the real deal. Brillant warrior album art. 3. Iron Maiden - 'Seventh Son of a Seventh Son' The classic light blue album from Maiden. The addition of those guitar synths, or whatever they are, give this a fantastical vibe that works really well, and the concept album message is pretty good although a little vague. The band are on fire, however, especially Bruce on songs like the title track and 'Infinite Dreams'. You can't deny them that this is a great album. Awesome cover of Eddie with the icebergs. 2. Metallica - 'And Justice for All' Yes, there's no bass and it's weird, but as a kid I had no idea anything was missing and I just loved this for what it was. Listening to it now, this album is simply stunning. The songs are epic, the drums click and clack and those guitars just soar. Listen to those twin guitars in the intro of 'Blackened'. Pure chills. Metallica are more like cartoon characters these days, but they once hit heights of perfection. Very impressive album cover that has sort of become an icon of 80s metal. 1. Ozzy Osbourne - 'No Rest for the Wicked' Compared with the genius of Metallica, this pulls up short, but for enjoyment factor this is it. Zakk Wylde's first album with the Ozman is a bit more serious than 'The Ultimate Sin', with Bob Daisley's lyrics emphasising the darker side of life, 'Crazy Babies' notwithstanding. The production is phat with 80s babies, 'Miracle Man' is catchy and Ozzy and Bob, this time with Zakk, produce the album of 1988 for Requiem Corp.
  15. Requiem

    Top 10 Albums of Any Given Year

    Hail the 80s! I can't keep this posting pace up for too long, but here's another list. 1989 was the year and era of thrash and those first few proper death metal albums, which I admire but don't find myself loving. I blame my teenage years and that I have a soft spot for songs about girls and the Sunset Strip. Requiem's Top 10 Albums of 1989 10. Candlemass - 'Tales of Creation' Not my favourite Candlemass album, but this - Messiah's last at the time - is still a solid slab of doom. It's funny, I was listening to it today and it was more Sabbath than Sabbath were at this stage. Some of this plods a bit and I find myself wishing I was listening to 'Epicus...'. Beautiful album cover as usual. 9. Morbid Angel - 'Altars of Madness' If it wasn't for all those damn catchy hair metal albums that came out this year, this album would be a lot higher up the list. Crystal production for 1989, don't know what's going on there but it's amazing. I love that Morbid Angel style with the original three guys and I have a real soft spot for the first four albums. Interesting album cover. I like it a fair bit. 8. Blind Guardian - 'Follow the Blind' I've always neglected old Blind Guardian, which is a pity, because these old albums are great. The choruses on songs like 'Banish From Sanctuary' and 'Valhalla' are to/die/for. Hansi's voice is amazing on any music, so this album really stands out from the crass thrash morass of 1989. Terrible but funny/cool album cover of... what... goblins? 7. Alice Cooper - 'Trash For me this is by faaaar the best Alice Cooper album, and I'm surprised at how weak-sauce the albums both before and after this one happen to be. Led by 80s anthem 'Poison', which I maintain is one of rock's greatest songs, there are plenty of other cracking tracks that make this a winner. Cool cover of Alice looking cool. 6. Aerosmith - 'Pump' Speaking of cracking tracks. Another 70s act that made it bigger than ever in the 80s, 'Pump' is their best album and went 7x platinum. 'Janie's Got a Gun' is great but a bit serious, so I'm more into party rock anthems like 'Love in an Elevator' and 'F.I.N.E'. Steven Tyler's voice is to/die/for. Dodgy album cover but funny and cool for the 80s. Trucks having sex hur hur hur. 5. Warrant 'Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinking Rich' Is this really better than 'Pump'? It has an innocent frivolity about it that just kicks it into number 5. Look at the band photos, my god. This is girl-metal of the highest order, with barnstormers like '32 Pennies' and a simply awesome title track. See, most of you are listening to Kreator and Terrorizer... I'm listening to Warrant and considering putting my wife's lipstick on. Awesome album cover of fat rich man. 4. Whitesnake - 'Slip of the Tongue' The follow-up to '1987' was never going to measure up, and this doesn't, but it's still a fantastic album. Steve Vai on guitar playing Adrian Vandenberg's riffs, with David Coverdale at his puerile best. Just ridiculous lyrics, but that's half the fun. Album art is a rip-off of their previous album and isn't as good, but still cool. Miss John Sykes though. 3. Black Sabbath - 'Headless Cross' The first Tony Martin album is probably the best of Martin Sabbath, and throw in good old Cozy Powell on drums and you've got a great version of Black Sabbath that sounds and looks nothing like the 70s - and proper - version. Excellent gothic doom lyrics by Martin and all the 80s glory metal you could want. Dark heavy riffs that presage the gothic metal movement. Excellent gothic artwork. 2. Skid Row - 'Skid Row' The debut, this was and remains a huge album. Classic tracks like 'Big Guns', 'Youth Gone Wild', '18 and Life' and 'I Remember You' make this hair metal heaven for the Sunset Strip set. I tell you what, those New Jersey lads were lucky to find young Canadian Sebastian Bach. Without him they're nothing. Still waiting for the reunion... Great cover. 1. Motley Crue - 'Dr Feelgood' And the best album of 1989 comes from these four Sunset Strip stooges: Vince, Nikki, Mick and Tommy. When I first heard this in 1990 I was 10 years old and I-could-not-believe it. I had Motley Crue posters all over my juvenile bedroom walls. I still love this album and have two copies on CD, one permanently in my car and one in the mansion. Huge Bob Rock production, 'Kickstart My Heart', 'Dr Feelgood'. Look at these tracks. Wonderful green album cover. This just works. Bit worried about 'The Dirt' movie though...