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  1. Requiem

    What are you drinking?

    Hoho, Relentless comes out with some tasty interstate rivalry. Spoken like a true South Australian!
  2. Requiem

    What are you drinking?

    Who drank all the beer? FatherAlabaster drank all the beer!! I'm now sipping on an Australian shiraz cabernet. I bought into one of those wine club deals, bought a couple of cases on the cheap then got the hell out of there with my soul intact.
  3. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Good. They're all under ten years old so they all get a medal and a certificate, that kind of deal. It was good though. I'm so proud of the little vampire.
  4. Requiem

    My 100 favorite metal albums (a list)

    That was really cool to read through - very enjoyable. My top 100 would look vastly different to this due to my predilection for black metal, gothic doom and melodic death over thrash and old school, but I got a lot out of this list nonetheless. Nice work.
  5. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Dance music at my daughter’s gymnastics competition.
  6. Requiem

    Black Sabbath-Heaven and Hell (1980)

    I can only speak for myself, but when I first hear the so called "classics", I'm not always blown away either, but I think that comes down to context. When I hear Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin, I'm never really very impressed, but I can imagine that in 1972 it would have been jaw-dropping. Then, as those fans grow up, the albums attain a godlike position in their minds - like albums such as 'Tales from the Thousand Lakes' and 'Draconian Times' do in my mind. As a teenager in the 90s I couldn't give a flying fuck about Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. I still can't really but with age comes a bit of wisdom and I can see a bigger picture where those bands were really meaningful and even revolutionary in their own ways. Not having lived in 1972, and only being 1 year old when 'Heaven and Hell' came out, it's hard to step into their contexts. We can only really judge them on how well they sound and how much they move us today. I guess a true classic can still move a decent number of people nearly 40 years after its release and not simply fade away. I'd put 'Heaven and Hell' into that bracket. It's probably a 7.5/10 for me personally, but I can't say there are many mainstream metal acts from 1980 who would rank close to that.
  7. Requiem

    Create a 'Best Of' Release Tracklist

    Well, it’s a great song. Is it good enough to squeeze into a best of? If pushed I could exchange it with ‘Hooks in You’ or ‘Fear of the Dark’, but I wanted to get at least a couple of tracks from the post 88 material.
  8. Requiem

    Computer-generated Black Metal?

    While it’s always a dangerous thing to base your musical enjoyment on context, yeah I think I would like it less. Even if it was the greatest black metal anthem of all time, if it was made purely by a computer I’d smash the computer with firebrands of hell. Like the difference between receiving a handwritten card or a Hallmark card. Both may have the same sentiment - the Hallmark card might even be more poetic or well presented - but an authentic thanks/I love you from a human is infinitely more meaning full than the Hallmark card. I’d rather listen to human imperfection than machine created perfection, in black metal especially.
  9. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Black Funeral - Waters of Weeping Haven't heard this one in a while either. What an occult masterpiece.
  10. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Enthroned - 'Carnage in Worlds Beyond'. I've had this disk since it came out in 2002 and I don't think I've heard it in 15 years. I'm glad I pulled it out and stuck it in, because this has some really good moments.
  11. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    That's cause she probably thinks you're edgy.
  12. Requiem

    What's on your mind?

    For Lemmy to smoke a pack a day for 57 years and drink a bottle of Jack Daniel's every day for about 40 years and live to 70, it's nothing short of miraculous. Ozzy's a real mystery too. As for Vinnie, he was a pretty heavy guy by the end. Mix obesity with apparently massive amounts of daily alcohol and the heart can only take so much. Of course, no idea how he actually died, but I can't say I was super surprised to hear it. Hard to feel overly sad about it though. If his mother is still alive I feel incredibly sad for her, losing two sons. That's a tragedy.
  13. Requiem

    Cradle of Filth

    One of the keys to enjoying Cradle of Filth is to ignore (most of the) band's image. This means that band photos should always be avoided and don't even think about watching a music video, let alone a documentary. In fact, I really wish Cradle didn't have this affinity with a sort of cyber-goth, contact lense, silly make-up image that they've been purveying for decades. When I hear most of these albums (say, the top 8 of my list on page one), I hear class and beauty. A quick flip through a magazine or the booklet and I see a bunch of goth nightclub rejects. It just doesn't compute. I think they would have a lot more street cred if they had an imagine more in line with, for instance, modern day Satyricon. Love or hate Sayticon's latest music, I think most of the album shots of Satyr and Frost over the last few years have looked really reserved, classy and cool. Cradle could do with that sort of make-over. It's a moot point, because I think Dani likes dressing up even more than he likes singing about Countesses, so I'm not holding my breath. Cheers to the music and lyrics!
  14. Requiem

    Computer-generated Black Metal?

    It's not the simple of existence of sound that is important in black metal, it's the fact that it is the embodiment of a certain set of human instincts; the pain, awe and majesty of life and death that makes black metal great. It's much more than just some fuzzy guitars and a drum sequence that a computer can concoct, at least in my mind. Like any great art, I admire it because it's an expression of someone's soul. Even if I can't tell the aural difference between an AI track and a human track, the philosophy counts for a lot in my opinion.
  15. Requiem

    What's on your mind?

    You know black metal logos are getting out of hand when you spend five minutes staring at a logo on a CD cover trying to figure out how to spell 'Varathron' before realising it was upside down... I'll take your grindcore stuff, but only if it's especially un-melodic and I want to read the words "uncompromisingly brutal" in the press releases.