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  1. I'm definitely voting second wave, but only based on my taste for the music rather than any labelling dispute. The early material from the likes of Emperor and Satyricon remains for me very special. Not to mention Mayhem, Dissection, Burzum, Darkthrone. Then there are bands like Shining, Drudkh, and Marduk.
  2. I feel like I'm stalking you but I assure you this isn't the case. I've noticed this phenomenon too, particularly on the internet regarding Varg the racist vs Varg the murderer. It's almost as if murder is kind of a fantastical event, whereas racism is an uncomfortable reality that resonates more easily with us? I don't know. I recommend reading Metalion's Slayer Mag Diaries - the autobiographical portions - to get a sense of how Metalion really regrets his own response to Euronymous's death and how he recognises the damage this has done to him psychologically. Same with Necrobutcher but to a slightly lesser extent. Metalion is really articulate about how he and the others should have taken it more seriously, because they lacked a lot of closure regarding his loss and it's really only as they get older that they realise how significantly it's affected them. It's a great read, check it out. Same with Dead's suicide - for instance Necro was the only member to go to his funeral.
  3. Ok now we're at T. Tuonela - Amorphis
  4. The artwork for 'Dusk and Her Embrace' is amazing. The cover, obviously, but also those photos you're referring to in the booklet/tray etc. Just so beautiful. I think Simon Marsden died a couple of years ago. Agree regarding 'Darkly'. The actual booklet artwork of 'Godspeed' is pretty cool in a different sort of way - hardly gothic - but still pretty cool. The front cover is so bad though, I just don't understand how they could green-light it. Luckily I've got a version that has a generic leather looking cover that saves the eyes. I've never really liked the 'Bitter Suites' cover of that girl sitting cross-legged. It looks very school-project. I can't say I'm the biggest fan of the 'Cryptoriana' cover though. I think I previously described those two blokes in at as resembling theatre restaurant employees rather than Victorian British gentlemen. Anyway, I'll wait to see what it looks like when I'm holding it in my hands.
  5. I had a feeling you were going to choose animation. I'd rather be a cyclops for sure. The minotaur is stuck in the labyrinth which would suck. Would you rather be Zeus or Odin?
  6. hahaha, nice one. I haven't had cause to play that album in a couple of weeks, strangely enough.
  7. I don't think anyone has mentioned Aleah Stanbridge here yet either. She was the vocalist for the single album Trees of Eternity did (members of Swallow the Sun, ex Katatonia and Nightwish). She was seriously one of the most beautiful looking women I have ever seen in my life and her voice was utterly incredible. She died of an illness just last year. Here's the demo version of this song because it also shows her picture. The album has a better production of course. Damn, what a talented singer.
  8. Just on this, I wouldn't put it past @True Belief to go to this. If he doesn't reply here I'll text him to find out. If you and he are both going then I'll go too. Truey and I are watching the MacGregor/Mayweather fight next weekend at a pub which should be fun. After the fight we're going to duke it out in the parking lot to see who's the toughest.
  9. Sacramentum - 'Far Away from the Sun'
  10. Alright, let's go there. Firstly, Varg was imprisoned in a country with one of the most progressive justice systems in the world. The reason he got the maximum sentence was because he didn't just murder someone in cold blood (and I'll examine this in a minute), he was discovered with weapons and explosives (!) in his home and was also convicted for the burning of Fantoft Church, an 800 year old national treasure. This guy was totally unhinged and was a total threat to society. On top of that he was completely unrepentant for his crimes. As for the "element of self-defense involved", you have to be kidding, Thrashy. Varg turns up at Euronymous's apartment at 2am in the morning, knocks on the door, Euro opens it and is standing there in his underwear and Varg let's loose, chases him down the stairwell and stabs him dozens of times in the back including once through the skull. Then he and the coward Snorre Ruch get back in the car and drive home to Bergen. It was completely premeditated, with their lame "returning videos" and "atm card" alibis coming completely unstuck by even the most pedestrian of police work. Then once Euro was dead and unable to defend his reputation, Varg goes on about how he thought Euro was planning on killing him so he got in first. The guy is totally insane. Put all this together and that's why he got the maximum sentence in Norway, the softest place in the world for jail time. And now he's been out of prison for years and is living the life he wants to lead, putting out albums, raising a family, while Euronymous is gone forever. It's a real tragedy. I still really love Burzum's music, but let's not call his treatment "unfair".
  11. Yep, agreed. Cradle of Filth is a great case in point. Their 'photo' based cover designs look so much better than their computer graphics/drawings in my humble opinion. Brilliant: 'Principle...', 'V Empire', 'Dusk', 'Cruelty', 'Nymphetamine', 'Hammer'. Lame: 'Bitter Suites', 'Godspeed', 'Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa' etc. The difference is huge.
  12. Check out 'II The Mephisto Waltzes' for sure. The quality is stunning. The songwriting is so tasteful and clever and the production is amazing. 'Hitchcock Blonde' is my favourite song right now (although beware the lame video for it that will just distract you from the actual track hahaha. It's not good). I haven't heard the podcast you mention. I've been slow to get onto podcasts. Maybe I'll check it out. I'm turning 38 in a couple of months and got into proper metal around 1993-4 I guess after the usual gateway bands from about 1990. That's why most of my best of lists tend to be 90s heavy due to the impact that decade had on my virgin ears.
  13. Good old Burzum. Well, I first heard Burzum's music in 1995 or 1996 when the heat was on regarding the crimes and everyone was going stark raving mad for it. In the small country town in Australia where I grew up these events in Norway were about as exotic and foreign as things could get, and I was transfixed, like most people I knew. I still sort of look on Mayhem today the way kids looked at Kiss in the 70s - larger than life. So I can still sense that feeling I had back then with Burzum. Regarding the music, certainly the first four albums are all genre classics and some of my personal favourites. 'Filosofem' is close to my favourite due to the almighty 'Dunkelheit', although the 'Hvis Lyset Tar Oss' album is also close. Varg's vocals were simply astounding. I also bought 'Daudi Baldrs' when it came out, and I really like that keyboard album too. The atmosphere and cheapness sounds great to my ears. As for the post-prison albums, 'Belus' was really good, but 'Fallen' and 'Umskiptar' aren't great, especially the latter which is actually annoying to listen to. I haven't bothered with anything after that - I think there's an album or two out including the foolishly titled 'The Ways of Yore'. I also really like the one man band approach, which in the context of the Norwegian scene at the time was fresh and cool.
  14. One of the better songs off this otherwise disappointing album. 7/10.
  15. The artwork of 'Extinct' was a real misfire for Moonspell. They should have used something much more subtle and appropriate. 'Extinct' looks more like a tech death cover or something. Seth Siro Anton from Septicflesh is responsible, and the new Septicflesh cover also over does it in my opinion. Everything the does these days has to be some kind of mecha-alien freak of nature and quite frankly it's stupid. Love Septicflesh though - love them.