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  1. I agree, they went downhill after Midian. I've liked their last couple of albums well enough when I put them on, but nothing has captivated me like those albums did when I was younger. Black Harvest is my project, yes. I've had it on the back burner for a couple of years, but hopefully I'll get back to writing for it at some point.
  2. Early Cradle Of Filth is fantastic. I've been listening to their first four albums a lot again over the past few years. I've been all over the place lately, but at the moment I'm in the mood for riffy black metal. Finally really clicking with Abigor.
  3. Abigor - Verwustung Abigor - Supreme Immortal Art
  4. Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse Abigor - Nachthymnen
  5. Huh, I thought I recalled you enjoying this album. I have to say that my experience of it compared to Dissection is the reverse -- I've never truly got on with any of their material despite decades of putting it on here and there, whereas riffs from that Sacramentum album will just pop into my head unbidden. It tends to feel a bit homogenous, but that's a common thing with the style and not detrimental when I'm in the mood for it.
  6. Welcome, and thanks for keeping music promo out of the introduction section. Are there any bands in particular that you've been enjoying lately?
  7. Satyricon - Dark Medieval Times Darkthrone - Panzerfaust
  8. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - s/t
  9. Definitely my favorite from Saor, he got a lot of stuff just right on that album. ____ Trio Mediaeval - Folk Songs Hilliard Ensemble - Perotin
  10. Do you really want a kebab that's been hung up to dry, stabbed, swabbed with vinegar, and tossed in a cave for a couple days? Plus you don't know where it's been after that.
  11. Evoken - Hypnagogia Hooded Menace - Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed ...that Celtic Frost cover basically demands that I listen to some Celtic Frost afterwards Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion Celtic Frost - Into The Pandemonium
  12. Not metal related, but the local weekly paper in the city where we're having a group painting show chose one of my pieces to print alongside the article. It hit me that for all the times I've seen my obscure little album and t-shirt illustrations floating around the internet, this is the first time I can recall seeing one of my personal paintings in print. I'm a little bit more excited than I should be, maybe.
  13. We have an English-only policy here. I know you're just giving positive feedback, and we're not absolute sticklers about the odd post here and there, but conversations in general need to be conducted in English or they'll be deleted.
  14. Enslaved - Ruun Enslaved - E
  15. Gotta say I really don't know what you mean here. What kind of processor -- are you talking about effects, or a modeling processor like AxeFX or Kemper? What do you mean that you plug your amp into your guitar through an aux cord -- did you mean to say you plug the amp into your computer? Also, what people? And what really is "studio quality" anyway? The right answer is always that you don't need anything except whatever it takes to get the sound you want. If you like your sound, then that's great. If you're not getting a sound you like, try something different. My normal setup is pretty simple. Usually I run my guitar into a noise gate and sometimes overdrive or distortion before the amp (depending on what amp I'm using). I'll aim a dynamic mic into the speaker cone -- close, and a bit off center because straight down the middle gives me too much high end. I'll fiddle around with mic position (and amp EQ and gain settings) until I find a frequency balance that sits nicely with the rest of the mix, then double-check that my amp and interface levels are playing nice, and it's off to the races. So that signal path is guitar > maybe some pedals > amp > microphone > interface > computer. I've often done bass the same way, but I've also gotten great results with splitting the signal and running one channel through a modeler for a big, steady low end, so the mic doesn't have to do all the work. I've also just slapped a mic in front of whatever I was playing through without giving it much thought, and sometimes, serendipitously, gotten great results. Alternately, I've wound up having to redo all the tracking and wished that I'd spent the time to get it right in the first place. I know people who use two or three mics in different positions on the speaker cabinet; people who run through modelers; people who go totally direct and use amp modeling software after the fact. Some sounds on famous records came from just plugging instruments straight into the mixing board. Do what works for you.
  16. Foreshadowing Our Demise rocks. I haven't really clicked with anything after that, though. Is there an album you dig in particular?
  17. John Coltrane Quartet - Live At Birdland