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  1. It's really good. Maybe better because it's been so long since I had a good stout. Not in the "refreshing hot day post-run" category for me, but perfect for the impending winter doom we're facing tomorrow.
  2. Well, I'm pretty sure my gum wrinkles are why I don't get more public speaking gigs, so dental Botox sounds like a real boon.
  3. Belketre - March To The Black Holocaust
  4. Filing this one under "Stop Fucking Around And Buy The Good Stuff While You Have A Chance". Bottled in the happy, carefree laff riot that was 2019. Delicious. Worth the money.
  5. For a cucumber like yourself it must be extra threatening, my sympathies.
  6. Hey man, please label the links you post so we can at least try to replace them if/when YouTube takes them down.
  7. For USBM I always dug Leviathan and Averse Sefira. Haven't listened to older Leviathan in a really long time. The only AS albums I have are the last two and I think they're great, kind of an acquired taste. One of my college professors did the cover for Advent Parallax, here's a track (Cognition Of Rebirth):
  8. Thanks buddy Psyched I can actually put this one online... sometimes bands need me to wait for their release schedule and it winds up being months or years, gets kind of frustrating. Edit - realized that I bitched about the same thing in September, just a couple posts up... still true.
  9. Thistle, oil on canvas, finished today. Cover illustration for a death metal band called Xaoc, for their upcoming album "Proxime Mortis".
  10. No crystal skull, bummer.
  11. It wasn't about what you see here, she got banned for a couple of other more abusive comments further down that I had to remove. Can't say she didn't warn us. It might have ended up this way no matter what, she was obviously on a hair trigger here, but it still sucks to have it go this way. More so because she's new to it and seems genuinely interested.
  12. Voidthrone - Spiritual War Tactics Ved Buens Ende - Written In Waters Dødheimsgard - Supervillain Outcast
  13. Wedrujacy Wiatr - Tam, Gdzie Miesiac Oplakuje Swit
  14. Puritan (PA screamo/hardcore) - discography comp Selbst - Relatos De Angustia Zhrine - Unortheta
  15. Tardigrada - Emotionale Ödnis Creature - Eloge De l'Ombre
  16. A specific vocal sound. Like Sheol said, it seems like you enjoy the higher-pitched, screechy/shrieky vocals more and you don't like the mid-range raspy/croaky vocals as much. There isn't a specific subgenre name for black metal with only the higher-pitched vocals, if that's what you mean, that vocal style can be found over different styles of black metal and even stuff outside of black metal, like screamo and grindcore. Not trying to confuse you or make fun of you here, I think you're best served by just keeping on listening to more music and discovering more about what you like. You might even find yourself coming back to things you didn't like at first, like I said earlier, that happens all the time for me.
  17. I won't speak for Mark, but from what I've seen he would be the last person here to make fun of your English. I'm sure the language barrier makes things difficult but you're doing fine. If you mean your question about whether your taste in black metal is like enjoying two rappers who have exactly the same style, well, yeah, it does seem like you're gravitating towards a specific sound right now. But there's nothing wrong with that, especially considering you're just starting off. I find myself gravitating towards specific sounds for weeks at a time, or a few months, and then getting back in the mood for something else. You might find out that you're that way... or not! Everybody listens to things differently.
  18. He's more making fun of the long-standing and kinda silly debate over where black metal "actually" started, which early bands were "really" black metal, and what counts as first-wave vs. second-wave. But I think it's obvious that what we can really see from Cookie Monster's historical involvement here is that extreme metal, like everything else, has its roots in the blues. Thanks, I'll be here all week.
  19. Blut Aus Nord - Memoria Vetusta II: Dialogue With The Stars ...this right here is why I revisit albums I didn't connect with at first. My first BAN album was The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion and I was expecting something much different the first time I tried this one out. The experience turned me off enough to not bother with any of their melodic stuff for years. Eventually I found my way to the third MV album and totally fell in love with it, but even then for some reason this one just didn't make sense... which itself doesn't make sense, they're not dramatically different in style or sound. But whatever. Finally heard it with the right set of eardrums and I can honestly say I have no idea why I didn't get into it before. Life, huh?
  20. This one took the right mindset and a few close listens to really unfold for me. Lots of walks in the woods with headphones, kinda thing. Once I started getting my head around it, I felt that they'd completely outdone themselves and given most of the other bands in that vein some serious homework. Not a casual listen but probably my favorite album of last year overall.
  21. I enjoyed the heck out of that one as well. Been a while since I listened to it. I remember it having a bit more agressive and immediate feel compared to Odori Sepulcrorum, I can see how that would rate higher for some people. Something about the combination of songwriting and sound/atmosphere on OS just immediately clicked for me, it's stayed my favorite of theirs since it came out. I like Endless Pilgrimage as well, but somehow it doesn't stick to my ribs.
  22. They start sounding pretty homogenous after a while, but Odori Sepulcrorum is still my favorite thing from them. They called themselves Goat Molester early on, right? I thought what I heard of that stuff was cool too.
  23. What do you think about these? I was looking forward to both of them but haven't really connected like I did with the previous ones from both bands... Feels like there's nothing wrong with them, but I'm still at arm's length after listening a bunch of times.
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