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  1. Hey there, welcome. Death metal, black metal, progressive rock... that's like 85% of what I listen to. What bands are you into?
  2. That would have been a huge mistake, he's smarter than that.
  3. It's not just a rumor, the Texas Republican party has made passing a referendum on secession part of their official platform. Good thing their electric grid is in such great shape, huh? They'll do fine. I've just been asked to play rhythm guitar on "November Rain" at my buddy's upcoming wedding. I hate GnR but I love my pal. Life!
  4. Narakah - Nemesis Cloak Katatonia - Tonight's Decision Jeff Buckley - Grace
  5. If you like Hoegaarden or Blue Moon, Allagash White is worth getting. It's a nice easy-drinking beer that won't knock your socks off in any way - not strong, not super flavorful, but the flavors that are there are good. A balm for the sticky heat here in our river valley town this season. I think I've seen Barrel and Bean around. I'm iffy on coffee beers (usually find it overbearing in a stout) but when they're done right I love them. My favorite coffee beer was a lager this brewpub in Brooklyn used to make - excellent fresh coffee flavor, perfectly balanced. The whiskey barrel seems like it would be a nice touch in a golden coffee ale. I'll keep an eye out.
  6. Been into lighter beers so far this summer. Not much special around here, mostly Stella, Allagash White, and Pacifico, but recently found a surprisingly good local pilsner from Rockport called "Pescato". They also have a couple of solid IPAs. Currently drinking a Sam Adams summer ale poured over about an ounce of Wild Turkey. Not quite stiff enough to be a proper boilermaker but enough to add some flavor.
  7. They lost me at Projector. Went from "I love this band" to "what is this garbage". I even saw them live after that and couldn't get into their set. I still listen to the first 3, and The Gallery is an all time favorite.
  8. Abigor - Time Is The Sulphur In The Veins Of The Saint
  9. For me it's the riffs on Hidden History that make it sound "proggy", not so much the clean guitars and atmospheric bits. I agree that it's really well put together, regardless of what does or doesn't qualify as "prog" in a DM context. The clearer/fuller-sounding mix, the variety of textures, the overall flow, the guitar parts... lots of little things worked together to make it immediately compelling to my ears. I'm not opposed to a bit of one-minded hamfisted bludgeoning, but I've always been most drawn to the bands that had a wider range. Cause Of Death rules, my favorite Obituary album by a mile. Talking about this made me go back and listen to Starspawn again, and I got a bit more enjoyment out of it this time around. Good parts in a less compelling whole. There's still something annoying about it to me - between the vocals, and some of the leads, and the overall sound, it feels like it's trying too hard to be a throwback in a way that doesn't benefit the music. Obviously that's not an objective judgement. Maybe I'll come around to it. Maybe I'll just listen to Timeghoul. Last few: Blood Incantation - Hidden History Blood Incantation - Starspawn Abigor - Time Is The Sulphur In The Veins Of The Saint Desultory - Into Eternity
  10. We are still watching our old cat circle the drain here, which sucks a lot, and I'm totally not ready for a new furry friend yet, so I get where you're coming from. Cats are totally knowable and they have tons of personality once you get used to them. They can be just as loyal as dogs, in their own way - if you've ever had a cat choose you as "human dad", you'll understand. They even have similar mannerisms when it comes to begging, feeding time, etc. Some cats might warm up to you immediately, others might take a while... sometimes it takes years! Dogs rule too, BTW, I thought of myself as a dog person growing up. I know we don't have the time and space to give a dog what they need, but that'll change someday. I hope you and the kitty find room for each other in your hearts. I'm a little torn on the outdoor cat thing, I guess it depends on where you live. I've lost too many pets to nearby roads to feel good about it. But some of them won't be happy stuck inside. How old is the rescue kitty?
  11. Krallice - Crystalline Exhaustion
  12. Krallice - Psychagogue ...yes, but. Sunrise Patriot Motion - Black Fellflower Stream ...maybe. I think so. I used to like Yellow Eyes quite a bit, then I saw them live and they annoyed me enough that I just kinda stopped listening to them. Unfair, but I didn't do it on purpose. Second good/interesting/different album from the same guys in the past few months. Maybe I'd like Sick With Bloom again if I put it on.
  13. No surprise that I like the proggy stuff on Hidden History. But I love plenty of non-proggy DM, too... I don't know why Starspawn has never clicked for me. I've tried listening to it a bunch, and something always keeps me at arm's length. Even after I saw them and thought their set was phenomenal, I went back to the album and couldn't get into it. It's a bit weird to me, on paper it seems like I should dig it.
  14. Blood Incantation is a great live band. I still don't like Starspawn but seeing that stuff in person was a totally different and much more compelling experience.
  15. A "raspberry cordial", as it were.
  16. Meredith Monk - Dolmen Music ...punctuated by my wife blowing raspberries and the new baby shrieking with laughter, oddly appropriate.
  17. Rush - Hemispheres Rush - Permanent Waves
  18. Thanks man... me too. I guess I'm glad she didn't linger in pain, but damn, we hated to see her just fade like that. Lots of wisdom in here, thank you. I'm sorry to hear about your dog, too. The situation with our one remaining cat is nearly identical. She keeps bouncing back, which is amazing, but her quality of life isn't great. When we moved up here from Brooklyn, we had four cats with us... I'm astonished that she's the last one left. Thanks again to everyone for your kind and thoughtful words.
  19. Thank you man. The younger one passed early this morning. It all happened so fast, we're still in shock.
  20. Looks like we've got a drummer with vocal experience and a savvy band manager. You guys are hired.
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