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  1. This is funny because it links to the same article as the OP.
  2. I'm going to try routing "dishes", "laundry", and "childcare" through one of the external loops, and see if I can program my expression pedal to make the morning coffee. I'm pretty sure all these settings are accessible through the Big Knob. I'll let you know how it works out.
  3. I'm eagerly awaiting the delivery of a new (well, actually used) effects unit, a Line 6 HX Effects that I ordered earlier this week. I was hoping to buy one of these earlier this year before everything went down the tubes. I haven't tried one yet but apparently I can set it up to control my amp functions as well as its own effects, which means that instead of 1) turning my effects loop off a beat early, 2) switching channels, 3) hitting my overdrive pedal, 4) turning my modulation pedal off so only the delay is in the loop, and then 5) turning the loop back on, right as I go into a complicated lead part the drummer wrote, I can just press, say, button #2. I'm nearly certain that this will make me a better musician.
  4. How long has the bow been there? Is it playable? I'm not a luthier, so take this with a grain of salt, but all of what I know about guitars and have read about neck stability suggests that your guitar is stuck that way -- unless it's a seasonal variation, or it's under abnormally high string tension and might go back into place with lighter strings. If it's actually warped that way, it's due to internal stresses in the wood relieving themselves over time, and I would expect it to go back to the way it is now after the weights are removed. The heat method in your link seems to be relying on the fretboard to oppose the stress of the neck. But hey, again, I'm not a luthier, maybe I'm totally off the mark. You might get better advice on a guitar forum. I guess if the guitar is unplayable as is, and is cheap enough to not be worth putting money into a fix, it can't hurt to try. Good luck, let us know how it turns out.
  5. They were excellent when I saw them live, much more engaging than the first album recording. The second album is great, hope I can see them play that material at some point.
  6. I think it's a case of the promo tracks being the strongest. I like it but I agree it's a bit gazey and not as varied/engaging as my favorite albums.
  7. It's a pre-order, it's coming out next Friday. I loved "E" and I'm interested in what they'll do with the new lineup.
  8. Digital copies of: Deftones - Ohms Enslaved - Utgard
  9. Gentle Giant - Acquiring The Taste
  10. Deftones - s/t Deftones - Ohms ...I dig it so far!
  11. Thanks! Heavier isn't necessarily better but I usually like it when they go heavier. Interesting that you bonded with Gore that much. I have to say I didn't connect with it at all. Maybe I'll go back to it, who knows... Koi No Yokan is still my favorite since the self-titled. Must listen, hopefully today.
  12. I keep forgetting to check this out. How is it?
  13. TBH I'm still bitter about Blackacidevil, I haven't spent much time with anything he's done since. John Christ and Chuck Biscuits or GTFO! I did get to see Chuck playing drums for Type O Negative on tour right after Glenn fired everyone, so that was an unexpected bonus, I guess.
  14. Speaking just in terms of live shows, it's fine with me as long as they can pull it off. Own it. Convince me. Rammstein does a good job. I've seen a few bands with more understated theatrics that work well. There's a fine line though - I've seen a few bands (local and touring) that would have been much better just wearing jeans and t-shirts and playing their instruments, the schtick felt insincere.
  15. One of my least favorite groupings of bands in the last 20+ years. I can't fault them, they do their thing well; some of my friends love this stuff, and having seen a few of these bands and associated acts live, their musicianship is great. But it's not my thing, and maybe more emphatically so because it's often similar to stuff I really enjoy.
  16. Welcome. Type O Negative is a favorite of mine as well. I grew up listening to Danzig and I think the first four albums are great.
  17. Siouxsie & The Banshees - Tinderbox
  18. Having functioning modern technology is great, but I dread the day I have to replace my recording computer and update all of the software. I may even have to buy a new recording interface. Whenever it happens it's going to be a few hundred bucks I don't have to spare... Yay.
  19. Katatonia - Dance Of December Souls
  20. Gentle Giant - The Power And The Glory Gentle Giant - Octopus ...another case of seeing the name come up over and over again for years, finally checking the music out, and kicking myself for not getting on it sooner. Fantastically weird prog rock, excellent musicianship, even some heavy parts. This shit speaks to me right now.
  21. Welcome to the forum. I dig a lot of black metal but lately I've been listening to mostly prog rock and jazz. What bands are you into?
  22. Joy Division - Heart And Soul disc 1
  23. Gentle Giant - The Power And The Glory