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  1. We got a washer and dryer a couple of days ago. This is either the first or second time in my adult life that I've lived somewhere with laundry facilities. It's slowly sinking in that I might not ever have a reason to go back to a laundromat, which is a pretty amazing feeling.
  2. This response is puzzling to me. There are obviously way more men than women in metal. I'm not sure how you got the impression that I was saying otherwise.
  3. We've got a separate thread for non-metal tracks like this, so post it over there:
  4. Amorphis - Tales From The Thousand Lakes Amorphis - The Karelian Isthmus
  5. A few tracks from Amorphis - Elegy Jerry Cantrell - Boggy Depot
  6. Deathwhite - Grave Image ...huh. Sort of "modern-day Katatonia meets Isole". Not sure if there's enough here for me to chew on, but it's nice background music.
  7. Vinterland - Welcome My Last Chapter Abigor - Nachthymnen ... @MacabreEternal, if you haven't listened to this album, I have a feeling you might dig it. Vektor - Outer Isolation
  8. Opeth - Morningrise Opeth - Orchid
  9. Saying "oh yes they are" doesn't make it so. Whether you're talking about more aggressive metal/hardcore crossover acts or the pop-inflected polished stuff that people usually mean when they talk about "metalcore" this way, Behemoth doesn't fit the category. They don't have any of those influences. They don't sound like any actual metalcore band I've ever heard. It sounds like you're just using "metalcore" as a catch-all term to mean "lame and commercial"... in which case, I'd kind of agree, I find them to be pretty bland for the most part. But again, just being lame and commercial doesn't make something metalcore. Also, being lame and argumentative about something this close to meaningless doesn't make you a welcome addition to the board. Hope you enjoy the rest of the internet.
  10. That's because they're not... They don't have an ounce of hardcore in their sound. No doubt they've become a lot more commercial since they started playing the "blackened"/symphonic death metal they became popular for, but "metalcore" here seems a lot more like a blanket pejorative than anything specific to do with their music.
  11. I like the vocals. They're recognizably Aaron but they're a bit different for him, in mostly an interesting way. I dig all the layered harmonies. The songwriting on the album has yet to really grab me though, it's weird to read comments from people saying it's "their best".
  12. Not sure where you're getting that impression. He got a ton of credit for being one of rock's great drummers over the past few decades, including being selected by readers' poll as Modern Drummer's "Best Rock Drummer" for seven years in a row in the 80s. Maybe not as much of a household name as Bonham but certainly not laboring in anonymity.
  13. Enslaved - E ...always found these guys uplifting, some much-needed good energy at the moment.
  14. Welcome. We work to keep the hatred to a minimum. Misinformation is sadly unavoidable. Hope you enjoy your stay.
  15. Here's an animation of some of the stages of that painting:
  16. Thanks guys Totally subjective, but it's all about finding a balance. I keep working until there's nothing specifically crying out for more, and then I sit with it for a while, maybe take a photo and consider that, maybe sleep on it. At some point in there I decide that I can let it go. I had a pretty good idea of how much detail this piece would need, based on the small stuff like the child's hand, and I tried to zero in on that by refining it further with each layer. All of the areas have to support one another for it to feel unified, so any work on any one section will require a lot of nudging elsewhere, and I try to achieve that balance with each layer. In a sense I "finished" this at least twice as I went along. I suppose the actual "end point" is always a little bit arbitrary, in that I could have probably done less or more on certain sections and had the overall piece work just as well.
  17. Just finished at 2AM this morning - a cover painting for the upcoming Rannoch album "Reflections Upon Darkness":
  18. Nice! I wouldn't have picked this as your flavor of doom, what do you think of it?