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  1. Swans, early 40s, "Justice" as a gateway cassette. Fuck yes.
  2. It was more of a studio track for them, they kept calling it "the interlude". Plus those two that we played were already 40 minutes by themselves. And yeah, the sax lends a great vibe, I really wish we'd been able to have that at the show.
  3. Not even Rainer's vocals on "Dictius Te Necare"? Marco sounds great but Rainer's always been the classic "I just swallowed a meathook covered in Drano" Bethlehem vocalist for me.
  4. Thank you for checking it out! Definitely give the new album a shot. I think it's brilliant. Their previous guitarist has some awesome solos on there, and there's the saxophone stuff, and the song we didn't play...
  5. A bit. I'll give almost anything a chance, but I'm less likely to click on something with a name that turns me off unless it's been recommended to me.
  6. Slidhr - The Futile Fires Of Man ...also some members of the neighborhood peanut gallery arguing outside my front door. Hopefully they can hear Slidhr as well as I can hear them.
  7. Footage from the show: In Human Form - Canonical Detritus In Human Form - Apocrypha Carrion
  8. Rats, the inbox was full. It's like we're in the early 2000s. I just made some room, go ahead and resend?
  9. Faith No More - Angel Dust ...a nearly perfect album to my ears, not just a standout from the decade of the 90s but a recording that helped define it.
  10. Pestilength - Eilatik ...filthy blackened DM chaos with an early Incantation vibe. Unpolished and unsentimental.
  11. Void Rot - "Necrotic Deity" (promo track) ...one for @Thrashman if he hasn't already heard it. Atavisma - "Dread" ....from the other half of the split. This is fun too. BÁL - Bú SlaveOne - Omega Disciples
  12. Psyched about these ones, especially Disma and Cruciamentum.
  13. Please edit your post to include band and song info, so we can fix video links when they inevitably get broken down the road.
  14. Yeah, this account seems totally legit, I'm really looking forward to that intro post.
  15. The forum has a pretty low file size limit for uploads. I always recommend uploading to another site - your own website, Facebook, Imgur, whatever - and then copying and pasting the image URL. It should embed automatically.
  16. Welcome, a good place to start might be reading the recommendation threads we have stickied in some of the subgenre forums. If you find anything in particular that you like, feel free to ask for further pointers. Happy hunting.
  17. Evoken - Hypnagogia ...this album is a gem. There are so many parts on here that remind me of what I love about early 90s Peaceville death-doom. I haven't been in a doomy mood lately but this has lost none of its charm.
  18. Katatonia - Dead End Kings ...road trip music, we're off to find a used car for my wife to use as a commuter. I just bet she finds something with a better stereo!
  19. Here's what they posted on Facebook last month: Looks like they've partnered with Ikea. Exciting!
  20. The animations are fun, right? They're helpful for me to look at too, they remind me of all the choices I made and things I could have done differently along the way. What I was thinking about when I came up with The Farmer was getting ground down by how my life goes on after losing friends and loved ones, how that tells me things will keep moving along just fine without me, too, and how life on this planet in general will adapt and fill our niches long after we've killed ourselves off. I was trying to paint the saint or minor deity of Telling You You're Not That Fucking Important While Shoveling Earth Into Your Grave. I was hoping for the body language to say "are we done here, I've got work to do, we'll be seeing each other again soon enough". There's a bit of irony in trying to illustrate that with a human figure, but hey, it's supposed to be relatable. Having said all of that, I don't usually like to go into detail about this kind of thing because I value hearing other people's ideas about the paintings, when they're generous enough to share, and I don't want to foreclose any other perspectives by telling anyone what a particular image "really means". It really means whatever it means to you... otherwise it doesn't mean much at all. I meant to thank you for this comment a while ago. That's exactly the combination of feelings I hoped some of this stuff would evoke.
  21. Here are a couple of fun "process animations" from my website showing paintings from initial stages to completion: Traveler: Victory: And here are some side by side photos showing the same process. Sometimes the first couple layers are loose and the image comes into focus slowly, which is how I prefer to paint, but if I need something to be laid out really accurately (like the illustration above), I'll start with a drawing.
  22. Super fun. Hope he has a great time. My boy just started capoeira a few weeks ago and now he's jumping around and trying to do handstands in the kitchen every chance he gets.
  23. This is a great point, but nobody uses it literally anymore. Team Kuuhulluus represent.