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  1. Happy I can finally share one of the pieces I worked on earlier this year - a cover illustration for In Human Form's upcoming album "III":
  2. It would be great if you'd describe these a bit and mention why you shared them, but at the very least, edit your post to label them so we can fix the links if they get broken down the road.
  3. Looks the same to me. Replacement Floyd Rose whammy bars are cheap and easy to find if they don't have one for you. As long as it's structurally sound and there are no weird issues with the hardware or electronics, $350 with a case sounds like a good deal.
  4. Google "BC Rich Mockingbird ST guitar" and see what pops up. Looks like you can find these online between $350 and $700. People seem to like the pickups, too. I have a low opinion of cheaper BC Rich models, but in fairness it's been a long time since I played any. This actually looks pretty nice, and it's one of their less dumb body shapes. Try it out and see if it speaks to you. Good luck.
  5. Upload them to imgur or something and paste the URL of the actual image. The file size limit here is unfortunately too small to be useful.
  6. Sounds like a great way to spend your birthday, best wishes.
  7. It was just that one afternoon. Everything's back to normal now.
  8. Lacking is a good way to put it. I don't want to put too much stock in my first impressions, but I have to admit I haven't developed a lasting connection with any of the material from latter-day incarnations of Swans. Are you a fan?
  9. Swans - The Hanging Man (promo track) ...really gonna have to hear this in context, it's not knocking my socks off. I may just not be in the appropriate mental state for this kind of repetitive songwriting right now. But then, isn't it their job as a band to get me there?
  10. Welcome. I'm not a huge fan of newer Opeth but their first few albums are some of my all-time favorites. I'm big on death metal in general. There are a ton of recommendations in our main death metal thread, so hopefully you can find something to appeal.
  11. Yes, lots. Some of my absolute all time favorites took me a while to get into. My Dying Bride's Turn Loose The Swans didn't click for a year or two, and then one day I had it on headphones while walking around a local public garden in late afternoon and everything just came together for me. I didn't think much of Opeth when I first heard Morningrise, and then a couple months later I was listening to it every day. Ghost Reveries took me something like seven or eight years to enjoy; same with Borknagar's Empiricism. Katatonia's Discouraged Ones and Viva Emptiness both took repeated listens for me to dig, I couldn't stand The Fall Of Hearts when it first came out, Bethlehem's Dark Metal grew on me pretty significantly, Gorguts' Obscura gave me a headache the first time I heard it, Death and Enslaved in general took years for me to warm up to. Couldn't stand Type O Negative or Tool the first time I heard them (Bloody Kisses and Undertow respectively). I vaguely recall completely hating Parallels by Fates Warning in the 90s, and I fell in love with it at some point over the past couple of years. Several others come to mind as well. This is why I always go back to albums I still don't enjoy. I've had my mind changed enough times that I really never know how or when something's going to click for me.
  12. They need slogans, like "Doody Baldrs" or "Ea, Lord Of The Naps".
  13. "Ground" "Arabica .6" "The Caffeinist" "I Roast You To Your Darkest" And of course fan favorite "Demitasse". That'll show Opeth and their frilly little beer.
  14. I like some Incantation albums a lot, but haven't ever really clicked with Onward To Golgotha despite repeated listens over the past, eh, 23 or 24 years. My favorite is Diabolical Conquest, with Daniel Corchado from The Chasm on vocals -- something about this one just comes into focus for me, more so than the rest of their material that I've heard. @the_thrashing, I agree about the blackened vibe -- they have a flair for creepy angular tremolo-picked melodies, and more of a focus on atmosphere than a lot of other DM from that era. Vicious without being "brutal".
  15. I always bathe in front of a traditional blue photo background with my necklaces on, so this looks totally normal to me.
  16. It all depends on what kind of learner you are and how dedicated you'll be. Classical guitar would be the obvious choice here, but it's demanding and time-consuming and a good amount of what you learn won't be immediately relevant to black metal. For getting started on guitar in general, some lessons with an instructor will really help with the basics. Check out some YouTube playthroughs and tutorials, get some picks, find some tabs for songs you like, start playing along... You can do all of that on an acoustic and it'll translate fine, but you'll need an electric to get the sounds you're after. I suggest all that because it'll give you a leg up on understanding how the music you like is put together. You can also disregard all of it and just muddle through. I had some lessons when I first started off, basic rock and blues stuff - church chords, barre chords, simple chord progressions, pentatonic lead licks - and I was lucky enough to learn how to hear intervals early on. Other than that, I just started putting my fingers down and making sounds I liked. 27 years later, I'm happy with some of what I've written, frustrated by gaps in my technique and knowledge, and still learning all the time. I'd like to say you should learn how to walk before you run, and approach the guitar in a more well-rounded way, but really you should just do what you're inspired to do, and do as much of it as possible.
  17. Lyric videos for your band and other bands you like? Those definitely belong in the promo section.
  18. Fen will be releasing The Dead Light on December 6th. They claim to have cut down on song length this time around. I loved Winter, but it felt long-winded at times... interested to see what they came up with. Also, @True Belief brought this to my attention a little while ago - I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Obsequiae album, due on November 22nd. Promo track sounds great:
  19. Here's one that's always bugged me - Martyr's Feeding The Abscess. Unfinished-looking computer art crowded in by poorly composed graphic design. The logo placement alone is worth at least five lashes in a public square. The music and vocals are an acquired taste but I think this album rocks.
  20. I like this, nice dark 90s Finndeath vibes. You should label it so we can fix it if the link gets broken for whatever reason.
  21. ^^^ so f'n brutal 🙄 If I might veer slightly off-topic and mention a couple of albums I actually don't love at all, I'd bring up the sheer bollocks that Pantera had on their early albums:
  22. I don't mind lo-fi album covers, but those particular ones are clumsy and devoid of skill. There's no atmosphere there for me, no marriage of form and function, they're just bad. That's ok though, like I say it never affected my enjoyment of the music. Here's a stupid, poorly done painting. I don't love Deteriorate's Rotting In Hell but I like it a lot. The best I can say for the image is, at least it's memorable...
  23. It took me years to come around to King Diamond's voice, and it wasn't some kind of epiphany when I did, more of a gradual realization that I didn't hate it anymore. The songs on Don't Break The Oath are better IMO.