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  1. Howling Sycamore - Seven Pathways To Annihilation
  2. Grave Miasma - Endless Pilgrimage Abhorrence - Vulgar Necrolatry demo
  3. White Pony was the one that got me into them, but it hasn't aged well for me. Not sure why, maybe I just heard it too much. I still really enjoy some of the others, especially the self-titled and Koi No Yokan. Been quite a while since I put them on, though. NP: Howling Sycamore - Seven Pathways To Annihilation
  4. Hey now, it's not that kind of forum... ...oh wait, yes it is.
  5. Awww... FLOOF! I want to give this cat a big hug.
  6. Welcome, hope you enjoy yourself.
  7. Well, maybe his life will be too short for Gorguts.
  8. Mulatu Astatqe - Ethiopiques 4 Alfa Mist - Structuralism Badbadnotgood - III Dave Brubeck Quartet - Time Out Alan Parsons Project - I, Robot Fatoumata Diawara - Fatou ...this house needs more metal, yeah, but we're chillin.
  9. I'd strongly recommend you only give your phone number to interested parties via PM. Posting it on a public forum is asking for trouble.
  10. Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder - Talking Timbuktu
  11. Huh. Having been to neither, I'll go with France -- cooler weather, farther north, I know a little bit of the language. Italy is more appealing to me but France would probably be more livable. (I'd choose the ocean too, BTW, with a similar competing interest in mountains.) If you had to give up either caffeine or alcohol, which would it be?
  12. Shark. Give me salt water over a muddy river any day. What landscape speaks to you more, ocean or mountains?
  13. It's the first monorail I've owned and I have to say I love it. Great feel, and just based on my ears, I'm open to buying the hype about "isolation" and "reduced crosstalk" leading to "greater clarity and note separation".
  14. Please keep it to one thread per band. If you have any additional info or updates, post them here.
  15. Just sounds like you hit a plateau. It's a normal part of learning. Make sure you're not damaging your throat (if you think your tone is getting worse, you could be pushing too hard), relax, stay hydrated, stick with it.
  16. Evoken - Embrace The Emptiness
  17. Depravity - Silence Of The Centuries EP
  18. It's Requiem's thread, the rest of us just visit sometimes.
  19. Emphasizing the good things while not dwelling on the bad things certainly makes it look that way on paper...
  20. On my mind: quite a bit. Too much, even. I'm getting whiplash from the rollercoaster of good/bad, exciting/depressing, inspiring/frustrating shit that's going on right now. I suppose, somewhere in the middle of it all, I'm happy not to be stagnating. On the good side: band has a show tomorrow; there's a slight possibility that I might end up playing guitar with another band I really like; I have some cool painting work to focus on; and I bought a pretty darn nice six-string bass that's going to be delivered next week. Fun fun fun.
  21. Sorry to hear it, but I can understand. I was in college for something I really cared about and I still almost left several times. I'm happy I stuck it out, but it certainly hasn't translated into any financial benefit. Hope you find a good direction for yourself. One of the inherent weaknesses of a college education is that your path is laid out for you -- clear goals and clear signs of accomplishment when you meet them -- and it can be a weird transition from that artificial situation into the "real world" where the goals and signposts aren't as clear. That is the conventional wisdom, yes, but isn't it thrilling to live on the edge...
  22. Too kind, good sir, but I'm happy you've found some value in my recommendations. I miss BAN being around, talk about an encyclopedia.