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  1. When I was really young the ritual of funerals didn't connect. How could it, really, they were for people I had barely met and the religious part of the ceremony had absolutely no resonance for me. When I was a teenager and I started losing friends, funerals mattered more and the public aspect of grieving at them became a source of internal conflict. But showing up is important to me. I missed my maternal grandfather's service and I'll always regret it. When my grandmother finally passed at the age of 100 a few years, it was definitely her time to go, but we still all felt a lot of grief and got to express it during the service and our family remembrance. That was a really valuable experience to have with my family and I felt somewhat healed afterwards. The service itself was utterly meaningless Catholic crap, but the family togetherness was something I'll always treasure. I'm having a tough time the past few days. The town sewer backed up into our basement last week and flooded my studio space. Most of my instruments and amps and gear are ok, but a bunch of important smaller stuff and furnishings got ruined. Also lost a bunch of art from college, books, papers, keepsakes, etc. I don't know how long it'll take for me to even replace the absolute essentials, so most of my creative projects are shut down for... well, who knows. Big bummer.
  2. Cavernlight - As We Cup Our Hands And Drink From The Stream Of Our Ache
  3. Finally saw a metal show again, first time since we moved last summer. Local show in a really tiny venue an hour and a half away in Burlington. None of it is stuff I would listen to at home, but it was super fun to just be in a room with loud music and people jumping around.
  4. Blut Aus Nord - Disharmonium: Nahab Deathspell Omega - Paracletus
  5. I used to be a Slayer fan. Only saw one show, back when Jeff was still alive, and it was just long and boring. Everything from every era sounded the same. I left before they finished. That might have been the last nail in the coffin for my Slayer appreciation, looking back on it. I dunno. "Kerry & Tom Need Retirement Money 2024" show dates don't sound compelling. I'm sure the Crüe is on fire though. Forever young, those guys.
  6. FatherAlabaster


    That's amazing, which one was she? I feel like second from the right has math teacher vibes.
  7. Goatwarming. Word of the week, maybe of the month.
  8. I hope my parents have a while ahead of them, they're both in their mid 70s. They recently moved to an old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere about a 16 hour drive south of us, so there's not a damn thing I can do about helping them. They've always been self sufficient and they still are, and they're having fun together, which is great to see. But this makes me think about how, at some point within the next 20 years or so, my brother and I are gonna be in the same position. Cabbage, good for you if you can handle this, and more importantly if you feel positive about it. I wasn't under the impression you were on great terms with your family. Best of luck.
  9. If you find yourself in the mood for more, Love Of Life is right along the same lines as White Light, and The Great Annihilator is similar if a little slicker and less oddball. The first few are a lot more aggressive. If you're feeling really mellow you should check out the first two or three Angels Of Light albums, that was the more acoustic band Gira had for a few years after Swans broke up in the 90s. I saw them several times and they were awesome. You might also dig DBUK. Similar vibe to Angels Of Light in spots, dark and quirky.
  10. Count me as another person who's surprised to see you posting that Swans album. Love to see it. Have you listened to "Filth" yet?
  11. There isn't really a norm. Actives and passives both have high profile users. Hetfield is an EMG guy, but Mustaine used a Duncan JB, Chuck from Death used a DiMarzio X2N, Dimebag used a Lawrence L500XL - all high output passives. Actives have an onboard preamp so they can avoid some of the tonal "compromises" that come from winding a passive pickup hotter and using a more powerful magnet, and they can handle long cable runs without losing tone. I've never liked the way EMGs felt to play, they always seemed really compressed and didn't have the balls that my favorite passive pickups do on palm mutes. They sound like plastic through my setup. So do the Fishmans. But it's all down to what sounds good for someone's amp and their playing style. I don't know what the proportion is but there are plenty of metal-oriented guitars made with passive pickups. If you want to convert a guitar to actives, you can buy a set with all the wiring for $200-300, cheaper used. The main issue is that most guitars made for passive pickups don't have space for the battery so you have to rout out a spot for the battery box.
  12. The Duncan Designed stuff is pretty well thought of on the Seymour Duncan board. Those models would be similar to a Distortion or JB depending on what magnet is in there. It should have plenty of output. I'm kinda shooting from the hip since I haven't seen or heard your guitar at all, but I doubt the sustain issue is down to the pickups, unless they're so close to the strings that they're pulling on them. Is the wiring ok? Does it sustain well unplugged? Do you have another bridge pickup there that you could just put in and try to see if it opens things up, before you spend money on something that doesn't fix the problem?
  13. Dødheimsgard - Black Medium Current Nyktalgia - s/t
  14. Meanwhile, Vermont has finally remembered what fucking season it is! 4°F this morning. Tired of all this mucky "above freezing" nonsense. This album is always welcome here.
  15. It's not impossible to mix actives and passives but it's tricky. They take different value pots so the volume and tone knobs would have to be completely separate for each. And they usually sound so different that they require different settings on the amp. I wouldn't go for a setup like that without a clear idea of exactly what I was doing. Also, playing BKPs in a guitar in the store isn't going to give you a great indication of how they would sound in your guitar through your amp. They make great pickups but not every model is going to match well to every guitar or give you the sound you're looking for. There's a lot of marketing fluff around pickups. If you don't have a specific goal in mind for your sound and an idea of what your guitar needs in order to sound that way, you can wind up tossing hundreds of dollars down a hole chasing tone. As much as I'm not an "active pickup" guy, you might actually like a set of Fishman Fluences if you want versatility. The moderns or one of the signature sets. They all have switchable voicings so it's like having two or three pickups in one. You may also like the sound of running the EMGs at 18 volts. In any case you'd have to get a knowledgeable tech to set this up for you and it sounds like the people you've been going to aren't that great.
  16. Just to follow up since I replied to an earlier version of the post - what does your Jackson sound like? What do you think it needs? The Warpigs will sound different in different guitars and through different pot values, but they're not inherently bright like my other two favorites so they might work for you if your Jackson is a bright guitar. BKPs are pricey but you can sometimes find a good deal on a used set if you wait around.
  17. I have to say I'm not a huge fan of Duncans in my guitars. They just don't have the feel I'm looking for and I wind up fighting with them. They come across as kind of stuffy with my riffs through my amp and I dig in too hard looking for note attack that isn't there. I know a few people on another forum who love the Black Winter. If I was going to try another production Duncan it would probably be that or the Custom/59 hybrid. Since you're up in Canada you might want to check out Peg City pickups, from Winnipeg. A guy I know recently got their Angry Widow bridge pickup and was raving about it.
  18. The speakers in their cabs had a bad reputation. I've never heard them. You can still get the old heads pretty cheap. Especially since they're a Canadian brand, you could probably find a good deal up there. There are way better standalone options for metal tones. I had to do a lot of tweaking and messing around with gear to get a guitar sound I really like. But I would replace this one if it died, it's a great pedal platform and I love it on bass.
  19. Dime's guitar tone by itself is kind of annoying to my ears, but it sounds great in the mix. Those buzzy solid state tones fit in really well with the clear bass and the sharp punchy drum sound. Not fun for me to play a sound like that in isolation, but I also don't play riffs like that. He made gold out of it. I think when people try to get "Dime's guitar tone" what they're usually trying to capture is the impact of the mix. Terry Date was (is?) awesome at capturing what a band sounded like at their best. Way cooler for me to listen to his mixes than some cookie cutter stuff like Sneap and Kernon, it always seemed to me like they went into a job with an ideal "metal band" sound in mind and tried to make every band fit into that box. Far Beyond Driven is my favorite mix of theirs, although the bone dry sound on Trendkill really hits home for me lately. Musically it's probably between Driven and Vulgar. Cowboys and Trendkill are on the second tier. But they've gone the way of nearly all my favorites from back then, I'll enjoy it if I hear it on in the background but I have almost no interest in putting it on myself.
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