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  1. You might perhaps dig the new Shaarimoth album. It's a nice mixture between a bit of technical death metal and black metal.
  2. Hmm yes, I see. For me, it just doesn't grab my attention in any way. Np: Turia - Dor
  3. Agreed on the Wedrujacy Wiatr. Nothing new, but still very enjoyable. And good luck on that Crimson Moon one. Quite disappointing releases in my opinion. It lacks any form originality and there isn't really anything else which makes it still enjoyable for me. Np: Alcest - Les Voyages de l'Ame
  4. Best of luck for him! (and for you )
  5. Draugsól - Volada Land Quite interesting black metal from...Iceland.
  6. Ved Buens Ende - Written In Waters
  7. Light of the Morning Star - Nocta This debut album will be released via Iron Bonehead on March the 3rd. On the first listen, it sounds like a very interesting mix between Moonspell, Tribulation and the latest Ketzer album. Quite hypnotic at some points as well. 2017 seems to be starting good.
  8. Yes, this was great. At least I could hear all instruments this time Np: Klimt 1918 - Comandante Melancholic shoegaze mixed with a little bit of pop. It works surprisingly very well.
  9. ^ That Mare Cognitum album is fantastic. Here currently: Acherontas - Tat Tvam Asi Acherontas/Nastrond - Chthonic Libations Sólstafir - Ótta
  10. Tchornobog - Hallucinatory Black Breath of Possession (Mountain-Eye Amalgamation)
  11. I've never listened to their first two albums, so I need to do that asap. And this one took quite the time to grow on me, I wasn't immediately fan of it either.
  12. Horna - Ikuiseen mustaan uneen
  13. So, it's 2017 here. That everyone here may have a great 2017!
  14. Duvel. Beer brewed by the Gods. Or devil.
  15. Thank you I don't know, we tried to be sort of evil here but we failed horribly.
  16. On vinyl: Acherontas - Amenti Acherontas - Tat Tvam Asi Mono - Hymn to the Immortal Wind On cd: Acherontas/Nastrond - Chthonic Libations
  17. Ashtoreth/Ruairi O'Baoighill - Shrine
  18. Well for me, the thing is that labeling different genres helps finding me new stuff to enjoy. When I read for example suicidal black metal, it is not very likely that I will bother to check it out, unless there are some more specific references (to bands) for example. Plus, like Father already pointed out, it's very helpful sometimes to talk about it. A couple of months ago our current photographer asked me if I knew some good black metal bands. But as you might know, it's a very broad genre with a lot of different bands. So in that case, it is good that people get a bit more specific with terms like, in this case, orthodox or raw. Also, on a positive note: I am officially in a relationship with this Hungarian girl since a couple of days I might upload a cheesy picture soon.
  19. Swallow the Sun - Lost and Catatonic
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