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  1. What in your opinion are the greatest riffs of all time? Personally, I think that one riff from spirit crusher around 2:20 is probably the greatest.
  2. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what chords and scales he's using throughout this piece, I can't seem to figure it out. Also, does anyone know what tuning he's in? Even if the chords are just simple 5th and 7th chords or something, please try to be as specific as possible. Thanks!
  3. Hello, I'm looking for song suggestions based on my favorite songs of all time which I'm about to tell you: Spirit Crusher-Death, Moonlight Equilibrium-Black Dahlia, Flattening of Emotions-Death, Breaking the Broken-Control Denied, Charging the void/Recharging the void-Vektor, Bound by Desire-Revocation, Point of no return-Havok, DOA-Havok, Heartwork-Carcass, Pierced From Within-Suffocation, As grace Descends-Suffocation, Kaleb-Battlecross, Immortality made flesh-Exmortus, Triumph by Fire-Exmortus, Akroasis-Obscura. As you can see if you've heard these songs, I'm very into a melodic and progre
  4. Hello, does anyone know if Pat O'brien has ever used his ran custom guitars live, or at all? I always see him use only B.C. Rich live, even in recent years. If anyone knows of a live video please post the link. Thanks! Also, does anyone know why he doesn't use it often?
  5. Hello, are there any other suffocation style tech death bands worth noting? I LOVE suffocation and I hear people call them tech death a lot. However, most tech death bands I've heard like wormed and gorguts, I didn't really like. I have respect for them but it just wasn't my thing. But when I hear what is probably my favorite band at the moment being called tech death, I wonder are there other tech death bands out there like suffocation? Thanks! ____ Note: moved to relevant thread 03/17 - FA
  6. What are your thoughts on the new Kreator song? If you haven't heard it, I HIGHLY recommend it. After the very kreatorish melodic intro it goes into an insanely sick riff that reminds me of a cross between phantom antichrist and extreme aggression. I think this album along with their last 4 releases are (and in the new album's case will be) thrash classics of the 21st century.
  7. Haven't yet, what arch enemy album should I listen to? Also again, thank you everyone for the sick suggestions
  8. Hello, recently I've been really into melodic death, I LOVE at the gates, black dahlia, amon amarth, carcass, etc. However, when I looked up some more melodic death bands to try I was really disappointed. I heard dark tranquility and soilwork and it was almost like pop metal. I just want more stuff like slaughter of the soul and nocturnal and heartwork. Any suggestions? _____ merged with existing thread 03/17 - FA
  9. Awesome! I'll start listening I will definitely start exploring probably gonna start with classics
  10. Hello, the mourning palace by dimmu borgir along with gateways, and some immortal stuff like mighty ravendark has hooked me on black metal. I love the black metal tremolo picked riffs you here at the end of mourning palace and the riff right after they say "forever more" in gateways. I know these riffs are all over black metal but where can I find the best? Thanks! Also, being one of the more popular black metal bands is dimmu borgir hated on a lot by elitists?
  11. Just listened to it and it was amazing! Thank you
  12. Hello, what do you all think are the most beautiful and or emotional metal songs? I'm thinking along the lines of voice of the soul by death. Nothing by a band with veil in their name, (black veil brides, pierce the veil) no bands that give metal a bad rep like those two listed. Thanks!?
  13. Thank you also I don't know why I posted that twice up above
  14. Hello, does anyone know what gene hoglans fastest blast beat is? Also what do you think is his best? Is his fastest his best?
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