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  1. You don't use one? Half of my posts are from an intern. I pay him $5 a day to post about Mgla and gothic metal. I check in from time to time and it seems to be ok.
  2. Not to put too fine a point on it, but you've sort of made another mistake, 'The Thrashing'. While your answers are interesting and cool, you've actually answered a question from @FatherAlabaster that I've already answered. It's a good question, no doubt, but it's been answered. This thread is about answering the very last question that is asked in it. If you stick with that idea you can't go wrong. You have to focus though. So I asked, would you rather give up dairy or wheat? Pretty lame and useless question, I'll admit, but that was technically the last question asked, and in accordance with the rules, you should make an attempt to answer it, if it is at all within your power to do so. And I'd rather be Robocop.
  3. Your assistant was working on this? It must have been the intern who hit 'Submit' prior to completing the message. It happens all the time to me too. Also, I guess this isn't really a "service", it's more a discussion forum where people talk about music that they like and don't like. Best of luck in your endeavours.
  4. Also, never heard of this documentary before. Thanks for posting Balor, I'll have a look one loveless, lonely night.
  5. I only have 'The Work Which Transforms God' and I hardly ever listen to it after its initial flavour of the month spins. I think I bought it around time of release. I guess I should give their older work some time and attention as those albums might be more my bag.
  6. October Tide - 'Rain Without End' I know I've listened to at least the start of this in the distant past, but it's one of these strange things with me that, despite Katatonia being in my top 2 bands, and another couple of October Tide albums in my collection, I'd never given this release much time.
  7. I'm not really the best person to ask this question to, as I'm a staunch enthusiast of alcohol. So I'll dump caffeine faster than Maiden dumped Blaze. Would you rather give up all dairy or all wheat-based foods?
  8. Fascinating. Any particular genres of music, location, type of voice, equipment? Why would a "serious touring/recording project" want to take you on? What qualities will you bring the organisation?
  9. From a Victorian's perspective, a Collingwood v Richmond grand final would be amazing. @True Belief is a mad Collingwood man. Aren't you Truey? Yes you are mate. Yes you are!
  10. Interesting hypothetical. I see bands in both camps regularly, so it depends on how I feel. I'll probably go with the second option, as if it's a night out on the sauce with bands I don't really care about I'd probably prefer to at least hear the genres I like rather than the "weak style" of the first type of band, which doesn't really sound appealing, even if they're considered "good" with "solid musicians". In short, I'd rather watch a sloppy death metal band than a tight indie rock ensemble. Providing I was well sauced. At a gig, would you rather work on the merch desk or on the door selling tickets?
  11. 1. Bon Scott was not an option. Please choose from the options provided. 2. Please provide a new 'What would you rather' for the next poster.
  12. Attila. Ihsahn has disappeared up his own ass and I don’t truck with man buns. Axl Rose or Brian Johnson?
  13. Geelong lose! Season over! At least Richmond go to the Grand Final. Great team. Death to interstate. Hail Melbourne teams. @RelentlessOblivion
  14. ...watching Geelong hopefully take the win against Richmond and go to the grand final. @RelentlessOblivion Are you watching the game mate? Come on Cats!!
  15. Hey Restless! Im drinking pints of beer while I... (go to what’s on your mind thread for the rest of this sentence).
  16. Gillan. He’s the voice of Deep Purple and still touring with them as far as I know. Glenn Hughes just joined the Dead Daisies for a pay check. Sad. Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir or Dani from Cradle of Filth?
  17. I love it how when you’re listening to classical music you call them ‘tracks’. I smile each time I see that. NP: Mgla - ‘Age of Excuse’ This is a very good album but it doesn’t have as many hooks as ‘Exercises..’. There’s more churning along happening here. I want more hooks than a fishing goods store. There are some here, but not enough.
  18. Yeah it’s not traditional thrash at all, which is probably why I like parts of it and it’s probably the album I turn to most of theirs. I will go to my grave claiming ‘Threshold’ is one of the greatest nihilist/misanthropic songs of all time, when I’m angry and enraged at my suburban prison. Oh man the energy. Way too much filler on the album though - it only has three cool songs (‘Disciple’, ‘Threshold’ and ‘New Faith’ with that great line: “I keep the bible in a pool of blood so that none of its lies can affect me”.) and another ten boring songs. NP: Metal pub is playing classics like ‘Cowboys from Hell’, ‘Ride the Lightning’ and siddenly ‘Looks that Kill’ by Motley Crüe which just came on! I love place!!
  19. Requiem


    ‘Exercises in Futility’ is one of the greatest black metal albums of all time in my view. And I hated the internet trend this band had, so steered clear of them for years, posers. One day I thought I should finally check them out, so I got the lyrics up on metal archives and listened on YouTube. I couldn’t believe it, I was really impressed. I then bought the CD and downloaded the album on Apple Music and I’ve been playing it non stop for about 8 months. It’s the only ‘Exercise...’ I get these days. Little joke there. For me it’s many things, but the riffs, atmosphere, production, drumming!, lyrics and vocals all just combine to affect me. There’s emotion and nihilist intellect bound together and there feels a reason and meaning behind listening to it. It speaks to me. Those who haven’t followed the lyrics, I suggest you do so as it could add a new dimension to your experience. I also now have ‘With Hearts Toward None’ and ‘Age of Excuse’, neither of which live up to ‘Exercises...’, but they’re still very good. Tracks 1, 4,5 and 6 of ‘Exercises...’. Genius.
  20. Check out Funeral ‘From these Wounds’. Amazing doom with clean vocals. Also try some Novembre and of course the mighty Katatonia post 1998. Anathema - ‘Alternative 4’ also needs to be in your life.
  21. Agree regarding ‘Where Shadows Forever Reign’ being their best, although I do really love ‘Diabolis Interium’ and ‘Secrets of the Black Arts’ too. ‘The Arrival is Satan’s Empire’ from ‘Diabolis’ being my favourite track overall. Maybe don’t re-listen to ‘Eonian’ if you don’t like symphonic. It’s more symphonic than Ludwig Van. Cant wait for new Borknagar. The two tracks released so far are brilliant, even without Vintersorg. Oh man, Mgla. I am sceptical as hell about youtube trend black metal, so didn’t even listen to ‘Exercises in Fuility’ until 4 years after its release, and I realise now I was a fool. It’s just glorious. Glorious. ‘Age of Excuse’ is ok but sill sinking in. Definitely not on the same level though.
  22. Mgla - ‘Exercises in Futility’ It’s the lyrics that does it. No, it’s the riffs.
  23. Wednesday pre dinner pints in the city. Irish pub. Hail the Irish.
  24. Ooh that’s a great one. And tough. Both have had moments in big bands, but never a huge band of their own. Both are great singers who fronted bands at low moments. As much as I love Tony Martin and those Sabbath albums, I have to go with Ripper here, mostly due to ‘The Glorious Burden’ and the fact that Martin was treated like shit by Iommi pretty much. Bill Ward or Paul D’ianno?
  25. Requiem


    I decided to check out a new Equilibrium track the other day and it was just terrible! I couldn’t believe it was the same band. Holy hell.