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  1. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Mutiilation - ‘Destroy Your Life For Satan’
  2. Requiem

    The Movie Thread

    Have you seen 'Interview with the Vampire', the first movie based on Anne Rice's books? It's one of my favourite movies and if you like 'Queen of the Damned' I think you'd love 'Interview'.
  3. Requiem

    Hi you all!! 8-]]

    *raises studded wristband and hand*
  4. Requiem

    Cliff Burton or Dave Mustaine?

    We definitely have a 'what would you rather' style thread. We're all going to vote for Cliff, but for me it's less because he's some kind of monster legend and more because if Mustaine stayed in Metallica we would never have had Megadeth. As much as I love the first four Metallica albums, and highly respect the Black Album, I think metal would be much worse off without 'Rust in Peace' and 'Youthanasia'.
  5. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    "Still" Life is good travelling music. How ironic. This is a pretty decent idea for a new thread actually - what makes good travelling music and what are some of your favourites? Maybe I'll start that up when I have a moment to think rather than reacting, ninja-like, to everything around me. NP: Shining - 'X Varg Utan Flock'
  6. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Katatonia - ‘The Fall of Hearts’ For every dream that is left behind me I take a bow.
  7. Requiem

    Top 3 albums/eps of the week.

    Shining - ‘X Varg Utan Flock’ Bloodbath - ‘The Arrow of Satan is Drawn’ Necrophobic - ‘Mark of the Necrogram’
  8. Requiem

    Metal books

    @True Belief never gave a fuck to begin with, so results are hard to discern.
  9. Requiem

    What's on your mind?

    Vampyre lore is the least of their rule breaking... They do burn up in the enemy sun though. We often wonder how snowbound regions deal with their young children in times of crisis. It must be a bloody nightmare at times.
  10. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Necrophobic - ‘Mark of the Necrogram’
  11. Requiem

    General Pics (Holidays, walks, outings etc.)

    Melbourne Brewery Tour Tastings. Requiem: Pictured. True Belief: Photographer.
  12. Requiem

    Found my new favorite band.

    So who's your favourite band?
  13. Requiem

    Rate the song above you!

  14. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    A hair metal extravaganza with Firehouse - 'All She Wrote' while I wait for my date to swing by and pick me up.
  15. Requiem

    MacabreEternal's Top 10 BM Albums 2018

    I started to lose Drudkh around 'Blood in Our Wells' to be honest - around the time that Hate Forest was put to sleep and the guys merged some of the Hate Forest elements into the Drudkh sound, evolving Drudkh into a more complex entity. They really only became more popular after that, which is great for them, but for me their last album that really speaks to me personally was 'Autumn Aurora'. Gosh that's a great album. Still, we can't live in the past etc...
  16. Requiem

    Type O Negative

    One of the most popular gothic metal bands of all time, with 'Bloody Kisses' apparently selling over a million copies and Peter Steele gracing covers from Metal Hammer to Playgirl. Yet I've always found them a mixed bag, and it's time they were dealt with properly in the place they (mostly) belong - the gothic metal forum. Requiem's Unsuccessfully Coping with the Ranking of Type O Negative's Albums from Infidelity to Druidess (worse to best). 6. Dead Again (2007) In all honesty, I can't remember this album very well, because my friend and I burnt and destroyed our copies in a flaming ritual in his backyard many years ago. I think Peter Steele was so emotionally dishevelled at this point that any greatness that I personally found in the music was long since gone. The title track is a sad reminder that his days were numbered. Unfortunately, he left his musical legacy on a deep, deep low. Strange album cover of Rasputin. You can't kill that guy, but my friend and I sure smashed the shit out of the crappy album. 5. Life is Killing Me (2003) This album escaped the unholy destruction of 'Dead Again', but there's not much to like about this one either. Tracks like 'Anesthesia' and the instrumental 'Drunk in Paris' are great, but don't make up for the foolish knucklehead songs like the homophobic 'I like Goils' or the infantile cover of 'Angry Inch'. A lot of people like Peter's humour and his sardonic take on things - I find it outrageously foolish and not a little embarrassing. The lyrics on this album are just appalling and the songwriting has no love or artistry about it. Album cover is actually a pretty good idea with the green heart monitor thing flatlining. The fucking album flatlines, that's for sure. 4. Slow Deep and Hard (1991) This album stands head and shoulders above the previous two in this list. The debut has a huge dose of the gothic keyboard density and romance that gives this such great atmosphere, and while Peter doesn't often use his unparalleled baritone - preferring to shout, hardcore style - there are just wonderful moments all the way through this imaginative and artistic album. There's less embarrassing self-pity here and more a mix of anger about failed romance and romantic passion that shouts life rather than death. 'The Origin of Faeces' is a rehash of much of this so doesn't get its own entry. Foolish album cover of sexual penetration, but fortunately it's green and acceptable and better than 'The Origin of Faeces' cover. Like, what the hell is wrong with Peter Steele? 3. World Coming Down (1999) I find parts of this a little bland, but the brilliant parts here are well worth it. 'White Slavery' is my favourite - it's an anthem that to me is about far more than cocaine, while tracks like 'Everyone I Love is Dead' and 'Everything Dies' are glorious gothic journeys, if a little down at the mouth compared with their best work. Another great highlight is the Beatles medley at the end of the album, which is a fabulous gothic movement. Unfortunately this would be the beginning of the end for my love of the band though, with several skippable tracks mid-album. Fairly boring but kind of nice cover of the Brooklyn Bridge in Type O green. Pretty cool, but they've done better. 2. Bloody Kisses (1993) 'Bloody Kisses' and 'October Rust' are monuments, absolute monuments, of gothic glory and odes to love. I prefer the Roadrunner Records re-release digipak of this album that removed the 'joke' songs and rearranged the track order - at the behest of the band. What we're left with are classics like 'Christian Woman', 'Summer Breeze', 'Black No 1' and the title track. In fact, every song here is utterly amazing. Gothic metal perfection. The slow epic songs, the huge church organ keyboards and Peter Steele's smooth voice are transcendent. Brilliant cover of two girls together - the digipak shows them kissing, which doesn't bother me in the slightest. 1. October Rust (1996) This is actually my favourite album of all time, from any genre and band. That's how much this means to me, and from the moment I heard it in 1996 I fell in love with it. This is the ultimate romantic album, with songs like 'Love you to Death', 'Wolfmoon' and the greatest Christmas song ever, 'Red Water (Christmas Mourning)' reaching unassailable heights of emotion and atmosphere. Listen to 'Haunted' and you are transported, utterly transported. A young Requiem discovered what love and lust were truly about, and I haven't been the same since. Amazing production, and so much good taste and sophistication. It's a miracle that a band who can produce such juvenile trash at times can also release this mature exploration of yearning and sexuality. Evocative album cover of thorns like prison bars. Thoughts on Type O Negative, this list and Peter Steele?
  17. Requiem

    MacabreEternal's Top 10 BM Albums 2018

    The Varathron sounded a lot less sinister (the one time I heard part of it) than the mighty album they released before it whose name escapes me. Edit: ‘Untrodden Corridors of Hades’. What an amazing album. The new one sounded thin and incomplete to my ears, as if it needed a rhythm guitar or something. I need to check it out again I guess. 100 million True Beliefs can’t be wrong.
  18. Requiem

    What's on your mind?

    Immortal vampire children had gymnastics and we backed it up with fish n chips at the swimming pool, so they’re now swimming. All this on a Thursday afternoon. Feels like summer holidays already. I’m the only person at the swimming pool with a Keep of Kalessin shirt. Hail the Armada 666.
  19. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    'Patriarchs of Evil' sounded funny to my ears. Sort of weird. 'A Dead Poem' = classic. 'Nymphetamine' has some fantastic songs on it for sure. 'Gilded....' I forget the rest of the title, but that's a great song. NP: Shining - 'X: Varg Utan Flock' I give this a X/X
  20. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Shining - 'V: Halmstad'
  21. Requiem

    Immortal "Northern Chaos Gods"

    This album is an utter masterpiece and easily the surprise of 2018. I've been listening to Immortal since 1995 and I'm very close to calling this their best album. The riffs, the lyrics, the epic atmosphere. Songs about mountains, forests, dark riders with an utterly incredible production, incredible drummer and incredible epic moments. This is just the ultimate Immortal album.
  22. Requiem

    Behemoth "I Loved You At Your Darkest"

    I agree with all of this. This is a strangely weak album, and I wanted to like it because it's just the sort of OTT title and cover that I go in for. The reality is, however, that this is thin and lacking in authenticity. Even those child chants at the start, which should be spooky and cool, sound lame to my ears at least. One of the most overrated bands in metal today.
  23. Requiem

    2017 Top Tens

    It’s almost time for our 2018 Lists, and it’s interesting to look back on what I posted a year ago here, seeing where my allegiances lay at the time. As I was thinking about my 2018 list I had it in my mind that 2017 produced several full blown classics, but for me that’s only true of a small handful of albums. I think I’ll be ready to post my 2018 list in about two weeks’ time.
  24. Requiem

    MacabreEternal's Top 10 BM Albums 2018

    The end of the year. My children look forward to Christmas, I look forward to Top 10 Lists. Nice list here. I'm not going to comment on individual albums because there may or may not be a couple appearing on my Top 10 of 2018 list, but you have given me a couple of names that I've missed this year and so will check out. Bold choice for number one! Good stuff.
  25. Requiem

    What Are You Listening To?

    Rotting Christ - 'Triarchy of the Lost Lovers' I don't own this album which seems a shame. There are a couple of decent numbers on this one. Rotting Christ: writing the same riff for 25 years, but damn what a riff!