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  1. The new Eluveitie whose complex Gaulish name escapes me Mayhem - ‘Grand Declaration of War’ original digipack with sticker. This is my third copy of this album but first digipack. Mayhem - ‘Dawn of the Black Hearts’ DVD case edition. This is my third copy of this live show but my first DVD case.
  2. Three albums that have ruled the roost recently. Children of Bodom - ‘Hexed’. I don’t love this album but I do enjoy it. It definitely falls into the upper 50% of the Wildchild’s output. Don’t know how many spins it will receive when the gloss wears off though. Dark Funeral - ‘Where Shadows Forever Reign’. The last three songs on this are stellar. I love this band and this album. Impaled Nazarene - ‘Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace’. This is only my second IN purchase which is weird because I really enjoy their straight forward sound.
  3. The Foreshadowing - ‘Days of Nothing’ Katatonia meets My Dying Bride.
  4. Isn't that a good thing? Good on the old Trumper! Communicating his word so that everyone can enjoy it.
  5. That's a loose one, Vampers. I just hope disciples of the kebab, like me, find that the store has resurrected itself tomorrow before the Romans return from the beach house. I want to testify to the flavour and that's the gospel truth. I don't want it to be my last supper.
  6. A good ghoul-lashing is what you need for that remark.
  7. I insist they speak an old Scots dialect. Failing that I leave the party.
  8. But I'm sure it tastes heavenly. Actually I called them and they denied they were open three times. Then my cock grew. Sorry, the cock crowed. Well, I was certainly a Hungarian due to their closure.
  9. Saor - 'Guardians' This album is so good that it's ruined metal for me. (Almost).
  10. Kebab store closed because it's Easter Sunday. I was hoping they would resurrect a kebab for me. Unfortunately they wouldn't roll the stone off the front door.
  11. Great album, and great band. Try this on for size: Thyrfing - 'Farsotstider'
  12. You know it. Look at me hit the Games forum.
  13. “For You” - My Dying Bride
  14. New kebab store has opened across the road. About to head on over to sample their wares. Much excitement. Wow.
  15. Jack Daniel's and cola. Had a couple left over from when True Belief and I partied like mofos on Friday. Will switch to beer when I get to the pub for Easter holiday beers.
  16. I'd rather be Rob Halford singing Maiden songs. Better songs Would you rather work in a brewery or a winery?
  17. Marduk - 'Heaven Shall Burn When We Are Gathered' Swedish again, this time by accident. An excellent accident.
  18. Last couple: Shining - 'Livets Andhallplats' Dark Funeral - 'The Secrets of the Black Arts' I'm in the mood for some Swedish today.
  19. Dark Funeral - 'The Secrets of the Black Arts' The Foreshadowing - 'Russians' Probably the best doom metal cover ever. I advise you to listen to it.
  20. Def Leppard - 'Pyromania' Danger, such a strange emotion!!!
  21. Masterpiece. NP: Marduk - ‘Viktoria’ Named after a great state hey @RelentlessOblivion
  22. Impaled Nazarene - 'Absence of War Does Not Mean Peace'