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  1. Death to life affirming death metal and their jogging suits.
  2. Requiem

    Metal Memes

    Lot’s of mistake’s grammatically, but stil’l funn’y.
  3. Katatonia - ‘Lacquer’ The first track released from the new album ‘City Burials’. It’s a very modern electronic song in the vein of ‘Unfurl’. No guitars or real drums. Interesting choice for first single, considering they’ve stated that there are some real rockers on the album. I think this is a soft track to get us ready for the big metal second single. It grows after several listenings. I’ll share my full thoughts in the Katatonia forum when I grab a computer....
  4. Aldo Nova was the next big thing for a while. Nothing cheesy about leopard skin jump suits and lasers in guitars. That’s what rock should be! NP: Rotting Christ select tracks.
  5. It’s hot as hell in Melbourne today. 43 Celsius. Cold air and beer required.
  6. More so. It’s a black metal classic and far beyond my wildest hopes and expectations. NP: Mgla - ‘Exercises in Futility’ soon: Mayhem - ‘Daemon’
  7. Gorgoroth - 'Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt' Fantastic Infernus written album, played at loud volume. Hail Infernus, the true master of Gorgoroth.
  8. Requiem


    After perusing the extensive and opulent book shelves at Castle Requiem, I'm managed to located the two books in question. I have: 'Liber Al Vel Legis (The Book of the Law') Redwheel/Weiser 2004, Hardcover, Red with Gold font on the cover. Contains facsimiles of Crowley's original handwritten draft at the back. 'The Book of the Goetia - or The Lesser Key of Solomon the King', Softcover, Martino Publishing, Mansfield Centre CT, which is a glorious facsimile of the 1903 edition, containing all the charts, chants. They're so evil I think I accidentally summoned three daemons between taking the books down and writing this post.... Hail Crowley. King of indecipherable books that suckers still buy in the 21st century!
  9. Bathory - 'Blood Fire Death' The final black metal album from the mighty Quorthon before he invented viking metal. This is a very good album, but I don't love it as much as a lot of people do. I prefer the debut and 'Under the Black Mark', but it's still a classic, obviously.
  10. Requiem


    When the Bible was first translated into local languages and printed via Gutenberg's infernal machine, a lot of this mysterious forced trust took a different shape. Religious belief didn't disappear, which is really interesting - it just encouraged a new form of worship. You do see cults everywhere. Mankind was born in tribes, so it's little wonder tribes still prevail, albeit ideological ones in 'progressive' western societies. Also, regarding Crowley's books: I have a couple and gosh they're hard to read. Largely gobbledegook and claptrap. I was hoping for a little more coherence. Maybe I have the wrong books.
  11. Twilight Force - 'Dawn of the Dragonstar' What a glorious and engaging epic of power metal this is.
  12. Restless, this sounds like an amazing trip. I've always wanted to go to Japan, but alas it hasn't come up on the cards yet. It's definitely next on my list of new countries to visit, but I don't think it's on the radar at the moment unfortunately. When do you leave? Also on my mind is that this is the last night with the Castle to myself, and that's ok because I'm kind of growing tired of the metal lifestyle. It's been good and hey, I'll have a few vinos tonight, but I'm looking forward to regular life beginning again. I'm doing Feb Fast as well, which I do most years. Not sure if this is a thing outside Australia, but it basically means you go without something all through February, usually alcohol. So I'm doing alcohol and junk food. My body is going to thank me.... But tonight, it's still January....
  13. Wintersun - 'Time 1' I bought the special mediabook edition of this back when it came out and it's really cool. While I like the epic tunes and the Japanese(!) theme running throughout the music, I initially found it all a bit too plastic/digital sounding. I've long since come to peace with it and can really enjoy this. In fact, unlike a lot of people, I prefer 'The Forest Seasons' and 'Time 1' over the self-titled debut. By the way, did Wintersun ever get around to building their own studio with the bags of loot they acquired through crowdfunding?
  14. Windir - 'Arntor' Hail Valfar, the true windir.
  15. Check out 'Arntor' too. Amazing album with the best intro ever with that accordian!
  16. Anorexia Nervosa - 'Redemption Process'
  17. Forefather - 'Steadfast' Yes, this is awesome!
  18. 1. That's a great Forefather album. I went through a phase in the early 2000s and bought a few of their albums. I think this is my favourite. Actually, that was when I stopped following the band for some reason, and I see that the next album 'Steadfast' has a huge score on Metal Archives. I'm downloading it now on Apple Music. Let's see how it goes. 2. Hmmmmmmm no. If you're ever in Australia, I'll show it to you though.
  19. I haven't listened to that release in ages. Thanks for the reminder.
  20. I'd love to hear why these bands are floating your emotional boat right now. Care to elaborate, thou drinker of deepest rouge vin? (and all of the posters who think that just listing bands makes for interesting reading....).
  21. Batushka - Litourgiya Seems legit that these two will stay together for several more albums....
  22. There's mystical musical maleficence in Moonspell's melodious mellifluousness.
  23. Tiamat - 'Judas Christ' Paradise Lost - 'Draconian Times' Done.
  24. Morbid - 'December Moon' 1987 was an amazing year for early black metal. This, Mayhem's 'Deathcrush', Bathory's 'Under the Sign of the Black Mark' and Sarcofago's 'INRI' all came out during 87. So not just the best year for hair metal, but also for first wave black metal. I've got a beautifully presented re-release of this, apparently limited to 666 copies, but there is no information/logo regarding who put this together at all. Metal Archives says 'Independent'. It contains the full demo with Per Ohlin (Dead) doing what he does best, plus all the songs again from a rehearsal tape and two songs that aren't on the official release. It's amazing music. A young Uffe Cederlund on guitar, who would go on to form Entombed. The packaging is beautiful, not just in design, but in physicality. There isn't a single mark or blemish on inlay or jewel case. I don't know, it's a beautiful thing. Lyrics and liner notes are present. There's a hidden track too, with (presumably) Dead saying "You're all dead" as well as some other things. Quite haunting.