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  1. Sarctamentum - Far Away from the Sum @FatherAlabaster this was a recomendation you gave me a while ago. Great stuff
  2. Iron Maiden - Number of the Beast
  3. Amon Amarth - Twilight of the Thunder God I have a lot to catch up on at work and I need to channel the will of the Norse gods to do so.
  4. Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
  5. Death - Symbolic Giving this one repeat listens as I seem to like it more each time.
  6. I had only listened to Human, good point I should check out more of their stuff. NP: Death - Individual Thought Patterns
  7. Yeah I'm being exploratory, and still finding I prefer melodic stuff.
  8. Carcass - Reek of Putrification
  9. Having a Death Imperial Stout from backlash. Robust and chocolaty up front with moderate roastiness and espresso on the back. The kind of beer that makes me understand prohibitively seasonal beer drinkers even less.
  10. I just listened to that album, liked it a lot. I was impressed at how they could blend so many difference vocal styles, beats, tempos, etc. without making it sound disjointed or convoluted. Good stuff.
  11. What sites do you guys recommend for buying albums?
  12. Sacramentum - The Coming of Chaos
  13. When I first got into metal depends on your relative definition of "into metal." In 1996 when I was 12, I spent my allowance on Metallica - Load which came out that year, because I saw the Until It Sleeps video on TV and thought it was cool (yeah yeah, I know, I didn't know any better). I was later hanging out with a friend who was I think 15 at the time (knew him forever, our moms are best friends) and I told him about the album. He said "that's shitty new Metallica, you need to hear some of their old stuff!" He then played a few songs from the Black Album and Master of Puppets and I was hooked. Whenever I had the allowance and opportunity to go to the cd store I bought a new Metallica album, until I had all of them. I then checked out a few metal more bands like Megadeth, Pantera, Sabbath/Ozzy, and Tool. Throughout high school, I didn't add that many more metal bands to my collection, as I was listening to pretty much all forms of rock (including Nu Metal - I figured some of you would appreciate that distinction). I did consider Metallica my favorite band though. In college, I became a huge jazz fan. I got really into playing music (alto and tenor sax) in both my school's band and some gigs at restaurants, took music theory classes, and attended jazz jam sessions when I had time. Jazz became my main indulgence (especially modal jazz, hard bop, and fusion). I then got into some progressive rock (Pink Floyd, Phish, Jethro Tull, etc.), which I was drawn to by the elements of jazz present in it. Subsequently, I checked out some progressive metal (Opeth, Mastodon, Dream Theater, etc.). Throughout the rest of my 20s and early 30s (I'm 34 now), I was very eclectic, listening to many genres including metal, jazz, blues, progressive rock, classic rock, hard rock, alternative, hip hop, reggae, and so on, with jazz still being at the top. My metal listening mainly stuck to a dozen or so thrash, old school metal, and prog metal bands I was familiar with, except for a few times when I went on a metal kick and skimmed a bunch of bands over a couple weeks but forgot most of them and walked away with one or two that I stayed into (Amon Amarth, Kamelot, and Ghost came out these "metal kicks"). I would then get distracted before really gaining the metal familiarity/understanding that most metalheads I know have. For the past month of so I have been on a huge metal kick, one much more intense than the previous ones. I think what triggered it was a chat about metal with a friend (who's a metalhead) over a few beers, when I realized that I enjoy metal too much to not be into that many metal bands and to not have really explored many of the different metal genres. I've been diving into a lot of metal genres, most notably melodeath, melodic black metal, and power metal, while dabbling in a few others. I feel like this metal kick is not going to be short and fleeting like the others as a lot of the new music I've been listening to has been REALLY clicking with me. Back to the question of when I first got into metal, it depends if being a casual fan as I have been qualifies as being "into metal." If so, the answer is 1996 when I was 12 with Metallica. However, if "into metal" means being a full-blown metalhead, and if I continue my current metal indulgence on a permanent basis, years from now my best answer may be March/April 2018.
  14. Blind Guardian - At The Edge of Time
  15. That DT EP track is killer, and I did enjoy the Rotting Christ album, especially King of a Stellar War and Snowing Still. Perhaps I should give black metal more of a chance than I have in the past.
  16. btw i just listened to Shadowlit Facade and loved it, might be my favorite DT song so far.
  17. I liked all 3 a lot. I am with you on liking The Gallery the most - the guitar melodies/ harmonies sucked me in on that one. Thanks for recommending them.
  18. Dark Tranquility - The Mind's I
  19. I just listened to The Gallery. Great stuff, love the harmonization. I think you're right, as I get more into DM I'll come around to certain vocals, just as I came around to beers brewed with brettanomyces.
  20. I'm really enjoying ATG so far after going through the first 2 albums. The drumming and the riffs are awesome. However, maybe it's just a matter of what I'm used to but I find myself wishing I could mute the vocals and just listen to the rest of the band. I'm not sure what you call it but the little whiny "cracks" between Lindberg's shrieks, kinda like an adolescent male voice cracking because it's changing, annoy me. Again maybe it's just a style I'm not used to.