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Found 12 results

  1. its been quite a while since i've done any projects, and i'm getting back in to writing/recording. Could really use a drummer or even an electronic drum programmer who can write tracks using cubase or fruity loops or something like that...let me know if interested at all..This is really my biggest passion in life and i would absolutely love nothing more than to get some full tracks produced and see where it goes...( i guess i didnt mention, i'll be playing and recording guitar) Here's a track i did some time ago..I'm not the greatest drum programmer/writer and i've revised the song and made it way more tech..so this is old and just a draft, but you can still get some idea of my style i guess.. link: https://clyp.it/nbvi551b PLEASE message me if interested at all, im in USA by the way, but doesnt really matter.
  2. Before starting i would like to show you something that could help you There are people to whom music is not just a hobby, it is a discipline and a lifestyle they are professional and perfectionists with what they do and their efforts pay off If you love music and you want to go ahead with this, here is the Oscar Durieux's class for: guitar - drums - piano - bass A lot of music styles, learn about music composition, harmony, reading partitures the best part is that the class is completely customized, you decide what you want to learn If you want to know more about this send me a message and I will give you all the information you need ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Today I bring you some tips to rec music from your own home, here are some adapters you can got in any instruments shop it's very cheap, in my country it costs like $ 0,75 - 0,50 Left: this connects your guitar/bass/mic to you computer Right: this connects your headphones (optional) there are many kinds of recording adapters here is another this costs a little more but it's still cheap as it's expensive it has better quality to rec Now you have the device but you have to rec with a program, audacity is free and very complete if you are starting very easy to use you just open the mic like in the image below when you have conected your device and it will appear there, then select your device and rec as simple like that This was the most essential and basic information you need to know if you want to rec from home here are a lot of programs i use to record, so if you liked this and want more follow me and i will upload a lot of content like this
  3. Get 25% Off Cristian Machado's Hollywood y Sycamore on Chesky.com With Code METALFORUM Offer Expires 10/16/2020 "Introspective, heartfelt, and a very natural progression" - Cryptic Rock "I Love this album...top to bottom awesome awesome work"- Rock Titan Live “The emotion and imagery demonstrated on this album proves without a doubt that acoustic albums can be just as heavy as anything else….” -Heavy New York Cristian Machado, the godfather of Latin metal, best known for his tenure as lead vocalist for ill niño, has released his debut solo album, Hollywood y Sycamore on Chesky Records. The album sees Machado abandon the screams and screeching guitars in favor of his eclectic Latin influences and transcendent bilingual songwriting. Hollywood y Sycamore includes completely new original songs (led by ethereal single "Die Alone"), new arrangements of some previous ill niño songs ("How Can I Live", "Numb"), and covers from Pink Floyd ("Welcome to the Machine"), Life of Agony ("Weeds"), and a spell-binding take on Post Malone's "Blame It On Me". Hollywood y Sycamore serves as the newest release for Chesky sub-label, Coconut Bay, which sees a departure from the single mic style live recording Chesky Records is known for and combines elements of live recording with the added impact layering provides, all captured in digital high resolution. Say Hello Again Die Alone Better You Know Blame It On Me Bring You Home Good Mother Weeds Pase Lo Que Pase How Can I Live Welcome to the Machine Corazon en un Cajon Numb CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE ALBUM
  4. Hi Guys, I’m looking for a guitarist to join my online project. I’ve already put a song out and 4 tracks into an e.p. I think someone with actual guitar skills could really elevate this. Current track: https://blackskullband.bandcamp.com/releases Thanks Mac
  5. Hello People! My name is Pitty666 and i am from (Not so doomed) Germany I started playing guitar in 2003. I've learned it on my own but mostly just for fun and nothing special. I Quickly came into a point that i didn't see any progress or good sounding stuff. So i let my guitar rest for good 16 years. Then In 2019, some dark strange spirits came over me. My dedication for Metal Music was grown to such an high level, that i decided to pick up my guitar again. I turned my old B.C. Rich Warlock Speedloader into a custom made Warlock, with a brand new Floyd Rose and regular tuning mechanics. I took my old 5 Watt Marshall amp by side and finally joined the "Orange Club" with the 15 Watt Rocker 15 combo amp. The Sound was awesome but all i know was playing by tabs. I wanted to play my own music.I wanted to show the music, that is in my head and share the feelings it delivers to me with other people. So i decided to learn how music is made and all about Scales Shapes and Modes. I was looking for the dark stuff u know.... For recording i've ordered the basic kit for 2019 times i think: - Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 -SHURE SM57 mic -Mackie CR4 speaker I work with Cubase 5 on Windows 10 So far.. I hope to find some People here to have a talk about making/recording music on an basic and simple level. There is one Track on Youtube i've made. i will drop the link, in the right corner of this forum soon. -Pitty666
  6. Our band Horizon Eyes is currently looking for additional members for writing & recording. We are a prog/deathcore band. The current lineup consists of myself-vocals, drums & production vlad-rhythm guitarist desmond-lead guitarist & bass(only until we find a bass player) we‘re looking for one more guitarist, a keyboard/piano/synth player, Bassist, & possibly a drummer. Although we are doing fine on our own & don’t ‚need‘ any new members, we for sure aren’t against it & with the right person, could actually benefit us quite a bit. currently we communicate through discord & ocassionaly E-Mail. We write in guitar pro, then make a superior drummer midi, record guitars, then bass, then vocals then start production. We have 3/6 instrumentals about 90% done of the current music we are working on & can show examples if interested. our ‚influences‘ are bands like spiritbox, Emmure, veil of maya, Whitechapel, etc.
  7. Hailz, Looking for guitarist/bassist interested to form an online/international band. Preferably able to come up with Black metal riffs and do home recording. Im a drummer and I can do home drum recording as well. email me at [email protected], im open to discussions. Cheers
  8. I'm looking for work mixing some black metal / doom / death metal, really anything that could be found on this forum. If you've got songs you need mixed, I can help with that. I don't have the equipment to handle actual tracking of instruments besides maybe a guitar or vocal (but I live in Fort Wayne, IN). If you have songs that are mixed but you want someone to master them, let me know too. Hit me up via email, [email protected] and lets have a conversation about what you're trying to accomplish, any questions you might have, and we can discuss everything there. Thanks for reading.
  9. I've been thinking a lot recently about how much more I enjoy the tonal qualities of older albums (specifically guitar) and why modern metal just doesn't have the same feel. The best example I have of this is Metallica. Their first 4 albums have a fucking HUGE, KILLER tone that just fills a room and shakes the Earth. But now listening to Hardwired...it just felt so blah because the tone had no grit to it. This video helps explain what I mean: Does anybody else feel this way? Is it a result of digital recording? Is it a result of using modelling amps and DAWs? I know some bands actually managed to keep the gritty tone, like Testament. Now I know this isn't a problem with like Black Metal etc, as keeping production to a minimum is a key point of the genre's sound... But does anyone else feel this way? Do others prefer modern metal guitar tone?
  10. Hi everyone, I was wondering if there were any guitarists on this forum who recorded their own black metal and needed live drums tracked? I'm not looking to make any money, I just want to have some fun. I just moved in to my new house and got my studio set up so I wanted to see if I could get going on some music. I'm very open to whatever you have. This is my first post so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong spot.
  11. I'm curious to see what people think of the song structuring, what people like/dislike etc. etc. about this track. I'm new to home recording and feel that some outside feedback could open my eyes to some stuff and, I know i've definitely got a long way to go. I'd love to hear what other people out there have been working on, and just generally discuss recording techniques, setups, Vsts/ whatever.
  12. Hey everybody! I'm thinking of purchasing a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 for recording my guitar directly into the mac. I'm planning on using some amp simulators (because i'm a young bedroom recorder who can't get a real amp and cab) and stuff like that for now and was wondering what anyone thinks and if anyone uses it. Does it have low noise? Good quality? Any other suggestions? Low budget and the 2i2 looks like it has good reviews. Any feedback or links to examples or anything would be greatly appreciated. \m/ LocalScrub P:S first time posting anything so hopefully I've done this right
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