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  1. I missed a good few bands I really wanted to see like Necrophobic and Sacramentum. But I just crashed, especially after multiple beers. I really tried to stay up for both above but couldn't hang, especially since I generally started around 1-2pm in Edison. I wished they would come to Toronto, or at least Buffalo and I'd go see them.
  2. If I had known the rest of you were there I'd have made an effort to at least meet for a beer. I was in a nicely sublime area inside the barricades near the bar yet outside in the Power Plant venue area that I found Thursday night and leveraged. So when the rain hit, that is exactly where I went and turned out to be in retrospect strategic. I do remember when the the barricades were removed, but I was watching the show, Carcass? Were too many. Any standout shows looking back for the rest of you? For me: Coroner-- never seen them before and good super close (I'm old/broken), so this was abnormal, but it was tits. Demilich, I loved as expected they were so Finnish in their humor/antics. Loved it. Cavalera bros were special, as was Hellhammer/Trypikon. Skeletal Remains was a crushing show. Navy pointed me to Cardiac Arrest, which I didn't know but was amazing. I loved Enforced!, Destruction I had never seen before and didn't know well was fun.
  3. I heard about the diver (awful), not the lovers. I also heard something about people rushing the barricades at one show and together with the skyrocketing cost of insurance it is no wonder the organizers need a break. This is why we can't have nice things.
  4. Would have been cool to hang, maybe next time. I made the best of it on my own. I go to a lot of shows locally on my own and typically chit chat between bands with whomever.
  5. Was a damn good festival! Super glad I went, easily the best festival I've been to. Cool bumping into Navy, even if I was a bit drunk at that point. So many great shows like Coroner, Tryptikon/Hellhammer, Cavalera Brothers, Enforced, Skeletal Remains, Carcass, etc, etc. Missed you Goat even if we've never met before!
  6. I can't say I know CI, I do know Coroner and they were on my wish list, so hard for another to topple but in the moment I am usually easy going if I am feeling it.
  7. I just think they are just enough different and well executed that I like them. That album really jives with me.
  8. Can't say I've ever listened to Overkill, I guess I wrote them off with Anthrax upon sampling a couple songs. Probably unfairly dismissed. Although seeing Anthrax at least twice live I might be correct with that one.
  9. It is getting so close I can already smell sweaty balls. I am stoked for this get away. I need it in a bad way given life's recent events (apartment fire and it wasn't even Varg's doing). Whitey, if you are still coming drop me a pm, I'll send you my deets. Too bad on some of the the last minute cancellations, but that always happens and I am a newb and going for the experience as much an any particular band however I do have some must sees like Demilich.
  10. I mostly buy via bandcamp these days if possible, I mean they still let you d/l flac instead of mp3s and I am a nerd enough to care. All my 3,000+ CD (probably more in the mid 4ks) got ripped (as flac) to LAN and that plugs into my DAC that can be controlled by various UI device such as a tablet. That said, since I tend to also listen to a shitton of new stuff, that I typically first go to Spotify or elsewhere thereafter. But if I see myself spinning something again and again it is a buy. For LP, which I do have a collection, I am pretty strict. It has to be top of my list of albums I love as it takes up way too much space and costs way too much, but I've already spent a shitton on my vinyl setup in my questionable audiophile days. For vinyl, I think thinned it to ~300-400, but probably will only keep ~100, and these days mostly metal.
  11. I can't say I am a huge fan but I was disappointed. I can't say Profanatica is a good substitute. Anyway though, there is plenty here for me at least. This is already a pretty niche music festival eschewing all the nu-metal, pop metal and butt rock names that bring in crowds. If they pandered only to goat metalists then it probably wouldn't survive as a festival. Got to have some meat and potato death metal or stalwart old brigade names to bring in some semblance of a crowd. I am not a goat metalist, although I like a bit and look forward to seeing some of those names live, so I am happy with a pretty solid lineup as I see it. As with any festival, I wish there were names on the bill that aren't. I see this kind of festival as a chance to see a bunch of names that typically only tour Europe. The cancelled 2020 Pyscho Las Vegas, which I had tickets, airfair and hotel room for, was one such festival.
  12. So whose going? I'm pretty fucking stoked to be going! I haven't been to MDF before, in fact I've never been to Baltimore before except to drive through it. With all the COVID bullshit these past years, I am seriously itching for some live music and no better way that a fest with a killer lineup! I'll be traveling alone because my friends are into this heavy of metal shows, but who cares. What band are you itching to see the most? For me it is quite a list as there are plenty I have never seen before. Bloodbath, Carcass, Necrophobic, Sacrementum, Enforced, etc, etc. http://www.deathfests.com/event/mdf-xviii
  13. My top 5 is typically always changing, evolving, if you consider what is in top rotation at any time. I have old loves that I revisit from time to time but I tend to find something in the moment that grips me and becomes impregnated in my eardrum for the short term. It becomes a juxtaposition between what I think were the best albums/bands and what is what I really am viscerally consuming. So I will reply with what I keep spinning in the moment: No particular order, but this is surely enough to get Goatmaster General's goat: 1) Meshuggah 2) Ulcerate 3) Panzerfaust 4) Wode 6) MGLA
  14. ^^ I remember Anal Cunt, didn't know they were still around Just pre-ordered Outre-Tombe's new one, I have high hopes for another stellar old skool DM rip, but we'll see.
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