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  1. My top 5 is typically always changing, evolving, if you consider what is in top rotation at any time. I have old loves that I revisit from time to time but I tend to find something in the moment that grips me and becomes impregnated in my eardrum for the short term. It becomes a juxtaposition between what I think were the best albums/bands and what is what I really am viscerally consuming. So I will reply with what I keep spinning in the moment: No particular order, but this is surely enough to get Goatmaster General's goat: 1) Meshuggah 2) Ulcerate 3) Panzerfaust 4) Wode 6) MGLA
  2. ^^ I remember Anal Cunt, didn't know they were still around Just pre-ordered Outre-Tombe's new one, I have high hopes for another stellar old skool DM rip, but we'll see.
  3. Death metal bands don't really want to become dead metal bands.
  4. Seriously though, went looking to chat with some virtual mates on another now extinct forum and realized it was no longer. Turns out they migrated here, so here I am as well! Oh and I just bought my 4 day pass to MDF! \m/
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