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Found 14 results

  1. Finnish industrial metal group Project Silence have premiered a visualizer for their newest single, "Cult", song is taken from their upcoming album, details about the album are not yet revealed.
  2. We are a Emo Rock Drummer and Lead Vocals band. Looking for 1 male and 1 female member In the Bristol County, Massachusetts or Rhode Island Area. Age Preference is 18 years old to 20 years old. We have a FB Page, and an Instagram account. The band started on june 12th, 2019. With inspirations such as Black Veil Brides, we haven't written any songs yet, and we need to sing the same things black veil brides sing about If interested, Please Contact me VIA PM. Thank you, Noah "Colleen Dahmer" Boyd FACEBOOK: Noah Boyd Instagram: @fullblownemohead or @colleendahmer_thedevilsinz
  3. There's a tons of these in Europe, Wve-Gotik-Treffen, Wave-Gotik-Warsaw, Castle Pary, M'era Luna, etc. It frustrates me to no end that the American scene doesn't unify all the darly inclined like in Europe where its all Dark Culture of Schwarze Scene. It keeps us into isolated groups when we could be massive and theres alot of crossover between music fans. This festival would hopefully be a Legend Valley Ranch if enough registered users join the forum (which collects no personal info and even recomendeds protonmail for privacy). If you are in driing distance of Columbus and want to go to an outdoor festival the like of a spectral and spooky and ghastly Electric Forest or Burning Man join the forum and help me make this happen. I'm sick of the hippies and the ravers haing these spectacular otherworldy Cirque Du Soleil type events with Burning Man with all the art installations and everything. That is NOT the only aesthetic, we can make a Everyday Is Halloween type Morbid Macabre Masquerade type deal. Fire dancers aren't owned by hippies and ravers, and neither are lasers, smoke machines, and all the rrest. If I get enough people to register that are willing to come then I can get the sponsors (Giant Breweries and Microbrews and Liquor Companies generally) to throw money at it enabling the space to be reserved and then vendors dealing in macabre and spooky wares can buy booth space off Etsy and then there is the band budget. So please If you live in Pittsburgh, Philly, Indianapolis, perhaps Chicago if you can stand the drive, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton, Kentucky, West Virginia, Detroit, or anywhere within tolerable driving distance please register to show that a desire for a Dark Burning Man exists and that we can have dark festivals just as spectacular as Europe (WGT gets 60k), I'm hoping for 5,000. If the url is unreadable its https://noxempiriumfestival.org. This is a Gloom and Doom spooky type festial, blacklights and bluelights and smoke mahines and spiderwebs and funerary morbid themed. Apologies to those who all are hammers and hellfire, this will be a mellow event and hopefully beautifully gloomy. The genres chosen are more geared toward that vibe.
  4. Hello, Lead bassist of Nil Rovaan here. We are looking for both a drummer and a DJ, for our experimental band. Quite hard to explain what we want, other than that we are evolving our ideas constantly and want to change things around, but also keep what makes us us. We love a creepy, eerie atmosphere, probably foggy stage, however we'll be going from chugging like gojira, to playing funky nu-metal stuff. We want to be more than just one thing and we also want to be able to blend these things, for an unpredictable experience. We are based in Sweden. We want a drummer that can not only go fast but also play slower technical stuff. (I'm really bad at explaining drumming lol) We do not need an expert, but if you can hold a beat and evolve with us from there, shit message us, we can work things out. We have a good idea for what you'll look like, atleast (if you're a man, that is, otherwise we'll rethink it ofc) You'll be Porkgrinder, the human pig. More on that, if you're interested, it's only aesthetic anyway. We've also had an idea of a circular drum kit, but that is only up for debate and we'd begin thinking of that later on anyway. This is all up for debate ofc, if you have your own character, or way of playign that fits the band, we'll ofc look at it all as a band. DJ time! Turntables, synth, noisemaker and ambiance player. Hard to explain, but examples would be a combination of ministry's DJ, incubus DJ and what rammstein's keyboardist does. Take sounds/samples from our instruments and shift em around like the magician you are and use em in the songs. We also have ideas to plug our instruments, most likely a bass or guitar (or both) into your mixer(?) and let you mix the sound around and make all sorts of trippy stuff. So, if you feel like you're qualified by any margin, feel free to message us and make some new friends and connections. Any skill level and gender is allowed, don't be shy.
  5. Greetings, [4672] from Poland here, We'd like to say Hi to all fans of twisted, weird and mind bending metal, hope you guys heard our latest album [aether]? if not make sure to google us, spotify, iTunes or find us on other streaming platform, we're practically everywhere now, if you still can't find us then drop us an email, we'll try to reply same day depends on the time zone, for anyone interested in physical or digital media feel free to reach out as well, we can send you direct link to download as long as you share it with your mates! finally, we'd like to ask you for a favour, help us out in classifying our genre by dropping an email with some ideas! or simply saying what you like or don't about [4672], in return we'll send you our latest album in mp3 by wetransfer, fair? then we're waiting for your emails! in the mean time have a look at this: thanks dem4672[at]o2.pl
  6. Behold, the 'industrial metal' project - Military Industrial Complex. An invocation of the brutal machinations of the war machine, exhorting it's gleeful offering of human life and endless toil. Rejoice, as the enemies of this industry are crushed beneath the weight of trillions of dollars of military research. Watch the feeble fall before the might of the empire, backed by the rituals of the damned, sacrificing the mob for the benefit of the ruling elite. Here, we have woven occult understandings and psychological truth with the grinding force which drives the war machine to create a sound to bang your head on, or to stew in understanding of it's great evil perfection. May you grant the bearer of it's glory many likes and subscribes and bow down in indentured servitude !!! militaryindustrialcomplex.ca https://www.facebook.com/militaryindustrialcomplex1
  7. Hello there!We're ELECTRIFIED - an Industrial Groove Metal band from Kyiv, UkraineWe have released our first album recently and are eager to share it with people.You can listen to it at our Bandcamp page: https://electrified.bandcamp.com/And also some tracks on Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5n6B5i2JmMhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kX_rSFivLwThe album is also available on all online stores and streaming services, but if you want, we'll give you a link to the free version of it. Feel free to share your opinion with us!
  8. Hail, I looking for vocalist and also guitarist or drums programming to industrial black metal band. I preferred cooperation on-line. At this moment I have 8 track without vocal and text. In the future, I'd like creation with few people, becouse now Im alone (I recording guitar, bass, drums, synth) and I think that will be better created music with few people.Ok. My inspiration are: Godflesh, Mysticum, Aborym and etc. If you'r interesting pls send me mail I tell you how I create music, how record and ect. Any info in mail. Im from Poland. [email protected]
  9. >>>Full length album from War Occult band Plague Phalanx >>>Now available for free listen and digital download via Bandcamp https://plaguephalanx.bandcamp.com/album/iniquitous-eugenics
  10. Finnish blackened industrial metal band Project Silence has released lyric video from their second album Slave To The Machine, check it out here: Slave To The Machine was released 30.06.2016 https://www.facebook.com/projectsilenceband/https://www.recordshopx.com/artist/project_silence/slave_to_the_machine/#479287
  11. Finnish industrial metal band Project Silence has released a new preview song 'Desperation' from their upcoming album 'Slave To The Machine' which will be released 30.06.16. Tracklist: 1. Omen 2. Flesh Of The God 3. Circus Of Seven 4. Apocalypse 5. The Era Of Fear 6. Prototype 7. Sick (Slave To The Machine) 8. Abyss 9. Perversion 10. The Nameless 11. Titan 12. Desperation 13. Infection 14. Invasion 15. Termination In Progress (Bonus)
  12. Industrial metal band Project Silence has signed with an american label Sliptrick Records. Label will release bands upcoming second album 'Slave To The Machine' worldwide in 2016. More info about the album and other news later! http://label.sliptrickrecords.com/f...oject-silence-to-be-out-on-sliptrick-records/ Message from the band: "Ok guys, here are the news we have waited for a long time to be able to release so here it is: Industrial metal band Project Silence has signed with an american label Sliptrick Records. Label will release bands upcoming second album 'Slave To The Machine' worldwide in 2016. More info about the album and other news later! A big thanks to all of you who have supported us over the years! Cheers from all the members of Project Silence!" https://www.facebook.com/projectsil...75568165764/10153485276180765/?type=3&theater
  13. Here is 'House Of Gods', from UK industrial black metal act Wytchfilth. A previously unreleased hymn from 2014 that is to be included on the 'Malcontent' EP, out 30th March, https://soundcloud.com/wytchfilth/house-of-gods www.facebook.com/wytchfilthofficial www.wytchfilth.bandcamp.com www.wytchfilthstore.bigcartel.com
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