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  1. Hey hello! Please contact me to this e-mail: [email protected] I can give you more tracks to listen to and you'll get a much faster response through there. The vocalist position is open again.
  2. Hello! We're Volixe, a thrash/death/black/progressive metal band with influences of classical and orquestral music. We're from Chile and we're here to create masterpiece stuff and have fun. Check out our latest release!: Our social media: -Twitter: https://twitter.com/Volixe3 -Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/volixeband/ -Bandcamp: https://volixe.bandcamp.com/
  3. Volixe is a thrash metal band from Chile with death, progressive, black and classical/orquestal influences. Check out our first release for our demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOAwLjcETbQ
  4. Hello! I'm currently looking for a talented singer (male or female) that wishes to join my band: "Volixe". I'm near the release of the demo/EP. I just need a cool person that has nice vocals to finish it. I'm from Chile so this would most likely be an online collaboration. Every song for the demo/EP is already composed by me and a couple of lyrics are already done too. The band has thrash, death, black, progressive metal and even classical music influences. It's somewhat experimental. You can listen to these tracks to kind of know the style I'm going for: Requirements: - Advanced or native english. - Must like to party - Being friendly - Having a decent mic and interface Optional: - Being able to do growls/screams - Having a bullet belt - Party listening to nuclear assault - Chugging beer in less than 3 seconds If interested or want to listen more stuff that we've done or want to know more about me or the band PM me through here or you can send us a mail to: [email protected]
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