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    Metal Enthusiast seeking a vocalist for a new project. Songs are written and recorded; just need lyrics and a dedicated vocalist!
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  1. We are everywhere! Follow this link if you're unsure of where to find our music. It'll set you up with a list of streaming/download services where you can find our EP. https://share.amuse.io/xVzPpxBSycDI Have a great weekend all \m/
  2. Hey everyone, Harpy's Wrath is now live on all streaming services! Give us a listen and let us know what you think! Have a great day, Ash
  3. Hey everyone, With the release of Harpy's Wrath onto all major streaming sites just a week away, I thought it was high time we put our stuff up on Youtube. You can listen to the full EP here, I've also uploaded videos for each individual track from the EP. We appreciate any and all support where available! Even if it's just subscribing to the Youtube, or following us on Spotify (As of the 29th remember!), or any of our social medias. (Links in first post). Have a great week! Ash
  4. Hey everyone, Pre-save link for Harpy's Wrath on Spotify is up now https://share.amuse.io/album/haine-eternelle-harpys-wrath Cheers, speak soon!
  5. Harpy's Wrath Update Harpy's Wrath will be available on all the big streaming and downloading services as of the 29th October. Next update will be the pre-save link which'll be available two days beforehand so stay tuned!
  6. I agree with Ludo, Orianthi's an absolute unit of a guitar player but it's pop/hard rock. I'd put her in the same genre as Steve Vai or Satriani.
  7. Mine would be Behemoth, Mastodon, and ABBA (I absolutely adore ABBA!)
  8. I was listening to a lot of Avenged Sevenfold's City of Evil/Waking the Fallen albums around the time I started listening to Slipknot many years ago. City of Evil is more pop like but the instrumentation is absolutely wild, Waking the Fallen is a bit heavier with metalcore elements. Still listen to them this day, their latest album The Stage is an absolute masterpiece and I recommend it to absolutely anyone.
  9. Could it be Avenged Sevenfold? A lot of people regarded The Rev as one of the best drummers at the time.
  10. I picked up a Laney Ironheard 60w head and 2x12 cab for around £600 ($800 - $850 US) and I was blown away! It has three channels with the usual clean, rythm, lead setup but also has a pre-gain stage on top of the actual gain, and a bunch of knobs and doodads to create some unique tones. There's a watt dial too so if you're playing at home you can dial down the wattage but boost the volume (I don't fully understand how it works). It can be a bit tinny, but I've paired it with a cheap tube screamer and it sounds incredible! Might sound like I'm endorsed by Laney (I wish) but it's a pretty diverse amp, if it's within your price range I'd definitely recommend it.
  11. a hell yes to the Behemoth and greetings from the UK Raphael! Welcome to the forum!
  12. Hi everyone, Haine Eternelle, a melodic death metal union between the UK and Canada's first EP is up on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. I think it's a little rough around the edges, but I reckon a few of you would enjoy it! With only the two of us, our current plans are to just write music and infect the internet with our noise, and Harpy's Wrath will soon be released on the usual big name streaming services. If you find yourself becoming a fan, we'd greatly appreciate a follow on the socials, and if you really dig this, please by all means share with people. Honestly, the support of you guys in the forum means a lot to us! So any form of interaction is appreciated! Facebook Instagram Bandcamp Thanks, and have a killer week \m/
  13. Hey everyone, Our project Haine Eternelle's first EP is live on BandCamp. Super stoked with how it's all come together! It's a mix of death/black and melodic metal and I figured here would be a great place to start promoting it! Hope you enjoy it. https://haineeternelle.bandcamp.com/releases?fbclid=IwAR1Lx5XDZ36n3wQLM0Q6WQJwUi_imTD3AC3rz1t6wAaTTUobS5g4Rhb96MY
  14. 1. Behemoth 2. Brendon Small's - Galaktikon 2 (Incredible album!) 3. Gojira 4. Mastodon 5. Mr Bungle (Not quite metal but still extreme IMO)
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