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    We are SMRT a two-man black metal project currently working on our debut EP.
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    Writing and recording music. Playing black metal.

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  1. SMRT - Full EP - 2022 (Posting courtesy of Black Metal Promotion).
  2. Music video for "The Fall". Be advised: This film contains gore and female nudity. If you are offended by these please do not watch.
  3. I honestly wish there were more all female metal bands. I came across "Crypta" from Napalm Records and they are awesome. I follow Solar guitars on Facebook and Crypta guitarist Taina Bergamaschi is now sponsored by them. Fucking rad!!!
  4. Nice! Looks like they passed on a little bad luck to Sepultura though. lol
  5. Met one of these guys in passing recently at a local guitar store in Orlando. The following link I'm sharing is their debut music video from their first group release "Entropic Necromancy". The link is to their actual Facebook page. The footage and music is so nasty! (In the good way of course). Be advised! Extreme gore! https://fb.watch/c8Cvzs25yV/
  6. Damn, man. I had no idea. I hope he recovers quickly.
  7. Thanks for this. I'm currently trying to get my children more involved with music - especially my daughter. The first instrument we put in front of her was a piano. I was reluctant to do so initially because she has always seemed drawn to my drum kit. Every time she comes into my man cave/studio - she walks straight to the drums and starts hammering away with a smile. I believe what you said about social conditioning applies to the parents as well. My wife immediately insisted piano when we were discussing lessons for the kids. I should have put my foot down back then. I'll try to change her mind tonight. Cheers!!! \m/ \m/
  8. The classic, drunk Necrobutcher interview is a prime example....
  9. One of the handful of bands I've discovered watching movies. Just listened to "Awakening" it's a banger. Glad they're stilling killing it!!!
  10. Exactly!!! Just quoting some extreme purists that I've bumped elbows with in the past. I'm currently in a black metal band and we adhere to none of those. We are quite the opposite.
  11. This is something that has been a recurring thought for me for a long time. Growing up I adopted the belief that metal was a way to remove the grip of any type of boundary - both figuratively and literally. I'm not talking about classifications of metal or the free merging of them. I understand having sub-genres helps us all tune into what makes us happy. It's the aesthetic perspective that gets me. For example, with black metal you HAVE to: wear corpse paint, worship Satan, and spend your hard earned cash to intentionally make your recording sound horrible. And regardless of how one writes, if they don't adhere to the unwritten rules they're not true (insert genre). Thoughts?
  12. Here is the debut single "The Fall" from our upcoming EP.
  13. I am Draugr! I love playing guitar and writing music. I am currently in a black metal project with an old friend of mine. My favorite genres of metal are black, death, and thrash. We are mainly here to network and share our upcoming material.
  14. Hello everyone! We are SMRT. A two-man black metal project that formed during the pandemic. Our favorite bands are Immortal, Mayhem, Watain, Mgla, Batushka, and Dimmu Borgir. We actually saw Mayhem last night at The Orpheum in Tampa, Florida. They were amazing!!! We look forward to networking with some awesome people and sharing our upcoming EP soon. Thanks for having us!!! \m/ \m/ Our debut EP and music video links are below!!!
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