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  1. Metal hammer 🔨 is hit and miss. I've discovered some great metal music through them so won't knock it 100%. Also I've got good albums through record labels info emails. Good to hear that metal hammer is more metal than in the past. And at least green Day and foo fighters don't get so much coverage 😉
  2. Love bites are all female metal band. I'm not a fan where as konvent I liked. Konvent said they just got the best people they could work with and they just happened to be female. No plan. Maybe the best metal musicians are mostly men.
  3. That's great you liked the X factor on first play through. Even with the original mix. I got the remastered version which I like. I should do a comparison to see if there's much difference. Apparently remastered is alot more polished. St anger by Mettalica. It's by no means my favourite of there's. I played it today and I enjoyed most of of it till last couple of tracks and then off it went. I liked the intensity and energy, bit repetitive and the drums sound was overall a letdown.
  4. James t hello again. Overdrivers do very catchy music. It reminds me of mostly acdc, vocals of aerosmith a bit(Joe Tyler),airborne. Considering first two albums they recorded themselves they sound amazing. The mechanic I work with will like this. Well probably 😉 That new wolves in the throne room album I like alot. Very catchy. I like the videos. Very interesting. Have you seen the videos. Another album that I liked more than I thought after another play was Mettalica st anger. I enjoyed it most out of any of there albums since the black album was today's impression, that energy was fantastic to hear, it's repetitive and the drums sound I don't like so much. I think it was you I spoke to about this album. Correct me if I'm wrong. Not heard of the other bands you mentioned but I will give them a listen
  5. Blaze bailey tickets to his UK tour at Bedford uk. Something to look forward to on the day I hit 40. My parents always said comps are disjointed because there mixing music from potentially a big period of time and it's just going to sound not as good as getting the bands best album/s. I agree with them. I don't buy compilation albums any more. Also comps miss those tracks that are not so famous but in my experience I enjoy more than the big hits.
  6. Balor you've boudless knowledge, you know it😉 That's disappointing that said musician was arguing with fans discussing his work. Especially all the stupid and immature comments, definitely a case of liking there music but being disappointed by there personality. My uncle used to write Hollywood scripts and he liked the money but not working with the stars. Well he disliked working with most of them☺️
  7. Your right if there's no elements of metal in the music it's not metal.absoloutely. Surely New metal sub genres can include other music in them as long as they mix it with a healthy amount of typical metal sections.
  8. Thrashman this is very interesting. Is it like a standoff between a sheep and a fox at a cathedral/temple. Is this hand drawn or done on computer 👍
  9. Metal hammer magazine probably has the wrong name. It should be called heavy music. Because it's for punk, hardcore as well as heavy metal and other genres which I can't remember. I'd probably like it more with just heavy metal coverage though
  10. Depraved is a light for me to on the forum too. Full of wisdom. Lots of interesting comments. I'm sure she will appreciate your comments when she next logs in. Good luck getting your daughter to play music. 👍
  11. My best friend got attacked after a rap concert some years back. He was walking home when he got attacked by some rap fans. The intervention of others saved serious damage and possibly his life. After that I always try to do some research to the concerts I'm going to. If I'm in doubt I don't go. It's probably bit silly because I agree with you. There's bad people who listen to every genre of music. So I'd say I was probably treating black metal fans a bit harshly. Painting all with the same brush is not right.its the same when people assume all heavy metal fans are this one stereotype when there not. Obviously there's a few in that mould but even there not as black and white as what people assume. Thanks though for the amazing response. Spot on dude at explaining your thinking👍 your right about black metal. It's other people's loss for not listening to it. Maybe it's just too extreme for most people. I'm the extreme one in my family so of course I like black metal somewhat. And my wife thinks I waste too much time on this forum. But what an interesting discussion that's taking place😁
  12. Balor knows all😉good to hear from you. Ok didn't know that about the un named black metal kvlt musician embarrassing themselves years later. I still embarrass myself but at least I don't advocate burning buildings down. When one of the members of emperor apologized for the church burnings they once supported. I decided to get some of there albums which I've liked. I would have got them alot earlier but that stuff put me off. I remember reading articles from 1990s and thinking not for me. Politics and music for me don't mix.
  13. James t good luck with building that career. My job is finite and I'm enjoying it at the moment. Working with good people helps alot. Fantastic you liked the slow album. Seraphim I liked too. I've had a few albums I wanted to buy but lack of green held me back😞no iron maiden Virtual 11 just yet although I did get a fantastic magnum t shirt when I saw them last week. There a hard rock band but they were excellent live. new conjurer(doomy metal ) album looks promising but I need to hear more than 1 track. Cool Rock n roll binge. Why not listen to what you like. I've been listening to latest wolves in the throne room album again which I'm liking. Very atmospheric.theyve got a bit of a sound going on from the last album on this and I like it. Out of interest What other bands are you listening to when your not working out. Not heard of krokus or hard bone. Will Google them.
  14. Everything😉my point was I'm against musical restrictions. If outside the box thinking pushes metal in a way that sounds amazing, that's superb and if I don't like it, I will happily let others listen instead of me. I listen to a few albums by black metal bands but elites of the genre often don't class it as black metal as it does not tick all the boxes. All the church burnings and rather elitest stuff I've heard about black metal fans puts me off seeing live shows. Like being beaten to death by there fans at a gig for not being kvlt enough or sacrificing animals for some black metal vooddoo thing at gigs. I'm much happier at doom metal or other genres of live metal shows. I could well be wrong re what live black shows are really like. At least we can agree that metal music does not have to be boring. That's the first thing we've ever agreed on 😂 but my firm opinion is music that does not push the boundaries a bit can easily become stale and boring.
  15. Will Smith only slaps so that's much preferred. It's Nothing like that body slam agent Smith put on neo in matrix revolutions that made a huge crater😉
  16. I got really bad deja vu today whilst writing a card for a friend that it had reminded me like I'd done some very similar before. Sort of had a panic attack/ reminded me of being in a nightmare. I'm know I'm not only one who has these. But shared it. I had some food and did some jobs and was fine. What is it with deja vu? Any experts out there. It's not like in the matrix where deja vu is the code getting changed. Agent Smith is not going to knock on my door. I hope not😂
  17. It's Me myself and Irene 😉 Not the best edited
  18. Isn't this forum social media. Just saying. I agree Facebook, Twitter and all that can be very negative and they seem to monotise hateful stuff sometimes. Like they just want as much advertising money as they can regardless of the message content. For instance there way too slow to take down all sorts of awful posts and that's if they ever take them down. Plus why can't the user take them down like you can here. but some of the metal bands Facebook pages were positive from my experience.you had to be invited in. Very much if you were nasty to others you was kicked off. These pages I suspect are a minority on social media. I'm rarely on it.
  19. I've never gotten on with reggae. I find it makes me very agitated and I don't like it. I just don't connect with it. Maybe it's too upbeat for me. I'm a glass empty kind of guy😁 However listen to what you like. Are you still listening to reggae and who if so? Is reggae metal a thing. Is that bands like skindread?
  20. Agree with that Tokyo. Alot of the metal I listen to pushes the boundaries mixing music and metal which are quite surprising at times. From my experience just confinement to certain rules gets boring quickly for music. Normally the ones who say metal is boring are the ones from my experience who see metal as set in stone. Well it's my interpretation anyway. They say I don't listen to metal much because I'm bored of it. Metal from my experience is anything but boring. Loads of choice out there. Is that how you see it?
  21. I think everyone is entitled to there view but I'm not necessarily going to agree with them. When gaal was asked about church burnings he said he agreed 100% with doing this and he wanted more of it. This kind of response just puts me off listening to his music. Chainsawkikimbo(think that's name) said on previous thread on this forum said all the burning of buildings puts him off listening to some black metal bands. I'm with him on that.
  22. What about konvent from Denmark. There latest album call down the sun I think is good death/doom album obviously all the bands fronted by a female should not be discounted just because not all members are female I think. Rollo tomassi, venom prison are examples of this. Then there are bands like baroness, code orange, my dying bride who have a female member in the band.
  23. I had a cheese toasty with olive oil, oregano and cheddar cheese. Simple but effective.😋 Some Vinegar would have been amazing addition but I'm cutting back on that due to my ibd. Still worked well with the oven cooked french fries
  24. That's great you started a new job. Hope that works for you. I was moved areas in my work but now I'm back in my previous area because of the lack of work in my new area. I'm pleased to have work tbh so I'm good. How to disappear completely seraphim is easy listening and relaxing so could easily catch some zzzzz's to this😁 Sounds like it could be music for a modern murder mystery program I've been watching. I'm liking it. Thanks for the suggestions.im yet to hear the others but will let you know when I hear them. Also Did you get to hear that slow deeper in the space higher in the ocean album that I recommended. What did you think. Did you like it
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