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  1. Is using a gum shield like the done thing most rugby players use. One of my wife's friends plays rugby and they played against one player who was so scathing about gum shields they decided to teach them a lesson by knocking out alot of there teeth.bit harsh if you ask me. Surely just winning the game would have been all that they needed to do. 😉
  2. I'm not shitting on that. No way. A bucket is better than that. Brown trouser time is better😂
  3. I'd like to see Mettalica live. Ive got to just pay the money. Last time they toured UK tickets were £100 and I said no. However when they next tour I may just buy some tickets anyway. What was they like live did they have lots of props and special effects. Obviously they've got the amazing music. New music from unexpected places is great. Iron maiden xfactor was last surprise purchase I got from a metal forum recommendation. It was a case where I got it because I liked it and was something a bit different. I don't know about you but if I listen to the same style of metal non stop I just get bored and sick of it. At those points I put my other styles of metal on. Keeps things fresh. With Veronica decides to die. The early tracks were my favourite and was very much music I listen to alot of the time. Produced by Flemming Rasmussen who Mettalica fans know who that is😉 For a band you like alot why not. I've spent similar money on watching some sports events in the United States and it was not worth it as the match was boring but that's the risk. Even bands have off nights. It makes the great concerts even more memorable. Good luck with getting tickets for acdc show
  4. Hello jorkid. Does it make much difference download on flac. I get music from bandcamp, Amazon music for more mainstream bigger label albums. I have only about 400 at the moment. Every so often I trade in all the stuff I don't like. If I hadn't done that my collection would be probably double this size. No vinyl at the moment. I used to buy second hand stuff from a good local shop. Very economical it was as didn't have much money at the time. As I listen mostly on headphones these days probably no point in listening to records just yet. I prefer the sound I get from headphones too 🎧
  5. I bought massive bag of swizzels refresher Mini chew bars and there so brittle because room temp is not high enough in UK at moment. To avoid tooth damage I soften in microwave. Much better😉 beats when my brother had a filling pulled out by popcorn 🍿 at the cinema recently Any one else do the heating trick with toffees. Can't just be me surely?
  6. James t I'm impressed you've given that I recommendation I mentioned a go. that's great you like it. It's bit niche but I sure like it. I've listened to saturnus and it sounds very similar to the one I recommended for first half of albumt. Veronica decides to die was name of album.Thanks for recommendation. Not heard others yet Lamb of God are touring UK in December. I like them but not enough for £50 tickets. They cost half that when I saw them last almost 10 years ago. They may have more e elaborate show now. Have you ever seen an arena/stadium show. Never been to one myself although may go to machine head/ amon amarth co tour later this year
  7. I've liked listening to welcome to hell and black metal more than I thought I would. I can hear other bands they influenced too like slayer. Apparently Kerry was big fan of first two records and was so pleased when they toured with venom early in there career
  8. James t cool to hear from you. When I hear candlesmass epica doomicus album I hear similarity between Phil Anselmo vocals and this album. It's only the high pitch stuff squeals. Apparently Phil is big doom fan so maybe he was inspired for those. Have you ever made that connection. Ashes of the wake. I'm going to listen again to it. It's cool to have those memories attached to it. Your right youve grown up with lamb of god You will see log live before too long. They tend to be on amazing tours. They've played with obituary, slayer and megadeth recently including the one that got cancelled. Sorry to remind you again about that. Thanks for the doom recommendations and definitely check out the one I mentioned. It's amazing
  9. I saw "the batman film". I enjoyed it. Interesting new look. It was different yet somehow familiar. And what is it with batman films. Why do the baddies always want to destroy Gotham city. Surely just some other plot would work too.
  10. Good to hear from you kk or Mr freddo 😉I agree Easter chocolate is overpriced. Always seemed that way to me unless you get a good offer and even that is not that good an offer compared to every day offers from my experience. You've really been crunching the numbers. I did that for sweets when I was eating alot of them. It works. Your right Cadbury chocolate is better than Aldi chocolate. I tried all the cheap Aldi chocolate and wasn't impressed. Aldi Dark chocolate I liked. Not keen on Cadbury dark as it's not higher enough in coco percentages but each to there own
  11. The Christmas chocolate tasted great. I overate it and felt terrible but I got through. Overdramatic way of putting it but my digestion system can't cope with it😁 Easter chocolate is feels like its overpriced in my experience however deals such as by 1 get two free are good. Your right some eggs have short date on them. That's more reason to eat them faster
  12. Thanks for recommendations dude and good your health is better. Blaze is doing some UK shows so hopefully I will get to one of those. 🙂 Before they sell out Kill and destroy is another blaze song I like alot. Sounds a bit Saxon in places but I like that. 👍live would be amazing no doubt in my mind. Closest I've got to metal live was jet planes taking off when I driving past airports. It's just not the same. 😉COVID is over so more of this🎸live Maybe another time to meet ripper Owens and saxon.
  13. Good to hear from you heavy metal d, Venoms names are very metal I reckon. War machine, demolition man, war maniac and er Jesus Christ otherwise known as Clive 😁 The Tony Dolan stuff is well put together from what I heard but I'd say it's better constructed and less rough around the edges. I still prefer the early live stuff. I reckon theyd be good live. Have you seen them live
  14. I've enjoyed ashes of the wake more than sacrament. It's got more variety which helps. However I've not heard any stand out tracks in the red neck, walk with me in hell calibre but I still like ashes more. Thanks for recommending. Have you seen them live. I thought they was excellent live including Randy's vocal performance. He's quite funny from what I remember about some of the between tracks comments. I'd see them again Tbh I listen to more blackened death/doom. Some fantastic stuff out there. Whilst you can't get enough of the groove I can't get enough of a doomy melody.aphonic threnody the drowning is perfect example.
  15. Thanks for the info. I will let you know how I get on
  16. When I saw British thrash band acid reign couple years ago now the female fans were treated very well. There was a female crowd surfing and I've never seen so much care and attention given to this. Probably average age of crowd being in there 60s might have helped this good behaviour
  17. Bought Cadbury reduced price Christmas chocolate from fuel station. The selection boxes are very tasty 😋. Not so sure about winter wonderland chocolate even if it's dairy milk but at least packet looked good. Plus for the price I was happy.
  18. I used to fall asleep to metal but the amount of headphones I broke put me off carrying on. It's been a few years so I can't remember what sent me off but I suspect burn my eyes machine head, wintersun forest seasons etc and both I love. Now I just put on ear defenders as any small noise keeps me awake. Not so easy to break too. Lamb of God I should give them more of a listen. I got sacrament cd when I saw them live few years ago. Me and my future wife went to that gig. but I should give them another listen. Is ashes of the wake worth a listen. What do you like about it.
  19. Cool that your keeping busy even if on other forums. I'm doing ok really. Obviously the Ukraine situation is bit of an unknown and being in UK how will that affect me. Hopefully I won't be called up. Paintball is one thing. War is another. Yeah it's amazing how it can just click. I played bloodlust live to the mechanic at work who is a keen musician. It was too full on for him. He also discounted the motorhead comparison which I mentioned as theres a similarity to my ears at least.As he said they had more of a tune to there music whilst venom were just more extreme in approach. Good to hear from you
  20. Not heard these. Will need to check them out. 👍
  21. Fantastic your getting back to full health. The man who would not die is an album I like a lot so I bet that title track was amazing live. I'm listening to X factor again. Still I'm loving it. You was well lucky to see blaze live and the shows with audience participation is what I like too👍. I'm going to have to get on the mailing list as I want to see him live more so than iron maiden. What a voice and the tickets cost bit less too😉 I reckon very good going to get the autograph stuff. Well done. When I meet famous people I just shake there hand and walk off or just think there a look alike😁
  22. Well said. When I'm bad I'm taking up yoga. My back has some way to go yet😉
  23. Thanks that was really what I needed. Loads of sympathy 😉 our plumber is stopping installation of new boilers because of the lifting strains on his back and kness. He does not need to be capped in the knees as there already knackered. Same with another plumber I spoke to when I was at garage having work van serviced. His body is broke so he now got a desk job with the council.⌨️💻🖱️
  24. I really thought I'd done my back in yesterday lifting thick cast metal manole cover lids at work. Oddly enough the little one was the worst. It was the poor lifting technique that was the concern. Unfortunately sometimes with heavy things putting them down is easier said than done. A heavy item on foot is not good. Im not needing to take heavy pain killers so I'm probably ok. I'm sure I'm not only one who finds some heavy lifting a bit scary at times.
  25. Balor how are you. Venom I did not like initially. It sounded like motorhead music and I was expecting more. However after more plays and especially after watching there live stuff on YouTube. Got to say it's very very good. I reckon it takes metal on to a new level of extreme definitely and it definitely sounds fantastic when it works. Nightmare I liked,welcome to hell of course, I love bloodlust track so thrashy and intense. Have you got a favourite venom era or album.
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