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    I am a 36 year young person who has pastel pink and blonde hair that believes that the world would be a better place if we just loved one another.
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    I like to collect old 80's and 90's computers, paint, skateboard, snowboard and visit old Victorian

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  1. Macro by the Ukrainian band Jinjer. This has the best modern metal band around today. Their lead singer Tatiana Shmailyuk is an amazing vocalist and can do those extreme metal vocals better than most men. Bad taste in music? I'm joking. I find anything Metallica have done to be highly overrated.
  2. Hi. What's your band called?
  3. Why not try to do something original than doing something that's already been done a million times like Black Sabbath or Metallica? If I wanted to listen to something that sounded like Black Sabbath then I'll go listen to Black Sabbath and not a clone. Also trying to make money out of music is as hard as it has ever been. It's not impossible to do but trying to do it in a genre of music that's not once as big as it used to be with less and less young people getting into it (because the gatekeepers have told young people that any new sub style of metal they make and like is not real metal so they just don't get into metal full stop) is going to very, very, very hard. Not saying it can not be done but it's going to be nearly impossible being one of the 200th million clones of Black Sabbath or Metallica.
  4. The band Magnum often get overlooked in discussions like this so I'll mention them here. On a storyteller's night is a great album.
  5. I'll chime in on this and say hell yes. Bands like Rammstein, Faith No More and Type O Negative were all the better for having humour in their songs and live shows. Rammstein's lead singer chasing around the stage the bands keyboardist with a fake knife before catching him and placing him in a giant cooking pot and then pretending to cook him alive was one of the funniest things I ever saw live. That sort of humour which Rammstein puts into their live shows is what helps make them the greatest band to see live.
  6. I love that album so very much. Love? sounds like pop music and extreme metal mixed together and I love that.
  7. I don't listen to music through youtube because I only listen to music through my hi-fi separates system and none of my computers are hooked up to it. Plus I need to listen to an album by a band to see if I like them or not (not to mention youtube compresses sound quality) so I have brought a copy of Paracletus and The synarchy of molten bones on CD to listen to. Some of my favourite bands were discovered by me buying their CD's because I thought I take a change on the band despite not knowing anything about them (I like discovering new music that away) so not having heard then first before buying two albums by them does not bother me one bit.
  8. I do enjoy the black metal band 1349 so going on that will I enjoy Deathspell omega?
  9. As someone who listens to a lot of music on vinyl and CD, that is the biggest load of rubbish I've ever heard. The only reason I listen to music on vinyl and CD is because I have a hi-fi separates system and I can by vinyl and CD cheaply, mostly CD's cheaply. If I only listened to my music through my computer or a streaming system (which I do own on my hi-fi rack) I would still have the same joy and experience I get from listening to my music through my vinyls and CD's. Most of my favourite albums like October rust by Type O Negative or The dreadful hours by My Dying Bride have rubbish album art and if I wanna find the words to a song I always use the internet to do so.
  10. Italian industrial metal band Dope Stars Inc defiantly do.The song Digital warriors has the lyrics We are the ones who ride the edge We have no boundaries to defend We are a nuclear drive of viral strength We are the offspring of a dream We have to fight and we can win We own the sharpest weapons of the grid We are the punks We are the first We are the drill And thousands are the holes Where we can find a trick Because we are We are the digital warriors We are the children of the zero and one We are the ones who rule the web We have nobody who commands Among the bits and bytes we roam we dwell We are the core we are the stream In endless bytes we own light speed We have the fastest weapons of this eve We are the punks We are the weird We are the shit And all around the globe We are gonna make a blitz Because we are We are the digital warriors And underground we are gonna kill the sys We are the punks We are a twist We are a kiss Who's gonna make a blitz And win the rights we need If a film is ever made about the computer hacker group Anonymous then this song has to be it's main theme song.
  11. My Dying Bride: Doom metal legends The Gazette: Japanese metal band who dress in the visual kei style that's popular amongst japanese metal bands. Versailles: Another stellar Japanese metal band who dress in the visual kei style. I really wish that western metal bands took their style as seriously as this band do. Jinjer: A metal band from Ukraine who has a female lead singer who can do extreme metal vocals better than most men can. Lacuna Coil: Italian gothic metal legends who are my all time favourite band.
  12. Hey. I love Hammerfall and power metal band Iced Earth, don't know if your a fan of that band? I Love Electric Wizard, Dopethrone is an amazing album. what's your favourite Electric Wizard album? I use to big a mega fan of Nightwish but then Tarja left and I lost interest in the band. Still a massive fan of Tarja tho. Have fun here.
  13. Unleashed memories by Lacuna Coil I've no I idea who Deathspell Omega are but the name makes me want to cheek them out as that's sounds a very cool name for a band.
  14. Hey, I'm new here too. Hope you have fun here.
  15. As a male I have lots of female friends who are into metal music as I prefer to have female company to male company. I see lots of females that attend metal gigs when ever I go to one too. I suppose it depends on what style of metal you listen to. I listen and go see a lot of gothic metal bands live so that could be a reason. When I went and saw Lacuna Coil last, I went with 3 of my closest female friends. When I saw The Birthday Massacre live (they have metal songs like Blue, Red stars, Pins and needles and Lovers end before anyone says they are not a metal band) there were lots and lots of females in the audience And there were lots of females in the audience when I last saw Tarja Turunen. Also I went to Japan a few years a go to watch the amazing Japanese metal band The Gazette play live and the audience was mainly full of females as is very normal for Japanese metal bands who dress like The Gezette do, look up visual kei if you don't know what that is. You need to just look harder because there is a world full of female metal fans. Also I dress very feminine for a male and in the past I have been made fun of that fact by male metal fans. Well my response to her answer proves that her answer was not great as she just needs to look harder as this world is full of female metal fans.
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