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  1. Crunchy is a classic I rarely have. I've got more in to Cadbury caramel after my visit to Cadbury world. It was a freebieπŸ˜‹ Relax with a caramel says the bunny. I'm happy to oblige to her suggestion 😁
  2. Markm cool to hear from you. I've got COVID so it's proving a welcome distraction. Ive been buying fancy whisky occasionally for long time but I don't buy many a year. I know more about scotch whisky so thanks for bourbon information. Will likely go for a high rye one like the knob creek when I'm back in funds but thanks for info. Uncle nearest is interesting read. It's not owned by Jack Daniels from what I read but it's got alot of connection to jack Daniels. Thanks for socks tips. I've got a good chocolate shop which is great however no real great alcohol shop other than online. With the kayaking are you instructor? Am I right in assuming you take groups of people for various excursions? I did white water kayaking along time ago in Nepal. It was certainly exciting. Have you heard of basil Hayden bourbon. The Kentucky straight bourbon got good reviews. When I googled bourbon types there's 3 main types high rye, high wheat and traditional. Which is your favourite of the types. Alabaster from comment I'm guessing is a rye fan. I've definitely liked high wheat such as makers mark.
  3. Good to hear from you bud. what is happening to me.😁 The X factor is growing on me. Love that opening track. Never thought I'd say that. I like the solo stuff I've heard even more. I'm surprised the music's beating my expectations. I can see why he got the iron maiden job in first place because he's got that sound. He cant do the long power notes to my ears as good as Bruce can but he excels bruce at some of the other notes. To my ears at least. 😁 Overall I think Bruce is better fit for maiden. However I'd agree blaze is definitely underated. Might look for there tour dates as I bet it's good live. Have you seen blaze live. Also blaze bailey is way more metal name I reckon than Bruce Dickinson. Just saying
  4. Saxon id like to see live. I should make more of an effort to see them before they retire. Let me know how you get on with saxon. Alot of those old singers in my experience do a great job. Joey belladonna I thought was fantastic when I saw anthrax live and there's many others who I reckon do amazing. I think there experience for live gigs counts for alot. They just know how to work the crowd. Cool third gig. My third gig was not anything like Saxon or as good. Hopefully biff won't die like Lemmy. Fingers crossed. Lucky sock time etc πŸ˜‰ Magnum there rock with fantasy elements. Vigilante is amazing song of theres. Storytellers night I thinks excellent. Not quite metal but not that far away. I discovered them thanks to planet rock.
  5. I look forward to hearing what you think of forbidden. I will give deaths spiritual healing another listen. Didn't think it was that bad. It's the lowest rated album of there's. The cover I reckon is hilarious but in a good. Way😁
  6. Absolutely your right freddos I reckon are for all ages. I never said they were just for kids although it might have come across that way in message but that was not intention. 😁I just go for a big bar of dairy milk which is cheaper especially when there on offer. Save those pennies so I can buy more metal music🀘🀘
  7. That's cool re the Saxon gig. biff always good imo. Have you seen Saxon before. So many songs of there's I like I'm seeing magnum march. Not seen them before. I like there famous tracks but by no means am I mega fan and I think they will be good judging by there live videos which I like
  8. Hi steampunker. Slows deeper in the space and higher in the ocean has done so. I do like the album when I'm not so sleepy.ambient dream like with doomy bits Which black metal bands sends you off for some zzzzz's 😴 steam punker. You just mentioned black metal.
  9. Well at least your being honest😁 sometimes driving between my jobs for 100 miles feels similar.
  10. No freddo frog choccies. What's wrong with you πŸ˜‚ joking aside I don't eat them anymore. It's just my kids who have them. I had purple cabbage and carrot smoothie. After reading your posts and others on the forum thought I'd try something more Vege and healthier too. Best thing was the colour. Purple.
  11. The James bond was a brilliant NAT and for free from work too was excellent. Daniel Craig really goes out all guns blazing. My brother and mum complained it was too violent. I did point out he is a spy and it kinda goes with the jobπŸ˜‚ The James bond was a brilliant NAT and for free from work too was excellent. Daniel Craig really goes out all guns blazing. My brother and mum complained it was too violent. I did point out he is a spy and it kinda goes with the jobπŸ˜‚ Have you watched anything good recently NAT? Have you watched anything good recently NAT? My phone and duplication 😱
  12. Markm it's all about the socks 😁 heated gloves would be handy too. The price puts me off at the moment. I'm alot slower when my hands are freezing so I'm sure they'd be worth it. Are battery heated gear more a thing in USA as I don't know many who use it in UK apart some biker friends from work. Thanks for info re Woodford reserve. Yeah that figures. It's was an Amazon special offer. Yeah I'm with you re more premium big brands. I've tried Jack Daniels single barrel and gentleman jack but I preferred no7 standard. I'm not new to whisky but thanks for the recommendation re knob creek as I know very little about bourbon. πŸ‘My sense of smell is not the best so quite often I drink the budget big branded scotch like previously mentioned as some days I just enjoy those more. Don't know why either. When I can though smell. I do enjoy a quality whisky. Do you target certain traits on tasting notes when choosing a new whisky. That is something I do as paying for a premium whisky(which I occasionally do) but not liking it much is disappointing.
  13. Some alcohol and bell witches mirror reaper works well. I was skeptical. I had some freebie Christmas wine left over from work so I downed half the bottle as I'm not a complete alcoholic 😁. The album and alcohol works well. Spot on 🀘🀘 next stop scotch whisky and the album. πŸ‘
  14. Hello markm. In Cambridge UK weather doesn't really get that cold fortunately. 24 f is temperature in work van other day. The Thermal socks I got recently made boots more comfortable especially as my work is outside based.When my family went to Budapest few years ago they got themselves thick insulated boots as temperature was -10 f and they said they were worth it. Re alcohol. Agree with you I think whisky is better than wine. Blended scotch is mostly what I drink e.g. Whyte and Mackay, famous grouse, Johnny walker red etc. My sister got me Woodford reserve bourbon which I liked. Have you tried this bourbon? Also the willets stuff you got has interesting bottle. Would you buy it again if not on offer?
  15. Thanks for the ideas Sheol. Desert wine I do prefer and port too.πŸ˜‹ The red wine was a freebie from work. You'd be right if it was a good wine, chilling it would be as much a waste i reckon as mixing a great single malt whisky with coke. For a budget wine I think even some sommeliers might agree that to chill it is a ok option. I think cooking with it would be worse too as Id taste even less of it. I have on occasion drunk a good red wine and have enjoyed it so could just be wine in question
  16. Thanks for rate your music. It's most interesting. Searching through bands and seeing what the ratings are. Then working out my favourite and weakest album
  17. Ok you got me there I should have listened to the whole album. Im digging myself a hole. πŸ•³οΈ I just heard the whole album now and I stand by my comments and think it's very good except last track as not for me at all that one.apart from this I reckon a very good range of tracks Breakfast is law. what a track, I mean breaking the law😁 I never get sick of that. Bit like angel of death I always like. However there are tracks I've heard so many times I need a break from. Thanks re your opinion of the album and other albums..
  18. An album I pre-ordered was et moriemur there new one. It's doom metal with Japanese themes. Sounds pretty cool to me who is from UK. I'm assuming your from Japan from previous post. Possibly you'd like it.There my 6th favourite band at moment😁.
  19. No one should force people to be religious of course. Those who do have alot to answer for. If following a religion or any belief system for that matter helps said person live positively re themselves and others I say go for it. If that means they say broccoli sandwiches are god I say good for them. Obviously count duckula is in trouble re that πŸ˜‚ This discussion will probably get locked soon. Probably good thing as it's ended up so confrontational.
  20. I agree definitely a disappointing present from your work with the wine if you don't like it. Id feel disappointed when I'd get some beers at Christmas from previous job but whisky would have been different story. I dont mind the fizzy wine if it's a freebie of course. 😁 Never been given that Maybe I'd liked the red wine more if I'd chilled it. I've mixed it with coca cola once but that I didn't like😫 You could have rum beer or whisky beer mix. I like these somewhat but at least those beers wouldn't go to waste. Not sure whisky wine would work ☺️ Whisky rum cider why not if you like it. Mine is whisky,vodka, sugar cane rum. The vodka reminds me how much I like the whisky but I do like vodka. Can't beat a freebie that's for sure.
  21. I got the black album by Metallica and I requested something heavier from my parents. Well think that was story. Friends of my parents gave me a kerrang best of album. It had sepultura terrortiary on it which blew my mind as never heard anything that heavy. Still very much like that song even if I listen to heavier stuff now.
  22. Et moriemur new pre order album. I'm excited and looking forward to this atmospheric doom meets Japanese music. Probable I'm only one mind 🀣 Et moriemur new pre order album. I'm excited and looking forward to this atmospheric doom meets Japanese music. Probable I'm only one mind 🀣
  23. Cool those tracks you mention I think are amazing. 🀘will check them out hopefully soon Ripper Owens does get criticised fair bit. Dio also got unfair criticised by some black Sabbath fans. Very hard to replace the established singer. Dio I thought was excellent from what Ive heard of black Sabbath stuff he did and others agree with me. From what I read about demolition album fans of it say when they tried to do classic judus priest songs it didn't work half as well as when they tried to do something different. How did you see that album? I've been on Rate your music again😁
  24. All I was saying is he's entitled to his opinion and I was just sitting on the fence as don't know the album so sorry to offend. I'm guessing from your response your a big fan of British steel.
  25. Yes good to hear from you. Skepticism album companion I like of the funeral doom genre and you may like it also especially the effective use of an organ and orchestra bits. Calla or swan and the raven you may like can't vouch for the singing. πŸ˜‚ What bands are operatic metal. Is that nightwish, epica, within temptation. Not heard about this. One thing I like about the few black Sabbath songs I've heard is that they are not all that jolly. I can relate to them more than a pop song which I nearly always want to switch off 😁.
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