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  1. Alabaster thanks for suggesting afterbirth. Had quick listen and it's good and vocals were different but fitted the music very well. I like the variety of stuff they play, not heard the sci fi bits but looking forward to those and I'm always fan of melodic bits. Reminds me of death in places buts it's death metal so it would right.duh, ha ha ha. Will probably listen to some of there other stuff. Sounds like it was worth the wait for there debut. Just of interest what's the debut called. I put there name in Wikipedia and found nothing so have just looked them up on you tube.
  2. In UK it's bit rubbish as the government doesn't test enough.other countries do more testing and it helps get the unidentified cases where you have covid but no symptoms. Also the fake news stories drive me nuts.latest one My sister was convinced that infant children couldn't get it. I'm no scientist but to me sounds like bs to me. Mrs blaaacdoommmmfan who's a scientist agreed with me. Obviously looking forward to gigs soon. But I'm hoping to see gig in September. Maybe it will happen if vaccine gets roles out. Also other discussion is about people refusing to take vaccine. Again with fake sc
  3. Definitely agree with you requiem about long cold winter. I actually prefer this to there debut. Big production with big atmosphere bluesy sound. Ive got it in my collection. Although saying that I love the record but not played in years. After this album They went steep down hill imo. They just sort of lost the magic for me. also there name is just not right imo too. Gives the wrong impression. When I heard about Cinderella first time I assumed it was a female pop band although alot say they look a bit like ladies on night songs cover πŸ˜‚I don't agree but just saying
  4. Well put relentless oblivion. There have been times where my life has been complete hell due to few factors most recently a debilitating health condition. Heavy metal definitely helped me through the slow recovery period. One of my favourites was slows dantalion album as that one plunges you into the worst of how I felt. Sort of suffocated and crushed and the classic I wished I was dead. But metal made me feel better as it was the only music that expressed how I felt. The truest music for me. And Sort of knowing such lows were felt by others helped too. It's obvious but the mind plays tricks o
  5. From the town I grew up in iron maidens Bruce Dickinson went to the private school there and even legend has it played a gig at the ship pub there. So that's pretty cool. I'm not the biggest dickenson fan but obviously respect his singing
  6. Thrashman No surprise that you stopped like the SEp so much after arise as they changed there style a bit to my ears at least between arise and chaos ad and then still further between that and roots. For me they got gradually worse. I still like these albums but not as much as beaneath the remains. Also Do you listen to SEp in the Derrick green era.
  7. I did not like this band at all. I saw them at a festival in 2000. They were brilliant. Fred is really good at working the crowds. Had much fun. Plus band is a tight unit. For me you only really get limp bizkit once you've seen them live. There's a few bands like that. I rarely listen to them now but the hot dog and the ....,.. album is great easy listening when I do. This makes sense though as Fred Durst talked his way into a record contract.
  8. Last time I went. We stayed in the motel. Well premier Inn. Looks like I'm in that club too πŸ˜‚ main reason is I'm not fan of camping if I can help it. But when the kids are crying all night I sleep on the floor downstairs with no complaints. Peace and quiet. Re festival People were definitely respectful. I was sat on my portable chair fairly close to the stage with no issues and it was busy at the time. Would recommend it. Obviously down side is they have more mainstream bands. Still worth going to. See the big guns.
  9. I hope dianno formerly of maiden can do his last show as last show got cancelled for covid obviously. Bruce Dickinson is better singer but he lacks something dianno has. Its funny saying this but I know dianno has alot of fans to give him proper send off
  10. Good to hear from you balor. Re the black metal teacher. Think hardest part would be finding a teacher in the first place.maybe online teacher. There's got to be legit ones. You might even get a black metal legend to teach as covid may mean there teaching as income, although not convinced abbath would be good teacher 😁, amazing guitarist yes but teacher πŸ€”Once you done few lessons why not. You could learn a few techniques even if you didn't go the whole way. Re your noise music Yeah I and a few others look forward to the day you put a link to your noise music on the site. Also
  11. It's got to be chuck Norris. Lemmy is tough but has anyone seen the expendable film with him in. Classic. No question for me😁
  12. Cool I knew there would some. May just have to look these up. Was the afterbirth album worth the wait? Was it an album you were really looking forward to? The acid reign album I didn't like that much at first but after a few plays through I really liked it. It was an album best played from start finish. Some albums are like that.
  13. Balor good to hear from you, ok well at least youve heard some of bathory all the way through. For some albums this is best way to listen to them. I rarely get the chance to listen to an album all the way through so am looking forward to opportunity's this year. Was listening to bathory all way through better experience than just individual tracks? Sounds like you got good at the painting models and war gaming stuff. What kind of models and war models were they? Was it Warhammer? Last year my best stuff was abstract art with the tie dye effect. I did some interesting stuff. Sounds h
  14. Yeah roots is not my favourite either. They have more of groove metal thing going on which didn't like so much. Still roots is a song I very much like. The album's before are better for me, guess I prefer the Thrashier music of albums schizophrenia, beaneath the ...., And arise, still like chaos ad but not quite as much chaos ad, it was my first proper metal album so I still value it for that. Haven't listened to much of Derrick green era. Sounds like you gave sepultura a go for most of there albums which is great. More than me and loads of others. 😏 I've listened to some stuff from green e
  15. Acid reign who were considered one of Britain's big four thrash bands released there album the age of entitlement approximately 29 years after there previous album. Its shame they didn't do anything sooner as I really like it. It got me thinking are there any other bands who have massive gaps between albums or massive gaps between when a favourite band member returned. Anyway looking forward to hearing some responses. Can you beat acid reign. Can ya πŸ€ͺπŸ€ͺπŸ€˜πŸ€˜πŸ‘»πŸ‘»in all fairness I will put better case for acid reigns latest album if few people respond. Thanks πŸ‘
  16. Impressive stuff not drinking. I do like a drink but only few times a week. Definitely not every day anymore. Doesn't agree with me. I Listen to metal sober more than after a few. I can appreciate the music a bit more. Of course some music is great when your drunk. Candlemass can be good after a few especially debut album.
  17. Pleased to hear it πŸ˜‚in truth I'm hoping to see magnum when they play Cambridge in September.Might be ok. Some rather optimistic doctors from clinical commission group on radio said If people get vaccinated in enough numbers maybe the summer would be more normal. Normal enough for gigs concerts who knows. Also has anyone seen live recorded gigs on the computer. Im assuming it's mostly big bands who can pull this off Some bands even charge entry. Obviously rubbish compared to what live music can be but better than nothing.
  18. Maybe it depends on the label but et moriemur were very impressed with support they got from transcending obscurity records for there epigrammata album. They said thanks to the record labels support they got the sound they really wanted and thought on a bigger label this would not have been the case.
  19. Even Celine Dion πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  20. Balor that's true, I can assume you've been more rocking out to first wave bands BM, I assume you meant venom,hell hammer Celtic frost and of course listen to more of bathory. Will probably give bathory a go if so many people like them. re noise music it's great to have a focus even if it you had other genres of music you wanted to write. I can relate to getting distracted. Think that was what you were saying. For example I spent too long ordering work stuff last night. Although very useful when it arrives. Finally what styles of paintings do you do. Have you had more luck with
  21. That is obviously great to hear that female fronted bands get more respect from your experience, I guess myrkurs Amelie brunn concurs with this. I assumed it didn't matter if you were male or female from time to time you would have to defend yourself from idiots. Like the guitarist from a big band which I never expected he'd never get heat, who said he defended himself with his guitar on numerous occasions. I assumed females in metal might get slightly more hassle but this is just an opinion. Maybe there's less females in metal because more men prefer heavy metal more so that might account
  22. Yowie looks good. I used to listen to alot of sepultura. Will check it out. What your best era for sepultura. The early thrash years, the roots groove metal era or the Derrick green stuff.
  23. That's great balor you done some of your resolutions. Maybe you can get some painting done this year and listen to old bm. How old is old. What bands are these ones. Is it from era before mayhem like bathory. Is bathory even black metal. Reason I brought this up is after looking back at last years new year week diary entries I noticed I didn't do any of them. Obviously this year. I can do them. 🀘🀘🀘But when I read your old thread was interested how you got on. And you did good. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ‘»πŸ‘»πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
  24. A more interesting one this. Mince pies with some pepper. I get the standard very sweet mince pies sprinkle on pepper and hey presto instant master piece πŸ€˜πŸ‘»πŸ˜ this works a treat for me at least as takes off the overly sweet edge. You know it sounds amazing πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  25. How did you get on with your goals 3 years on. Did you achieve any of them. My goal is 1)spend less time at work. Having no free time Monday to Friday sucks. One of my resolutions from last year's diary was spend less time at work. Didn't do it. That's my challenge this year. 2) do some am dram or do something creative like write music again. I've done some murder mystery nights and common topic is why don't you do some thing with your talent.
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