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  1. Thanks for the recommendation and the links, much appreciated. I will listen to these. I like there 2nd album ghosts of loss and the debut is pretty decent from what I've heard so far. I listen to music like this all the time so it's a good recommendation and it reminds me of albums I listen to already. Thanks for recommendation. That's cool you saw them live. Were they any good? Were they as tight as they are on the albums? I've got no issues with clean vocals although as long as it's done well and fitting the music. too much of the time I hear clean vocals that don't really fit the music. For me having interesting lyrics is a bonus but not the end all. Most of the music I listen to does not have clean singing though
  2. It's cheaper than marmite. I've got no excuse not to get a jar 🫣 I can see why you don't like marmite as Vegemite is very different. Its essentially same product but it tastes so different This sounds bit better than marmite and honey. That was disappointing. Marmite toastie was excellent.did you try a Vegemite toastie. Stock cubes are ok. I'm sure my wife knows I'm the big mouse taking a nibble here and there. 😉
  3. My mum's has used the nose in poo for a cat. My mum's also a fan of if a cat's shitting on your lawn to blast them with water pistol like a super soaker. My mum believes in those methods 100%. If I had a cat I'd definitely think about those methods if they were shitting not in the ash box although I'd want to reward good behaviour with treats and hope that would solve issue. Something on lines of getting a biscuit for every poo in ash box. Phasing it out once it was a habit for them Re dogs pooing in the house. We've normally taken the dog to the poo and talked at length with looking at them and the poo. After that point our dog has never wanted to repeat the incident. It sounds crazy and should not work but it's worked for us.
  4. Goat master good on you for checking this band out. There likely the best band you've heard from Faroe Islands right. Plus I was right that you liked them bit more than oak and conjurer. Not much mind😉 Out of interest what's a black metal band you rate highly that is not so well known. Hamferd definitely fit this description for me at least. Swallow the sun. I should check them out. I've heard some of there more recent music which didn't hook me. Probably worth hearing the early stuff👍
  5. Yeah that is not good. Apparently if you rub a cat's nose in there shit shortly after it puts them off doing it again. Don't think this would work with a dog. Any idea why the dog did it. Is the pooch very young.
  6. Have you heard "our raw heart" and what did you think. Bullet probably don't tour United States much. You will have to go to Sweden to them 😉they've supported the mighty AC DC in Sweden shows. They play a handful of shows in Europe this year but most are in 🇸🇪 Bruce Dickinson played them on his radio show so it's pretty cool he's a fan too.
  7. Oh no mate. I eat Tesco generic supermarket marmite. Bit sweeter than branded marmite. Tastes alot better too. Dont know about Vegemite. I'd imagine I'd dislike it more than branded marmite😉Vegemite is available in UK but I have to pay import prices which puts me off.
  8. Pleased you like it. Definitely no for me. I have Tesco marmite on cucumber. No bread. This is probably more individual than the Vegemite chips.😉
  9. Just normal or decaf tea leave the tea bag in. Don't take it out. With bit of milk. I'm new to tea but it tastes good especially with a biscuit to dunk. 😋 Dunk that biscuit 🍪☺️
  10. I'm impressed you gave these a listen. The oak album is for me not amazing even for the genre but I liked it enough to buy it. It's bit slow and almost like the musicians don't normally do this music.Oh wait they don't😉 but I still like all the atmosphere and the vocal sound. I'd recommend hamferd's tamsins likam album. That's a doom band which is had much more variety and I think there just a better band. Hon syndrast is a favourite of mine. Does this keep your interest even with it's slower pace Conjurer live show is fairly good. I'm looking forward to seeing them live. They remind me at times of opeth with those clean and heavy bits.
  11. For mispyrming the album I recommended is the one I mentioned, I don't know about there other stuff. You might not like it as it's black metal. Although Id say it's got lots of other influences in it so it's not just black metal. The review described it as black n roll but I'm hearing other influences other than those 2. Track 3 is really cool and catchy reminds me of rob Flynn vocals for machine head. Have you heard of yob. I know not much of them. I just bought there my raw heart album which I'm liking. If you don't like the first recommendation. You may well like yob. Kind of doom, stoner doom for this album at least. Accept I've heard some of there stuff. Yeah reminded me of acdc singing but with very catchy riffs. I'm not there biggest fan but will check out udo's solo career. Im sure bullet are well happy you rate them so highly. Have you seen them play live Thanks for recommendation
  12. Well done re getting another dog after your husky died. I know too many people who after there dog dies they don't get another one. They miss not having a dog or a pet but they don't get one. Lucky new dog. I bet they appreciate the extra attention. We had two rescue cats. As they never had a cat to raise them and train them. One of these called Sirius copied our dog. He used to growl. It was quite surprising. Very sad when he got hit by a car. He limped home but died. An artist friend did a plate picture which I like alot.
  13. I've bought oak's lone album. From transcending obscurity. It's got good vocal technique wow. Such a roar. It's a black metal band who are doing some atmospheric death/doom. Thumbs up from me 👍 Also got tickets to conjurer UK tour which I'm looking forward to. There one UK metal band I like alot. really like the mix of doom, sludge and atmospheric music they do and looking forward to new album which drops early july
  14. Interesting what you say about why there's less fights in hockey. Tbh my opinion is those massive hits are not needed. Still amazing how couple of rule changes have resulted in much less fights. Colorado avalanche were very good around that time. I started watching some nhl games around 2000 as it was on alot on free to air tv. I'd seen some highlights videos when visiting family in USA that summer which got me interested as I'm from England. Who were your favourite players for Colorado. I remember the goaltender Patrick Roy being rather excellent especially at not conceding many goals.(shutouts) Joe sakic, Peter forsberg were other players I liked alot for there attacking play and goals. Why do you dislike the maple leafs. They have not won Stanley cup since 1967 so it's not like they win much anymore or are that amazing. Is it there arrogant fans who keep boasting about those Stanley cups they won ages ago
  15. I was going to buy a transcending obscurity album but all the albums I want are not released yet. Just preview tracks. There stuff is free to end of June on band camp but still not found something I really like Bought yob's album our raw heart. Which I'm liking. I'm liking mix of doom and stoner rock. Cover art is cool too with the 3d effect and all those eyes.
  16. The name is amazing and right up my way of thinking. Highway pirates. Ohh ahhhh matey 😁 thanks for the recommendation. It's very catchy. Pleased you like it. If I was looking for classic rock I'd go for this but not for me at the moment . Vocal wise I agree it's mostly Brian Johnson with other influences in there. I'm hearing Bruce Dickinson in places particularly the snarl on a number of tracks, Cinderella Tom kiefer style vocals too and there was one track which reminds of deep purple highway star solo a bit which is cool as I like that track alot. Udo I will Google that. Udo?never heard of them Mispyrming album Algleymi is worth a listen especially island steingelda track. It's kind of rock n roll meets metal. Vocals kind of remind bit of machine head rob Flynn I've been listening to yob's album our raw heart. I still have not heard all of it but I'm liking it what Ive heard so far. It kind of reminds me of doom with some grunge Chris Cornell in places too. Cool cover art too. I want to listen to few tracks before I buy. I don't know about you but I've bought albums on the basis of a few tracks only to find there the only tracks I like and the rest is filler 🫣
  17. It's rubbish father a re your cats. Losing both of them. my mum's pony Rosie was fine one day and next day she could not stand. She was old. It would have required surgery to unblock her digestive system but due to her advanced years the vet said kindest thing was the bullet and they were keen to do it. Rosie the pony was given lots of tranquilizers so she was very relaxed. My mum went for the huntsman who did what was necessary and took her away. All happened in a day. We were all shocked. When a pet dies it can be so sad. We get so close to them. I've certainly cried over putting pets to sleep. Certainly holding them down while they get the needle from the vet sucks.
  18. One of the trainer's for a course said he had bad dysentry from copping a mouthful from a waste water treatment site. He said he was in the bath for days with it coming out both ends. That image has stayed in my mind. He recommended us carrying bottle of coke with us as another also took a mouthful but after having a load of pepsi he only had mild symptoms. I carry a backup bottle. It's better than double trouble shit sick🫣
  19. I've been there too when I had ibd. Bad for months before the problem area was fried by the dr. 🔫Now it's more of a case less is best for me as became bit unpopular. You only notice something when it's gone. Now you can let out as many rippers as you want. 😁
  20. Things have changed since I last watched hockey then. I was ignorant to why the fighting was taking place in the first place. Its a sort of rough justice as far as I can tell. Your right the fights are way down in total numbers now. Most teams are not having the line of enforcers players in there's team but having more players likely to score. Even the old school enforcers are saying it's not a thing so much for the junior players coming through. They claim it's finished but unless the rules are changed I cant quite believe fighting will just stop at all hockey matches. It's surprising though as I assumed it would not change. I stand corrected that fighting takes place much less👍 Also now I know why when they fought all that gear would be lobbed away out the way. I did wonder about that. Now I know it's to do with making it a fairly fair fight. Out of interest what's your team. Winnipeg/ Montreal/ Toronto?
  21. The hockey players are skilled skaters almost balletic I reckon with all those stops and backwards skating and yes they do spend most of the match having fights from what I've seen. It's almost become an expected thing to have these well it was when I last watched a game a few years ago. I've seen a couple of live NHL games which was cool including the Anaheim ducks on there title winning season. I expected them to suck but actually they were excellent. I spoke briefly to one of there players before the game which was cool. The massive bag with the pads was a giveaway ☺️more padding than rugby
  22. No ice hockey page yet. I probably shouldn't assume every Canadian follows hockey. Are you a hockey fan.
  23. That's cool you got a good education. My grandmother had no money but got a degree through nightschool at the London school of economics. It was free for employees. She worked in the day and studied at night. All worked out as she became a solicitor.
  24. Phil Tufnell. . He can really talk from what I remember. He could talk all day to no one I'd imagine. Quite a skill that most of my managers at work have😁. I do like his commentary mostly.kind of funny and quirky. Is he for you in the mark Taylor category where he could send you to sleep with his commentary. Phil Tufnell joins for the 2nd test.hello everyone ...🥱😴
  25. Ok snap my dad installs fans, power points, lights too. Anything too complicated and the sparky gets called. 12 volts ive been told it to low to worry about by people I work with Last thing you want is to be hit by 100 Marshall amps 😉. Good plan with all that testing especially on the solar panels electrics. What have you found with multimeters. Are the more expensive ones better because they do more functions.
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