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  1. strawberry i have a recommendation. its reckoned to be very much inspired by all the early gothic metal such as paradise lost, my dying bride and later stuff bit too, i read some of other gothic bands you like, i reckon youd like it. its really very very catchy but good. the band is called officium triste there from Holland and album is called death of gaia. let me know what you think of title track. obviously if you hate it id be interested to know why. keep it metal ☠️👻
  2. lindt 65% cocoa milk chocolate. its so good. its got a great cocoa taste and the lovely milk flavour which lindt has as its signature and so smooth as well. am i just weird with this? do other people like the higher percentage cocoa milk chocolate. am i just being different again 😂
  3. macabre eternal sir, have you got any favourite murder mystery tv shows. colombo perhaps.
  4. blaaacdoommmmfan


    balor yes understanding Heidegger. ok sounds like a challenge. all that metaphysics stuff including im pretty sure Heidegger was mentioned in the commentary for the matrix films. ken wilbur and cornel west certainly talked up some interesting ideas. obviously ive no idea if there any good but it was interesting hearing about the philosophies of the matrix film's and i definitely appreciated the matrix revolutions film alot more after hearing the commentary. re the divine comedy. i can recommend that if you like lots of interesting imagery. most interesting part for me was hell section.
  5. it could be a dead end thread. hopefully not literally for some forum members 😁 they read this and were never seen again. 👻you win none and lose loads sorry thats my gambling record. im digging myself a deep hole. i will stop😂.
  6. blaaacdoommmmfan


    balor i hope reading antigone helps make sense of Heidegger's introduction to metaphysics. did it help? and at least you read a good book/play. re brother karamazov. thats one i need to read again as its been over a decade since i read it. it left a lasting impression on me though also the grand inquisitor sounds memorable character except for me sieve brain who completly forgot😂 have you every read dantes divine comedy.was quite interesting as i remember.
  7. out of interest what are peoples best murder mystery tv shows and why. here are mine 1)agatha christies poirot. i really enjoy watching David suchet play the famous belgian detective. there a bit dated now but i enjoy these still. Interesting locations and some funny bits in there which i like plus of course very exciting finishes to each episode imo. 2) midsummer murders- is a fairly easy watching series. A much older john nettles is great as one of the detectives, if you seen bergerac you will know what i mean. Haven't watched it in a while but always like it when i see it. A
  8. first time for chicken liver. its pretty good. i sort of blitzed it in blender with soft cheese. it was a bit rich and a mistake tbh . i gave a spoonfull to my young daughter. she thought it was chocolate milkshake. what a shock she received 🤣
  9. signed copy. thats really cool. interesting cover too
  10. thats an idea. a festival meetup could work as lots of types of metal would mean more people would attend. 👍 once we have festivals and gigs back again
  11. i hope you enjoy your time on the forum. ive been here 15 months. yeah following a restricted diet for us both then 😁 out of interest what was hardest item of food to cut out your diet?
  12. i lost all the timing which kinda ruined the poem but i put in extra conviction 😁 well in my mind i did. probably loud and slurred. 😜
  13. yeah being chased by a serial killer in a dream is not much fun but certainly memorable. being chased around a maze by a similar character definitely sticks in my mind. i normally wake up in a cold sweat once i get to the dead end. quite literally in the case of my nightmare. 😁 interesting re the nightmares about serial killers being common. yeah that adds up. ive certainly read up about serial killers. wikipedia site implied that ramirez had environmental factors that made him who he was and quite possibly he was a killer not born but made from his environment. anyway ive no stro
  14. blaaacdoommmmfan


    balor its a very interesting read that er antigone by Sophocles i assume i got that right. i read a quick summary. alot happens. how are you getting on with this book. are you still reading it? would you recommend it so far. brothers Karamazov is really good. its very long. think thats whats put me off reading it again. read synopsis again. its definitely one i should read again. alyosha and his naughty brother Dmitry left a strong impression when i first read it especially a bit near the end where they both have a dialogue. which is your best bit? its hard without giving plot away. 😂
  15. blaaacdoommmmfan


    depraved. im honoured to get your message and if its slightly easier i can relate to what your saying. really can. i was thinking i was completely alone other day. its not a nice feeling at tbh. its not true exactly for me anymore as ive got a wife and three kids but theres some truth to it as ive only got two close friends who live miles away. if im feeling bit low i do new tasks such as diy,sewing up broken clothes, all sorts really,manual handling huge manhole covers i always like at work. a touch a danger or excitement works for me. it seems to help having bit of a challenge or just someth
  16. fair point. i have same problem. you'd highly likely have a good time on your own as ive heard the festival goers are largely a good bunch and most people are friendly. i went for a day in 2016 and it was good, i kinda wish i went to sunday instead of Saturday as slayer headlined. paradise lost playing there heavy early stuff was great but not quite as good as kerry king and co imo.
  17. out of interest what held you back from going to blodstock festival before. is it beacuse you prefer another festival such as download.
  18. of course the classic dream is being chased around by an axe wielding maniac. surely im not only one to have this nightmare 👻☠️😁
  19. blaaacdoommmmfan


    thats cool you got to meet and have conversations with some famous people and public figures including that Guantanamo bay author. most cant say make that claim. also believe me you aren't the only one who doesn't have that many friends. hg wells. the invisible man. i read that book 20 years ago. i liked it. have you had chance to start reading it yet depraved. apart from the greek stuff balor. have you ever read crime and punishment by Dostoevsky. a classic book imo
  20. at least im not the only one on a restricted diet harry potter12. 😁yeah its bit rubbish, my previous boss had few ulcers go in his stomach similar to your condition and think he was lucky to survive. so risky condition you potentially got there. ive had my condition for 4 years now and its better than its been in past. it was rubbish when i couldn't drink alcohol. fortunately im through that. my condition wont go away so i just got to get used to it. i just eat what works. i eat alot of rice which the dietician said is ok. what can you eat for your diet. also is your restricted diet
  21. they are some fine looking rats and beat the ones we get at work. are they just regular rats or special breed. ive no animals but my mum has a donkey,pony,cat and a very enthusiastic dog who seems dippy but is in fact quite clever at getting her way. 😁
  22. youaint the only one. for sure i will go back. they always get some very people. have you been before to bloodstock festivaaaaaaaaallllllllllll😁
  23. gelidae mortis imago by noctu (italian atmospheric blackened doom metal) interesting cover art
  24. has anyone tried highland park whisky
  25. doing a show drunk must be hard. i did whisky tasting other day and afterwarrds we read some poems. i was too drunk to do the poem justice. it annoyed me a bit tbh. thanks for all the vocal ideas. it's interesting. im no singer at the moment but have done stuff in the past. lately i do have a laugh with friends and family with guttoral vocals. it certainly gets peoples attention 😁
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