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  1. I had a cheese toastie with few dollops of clotted cream because I'm not a complete animal 😉. I liked it very much as first time for this. Bit indulgent but why not.
  2. I don't mind pink hi Vis really. No issue to me. I wear alot of hi Vis orange at work so the pink stuff is just another colour. Ok I gathered as much after I spoke to my dad re the mower with the pickup engine. He was convinced it would have issues. My dad does get things totally wrong sometimes so I was hoping this would be the case That's good to see more women taking up the trades. In UK I've not seen any women on the sites. I'm not a tradesman but when our sites are done up alot of tradespeople turn up and I can't remember any females doing the work. There's even a Google advert on you tube where a female bricklayer moans to a copresenter why there are not more women in construction.
  3. At least we agree that listening to what you like is important. It's obvious and I'm too old to care about trends. If I like the music. That's enough.
  4. What an honour. Blaze would definitely be called a legend a few times for wearing brown stained undies in that manner 😂
  5. After speaking to you I decided to wipe my ideas of this album. I just listened to it with zero expectations and and I too liked the rawness and high energy of the record. I find it bit repetitive and not biggest fan of nu metal sound with those alternative rock/Alice in chains bridges (well that's my opinion)but overall 👍from me. I like it more than load , reload, death magnetic and hardwired. I listened to forbidden and I don't like it. Good singing and music but bit too much classic rock sound for me. It's forbidden for now from me collection. 😉
  6. I think albums ok too. Not amazing but not without merit. That main riff for st anger I've heard very similar from other band. I just can't remember where I've heard that before. You get riffs like that. There's a riff megadeth, pantera and machine head all used that sound almost identical to me anyway. With them they have thrash in there music so guess that figures. Still can't work out what other song st anger riff sounds like 🤔
  7. For st anger. Going in with no expectations helped. I switched it off on last track but I was amazed I got that far and enjoyed it overall even with those drums and it's bit repetitive. It's definitely worth another listen. Only one mind you. It was background music when I played it as I was doing some work. Maybe this helped. I will have to hear this black Sabbath album. I've heard some others say they like his vocals. It's difficult to follow Ozzy, Dio, Ian gillen. All legendary imo.
  8. Yeah plumbers do like a drill. I'm no plumber but us water maintenance techs like a bit of using power tools to break up the routine of seeing alot of water pumps and pipe and doing a massive amount of samples. We had a guy work for us who was mechanic on quarries. He said it was like like hell at times with the dust and heat. 6 months later after joining us he went back to the quarries. 😉 . It may be just a myth then especially if you leave your battery in an unheated room and they work ok. For me its no issue bringing them in as they fit in a work bag. Also if my van gets broken into at least they won't get the batteries.
  9. Swapping the little engine with that powerful ford motor. Did it work. Was the mower useable or did you have to be careful handling that power. Not seen pink tools. The maintenance guys at a site I was at while ago all had pink hi Viz jackets on. Intially I felt sorry for them. 10 mins later I wasn't bothered about the colour. I just wanted to get the job done and home for dinner😋
  10. Goat 🐐 general I'm guessing the dewalt batteries were not covered by warranty. That's rubbish.Do you bring in the power tool batteries in the house over cold months as I read that leaving them out in the cold affects there performance. I bring mine in after I read that. It convinced me at least A work mate bought a Makita compact sawzall which made the job easier for sure. The mother in law has one. Think that's her only power tool she has. She finds it very useful for cutting fire wood I've got an electric staple gun. Useful for upholstery. Not used nail gun before. But staple gun is nearest thing I've used to that.
  11. The tour version. I've been bought some of those and none of which were memorable. There must be some good ones but I'm yet to hear them There's some extra remix tracks on the version of slayer reign in blood that I own and as far as I'm concerned it's better without them
  12. I've seen some you tube videos before I bought the SDS drill and a few tradesmen said most of the power tools be they DeWalt/ Milwaukee/ Makita/ Ryobi etc are very similar. They recommended getting a minimum 18volt in the colour you like the best😉 Is that how you see it. Have you ever joined tools together. My dad added a DeWalt belt sander power unit on to a black and decker belt sander belt unit for a bit of extra oomphh. Also he may have knackered the DeWalt belt sander section so thats another reason for this tool. It was a good tool though.
  13. The plumber at work uses alot of Milwaukee stuff. He loves the brand as much as you do. That's fantastic you rate them so highly and from a tradesman I respect what your saying. I bought DeWalt as always a brand my dad rated plus it's not so expensive. And bought other tools by DeWalt as they can all use the same batteries. I work for a water company doing maintenance checks and I occasionally drill concrete and fibre glass and metal to secure doors and bolt plates/cones etc to make areas safe but I'm impressed how good they are these days. Plus if needed I can always get more power but the 18volt have been fine for what I need so far. I know some plumbers who have 54volt gear as 18volt stuff was not powerful enough.
  14. Iron maiden- virtual 11- remastered version naturally 😁
  15. I'm impressed you gave virtual 11 a listen. I agree bringing back Bruce was best choice for iron maiden commercially as apparently they was selling alot less albums. I still prefer his singing and his albums though even if his singing goes a bit karaoke at times.such power🥊🥊I generally prefer niche bands as most big bands just don't really do it for me. Blaze describes himself as a niche musician. He has a special talent though as Steve Harris and Rick Rubin gave blaze contracts. Out of interest which artist or band do you like which most people don't like. It sounds negative but a certain amount of being a metal fan or serious music fan perhaps I think Is listening to the music you like regardless what others say. A certain fuck you I can listen to what I like
  16. Damn right,extra knickers that night in a massive rucksack.😁
  17. That's true getting knocked out and having all my stuff stolen sounds great😉
  18. Agreed I only buy an album once unless the remastered version is so fantastic I must get it. I will say this has never happened. But I don't want to say never Agreed I only buy an album once unless the remastered version is so fantastic I must get it. I will say this has never happened. But I don't want to say never
  19. I'd forgotten about that one. It's called forbidden for a reason. 😉 Hopefully it improves. Let me know how you like 2nd half of album I listened other day to st anger by Mettalica with zero expectations and I must say I liked it alot more than I was expecting. It was bit repetitive and some songs a bit long but I liked the energy. I used to hate that album. Now I appreciate the energy which reminded me of there glory days of thrash. There were punk, groove metal, nu metal bits but I still liked it somewhat
  20. At least you have two parties. In the UK we only have 1 who wins most of the time(conservatives) No matter what they do they get voted in because the opposition parties(labour and lib dem) are so weak. With the cost of living crisis I forsee two possibilities for us. 1 the government gets voted out which would be great☺️ 2 the same political party stays in power with the population turning against themselves as result of all the cuts to services the government makes and price rises 😞 maybe I'm just too pessimistic
  21. Been using the SDS plus drill at work again. I used the chuck converter so I could use it as a standard drill. I find having the extra weight is handy for drilling through metal compared to the standard combi drill. What are other peoples favourite power tools. Also what brands do people go for.
  22. In all fairness I'm more concerned about gig location as it's very close to the most dangerous street in that town. Getting mugged on my birthday doesn't sound great. Tbh I probably have these comments coming with how much I big up blaze, just a fan of his dramatic style of singing. Honest😂 Also what program do you use to get pictures small enough to post a picture. I've tried and failed to post pictures alot of times
  23. There's some things we agree on and that's letting others listen to this music.😉 What is genre. Is it Powermetal/ nightwishy/ pop music.
  24. Konvent albums I've enjoyed are call down the sun and puritan masochism on recent listens. When they play it live the singer reminds me bit how obituary singer walks round on stage with all the hair in front of them but there alot prettier ☺️. Those albums are Worth a listen if you like death/doom music. The singer is tiny bit different to bloke doing same vocals but I say👍another band asagraum who are a Netherlands all female black metal band I think are very impressive. Worth a listen. Once human have a good metal singer. Saw them support fear factory number of years ago. Can't remember her name. She was good enough to convince Logan mader(ex machine head) to come out of retirement From my experience most metal fans and musicians are blokes. So no surprising that there are not that many all female metal bands. How do you see it. Have you got any female metal bands you rate well?
  25. Hello heavy metal Dave. Hope your doing great. I am as I I've got blaze tickets to a gig later this year. Thanks for the tip off he was touring this year. I wouldn't have checked so thanks dude.👍
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