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  1. Everyone is a hoarder. Just some were too late. Just think, you wanted to buy toilet paper and you didn't need it. Everyone is selfish, everyone gets scared. Noone wants to go without. In some towns in California they are limiting shoppers to only 2 pieces of each item. Even with that some people will just go to multiple stores. Another thing, people who hoard aren't going to tell you about it. The last thing they want is everyone hungry showing up at their door when things get worse.
  2. He was probably a homeless drug addict living in the forest. One time a few of my friends and I were eating at a Carls Jr fast food place and some bum came up to our table talking to us. We gave him some fries to get him to go away but that didn't work. Then he sits at our table and starts talking some crazy uncomprehensible jail slang. It was weird that he chose us because 2 of my friends look like Mexican gang members. He started asking questions about girls and a friend of mine joking around made a comment about the bum's mother. The bum got up, picked up a chair over his head and acted like he was going to hit my friend. My friend just laughed and the bum did nothing, calmed down and continued to try to hang out with us. None of us were scared because there was 4 of us and only 1 of him. When we started to leave, he followed us and tried to get in the car, my friend (it was his car) broke an empty beer bottle, started towards him and said "give me your chain" (the bum was wearing what looked like a silver chain). The bum tried to run back inside the Carl's Jr but the employees had locked the door on him. We got in the car and drove off laughing. I bet the workers at Carls Jr wanted to get rid of him for a while so they locked him out as soon as he left following us. It wasn't closing time or anything. He was banging on the door, trying to get them to open it for him. My friend wasn't really going to hurt him and didn't even care about the bums jewelry, we just wanted this idiot to fuck off. No way in hell were we going to let him in the car with us. To this day, I still joke with that friend like hey- give me your chain and we both start laughing. Something completely unrelated- I was watching an old Cannibal Corpse interview and a fan asking 1 of them to sign his balls was mentioned. Upon declining the ball signing, the fan told them that they weren't brutal.
  3. Sororicide- the Entity Slayer- South of Heaven
  4. You're probably right. I watch a lot of weird stuff on youtube and I saw a lot of videos about goths (usually in small towns) ranting about no one understanding them, so that;s why I was thinking that. But I guess for every 1 person ranting on youtube there is probably 10 people who are the exact opposite of them. I honestly don't fit in anywhere. Every job I've ever had, I try to be nice to new people but there is always at least 1 person who hates me instantly. I'm not talking about just women, even with guys I have a hard time making friends, I have completely different interests, nothing in common with them etc. Now that I think about it, ever since I got clean I have had this problem. When I used to do drugs I had lots of people to hang out with and no problem meeting new women. Even though my social life was better, everything else was worse though.
  5. the_thrashing


    So I know next to nothing about goth. A few things I don't like about it but I definitely think they have a lot in common with metal. A lot of overlap within the 2 scenes. I noticed they have their own dating apps/social networking etc. I really would like to date a goth chick. Every girl I've ever been with has hated my music and I hated theirs so that wouldn't be anything new so that is neither a plus nor a minus, just the same. But I do see a few plus sides- I think goths are more likely to be into horror (which I am obsessed with) and 2, I honestly don't like makeup, I prefer the natural look on girls except with goth chicks. The first crush I ever had was on Elvira, the breasts definitely have something to do with it but not just that, pale skin, dark makeup, black hair and dark dresses etc is a turn on for me. Even as a kid of a very young age, I loved horror chicks like Elvira and Herman Munster's wife. The last and biggest plus, far better than looks and common interests- They seem very misunderstood and outsiders to society as a whole. Possibly people who could understand me as I never fit in anywhere, no one agrees with me on anything, a lot of people instantly hate me or ask me ridiculously absurd questions upon meeting me etc. From what I hear, they are in the same boat as me. No woman in my life has ever understood me. I'd really like a girl who understands me or at least just accepts my weirdness. Also I have to say, I know that I am not goth. I'm not into their music, I don't wear makeup and don't plan on it either. What do you think about goth and goths? Are any of you goths? Has anyone dated a goth? Any thoughts? I see on youtube that there is a lot of guys with a goth fetish (just want to pick up goth chicks) but I think I have a far better reason for it than they do.
  6. I like that song Rock the Night. Honestly that is like the only happy song I like. Everything else I like is either really heavy or angry or dark or weird. King Kobra and Keel I've listened to a few times as they pop up on youtube when I'm watching something else. Good stuff. I'll check out your recommendations. Thanks Fear- More Beer The Rods- Wild Dogs
  7. Anyone into retro horror movies? New horror shot on film with no CGI, usually in the 70s or 80s vein. It usually fits some of that criteria. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtXtSGRV0xc&app=desktop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEl4OEXTMzM&app=desktop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTUBkIHBRb4&app=desktop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkmSNt4moNg&app=desktop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H21V4vaBjvA&app=desktop I can't get enough of this stuff.
  8. Welcome! Just wondering how do you fix people? I probably need to be fixed on many different levels. Morbid Visions is the titties with a cherry on top.
  9. I never heard of him until accidentally finding him on youtube the other day. I love the rocking songs, not a fan of the ballads. To me its cheesy but I still like it. There's lots of cheesy things I like. Did you see the other video with the panther? I really miss this kind of music and want more of it. I love the videos too. Can you recommend me some more obscure stuff like this? I definitely need a playlist of this kind of stuff. If you remember 80s songs about how hard they will rock you, born to rock, right to rock, I'm a sucker for those kind of songs. Aldo Nova doesn't have those exact kind of lyrics but it reminds me of that too.
  10. Aldo Nova- just random songs on youtube, some of it is great cheesy 80s hard rock, other songs are ballads, so I ignore them I found this completely on accident on youtube, the cheesiest 80s videos ever. This is pure 80s guido rock. Think in between the Eye of the Tiger song and Scorpions. They must have spent a fortune on the music videos. 1 has a helicopter, another has a panther and an eye patch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M4PNN8KNfgE this 1 has a real panther and an eye patch, 1 of the guitarists kind of looks like Eddie Van Halen in the face and another guy in the video kind of looks like Udo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vPQgfaB3S1c so cheesy, a helicopter and a lazer beam shooting out of a guitar
  11. Angel of Death banjo cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7cY5hwmvX0 I just can't get enough of that kazoo solo.
  12. You're right about that. 1 thing I noticed these days is that everything from the 80s softer than thrash is being pegged as glam but back then me and everyone I knew made a distinction between hard rock (the heavier side of it) and glam (the far poppier, softer side of it). For example, I never considered GNR glam (even though they did have the look) until about 2000 they got pegged as hair metal. Around 2004 I was at a show that was death metal and deathcore and actual fights were breaking out over moshing. The circle pit guys and the kung fu guys fighting each other, spitting etc. About a quarter of the crowd fighting each other and the rest of everyone self separating each other in an us vs them stare down stand off. If someone fell down depending on what side of the room they were on, they were getting stomped on by people that were standing there. And you could tell which side everyone was on by how they dressed. I never saw that before because of musical tastes. I was at lots of other mixed bill shows and everything was fine so I guess it was an isolated incident. Ah, I remember the "true kvlt" bm guys. That seems to be gone, as far as I know, I could be wrong. The internet definitely fuels it. When I was in high school (90s) I was one of 4 metal guys in the whole school. There was about 15 punks who hung out with us. The rest of the school was all into gangster rap and they hated us. When we saw another kid into metal, we would always want to hang out. I'm still like that. And almost everyone I know hates my music to this day. That's why I come here, I have no one to talk to about music. 1 of my best friends who I hardly ever see or hear from due to living far away, we meet in junior high, we both were into Metallica and we became friends just like that. It literally happened like this- I saw a long haired guy with ripped up jeans in class and we started asking each other "You like Metallica? You listen to KNAC (local metal FM station)?". I'm guessing this was 1992. A while back, I completely stopped using FB and he freaked out. He thought I died or something because he couldn't get a hold of me. Him and 2 of those punk rockers I knew from school where the only ones who noticed or cared. I didn't mean to do that to them, I just hate FB.
  13. I don't mean really specific genres like Hungarian butt-core or hairy smurf metal. I mean the more broader ones like black metal, death metal, doom, the "core" genres etc vs each other. One kind of metal fans vs another is what I'm talking about. But yeah I know what you mean. By the way I like Meshuggah but I never got into any of the djent bands.
  14. Yeah I'm a big fan of all the classic flicks you mentioned. I'm more into 70s/80s horror like Phantasm, Exorcist, Amittyville 1, Evil Dead, the Omen etc horror went south for me in the mid 90s but everything went south for me around that time, metal too. I still like a few new ones like Hereditary and Inside (the original French 1) but they are few and far between. TV too, I haven't followed a single TV show since Masters of Horror. Out of action/adventure/comedy I hate all of it except old 80s and 70s stuff. I don't like any of the new comedians. I don't use FB. I'm a weirdo. That's why I live in a cave and say NAY to the outside world. I used to watch a lot of 50s scifi b movies on tv when I was a kid. I can't remember many of them though aside from the Sadist. Found it in a dvd bargain bin way back and it was great.