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  1. Wheat. I have health problems and already have to limit my protein to less than 100 grams a day. I have to really limit, meat and cheese etc and I would stab somebody to be able to eat a big huge double chili-cheeseburger right now. I could give up bread no problem if I was given cheese instead. At one time I was going to become a meatatarian and eat nothing but meat and cheese. I guess my plan was foiled by God because shortly after I found out I have holes in my kidneys completely ruining my new lifestyle plan. I would rather have been struck by lightning. Jimi Hendrix or Eddie Van Halen?
  2. Possessed- 7 churches Incubus- serpent temptation Dark Angel- darkness descends Slayer- Hell Awaits
  3. To me the most extreme, aggressive metal there is, is thrash/death and blackened death thrash. Other genres just don't have that kick in the teeth as far as riffs go. I haven't seen any new bands to have that same spirit/attitude of we're going to play the fastest, heaviest, most aggressive stuff humanly possible. I only come across the old bands which most of them I already know from the 80s to early 90s. Are there any new bands playing like this? Only Summon (US) comes to mind as far as newer stuff. I'm talking about stuff like Possessed, early Death, Necrovore, Incubus/Opprobrium, early Sadus, early Pestilence, Sacrifice, Hellwitch, Demolition Hammer, Dark Angel, Solstice, Massacra etc Does anyone have any hidden gem recommendations for me?
  4. I'd have to say Axl then. I wanted to be a singer because of Axl when I was a kid but ever since the dreadlocks/corn rows whatever that was he stopped being one of my idols. That was a tough question though because I do love Brian Johnson, the Razors Edge album was sweet tits. He is almost deaf and can't be in a band anymore too. I'd take shitty metal bands or metal cover bands over anything else. The only thing that could possibly tempt me that's not metal is if they were like 80s hardcore punk bands but that wont happen. Robocop or terminator?
  5. Dagorath- evil is the spirit Vengeance Rising- human sacrifice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAg2t4f9oGo I just can't get enough of this video. Sadistic Intent- Resurrection of the Ancient Black Earth Necrovore- Divus de Mortuus
  6. 1 thing I can say that is awesome about Mgla, my friend bought Exercises in Futility on vinyl at the gig and they signed it for him. Not that it is really rare but they are headliners and lots of bands won't go hang out at the merch booth and meet fans. And it wasn't one of those because the band are the merch guys kind of thing. They had a designated merch dude but still popped up at the booth immediately after the gig.
  7. I like em both but as far as ACDC Bon Scott. I'm sure he had the most sluts too, it was the 70s.
  8. The recording on the demo is good too, it's not the usually recorded as shitty as possible in a diarrhea covered toilet stall like From Dusk til Dawn, stuff that I usually post, you can hear all the instruments clearly. Think Possessed 7 churches, it's not a clone but you will hear similarities.
  9. It's hilarious that you bring up skaters, when I was a kid my best friend and next door neighbor was a skater, he was more into rap though. His older brother did listen to a little metal and punk too. Their whole family had a lot of problems and the older brother was getting into gangs etc then they moved to Utah for a few years then came back. He was for a while number 19 in the world for the high jump off of a half pipe at one time. Now he owns a skate shop and had his own clothing line for a while. I wasn't getting into trouble with them though, they moved out in like 91. I definitely remember a lot of skaters in my neighborhood way back then. I can't say I really got sober, I still drink and the occasional green but I am sober 99% of the time these days. I did get off all chemicals though. I had to, I'd be dead or in jail if I didn't. I'm completely disgusted by tweekers bro, I don't want to be around anyone doing that shit. When I first kicked I was still smoking weed every day for years and drinking. What I had to do was stop hanging out with /talking to everyone I knew who was doing speed and it sucks when that is 99% of your friends. I moved to a new place too but there were tweekers out there too just I didn't know all of them. Plus all the cops knew me, I would be stopped immediately if they saw me. Drugs put you in a lot of bad situations with a lot of bad people just trying to score something when your regular dealers don't have anything. You end up weird places with weird wacked out people. plus everyone is always turning on each other, stealing from each other, snitches etc gangsters, it ends up being a bunch of bs and on top of that, it's not free, drugs are expensive, what are you going to do to get money for a bag etc. My life is so much better off of that shit. I never betrayed anyone or stole from my friends etc for dope. When people act like oh it was just the drugs, I'm really a good person, lol, those are bad people period, just you would never know when everything is going good for them but wait until they get put in a situation under pressure and then you see how they truly are. When everything was good they had no reason to do horrible things but take that away and you see how loyal they really are, if they were as good as you thought they wouldn't crack when put under pressure. So I grew up as the white minority in a part of LA known as the South Bay. It isn't so great to be a minority and outnumbered all the time everywhere you go, especially when you live somewhere infested with gangs. I hated the people there and the way things were going in the US. I am part Serbian and I always wanted to see over here so in 2013 I just said fuck it and took off. I had to come back in 2017 because my grandmother was dying of cancer. I was stuck there 10 months and even homeless for a few months until I came back over here. What really sucks is how expensive shipping is, I have like 5000 cds, I got a few cassettes and vinyl too, a huge dvd collection of mostly all horror movies and some vhs too, all of it is boxed up at my father's house in LA. I listen to almost everything on youtube or mp3 now because my physical copies aren't here with me. So I definitely miss my collection but there are a lot of upsides over here too. Political correctness almost doesn't exist over here, people are normal, chicks are a lot better looking etc. There are good and bad sides to it. I lived in Bosnia for a while too. Bro the black album was a slight disappointment but Load tore my heart out, stomped on it, urinated on it etc. My fanboyism is still butt-hurt. After that no matter what kind of crap bands pull, it doesn't matter to me. Like when Youthenasia by Megadeth came out, to me that was a big left turn too but it was just like ahh oh well. Only Slayer kept flying the flag and of course Pantera. I will always be a thrasher bro, I love hard rock, heavy metal, dm, bm too etc but when it boils down to it I'm a thrasher.
  10. Possessed, early Death, Entombed, Hellwitch, Massacra (france), Massacre (florida), Master, Necrovore, Devastation, Incubus, Morgoth, Necrophagia (the Phil Anselmo era I really don't know what you would classify it as, maybe black/death), Sadistic Intent, Believer (sanity obscure album), Afflicted (swe), Dark Angel, Solstice, early Pestilence, Morbid Saint, early Vengeance Rising I'm more into thrash/death, early death metal, the more vicious side of it. A little black/death too.
  11. I'm with you, everybody acts like they're the big shit the last few years. They're alright, they don't suck but I'm not impressed. They have a very samey approach and don't experiment or branch out, not much variation in their songs. A good friend thinks they are the greatest and for him the last album really does it for him. The gig was packed last night. I liked one of the opening acts a lot more. They did sound good live though.
  12. Necrovore is a cult black/death/thrash band in the vein of Possessed and early Death. They had a 4 song demo called Divus de Mortuus from 1987 which I have worshipped for years. They were on a really good compilation video called American Underground Onslaught Vol 1 which had Nunslaughter, Krieg, Thornspawn, Black Witchery, Blood Storm, Absu, Sadistic Intent, the Chasm etc. I have a Necrovore bootleg called unreleased evil with newer songs but I heard that the band denied it's their material, they said it was done by a copycat band. Either way, it's good and sounds like Necrovore. If you're looking for something to tear your head off, this is it. I haven't heard anything new this vicious. I really wish there was. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL3kifo0vFU
  13. I think the farthest back I can remember is 1985. I was 5 years old. I can only remember bits and pieces of it but even then I had heard like Van Halen, ACDC, Kiss etc from tv and my dads friends. I think we got cable in 86 and a woman and her son moved in with us, he was in high school and his favorite band was Metallica. Metallica became me and my brother's favorite band instantly. There was a local hard rock/metal station (in LA) called KNAC. KNAC helped shape my tastes for sure, they played hard rock/classic rock to thrash etc and even glam like Motley Crue etc. My first cassette was Ride the Lightning. Around 92 I started to get into death metal from the few videos I saw on Headbangers Ball. When I was a teenager in 95 it seemed that metal died at least for the mainstream, it seemed like as soon as the Load album came out, everything went south. Metal went underground, thrash and death metal (at least old school death metal) was all disappearing. I can't blame it on my beloved rock n roll disappearing from the mainstream but I got into all kinds of problems with drugs, gangs, my family etc around this time and I wasn't too much into music until I finally cleaned up in 2000/2001. Once I kicked meth for good and tried to stay out of jail etc. I started going to concerts and buying cd's like crazy. Mostly just thrash, a little old death metal, classic heavy metal and 80s hardcore punk. Then Uranium and the new HBB came out, by that time I was going to Ozzfest every year and various other gigs in LA. I didn't find out about black metal until that time too. I was using a few blogs and discovering all kinds of killer obscure raw thrash, osdm that I never knew about before, obscure classic 80s metal etc stuff I was downloading but mostly all old stuff, very little new stuff. I used to go to a metal record store called Dark Realm Records, it's owned by Rick and Bay of Sadistic Intent. I don't know them that well but they were really cool, we would talk metal here and there when I would come into the store. They would let me listen to a cd before buying it because I could never make up my mind of what I was going to buy. I picked up a lot of cool demos, zines and used cassettes there too. So I have been into metal and horror as far back as I can remember but I didn't get into underground stuff until the early 2000s when I found out how to download stuff. I was on a forum called MRU for a while but it's no longer around.
  14. Dagorath - Evil is the Spirit cassette I saw them open for Mgla last night and they were good. And it was only $5. The cd would have been $10. I posted in the wrong thread. Thought I was in recent purchases.