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    I grew up in LA. I've been into metal and horror for as long as I can remember, since I was a kid. I'm a total nerd for this stuff. I live in Belgrade, Serbia now.
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  1. NOLA sludge, so there's definitely metal made by Cajuns but no Cajun music zydeco influences. I don't think it would mesh well, it would be like metal plus bluegrass. /that would be like hot sauce on ice cream.
  2. You ever check out Voivod's War and Pain, Anthrax's Fistful of Metal, Overkill's Feel the Fire, Sepultura's Morbid Visions? Lots of killer stuff coming out at the time. The whole 80s was killer, even before thrash, Exciter Heavy Metal Maniac etc. In my opinion Neil Turban smokes Joey Belladonna and not just that fistful of metal is in my opinion the best Anthrax album by far not just because of vocals but the riffs.. I think most people disagree usually cus they haven't heard it, they got popular with Joey..
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HzHwtnvhdag Iron Cross from Pensacola, Florida. They play metal on the dark side of NWOBHM/speed metal only rawer. They had their classic self titled album in 1986 which I absolutely worship. They have several distinct singers in the band which lead to a lot of variation from clean singing to screams and rasps. Good catchy guitar work throughout. All those classic reissue labels have dropped the ball on this one. Doomed to obscurity for coming out too late, being 1 out of 6 bands named Iron Cross and being from Florida. A damned shame, this is top tier cult metal. I highly recommend this forgotten classic. You'll either love it or hate it.
  4. Does anyone know about any good metal channels on youtube? I severely disagree with Banger tv taste wise, maybe its more for the younger crowd I guess. I like Downfall Network's restrospectives and Metal Mythos retrospectives but they hardly have anything new. I haven't been able to find anything good in a while.
  5. I hated Metal hammer, I remember seeing their issues full of emo and pop punk to the point it made me want to puke. Maybe you get Iron Maiden for a few pages then crap. Couldn't even use it for toilet paper with the slick paper they used. They should've renamed it Emo Dousche there was nothing metal about it. Just checked out Cult Never Dies- its right up my alley for sure. I'm thinking of ordering the Damage Inc Anthology 1985-2017. ***Moderator note - posting links to off-site domains is classed as spam.***
  6. So a lot of my favorites like Ozzy, Sabbath, Slayer etc have been retiring in recent years and who knows whos going to be next. It looks like only Slipknot has stepped up to the plate as far as NU bands to head new tour/fests. I'm not their biggest fan but Slipknot did have knotfest which seems like an obvious replacement for ozzfest. SoaD and Korn have headlined ozzfests but when they put together their own packages they always have rap and emo acts on their tours, they've never headlined and put together their own metal tours/fests. I really don't see them changing that either. What I want to know is who will be the big headliners from that wave of bands that came out with videos on the new headbangers ball and uranium in the early-mid 2000s? There were a lot of emerging genres like core, bm, nwoahm, mathmetal, melodeath, deathcore etc. Tons of bands that had videos. I mean the new bands of that time that had videos or that had been around a few years prior but were unheard of until blowing up after hbb/uranium promotion. that wave of new bands we got immediately after numetal, the core wave (don't have to be core, just that time period).. My picks are Mastodon, High on Fire (I don't care if its Sleep right now I see HoF coming back) and Meshuggah as I think they will be around a long time, get even bigger, are consistent quality wise (in my opinion). I don't see them putting any emo or rap bands on their tour packages. I think they'll fly the flag. All of them are already fairly popular. But what do you guys think? Who will be the next big headliners from that 2000s wave of bands? By the way, I think we'll see tours come back next year, this corona crap can't last forever.
  7. He was probably a homeless drug addict living in the forest. One time a few of my friends and I were eating at a Carls Jr fast food place and some bum came up to our table talking to us. We gave him some fries to get him to go away but that didn't work. Then he sits at our table and starts talking some crazy uncomprehensible jail slang. It was weird that he chose us because 2 of my friends look like Mexican gang members. He started asking questions about girls and a friend of mine joking around made a comment about the bum's mother. The bum got up, picked up a chair over his head and acted like he was going to hit my friend. My friend just laughed and the bum did nothing, calmed down and continued to try to hang out with us. None of us were scared because there was 4 of us and only 1 of him. When we started to leave, he followed us and tried to get in the car, my friend (it was his car) broke an empty beer bottle, started towards him and said "give me your chain" (the bum was wearing what looked like a silver chain). The bum tried to run back inside the Carl's Jr but the employees had locked the door on him. We got in the car and drove off laughing. I bet the workers at Carls Jr wanted to get rid of him for a while so they locked him out as soon as he left following us. It wasn't closing time or anything. He was banging on the door, trying to get them to open it for him. My friend wasn't really going to hurt him and didn't even care about the bums jewelry, we just wanted this idiot to fuck off. No way in hell were we going to let him in the car with us. To this day, I still joke with that friend like hey- give me your chain and we both start laughing. Something completely unrelated- I was watching an old Cannibal Corpse interview and a fan asking 1 of them to sign his balls was mentioned. Upon declining the ball signing, the fan told them that they weren't brutal.
  8. Sororicide- the Entity Slayer- South of Heaven
  9. You're probably right. I watch a lot of weird stuff on youtube and I saw a lot of videos about goths (usually in small towns) ranting about no one understanding them, so that;s why I was thinking that. But I guess for every 1 person ranting on youtube there is probably 10 people who are the exact opposite of them. I honestly don't fit in anywhere. Every job I've ever had, I try to be nice to new people but there is always at least 1 person who hates me instantly. I'm not talking about just women, even with guys I have a hard time making friends, I have completely different interests, nothing in common with them etc. Now that I think about it, ever since I got clean I have had this problem. When I used to do drugs I had lots of people to hang out with and no problem meeting new women. Even though my social life was better, everything else was worse though.
  10. the_thrashing


    So I know next to nothing about goth. A few things I don't like about it but I definitely think they have a lot in common with metal. A lot of overlap within the 2 scenes. I noticed they have their own dating apps/social networking etc. I really would like to date a goth chick. Every girl I've ever been with has hated my music and I hated theirs so that wouldn't be anything new so that is neither a plus nor a minus, just the same. But I do see a few plus sides- I think goths are more likely to be into horror (which I am obsessed with) and 2, I honestly don't like makeup, I prefer the natural look on girls except with goth chicks. The first crush I ever had was on Elvira, the breasts definitely have something to do with it but not just that, pale skin, dark makeup, black hair and dark dresses etc is a turn on for me. Even as a kid of a very young age, I loved horror chicks like Elvira and Herman Munster's wife. The last and biggest plus, far better than looks and common interests- They seem very misunderstood and outsiders to society as a whole. Possibly people who could understand me as I never fit in anywhere, no one agrees with me on anything, a lot of people instantly hate me or ask me ridiculously absurd questions upon meeting me etc. From what I hear, they are in the same boat as me. No woman in my life has ever understood me. I'd really like a girl who understands me or at least just accepts my weirdness. Also I have to say, I know that I am not goth. I'm not into their music, I don't wear makeup and don't plan on it either. What do you think about goth and goths? Are any of you goths? Has anyone dated a goth? Any thoughts? I see on youtube that there is a lot of guys with a goth fetish (just want to pick up goth chicks) but I think I have a far better reason for it than they do.
  11. I like that song Rock the Night. Honestly that is like the only happy song I like. Everything else I like is either really heavy or angry or dark or weird. King Kobra and Keel I've listened to a few times as they pop up on youtube when I'm watching something else. Good stuff. I'll check out your recommendations. Thanks Fear- More Beer The Rods- Wild Dogs
  12. Anyone into retro horror movies? New horror shot on film with no CGI, usually in the 70s or 80s vein. It usually fits some of that criteria. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtXtSGRV0xc&app=desktop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEl4OEXTMzM&app=desktop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TTUBkIHBRb4&app=desktop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkmSNt4moNg&app=desktop https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H21V4vaBjvA&app=desktop I can't get enough of this stuff.
  13. Welcome! Just wondering how do you fix people? I probably need to be fixed on many different levels. Morbid Visions is the titties with a cherry on top.
  14. I never heard of him until accidentally finding him on youtube the other day. I love the rocking songs, not a fan of the ballads. To me its cheesy but I still like it. There's lots of cheesy things I like. Did you see the other video with the panther? I really miss this kind of music and want more of it. I love the videos too. Can you recommend me some more obscure stuff like this? I definitely need a playlist of this kind of stuff. If you remember 80s songs about how hard they will rock you, born to rock, right to rock, I'm a sucker for those kind of songs. Aldo Nova doesn't have those exact kind of lyrics but it reminds me of that too.
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