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  1. What metal and horror movies are for me is entertainment, fun and an escape from reality. Something I enjoy and takes my mind off my everyday worries/problems. I know that may not sound like much but our tastes are a big factor in what defines a person. I have very specific tastes that are unpopular. None of my friends are into metal or horror movies. I'm also one of those people who hates almost everything new. I can't talk about entertainment with anyone I know and I'm really nerdy about it. Also I'd say that metal is masculine, not because of lyrics, or growled vocals etc but the distortion itself. Just think, something like Mariah Carey is obviously very feminine. Not that there aren't women into metal, of course there are but I've always seen it as kind of a guy thing like an 80s action movie. You know how men always have their own guy thing they are into be it sports, videogames etc Mine has always been metal. As weird as this is, I find it really hard to bond with other guys if they're not into metal or horror. Not much to talk about with them. And all of my friends are into rap which I do not like at all. Most of them I met through drinking and drugs even though I am sober now.
  2. You confused me with your earlier post about songwriting problems and a mention of the lineup, I thought you meant a lineup change but you really were saying best lineup ever. I'm sure you're right but it's just hard to believe that FFDP is bigger than Megadeth. I had no idea you were talking about the current tour either. We don't get many big tours here in Belgrade so I don't follow what's going on in other places. It just ends up being a letdown of not being able to go to the show.
  3. I heard there is a Lemme statue at the Rainbow now. Last time I was in LA, I wanted to go there to see it so bad but I didn't make it. Bring lots of money, Hollywood in general is ridiculously expensive, especially the Rainbow. It's weird how it's set up. it costs money just to get in but you get I think 2 drinks with the entrance fee, then to get to other VIP floors/rooms you have to pay again but I think it comes with a drink too. I haven't been there in at least 10 years so I'm not sure about now. They'll get you for about $10 or $12 on parking there too anywhere on Sunset. I think only during the day you could find it for $8.50 but it could be even more now. By the way, you guys ever heard of Asphalt Ballet? I listen to them once in a while. Kind of an obscure cock rock band I found out about from a biker movie.
  4. Dude that looks so bad ass. It is definitely reasonably priced to try, it will probably be double to ship to Serbia but I can still swing that. The only thing is, it's only 21 grams so it won't last me a long time. I guess it should be strong enough that you don't use that much at a time. I have heard good things about the Carolina Reaper. Can you tell me if there is onion powder in it? The reason I ask is, I am allergic to onions and about 1/3 of hot sauces have onion in them. I know, I'm weird. A few years ago a friend here had this packet of small dried red chilis, I have no idea what kind but he said try this it's hot. I expected it to be pussy shit and man was I wrong, it immediately crushed me so bad I was fucked for about 45 minutes. My tolerance has surely gone up a little since then and I have been dying to get a packet of those chilis ever since. I might see him later on today, so I'm gonna ask him if he can get more. There are many small red chilis that look exactly like these but the others are weak, these chilis look like average weak ones but they will melt you.
  5. I love Entrails to me they sound almost exactly like classic Entombed. I remember them being far more satisfying than Entombed AD at least for my tastes. I still haven't heard the last album or the new 1. I take it, it's good Toxodeth- Mysteries of Life and Death Shred/thrash/neo-classical hybrid band, at least on this album. 80% leads, 20% rhythm something like that. Twisted Sister- the song Burn in Hell - over and over again, I can't get enough of this song
  6. I can't get anything hot in Belgrade, everything labeled hot sauce here is actually weak sauce. Today I ate fried potatoes with Chili sauce, not nearly hot enough. I can't find any habaneros either. I'm thinking of getting some pepper spray, spraying a little in a glass and just watering it down. I can always just spray more if its not strong enough.
  7. The producton is better on that album too, More fast parts. It would be a better place to start if you want cleaner production. Great album.
  8. I'll second that, never got into Warrant though. I do hate Poison though and the pop side of cock rock. But the heavier side of cock rock I still like. I still listen to old Van Halen quite often. Some of the best singers were in cock rock, David Lee Roth, Axl Rose, Sebastian Bach, good stuff.
  9. Everyone goes on and on about the first 2 albums Onward to Golgotha and Mortal Throne of Nazarene but honestly everything I've heard from them is good. If you like Asphyx, you will probably like Incantation. Old school death metal played slow to mid tempo instead of hyperspeed, everyone the last few years has been calling it death doom. Incantation also is very dark, almost a blackened vibe but this is death metal not black metal, if that makes sense. I'd start with Onward to Golgotha, it's a classic for sure. It's death metal so accessibility is not really a desired trait.
  10. Anacrusis fucking sweet! They were very original with the proggy/alternative whatever you want to call that to the songwriting, they really stood apart from the pack as far as thrash bands go. Lately I've been listening to- Shub Niggurath- A deadly call from the stars- and - evilness and darkness Mexican straight forward death metal. Evilness and Darkness is really fast. Mortem- the devil speaks in tongues - and - deinos necromantis Peruvian primitive death metal, fast and slow stuff but definitely not death doom. Oraculum - sorcery of the damned ep Chilean primitive death metal, kind of doomy slow parts but there's a fast song on here too. Killer John Carpenter Halloween intro to the ep. The Chasm- Deathcult for Eternity: The Triumph They are from Mexico but moved to the US. Killer old school death metal with dark yet melodic parts but this in no way shape or form melodeath.
  11. CoF has always had the old revolving door lineups. Danny Filth has been really lucky finding quality members time and time again. I'm sure he'll pull through. As far as Megadeth opening for Five Finger Death Punch, I just can't imagine that. Are they like the IN band right now or what? I never got into FFDP, I honestly can't even remember the lineup of the Gigantour I was at. I remember Dream Theater, Symphony X and possibly Iced Earth, there was a lot of other bands there who I can't even remember. I don't think FFDP was there. I only remembered the bands there that I liked.
  12. For whatever reason the establishment record companies, MTV, big FM stations etc decided to push rap and soft rock only in the mid 90s with the only exception being rap influenced numetal. Even metalcore in the 2000s only got MTV play on one show HBB and of course Uranium, and even that they were kind of forced to because of their competition Fuse had the Uranium show a few years prior to the new HBB and MTV was becoming irrelevant. They were forced to do that by upstart competition, not a conscience decision they wanted. I think by Slipknot's new album being number 1 this year its blatantly obvious that people want something heavy on radio but the powers that be want to ignore us. Some of the biggest festivals across America and Europe every year are either metal or have a few metal/hard rock acts on a mixed bill. People want it, it makes money, sells tickets, t-shirts etc. If you want soft poppy music, there is no shortage in the mainstream as far as aggressive/more masculine music only rap is promoted and there are a whole lot of people who want something like that but want an alternative to just rap. That isn't going to go away. There will always be those who want something different than just the choices in front of them. You can't believe how many people are into this stuff. I think its far more massive than we all think. For every guy that wears metal shirts every day I'd say there are at least 10 who don't and are into this stuff just as much as the rest of us. Plus how many music fans are there that like a little of everything (including metal)? Metal is still huge, it's just not on TV anymore.
  13. Of course this is a real mainstream pick everyone has seen before but it's still my favorite. To me this just screams Metal and Horror, two of my favorite things. I had this printed out and on my wall when I lived in the US and immediately among people who saw it there was a reaction. Those who understood and those who didn't. Even people into metal who never heard of or just weren't into CF they got it but those not into it, I would get all kind of weird retarded questions. My grandparents hated it but they knew I just dig horror and metal. Other people thought I was all into Satan or whatever. And what's hilarious about that, I'm a Christian so they were way off.
  14. Delirium - Zzooouhh Listening to this over and over again. I found it on the forum thanks to a Thrashman post This is a new favorite for me. Phantasm - The Abominable Oraculum- Sorcery of the Damned Pentacle- ...Rides the Moonstorm and the Fifth moon ep Celtic Frost- Morbid Tales/Emperor's Return
  15. I mean for this to be a discussion of WHY you don't like something. Please go into detail of what irritates you about your picks. I don't want this just to be an insult-fest. And please list any exceptions you have to said genres that you don't like and what it is about them that you see as being better than the rest. 1. Metalcore - I have heard a lot of songs with a killer thrashy riff that gets me going then the breakdown comes and kills it for me. I cannot say that I hate all breakdowns because other genres like thrash, traditional heavy metal, 80s hardcore punk, grindcore etc do have breakdowns that I do like and I can't say that it's because it's too cookie cutter either because every genre has that and I love the cookie cutter formula of certain genres. I do not like the metalcore breakdown formula. I don't know why but it irritates me. Sacred cows of metalcore that I do love and don't even consider metalcore, I consider them crossover. The 80's and very early 90s NYHC scene, Agnostic Front- I don't like the oi demo stuff but all of the 80s stuff after that up until about 1992 One voice album is all great. Sick of it All's first album from 89 and the demo from 85 with some of the same songs is even better. CroMags I like everything from them except the comeback album Revenge, both the more hc punk stuff and the crossover/thrash stuff. As far as the Age of Quarrell the most popular album and debut. The demos put out under the title Before the Quarell is the same songs but rawer, faster and more aggressive. Just better all the way around. Integrity also gets lumped in with these bands and I like them, I consider them to be hc punk just after that genre was already over. My exceptions that I do consider to be metalcore- Ringworm, Terror, Nails, Sworn Enemy and a few Hate Breed songs. (I like the first 3 bands a lot more). The breakdowns here just don't irritate me as much and they do bring the heavy. 2. Numetal- Exceptions for me- I do like about half of the big names, none of them are my favorite bands but I do enjoy System of a Down's first album, first 2 Slipknot albums, first Drowning Pool, Godsmack, some early Korn songs and a few Mudvayne singles after they cutback on gimmicks and started the clean singing. None of them were really into rapping, even though Korn does have that influence in the music, it made them stand out, different but also why I don't like all of their stuff. Why I don't like it- To me what makes a genre good is that there are a flood of good lesser known underground acts in said genre. Numetal just doesn't have that in my opinion. All of my exceptions are not something I listen to regularly but if I am somewhere else or in someone's car and I hear it, it does put a smile on my face and a million times better than hearing rap or pop for me. I remember a million lesser known numetal bands that I didn't like at all at the time coming out on radio or Ozzfest like Mushroomhead, Motorgrater, Flaw, Adema, Chevelle, Head PE, Dope etc that just made me cringe. Also the complete lack of guitar solos as I love solos. I am not into rap at all and never liked Limp Bizkit, Kid Rock, Linkin Park etc. I always saw metal as the opposite of rap, like metal was the opposite of disco in the 70s. For me the mixing of the 2 genres just doesn't mesh well together. I do have an exception to that too with Faith No More but that's it for me as far as rap in metal/hard rock. The cookie cutter down tuned don don da don chug formula of numetal just wasn't as much to my liking compared to the formulas of other genres like osdm and thrash for instance. A lot of that stuff sounds the same too but I like that. 3- Cock rock/glam/hair metal whatever you want to call it- I have a lot of exceptions in this genre, the heavier side of it that borders the line of hard rock and heavy metal I happen to really like. So for this one I have so many exceptions that I can't say I hate the whole genre just the pop side of it but that was at least half of this genre if not 70-80%. It is the poppier side like Poison, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard etc that I don't like. Why I don't like it is that it's basicly pop with guitars, it's not metal at all and I wouldn't call it hard rock either because it's not hard, not heavy. So I'm just not a huge pop fan and this stuff is pop. Although the worst hair metal I have ever heard outside of Poison is Nitro a band that was quite extreme with the shredding and singer who could break glass with a falsetto. It just didn't work for me even though I do like the idea of what they were going for. Exceptions- Scorpions, early Van Halen, GNR, Skid Row, first 2 Motley Crue albums and Dr feelgood, WASP, Dokken, Leatherwolf, Twisted Sister, Alice Cooper, Asphalt Ballet, a few Babylon AD songs etc I'm sure I'm missing a few but you get it, the heavier side of it even though they all have some pop tinges to them as well.