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    REMA 1000, Guita and Music Minecraft, Musikklinja, Skyrim, ESP Guitars, Jackson Guitars, Guitar

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  1. Apoc

    Rate and Slate

    Rating - Steve Vai, Goddamn genius. Slating- being sick, fuck. Fuck. FUCK.
  2. 4/10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVAyXI6kn94
  3. Apoc

    Hi thar!

    And i'm also a moderator here, just havent gotten my juice back after the update yet
  4. One of the longest timers actually, You should have seen me before what you call High School, and work. Sorry Heavymetal, i dont know
  5. Banned because i'm the same way, no hangovers, ever.
  6. Apoc

    Hi thar!

    I have not, havent had a second to spare the last 6 months with work and school, and social life and such
  7. Metropolis - Pt.1 "The Miracle and the Sleeper" - Dream Theater
  8. I'm not agreeing with you here, it's a personal thing ofcourse. But i personally love everything from DT. So much fun listening to it, Everything they do just comes out genious.
  9. Apoc

    Hi thar!

    I am now 17 years old, if anyone cared. I cant even believe that i was 15 at this time, Seems so short ago.
  10. I'm back, i think for real this time. Been real busy these last Months, With work and all that, so i havent had the time to be on here. But i'll try to come back more frequently. So, Sorry and all that.
  11. Apoc

    Rate and Slate

    Rating - Dj Broiler, God damn parties making me listen to this shit and want to get drunk Slating - ALL THE FUCKING STRESS
  12. God damn Black Metal. 3/10 Corelia-Treetops. Cant be bothered with fetching the link on this shit internet.
  13. Banned because he's right. Alcohol may be fun, but it's not the same thing as happiness.
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