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  1. 2nd row looked that up. Cool you played for county. Do you still get caps for that. My great grandfather played for Yorkshire and I've got the cap in the loft at my parents house. You played against Italy. You mean the national team. Re the injuries yeah not good and reason to stop. I know people who did not and they can't walk like an uncle. Do you have any effects from the knocks to the head. My cousin says he gets headaches as result of various fights he's been in but not all started by him. My cousin😁 Eddie Jones is amazing coach overall his record is top,3 world cup finals if I'm not mistaken. His salary is crazy though. How many millions a year. Euan Murray. What a powerhouse.very Impressive muscular physique. Hes had very interesting life with stopping playing on Sunday for his faith and being a vet. That's cool naming your kid Euan after Mr murray I will take your word on France winning. Do you reckon South Africa will join 6 nations. There's talk of it and Italy getting booted out.
  2. Even after 3 weeks of no sauce still took near on half a bottle to get me tipsey. I'm not so lightweight after all. No heavyweight either. Ozzy probably has a 2 bottles a night. Not beer but JD. 😊
  3. I'm having my first drinks this Friday after 3 weeks off it. It's not been hard. I feel better for it. Also will make getting drunk a bit cheaper I'm hoping. Just the smell ought to do it now😂 I'm having my first drinks this Friday after 3 weeks off it. It's not been hard. I feel better for it. Also will make getting drunk a bit cheaper I'm hoping. Just the smell ought to do it now😂
  4. Finally the revolting- shadow at the world's end t shirt arrived. It was worth the wait and print quality is amazing. transcending obscurity records stuff always takes a long time to ship in my experience.
  5. When I hear just the name of those genres I just think oh nooooooooooo!!!!!!! When I listen it's mostly head in hands time or snooze time🥱. You could say I'm not connected to those type of music. There's some bits I like of those genres but on the whole I'd rather not listen.
  6. Good luck with all that father a. When my wife was pregnant with the twins she stopped alcohol and I did also to but having a health issue I couldn't drink at all then so was easy choice for me but not so easy for Mrs blacdoom.
  7. Frasier good to hear from you. I will take your word on France being favourites to win it now. What position did you play in rugby 🏉 when you used to play. I played till I was 11 but quit because I was lazy😁 main job I did was tackling people. I was quite good at that. Can't remember the position name. I'm no expert on rugby but I was surprised Eddie Jones kept his job after England's last six nations showing. Were you surprised? You was probably happy England did so bad. 😁 have you got a favourite player? Martin Johnson I always thought was phenomenal. Plus my best mate knows his dad which I think is cool too. What a player Johnson captaining England to world cup glory. Probably you don't want to be reminded of that again
  8. Great to hear from you miss teala. The early Mettalica albums are fantastic and lightning is one of my favourite albums now although initially I did not like the first two that much. Well done for listening to different music. Thrash is along way from boy bands Heavy metal can be confrontational although that's bit of a stereotype as there's lots of variations out there, the atmospheric doomy/death metal I listen to is not so confrontational just sorrowfull 😁but with excellent clean singing in there to lighten the mood. The kind of records that few people buy. 😁But I like them. Ave Maria is even more niche. I got a full album of this one track which includes a wonderful soprano female singer and funeral doom with it. It was bit different for me to buy. It's been great though. I hope you carry on enjoying thrash and heavy metal music in general. What band do you want to hear next. Slayer perhaps or testament.
  9. Fraser good discussion.hope you doing good. The six Nations. Well done on beating the English. I don't know what happened to us 😱 beaten by a better team. Can Scotland win it this year? Ex England player Chris Ashton is related to my brother's wife. It was good for my brother's father in law as he got free tickets when Chris was at Northampton saints. I think this is cool but most people are not as excited as I get. Talking about rugby league. My best friend lives in Leeds and he's seen a rugby league match.classy cas Castleford Vs can't remember 😂 not sure how they got the knickname but it's bit of an ear worm.
  10. Welcome to the forum miss t. I hope you've enjoyed your time so far. I've been to a thrash concert last year of acid reign who were in the British big 4 and whilst most of the fans were boys(actually mostly old boys 😂) there was a few females there having a great time. Other metal genres have a majority female fans like nightwish. A forum member used to post about this subject because he said alot of females like heavy metal. Out of interest who are your best thrash bands. Surely Mettalica is in there. Am I right😁
  11. Good to here from you oblivion. I hope your doing good Chilling a whisky to improve it is standard practice for harsher whiskys but from what I've drunk id not expect to chill any Johnny walker whisky to improve it especially a fancy special edition. Shame that talisker was not much good either. How was 16 year old lagavulin. Any good? I saw a previous post saying you were getting some? I've enjoyed the 12 year old lagavulin some years ago now. It went quick😋🥃
  12. Kk good to hear from you. Yes I do deserve a medal. Don't mind if it's a chocolate, cookie or even made of sweets medal ☺️ Funny story re being the alarm clock for Mrs killa k. Was it appreciated.
  13. Wintersun----- the forest seasons. Looking forward to new music. Enjoying this one. But come on guys. New music please☺️
  14. These are classics I just love to hear even though I listen to them not that often. I'd get alot of time in this scenario though😁 1) mettalica-- master of puppets 2)slayer---- reign in blood 3)wintersun----- time 4)slow(Belgium)---dantalion 5)wintersun----- time
  15. Two weeks without alcohol. Friday can't come soon enough😛🥃🥃 Does anyone else here have dry periods where there off the alcohol for a week or even longer. Not drinking for an hour don't count for me😂
  16. Tomorrow I'm getting Cadbury milk tray for valentine's Day. The Mrs is getting quality street truffles. Happy days I think. I even ordered a card for Mrs black doom. I deserve a medal that's what I think 😁
  17. Yes to all that. I've improved alot for driving as I catch up on the zzz at the weekend. Made a world of difference. Think I will stick to rum no rocks then. Rhum agricole is worth trying if you haven't already. One drink I'm on more again is neat vodka. Used to drink that before I got on to whisky. Nothing much to taste from what I can taste but it's smooth and a pleasent way to get drunk😉
  18. Thats a sugar hit.i get a similar hit from the sweets I eat. That sugar rush ☺️ and later crash🥱 which is more of an issue when driving. Falling asleep is not good when driving home 😁
  19. The shortlist is great. As it's still a surprise but you know you like all on the list. It's great until the other person does not get drink from the shortlist 🤬 What were game of thrones whiskey like. Any good.? Which ones did you try?
  20. Cool story re your boss. The previous waste water lead at my work was likely a rock or metal fan judging by the interest he had in medieval replica weapons, plus his appearance was a clue as he had long hair and loads of tattoos. Tbh should have asked him but always forgot😱 my current manager has a massive zz top beard so I'm guessing rock or metal fan😁 I will ask him though. He'll probably say disco 😱😱🤣
  21. Impressive improvisation if you can cater for vegans👏 I'm guessing Google is handy Cheers oblivion for that post. I largely copied recipe but put in scotch whisky and honey instead of you know what. It tastes really good. Down side is i can't stop eating it.😋 The guests come tomorrow. An empty pot would make me unpopular. Very unpopular. 🤣
  22. I liked your review👏EC. Out of interest out of 10 what would it get. Obviously 10 is mega good😁
  23. Lemmy playing full power with the band Vs Chuck Norris. I'm thinking Lemmy would win. Chuck would get ko'd by the sheer volume literally of noise😁 he'd come to a decade later with longer beard than ZZ top 🤣
  24. The ones my brother wrote silly things in are not worth so much either. If only I'd found these earlier I could have presented the choice cuts to show the best man my brother chose at his wedding. ☺️
  25. I can imagine what legendary tennis superstar John McEnroe would do if his present was not so good. I can imagine him saying to present giver. Hey you "This present 🎁 sucks. please get me X,y or z "😁
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