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    Been a big metal fan since I was young. Listen mainly to funeral doom, doom and black metal bands but I do listen to other genres in metal e.g prog metal,thrash, etc
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    East of england
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    Listening to metal music

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    Cambridge, uk
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    Listening to metal music, DIY jobs around the house, graphic novels such as punisher, ghost rider, captain America,daredevil plus others. I used to write songs and definitely would like to pursue that again.

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  1. Signed copy of the Seinfeld script that's very cool imo. I liked what I saw of that show
  2. I agree there's some albums you like so much that for variety of reasons you just never connect with there music for follow up releases, weather it's change of sound or just the music quality dips a bit e.g justice for all. I just don't like it as much as puppets. One is cool though Overplaying stuff. I did that to master of puppets. Ive overplayed that album. I just don't like it as much as I used to. I still listen to it from time to time Nothing wrong with what your saying at all. Early opeth I like alot. Anything past morningrise I just don't like as much. Although the prog stuff of there's I've liked more than there metal albums post morningrise. Show no mercy is quite a cool album. Not bought it but heard it a few times. That's an album I need to hear again. Thanks for reminder. preferred it to reign in blood too and I like that album alot. Anything after reign in.... is not as good for me though but I do have seasons in the abyss which I like and listen to from time to time.
  3. Your right Jason Becker was I've read inspired by paganini.think I got name right. I will take your word about the others. Alex from children of bodom used to warm up playing Mozart. What a player he was. I love his live playing. Will look up the bands you mentioned thanks for that and I will let you know if I like them. Interesting names. High the memory by abyssic is cool. Death/doom with big orchestra bits. It's long but I like it. Also et moriemur album called epigrammata is very excellent. Gregorian chanting, choirs, cellos and other orchestral instruments meet death/ blackened doom in rather an amazing album. Both are on bandcamp. Both have cool artwork too Cool. You like track 6 best from slows album. Incendaire. I like track 6 too alotπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. Good choice track 7 is rather good imo. And as closer I like it alot
  4. Glad you appreciate the premium Harvey Nichols coffee macabre. In my experience it's more frustrating when you get some premium stuff and you don't notice much of a step up in quality but that was only blue label Johnny walker 😣Then it's case of won't buy that again. But pleased you like the hn coffee. Definitely not your regular cup of Joe.
  5. Balor what you say seems very reasonable. I will have to ask my brother next time I see him. See what he says. My brother would give interesting response for sure Balor what you say seems very reasonable. I will have to ask my brother next time I see him. See what he says. My brother would give interesting response for sure Balor you could well be right about what you say. Your right there are not many serial killers so a load of factors has to come together to bring there actions about. The ones I read about we're all complex. Got no excuse now. I will ask my brother next time I see him and let you know. That is assuming he wants to answer.
  6. Balor good to hear from you again. It's complex for sure. It's so interesting what you say about some sociopathic traits being useful for some very competitive jobs. My opinion is I can see thats very possible.There's definitely some jobs where that can help. Maybe there's no easy answer to it. Perhaps genetics plays a part, certainly a number of them did alot of alcohol and drugs which imo can't help things. Jeffrey Dahmer was kicked out of military for as far as I'm aware being totally drunk all the time. Environment plays a key role definitely. When you read the biographies of these guys you think that sort of stuff can't do you any good and perhaps explains why they do these terrible things. But there's alot of people who have terrible childhoods who don't do what they do. I will ask my brother as he's mental health consultant. Can't spell the word 😁
  7. Do you put a dressing on your salad. I like olive oil and balsamic vinegar mix on it when I occasionally have a salad πŸ₯—. A few times a year πŸ™‚
  8. You said it. Very wise So much of our lives is out of our control. Yeah it's kinda rubbish. That's why I like heavy metal especially the doomy stuff. I connect with it. Helps me stay positive listening to that, just knowing that suffering can be a shared experience, we all suffer but at different levels. I too don't like being drunk most the time but occasionally it's good Coffee. I can't take coffee these days. Caffeine does not agree with me. Makes me feel peculiar and bad. 😁
  9. Balor hello again. You might be right. I don't think it's just the environment they grew up that makes them bad however it doesn't help. Do you think it's a case of if there's really amazing good people there's got to be there polar opposite and Ramirez is that.
  10. What you say is quite common. So easy to say you should do this and criticise. With my at times out of control cousin aunts and uncles offer opinions and advice but that's all they offer.very few apart from my mum help him. Maybe if my cousins mum was still around things would be different. His dad does his best but there's no easy answers with him. I love my cousin but he's stubborn as a mule and he's scary whens he's on one. 6 feet 4 and well built. Hes good at heart really and always steps back before he causes proper damage. He had my dad's neck in one hand over nothing really. Gave it a fairly big squeeze. My dad was shaken. He's not fun when he's cross Oh dear about that cash. You hear crazy stories about similar stuff. There was one in paper where some goldigger convinced there dad to change the will just before they died and give them all of it pretty much.
  11. Whisky night coming up in my home town. I'm taking the Highland park 10 year Viking scars single malt. Was going to get another bottle of Islay but the Mrs would have been fuming when she saw the box arrive in the post. 🀬🀬🀬🀬The Highland park is good. My taste is off a bit but I'm getting the peat notes πŸ˜‹ What are others favourite single malt scotches im just interested or just being nosy πŸ˜‚
  12. I bought some Bluetooth skull candy ear buds and can't get them to work.🀬 The £2 wired ear phones work fine and are ok quality of sound. Good luck finding a good turntable at budget. In fact I got cheapest ear phones from local store to see how bad they were and they had better sound than the much more expensive Sony ones which had handsfree. Cheap ones could not get so high volume but they had very good bass power. Can't find them anymore 😭
  13. I am eligible to get top up vaccine in January 2022. I will go for it as don't fancy getting COVID. Fortunately in UK the top up is free on the NHS. Well for time being. Are others thinking about getting top up COVID vaccination?
  14. Lucky if you don't get hangovers till late 30s.Always had them.😁 It's only Fridays for me for drinks at moment. I get home after a long week and if I don't get a few drinks I will be bit disappointed. Plus this Friday is whisky night at friends house. People from all over town all bring a bottle. It can be good. My wife's given me warning not to overdo it. πŸ˜‚ Yeah your mum and my wife have similar outlook on alcohol. Obviously having family members who have alcohol issues doesn't help. Your boozy uncles got you off the hook with your mum. πŸ˜‰My cousin drank himself to death at 46. He was alot of fun and I miss him. He kind of gave up when his grandmother died as she supported him alot. Working at a pub is not best environment for an alcoholic. 😁😣 Bad for your wife too. Losing her father to alcohol. My sister's husband's dad is bed bound as he overdid the booze big time. He's not in a good state. It's ruined fair few lives for sure. Your lucky to have made it through all your boozy yearsπŸ€
  15. I only drink once per week so it's not issue. I pace myself more and I've even set myself a max limit of drinks per night as I'm fed up with hangovers the next day, it's not like I was drinking everyday before but I did occasionally overdo it. I still use the perfume a bit when drinking some stuff like wild turkey 101 as even when I have one shot all night I get so much negative comments and moaning from the Mrs. It does not help that the Mrs family are really low drinkers. Some of them either don't drink period or one bottle of beer per night is plenty. Theyve never made me tip my stuff down the drain or neither has my wife so that's good.thanks though for your message. My cousin drank himself to death at 46. That was sad and it's easy to do if you don't see alcohol for what it is. It's POISON in nice fancy bottles in my mind. Don't smoke anymore and never did drugs but giving up alcohol. Nah not yet😁
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