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  1. Immortal- pure holocaust: love this record. And from what I heard so far. The most extreme of there music. Ive only heard first 3 album's and battles of the north. Emperor of sand- Mastodon a good solid Mastodon album.for me Does not change there sound too much and but is good. Some say it's a nod to album's distant now of there's. Candlemass- doomicus epicus metalicus. Very good album and the download I got from Amazon features some absolutely amazing live tracks from Birmingham. Wow those tracks are fucking amazing. It's odd when live tracks are better than the album tracks and the album tracks are great too the live tracks have so much energy from the crowd and great showmanship by the singer. Not biggest candlemass fan so don't know who singer is.
  2. Good maiden story. Bruce went to school in town I'm from for a bit and he did one of his first gigs at the local pub. People talk about it to this day. Then again he's one of the best. Your Music sounds good. Good luck with doing proper unpolished metal. You know what I mean πŸ˜‰ The guitar collection is cool. Googled some of them. You've got some sweet guitars. 🀘 Welcome again to the forum
  3. Your right I was being silly. Damaging hearing is no laughing matter even if it's just mine that gets affected. Even before today I was thinking i should be more careful. πŸ‘
  4. That's it. Was not sure if I should say on forum the band . As was unsure if I'd break rules re inappropriate advertising. Not biggest label but they've got some great bands on there. I got officium triste Latest. Sounds great if you like paradise lost, my dying bride that sort of the thing. had some good reviews too. Will check out heads for the dead too.
  5. Pure holocaust is amazing album.So fast and so much going on. For me this would be best live but missed that chance so best option I got is to be played really loud through headphones. I will probably go deaf but at least I was happy doing so.πŸ˜‚ You can see why one of them got tendonitis from playing this pace of music. I assume it was to do with this? Will probably try out at heart of winter as fair few people talk highly of it. Also have you seen them live.
  6. Ok great so it's not just me who has tried to listen to the new prog stuff but just does not really like it. I'm not even sure it's good for prog music then again they do popular tours all the time so they must be doing some thing right . Do you reckon the change in sound may be to do with Michael akerfeldt protecting his voice as not everyone can sing harsh vocals forever just an idea after watching a you tube video when he sung poorly and the vocal coach said excellent voice protecting technique for when doing harsh vocals.
  7. My humble opinion is prob record company wanted something shorter and punchier for MTV. It's a shame really as by taking out the slower bits the song loses alot of its atmospheric qualities.
  8. Do you think the powerslave period was the highest they went. So many classics on that album and live shows I assume we're amazing with the classic line up. Imo opinion dianno is fantastic singer but when in maiden there music was not playing to his strengths. He did amazing considering this. Mind you who am I to say as many consider him there best singer. Also Did it seem like you were watching one of the best metal bands ever on the powerslave tour.
  9. With the case of opeth. More of a case of oh dear for me. I know they've got alot of fans still. But for me they used to be so good when they were playing metal with loads of other genres mixed in, they were one of my favourite bands. First two albums are some of my favourite albums. I guess Michael akerfeldt got bored of doing metal and just stopped doing it. I reckon opeth should have dropped that name and called themselves some thing else when they went all prog. What was it you just did not get with the opeth prog stuff. For me it was the loss of extreme contrast from heavy stuff to beutifull light sections. Also what other bands should just drop there name and start again with a new one when they completely change there style of music. It's a crazy idea but theres certain amount of logic to it.
  10. Those two albums really were some thing. They were 2 years before I was born but still top albums that you can ingnore. First three tracks of priest British steel are almost perfect for me. Not biggest priest fan but I know this was has inspired countless bands and I know great bands when I hear them. Even though I'm not biggest fan. to make iron Maiden record the journey had been hard with some 20 odd band member personal changes but nothing was going to stop Harris and his vision of a truly unique sound, well certainly very unique to my ears. Classic tracks most of them. Charlot the harlot is great and probably top one. Paul dianno had that edge to his voice which was great. . Did not see him live but have seen some of the killers tour on you tube and he does a great job, just so good. This is the first of a few really top albums by the maiden. Classic metal.Would say I saw them on tour during there golden age but I was born same year as number of the beast so did not make itπŸ˜‚
  11. Thanks for spotting this. It was an overly aggressive response. After all you can't expect everyone to Google every band you mention without giving some good reasons to do so and none were given when said band was mentioned.
  12. Also while the situation is bad for the music industry from everyone who works in it I assume. One silver lining for fans is that a well known Indian heavy metal label is giving free downloads of loads of there bands on band camp and they've got some really good bands on there books Course you can pay if you want. So not all bad.
  13. Will stick to music definitely as that's the positive part of the early black metal scene or whatever you call this period. Although the book and the movie are not accurate portrayals of the scene, I definitely think the church burnings and the murders were plain wrong imo For me I listen to bands for good music and that's it. I don't really want all that bono political stuff. That's just how I see it. πŸ˜‚ I want to rock out 🀘🀘🀘maybe with some πŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒπŸ₯ƒ
  14. 😁Yes definitely metal is a great listen after a hard day's work. Definitely done that a few times. Or for getting huge amounts of energy quick as in slayer. Ok fair enough sounds like metal does not inspire you a great deal technically for doing your musical composition work but I was interested to ask. Maybe bands such as emperor, slow, abyssic sometimes add the orchestral synthesized bits on for just added affect sometimes and the maybe slightly classical feel to some of metal is just a coincidence such as speed sections of parts of slayer and obituary songs for example. Probably im only person hearing this though πŸ˜‚