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    Been a big metal fan since I was young. Listen mainly to funeral doom, doom and black metal bands but I do listen to other genres in metal e.g prog metal,thrash, etc
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    East of england
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    Listening to metal music

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    Listening to metal music, DIY jobs around the house, fixing stuff in general e.g rarely buy new clothes as try to patch them up, graphic novels such as punisher, ghost rider, captain America,daredevil plus others. I used to write songs and definitely would like to pursue that again.

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  1. I've definitely enjoyed listening to this one a bit. Such a good recording imo. For me band sounds so tight which is impressive considering that there a veteran band and some veteran bands just can't play live as well as they used to. 🀘🀘 Also includes unexpected bit when Trevor chuggs a pint. Obviously a thirsty man. πŸ˜†
  2. Great keep us informed. Devils spawn is a cracking song.
  3. Thanks for the recommendation re suspiria. Ok original is best like alot of them. In my experience remakes are more polished but they lose some of the original energy. Of course there are some good ones. I just can't think of too many. Yeah you may well have seen the Jim Jones documentary. It's on the Storyville series which BBC showed.
  4. Cool fact, my cousin's wife worked on think it was Romeros diary of the dead film as a crew member. I always thought that was cool plus I liked the film as it was very differet take on the genre but I liked it, have you seen this movie. Yeahh good one. J&b being a sponsor of the thingπŸ˜‚ but considering the amount it's placed in film it could be. I've seen a few Romero films. The first one is one of my favourites. Not seen it in a while but liked that. Thought black man playing one of the main characters did a good job .plus it wasa well done movie.would need to see it again. Th
  5. https://images.app.goo.gl/ZjMjPCboquXpSdyx7 Megadeth rust in peace cover has always been a classic to me. In fact I can't even remember if I liked this before I started listening to metal. I definitely remember seeing the t shirt a few times and thinking what a cool cover. Also my 3 year old son thinks it's great cover to. I'd got postcards of it in a metal magazine, he insisted it be put on his wall until my wife said no chance. Some people ehh Ok this is rust in peace link. 😁 Peace sells is another cover that I really like https://images.app.goo.gl/LWKo9z
  6. Wow what amazing cover art. Thanks for posting these macabre. Thanks father alabaster for above tips. Yeah makes no sense to have two threads for same thing.
  7. I'm a subscriber to metal hammer πŸ”¨ magazine in the UK. And although I don't read it that much I've found some gems in there I wouldn't have found on my own. I listen to mostly the smaller bands and there featured in this magazine even if it's just in review section. But one thing I hate is how the reviews are all in one section now where in the past there was a generalvreview section for big bands and a underground section.(not sure it was that underground but some bands Def were) It made it easier having the two sections because in the underground section the band's I liked were much easier
  8. 1)Slow, 2) Metallica cliff Burton era 3)hamferd 4)wolves in the throne room 5)bismuth
  9. Yowie good to hear from you. I've listened more to the cremated enemy album and it's more death metal for me. Real classic stuff reminds me of obituary in places. Something about some of solos especially. When I listen to devils spawn that's got a big lamb of God sound in there. The tunes amazing though, so catchy. May well Check out newer stuff onyou tube. Thanks Thanks for singing tips. πŸ‘ Yeah definitely if you've got project I'd be interested and no doubt a few others including ludo would be too.
  10. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm also a George Romero zombie film fan too. I've seen a few of his zombie movies. Dawn of the dead is a good theme. Really captures the mood and reminds me of the movie which I liked. Music was bit hit and miss on the film but the theme is spot on for me. Re the thing I've seen the movie and liked that and the theme music is really good for the Antarctica setting of the film. Not seen it in a while but brings back good memories of the film. I remember Kurt russel drinking scotch a fair bit on that movie 😁 mind you I'd probably be having a few in that situation πŸ˜‰
  11. And another band is Fallujah. There dreamless album I liked but album after I did not like. the singer left and he sings differently. I've not take to it. Has anyone got examples of where personel change in a band they like has not worked for the better.
  12. Out of interest what are people's favourite horror theme tunes. For me Halloween is really good and one of my favourites. So catchy and simple but so effective for me anyway.
  13. Yeah definitely agree with you about blockbuster Natassja. I found some gems just by browsing. If you like ring and silent hill film Dark water is worth watching plus its one I discovered at blockbuster. It's by ring author. Worth a download imo. Japanese version is better one Yeah wicker Man. Looking forward to seeing that again.
  14. Father alabaster thanks for the technical details. Very interesting. Definitely agree with you that using the tools to do a great job is essential and especially for cover art as I can imagine it's very competitive area of work.
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