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    Been a big metal fan since I was young. Listen mainly to funeral doom, doom and black metal bands but I do listen to other genres in metal e.g prog metal,thrash, etc
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    East of england
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    Listening to metal music

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    Listening to metal music, DIY jobs around the house, fixing stuff in general e.g rarely buy new clothes as try to patch them up, graphic novels such as punisher, ghost rider, captain America,daredevil plus others. I used to write songs and definitely would like to pursue that again.

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  1. cool that you agree. yeah Metallica fully loaded would be good name too😁 what would you call load and reload best track album i agree with you and my opinion is very much mettalica early albums are the best as theyve got so much energy and there so interesting to listen too. the other music is ok imo but nearly as good. i agree with you re justice album. imo its a flawed album but its still got some cracking tracks on it. saying it's there worst album is something i dont agree with im currently listening to pallbearers forgotten days.its a doom metal i did not like it to begin with. the influences of imo mettalica black album and alice in chains did put me off. but a few plays after long break made all the difference. i like it now. top album james: have you got any other albums you like now but didn't to begin with
  2. first off mettalica aside. an album i hated to begin with was pallbearers latest forgotten days. it had doom metal elements to it but others too including to my ears metalica black album, alice in chains and others plus never helped i could not listen to it in full as there'd always be an interuption😫. anyways after fair few listens i really liked it. and prefer it to there previous album heartless as songs are shorter and punchier. cool at least we agree load and reload should have been 1 album. we can leave others to decide themselves. fully loaded is not bad name imo for the load double album. what be good name for album assuming you dont like my idea. your right these 2 albums have some very well written and produced tracks possibly over produced for me.😂 yet saying that i prefer the early albums. at least and justice is your favourite albums. not many people's that iknow like it, much agree while not perfect people are bit harsh about the album. its not my favourite mettalica album though
  3. thanks for the link. mournful congregation are a name that keep coming up as either inspired bands who i like or there members doing guest work on other albums such as noctus 2020 release (one with the guillotine on cover). out of interest have you got a favourite album of mournful congregation and what isit
  4. thats cool you won the reload cd in a radio competition and motley crue tickets. yeah the crue had some very catchy stuff in 80s. theyd been good live i reckon and theyd have played all the classic 80s stuff to. not heard nothing else matters sung by miley cyrus. tbh i dont like the song so will give it a miss.
  5. i do remember that Wimbledon community common murder at time. yeah its bad. yeah her son had terrible nightmares as after for ages ive read. apparently theyve eased and he sees light at end of the tunnel which is very good. not good they tried to convict an innocent man of the murder. same thing happened im sure with jill dando murder as i remember. they tried convicting barry George of the murder but as i recal he was later aquitted.
  6. good to hear from you james t thanks again for your reload recommendations. do you think Metallica should have chosen best songs from load and reload and done one album. maybe its just me its good you like justice album. i dont like it as much as you but i like it more than im assuming alot of people, i know a fair few who call it there 2nd worst mettalica behind lulu. bit harsh imo
  7. latest album i like. forgotten days. its nice to have more tracks which are shorter in length. heartless was a good good album but imo some of tracks were bit long. on forgotten days The tracks are shorter and sharper imo for it. they still have there wellknown sound but they mixed up a few influences from to my ears anyway bit of kirk hammet black album mettalica wah wah, alice in chains and tangerine dream influenced Caledonia. well its what i hear? what do you think of forgotten days
  8. yeah at least its not just me natassja who gets creeped out by what harold shipman did. you could well be right about what you said about the typewriter. Tbh almost as shocking is the fact that his colleagues did not notice the unexplained deaths related to shipman. numbers went up awful lot. not read case for while but im sure unexplained deaths were up 400% around time he was practicing medicine. surely they should have flagged this up. tbh id need to google Rachael nickel murder. does not ring any bells, it sounds awful that her kid witnessed it.
  9. im reading the punisher the slavers. its an interesting read. bit gorier than i was expecting. storytelling by garth ennis works very well. well worth the money. so many standout exciting moments. the bit where punisher sets off nuke which is set for moscow was definitely one of these.
  10. well said killakukumba . moderation apparently is good. im learning that slowly that moderation and variety of foods is good. its obvious to everyone else. apparently eating 40 bags of crisps while watching a movie is just very silly😂 sometimes less food works out better too. for me it worked. ive got more energy. id been overdoing the carbs which was making me very tired.
  11. glad you like the choccy bars natassja. your right about keeping in check. ive got weakness for lovehearts candy/sweets. its odd i know 😂 i keep in check to avoid getting type 2 diabetes. also have you tried lindt extra creamy milk chocolate. thats a favourite of mine😋 👍
  12. james t good to hear from you again im pleased you like and justice as much as you do and its your favourite album of theres as lots of people don't like it, probably lack of bass on album did not help. tbh first time i heard and justice i liked it. it was by no means there best work imo but i liked it more than later albums. the track one is bit of a classic, yeah i was the same with kill em all. took me a while to like this album. yeah when load was first released i was very disappointed. I did not want a blues rock band but i wanted thrash metal band or at least music similar to black album . i like it somewhat now but have not listened to it for a while the one album i dont get is reload. ive never listened to it much. fuel is a fun track. but my reload cd is just gathering dust in the attic. should listen to it more of a listen
  13. father alabaster good to hear about your new gear.thanks for asking,the fostex is standalone little im assuming digital unit. it records straight to cds. bit old school now. who uses cds now😁 your old 4 track is old school and probably worse than my fostex but it got you started which is👍 the new equipment you got sounds cool including the wa 76 for your vocals. does it help get the sound profile your looking for. sound profile sounds like it should be recording term. 🤣 its good your able to get closer to that sound you want with rest of equipment. ive listened to stuff from the 40s and it sucks not because its bad music but because the recording equipment did not capture the sound that the band wanted to make
  14. yeah every day cant be Saturday for sure. 😁 it follows sounds good. light horror. ive put it on my watch list. also if im not watching horror, murder mystery is another favourite of mine. 😂 shudder how do you get on with that. the bad reviews put me off about people being double charged. im assuming youve had no problems with it
  15. hello again james t. thanks again for a very interesting message. Tbh i can see where your coming from re putting the albums in order you mentioned. Definitely hardwired is most similar imo to those early albums. Tbh its impressive they can still play that fast. there not young anymore. Atlas rise is a good track to me at least, saying that i prefer those early albums to it but its not without merit and the video to spit out the bone is certainly interesting and funny in places, id need to listen bit more to hardwired tracks but big thanks for all recommendations on tracks, i will check these out in time. frantic and st anger are growing on me a bit too. st anger i never hated it was just an album i thought was very average which disapoints me as mettalica was my absolute favourite metal band and compared to puppets it was miles off for me. the drums are let down for me tbh. lars tried new thing and for me new sound did not work for his drums on st anger which to me made the album worse also i can see why puppets hardwired, death magnetic, black album or even load could be good introductions to mettalica for non metal fans. There just very accessible imo. First time i heard kill em all and lighting i did not like them that much but they are albums that just got better the more i played them. out of interest what were the Metallica albums you first got in to and which ones were you not so keen on but you liked them more with more plays
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