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    Been a big metal fan since I was young. Listen mainly to funeral doom, doom and black metal bands but I do listen to other genres in metal e.g prog metal,thrash, etc
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    East of england
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    Listening to metal music

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    Listening to metal music, DIY jobs around the house, fixing stuff in general e.g rarely buy new clothes as try to patch them up, graphic novels such as punisher, ghost rider, captain America,daredevil plus others. I used to write songs and definitely would like to pursue that again.

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  1. anchovies whos with me on this. there definitely a polarising food. i love them especially the fancier tinned ones where as other people hate them completely. there popular on pizza but the crazy man i am i just have a few straight from the tin, none of that with creamy pasta sauce for meπŸ˜‚
  2. relentless oblivion,what about bodyline tour. us english aren't all white either. is this forgotten about. it did happen coming up for 100 years agoπŸ˜‚
  3. innominate its only 55 minutes but yeah. im bit excited by lost romero film. what were the lutherian church thinking was going to happen putting romero in charge for a movie.πŸ˜‚i guess they hadn't seen night of the living dead. i very may get shudder for a couple months just to see amusement park plus other biits and pieces. thanks for recommending a load of stuff. πŸ‘ Vincent price ive only seen in edward swissor hands. what a movie though.
  4. sheol youve mentioned some great reasons why this film is worth watching. there reasons i can connect with. definitely one for a future film list for me. Thanks
  5. innominate you probably heard about the George romero lost film called amusement park. you can only get it on horror streaming channel shudder. looks good. down side is i have to sign up to shudder. film looks good from trailers ive seen. apparently lutherian church funded it in 1973 to highlight general bad treatment of elderly people. apparently they was so shocked when they saw movie they pulled there fuding and project collapsed. some say its scariest movie Romero did. interesting film
  6. fraser you mention this about local crime. friends of ours was visiting local town in the sticks. they asked us whats do you know about the town, whats best thing about it. i said nothing i know about there apart from that odd double murder of those two girls a number of years ago by the caretaker at there school. we even googled the town of Soham near Cambridgeshire and this was top of the list. i dont know how you can really respond to this as its just a statement. some things you can never forget especially if its crime that happened near where you live. fortunately thats last crime like t
  7. balor poirot its the same. poirot is not as funny but theres a few jokes in there. its definitely one of those ones where it took a few episodes till i really liked itπŸ‘
  8. johanv thanks for info re this. will be worth checking out.
  9. sheol. think its time i watched the fly. entertaining and effects like the thing. sounds πŸ‘very good to me. i saw existenz recently again after along time of not seeing it. i thought ending was interesting and well done. sheol what is it you like about videodrome? you said its your favourite cronenberg film. im thinking because georges wife is supervisor for overall direction it stands better chance of being good. out of interest which other director does good zombie films?
  10. heres a good bit of immortal for you. ive maxed it out like i do sometimes πŸ‘»β˜ οΈπŸ₯ŠπŸ€—πŸ˜œ tbh i like these alot. imo there really good immortal work. first video is 60 mins from live show at wacken,2nd video is a classic immortal track from wacken, third video is a dramatic video and bit funny too and possibly easiest to get into if youve not heard immortal before, fourth link is my favourite album of theres. took a few plays as was totally different to anything id heard before but after that its one of my go to favourites. also do you see a Lemmy style vocal similarity between frontman abbath and l
  11. sheol its good to hear from a marvel fan. the marvel unlimited app is very good value. i cant see how its good for marvel but thats just my opinion. it saves me loads of money. thanks for the tip re hickmans work. will check those out. there new ones to me. i did have a look at immortal hulk but with so much choice its easy to miss lots of stuff. i recently enjoyed ahmeds and wards black bolt run from 2017. its bit different but ive really liked it so far. brubakers iron fist was cool. sheol have you got any favourite marvel characters. i assume hulk is one of them
  12. balor looks interesting and funny from the clips ive seen. thanks πŸ‘will check it out. its bit different but thats a good thing from what ive seen so far
  13. thats a shame re not seeing motorhead live. i bet theyd be good to. yeah will send you link for immortal or abbath. probably the wacken show when i can find it. sounds like you liked watching motorhead live. were they amazing live. i can only imagine there music is better live than recorded stuff and thats stuff is solid and so good. re celtic frost and tryptokon. there too bands that i hear other bands talking them up alot. sounds cool though seeing them live.
  14. innominate are you looking forward to George Romero's final film being released. twilight of the dead. obviously it will be different as he cant direct for obvious reasons and the script was not fully finished by him. his wife is overseeing and approving the script which is done now. it will be different but im looking forward to it. ill see it without paying attention to reviews. πŸ₯ŠπŸ˜ could be risky but romero zombie films are nearly always really good.
  15. your right about motorhead. there so consistent in doing good albums imo. im not biggest fan of theres but i liked all the tracks i heard of theres. which is quite an achievement. did you see them live at all. people i know who saw them said they sometimes got louder throughout shows and could get too loud. did you listen to abbath or immortal. its the vocals that are similar imo. music is bit different as is black metal. there a band who i want to see live. there live videos are so good. the wacken live show is so good and abbath is so funny and so good at working the crowd 🀘😁
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