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    Been a big metal fan since I was young. Listen mainly to funeral doom, doom and black metal bands but I do listen to other genres in metal e.g prog metal,thrash, etc
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    East of england
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    Listening to metal music

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    Listening to metal music, DIY jobs around the house, graphic novels such as punisher, ghost rider, captain America,daredevil plus others. I used to write songs and definitely would like to pursue that again.

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  1. That's it. I'm more of a rugby league fan. I've watched some NRL stuff years back on TV and I liked it more than union as its faster paced and simpler. Plus 1point for a drop goal is what I like as that encourages going for more tries rather than winning with kicks. My best mate has watched some rugby league as he's based up north. He likes watching "classy Cass"Castleford play. Not watched much test cricket since it was taken off regular UK TV in 2005 after the ashes win. A few beers watching test cricket was good for sure or a big bag of crisps😋 oddly enough I've probably watched more Australia test cricket than England recently as for a time bt TV package had all the Australia cricket games then the price Went up alot so no more
  2. My son likes wearing the outfit of his favourite characters for same reasons you mentioned. Hes only got superhero costumes like Thor, batman, spider man and he too liked the killer clown. He wanted the doc from back to the future outfit but we could not get one small enough as he was two at the time. He called back to the future the doc movie for some time which I think is fair enough as he's my favourite character from that movie. I can see you explaining everything to your kid very thoroughly so he will be fine with all that horror stuff even if he's a bit young. I can easily spend loads of time reading up on all things horror related. It's fascinating. I watched nightmare on elm Street when I was ten and some other horror films like Halloween plus a load of action movies I was too young to watch. I've turned out ok. They were not that scary movies imo. My son is a big fan of the villains too. Darth Vader is his favourite star wars character by along way. I do my best to explain what he's like. It did put my son off for a time but he still likes darth. My son is easily scared unlike your kid. My nephew lives for frights which creates arguements when they meet up. . Your kid must have got the horror stuff from school as my son picks up all sorts from school and some of it requires little talks. It's mostly the swear words and insults 🤫 Heavy metal artwork is a favourite of his especially with skulls. Iron maiden. Megadeth are some of his favourites.its nice to hear others who appreciate extreme in a healthy way. Your kid will probably get a job at shreikers or similar bwhen he's older for a summer job. You pay to go to an abandoned mental hospital or similar type venue at night and all these enthusiastic horror fans do there best to scare you to shitting point☺️I've been once. Only once
  3. Thanks Johan. Pleased to meet another tor fan. It's my favourite label at the moment. What are your favourite tor bands?
  4. It's sad that Andrew Symonds the Aussie cricketer has died today. I remember seeing him play at London oval for a champions trophy group match against new Zealand in 2004 and what a fantastic batting performance. Loads of 4s and big attacking play as I remember. Rip Andrew.
  5. I pre-ordered new album by sisyphean called colours of faith from transcending obscurity records. Dissonant black metal. New subgenre to me. I'm liking the preview tracks very much
  6. My 5 year old son would like this picture but he has never watched little mermaid all the way through because it's too scary apparently.
  7. WWE stopped the use of getting whacked by steel chairs in the head. Although that was more a decision to make it more suitable for younger fans but does prove things can change. Re rugby I can't remember speaking to anyone who wants the hits taken out of the sport. Certainly in union I'd like to see all that lying on the ground sped up after a breakdown🥱 apparently once you've played the game or understand the rules you actually like all that. Could be true. When I used to play cricket I enjoyed test matches more. Now Ive stopped I struggle to watch test matches without 😴
  8. Ok so not much happening in Australia re this. In England the subject is not going away but again not much is happening. I would say things will change if there's enough of these stories and press and enough people want it. A big study might also push it too especially if it gets enough support. Maybe some of the heavy hits will be outlawed and other parts of the game will come to fore and there will be more points scored. Maybe just maybe the team hug at the start will be as physical as it gets😂
  9. Thanks for the info. Rabbitohs are a team I've heard of years before the takeover by Mr crowe. It's an original name for sure and was perplexed by the name. Now I know. Is the issue of concussion a thing in Australia. In England there are more and more players who are having big issues after retirement like Steve Thompson who won 2003 world cup with England of course.😉now he can't even remember his kids names. In same interview he is quoted as saying I wish I'd never played to begin with. Could rugby rules be altered so the big hits don't happen nearly as much perhaps dishing out match bans for each unnecessarily big hit. Just an idea. Rugby could still retain what makes it great but with less long term cost to the players once there retired.
  10. He looks like rabbi after a few too many sherbets☺️
  11. New one from et moriemur mixing atmospheric doom with Japanese themes featuring choir, cellos,harps bits and some Japanese instruments I can't pronounce. It's so niche I'm thinking, really is because most people who like traditional Japanese stuff will not like the metal bits and the metal singing. where I'd say it's probably got not enough metal music in it for the metal fan to like. I don't think I've spoken to anyone who likes it apart from me. It was well reviewed. Also a shame the band does not tour outside Czech Republic much? I'm not aware of much tours.
  12. Four doses I've had bud. 💪🦾☺️ I've got a health condition so my life sucks. This was a small positive I got out of it.
  13. I like mark riddick artwork too. That t shirt is cool. My son would like it as he's well in to skulls and dinosaurs. Well looks like that to me. I have a recent fetid zombie album. My kids like the picture even if it scares them a little bit. Mrs blaacdoom does not like them seeing it. It's certainly a change from Peppa pig 😁
  14. I've pre-ordered conjurer album called pathos. It's there nuclear blast debut. I'm liking preview tracks. Melodic and doomy.
  15. That guy think it was you who have mentioned that rugby union is a rich persons sport and league is for everyone else in Australia. I googled why rugby is still working class sport in wales and read about the great rugby schism in great Britain when union split from league. It was all about money. Article was very interesting. Tbh I always thought it strange that union was an amateur game until recently in England whilst top level football was professional. And Wales kept on playing union in a big way as they liked beating England who were weakened by the union and league split there. Beating England alot at rugby was something they liked alot. Lots of 🏆trophies I'm guessing for wales.
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