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    Been a big metal fan since I was young. Listen mainly to funeral doom, doom and black metal bands but I do listen to other genres in metal e.g prog metal,thrash, etc
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    East of england
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    Listening to metal music

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    Listening to metal music, DIY jobs around the house, fixing stuff in general e.g rarely buy new clothes as try to patch them up, graphic novels such as punisher, ghost rider, captain America,daredevil plus others. I used to write songs and definitely would like to pursue that again.

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  1. good for you if you can fast, not for me at all,just going a day without food is bad, congratulations πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ im not going to copy you but if it works for you why not, i eat more rice than the average person because it works well for me, so were 2 people on different diets, there will be others i eat some fruit and vegetables most days but thats because i like it, out interest how long have you been on the steak diet? how long will you carry on? my grandmother was obsessed with eating steak most days for a long time? she loved it and my family didnt understand. ive hear
  2. i read swamp thing not far back by the famous author alan moore, it was amazingly drawn, just as i imagined it would look like, good story and intersting story which was good because sometimes comics can be bit predictable imo, amazing artwork, some of the best ive seen, volume 1 was very good. i got a good deal for it on amazon prime, volume 2 is much more expensive so may not rush to get that. the bad guy the fluronic man was interesting, so misguided imo, what a terror, what are others reading?
  3. there's a marvel thread for films, graphic novels and comics what about having a thread for all the rest. please post what your reading now what are your favourite graphic novel/comic book/graphic novel film and why? i know theres a few metal people who are in to this so why not have a good thread for this fine topic.
  4. thats good to know 😁 thanks depraved. my nightmare growing up was being chased around a maze by an axeman, when i got to the dead end and was about to be axed id wake up. Scared me alot although fortunately i did not have it often.
  5. he was a legend off and on the stage by all the accounts ive read, before guns n roses made it big, they was in london doing the marquee club, they paid lemmy a visit, they hung out had a great time by all accounts, ludo what was it that made lemmy a legend to you was it the consistency of good records, the amazing loud live shows or something else?
  6. interesting what you say imo some people will always cheat, long bans is enough, i reckon even with lifetime bans some players will still cheat, Oblivion are you watching the Olympics at the moment. just been watching the Olympic skate boarding on catchup and some archery. anybody else in to the Olympics.
  7. natassja have you seen the jeffrey dahmer interview, no thought for his victims.at least he says hes the only one to blame.what a warped mind he had. ted bundy trial is quite something, i will need to watch more of that.
  8. there was similar thing in russia in i believe 80s where people were going missing, meat was scarce but suddenly all these sausages turned up, except they weren't from pigs. oh man. not good. 😫
  9. yeah Debbie harry reckons bundy almost abducted her, read a newsweek online article about it, i will trust your judgement re the bundy trial. good analysis πŸ‘
  10. thanks for being understanding re my friends dream. much appreciated. πŸ‘when you put some posts up im sometimes concerned i said too much personal stuff. my post was in that category imo your nightmare sounds really bad, especially with the high blood pressure thing too, thanks for sharing. it sounds almost nightmare on elm Street. sounds like a scary film in the making your one. hopefully that dreams stopped. also bit rubbish that the nightmare happened so much you didn't want to go to sleep. think most people have had that where they was not wanting to go to sleep but not as man
  11. thanks for such a thorough response, not heard about covid cure, would be amazing if they pull it off, send covid off, give them the red cardπŸ”΄ closest i could getπŸ˜‚ that's bit rubbish having 12million in lockdown, thats going on for almost half your population in lockdown assuming google is accurate for your population, your number of covid dead is very low compared to uk which is well over 100,000 tbh i dont know the up to date number. even Victoria messed up but imo less than our government, keeping the borders open for india for too long and letting the variant in😫 your ri
  12. who else is double jabbed. ive had two az vaccine. hopefully more vaccinations will mean we will get restrictions lifted sooner. also how soon before vaccine top up happens to get those variants.surely its going to happen, im bit out of news loop but numbers are still high in uk even if not as many are going to hospital. also im assuming there working on stuff right now for indian strain.ideas anyone. whats it like in your country or area
  13. thats a very well put response. bravoπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜‚sorry heres the horns 🀘 im no expert but im guessing if your amazing at publicity on social media and have a more pop metal sound you can make it without record label. id imagine long term a good agent, manager and big label backing would be needed for mega success and that these days is really hard as fewer people buy albums.
  14. that bundy debbie harry thing happened nat because Wikipedia said so. its watertight, Wikipedia is never wrongπŸ˜‚ iwish this was true. tbh i read biography for all sorts of famous people mostly on Wikipedia as its so easy to do, not just serial killers,its often interesting reading re why they do it i suppose its complex reasons why they do these terrible things, no way id say its ok what they do but definitely brain damage must factor in like you said on previous message and different parts that get affected, very interesting what you said about fred west and brain damage from that fall.ap
  15. good to hear from you again, the fly just gets genuinely creepier as it goes on imo,although brundle definitely had likeable qualities till near the end imo although only really to veronica after the transformation although that makes sense πŸ˜„ not much bad stuff happens but what happens is very effective, i was expecting worse tbh, the lighting and makeup were very good imo even though its old film now,reminds me a bit of kafka metamorphosis. have you read that? its the only thing ive read or watched that is similar tbh. definitely agree with your good words about it. πŸ‘ from me not seen t
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