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  1. Welcome to the forum, hope you have a good time here. Not massive fan of power or symphonic metal but I do listen to wintersun. There pretty much in category and do you listen to them or sabaton or that UK band dragon force. Probably best not to respond to my questions as this is just an intro. Been told off about this in past 😁 welcome to the forum
  2. Di'anno is doing a final concert with a band of ex maiden members. He's bowing out due to ill health so will last chance to see him perform at beermagedon festival Bromsgrove at end of august. Final show might be good. One last hurrah 🥳👍🍻🍻
  3. It's fantastic you joined the forum. Which metal bands do you like smithmary01
  4. Metallica's ride the lighting I did not like at all to begin with. I just gave up listening to it which is crazy. next time I listen to it a few years later I was blown away and is my favourite of there album's although puppets and kill em all are not far behind. Same here re early opeth. I liked orchids but not massively as the music was very different to anything I'd heard before. After a few listens I really liked it though and there first couple of album's are some of my favourites. Gojira's magma album I thought was very average to begin with but after some play through I really liked it. Early sepultura I overlistened on them and I don't listen as much as I used to. When I first heard chaos ad I hated it but it soon became my favourite after a few listens then again it was the first metal album I heard. Chaossssssssssssssss adddddddddddddd👻🍻🍻🍻
  5. The new releases for me are the new gojira one which I read about in metal hammer. They divide opinion a bit as there sounds changed especially with a change in vocal style but I like the newer stuff. If anyone could recommend an early release that would be great as I only know the later stuff. there's a new wolves in the throne room album coming out at end of year which could be amazing. Am sure there will be others too but new pallbearer album I'm looking forward to. There album's are very consistently good in my opinion so looking forward to this and follow up to heartless album which I liked alot
  6. One question for you all. What band are you really looking forward to hear new material from in 2020. I'm looking forward to gojira for one and wolves in throne room. Oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh. 🍻🍻
  7. Alot of people I know highly recommend seeing maiden for the show as it's one of the biggest and best in metal even if the album's aren't your favourite plus in recent years the album's have got alot better especially since Bruce Dickinson returned and your right they won't be doing the shows forever so probably worth it. Probably bloodstock 2020 for me and truth be told I have not been in a couple of years but that was due to seeing loads of gigs before hand and being told by the boss I could not go 😃
  8. That's definitely a good point. If the lineup is not strong you got to ask yourself if it's worth going especially as the bands are very commercial metal if metal at all. Since my wife's had kids I've struggled to make it to as many festivals as I would have liked so I've been to more smaller gigs, i saw anthrax with a double length show one year which was awesome. They may be older but they have so much energy and often at festivals they would only play for 30 mins or so like you said. Maiden I have been told are amazing live so prob best thing to do is see them that's if you can get tickets.
  9. Thanks to the warm welcome I've received by all. 👻
  10. Bloodstock always puts on a good lineup and much heavier than download. It's great obituary are playing again in 20. Not seen them live but they are on me list 👍
  11. Hello. I've joined this to be able to have more people who like heavy metal to talk to as most people I know hate the genre with a passion. First metal band I got into was Metallica with the black album. It's great but I quickly moved on to puppets album. I stopped listening to metal in late nineties as was fed up with the scene at the time but a few years ago I got back on the metal train as it was the only music I really connected with when I started listening to old sepultura cassettes which I unearthed when I was clearing the house. Now I listen to all sorts of metal and some outside the box metal which is more individual thanks to metal hammer magazine and bloodstock festival. It would be much more difficult to find great metal without these. Pallbearer, wolves in the throne room, hamferd, nixa, gojira, et moriemur, baroness, acid reign thanks to bloodstock, jonestown, bismuth, dawn ray'd, illimitable dolor,winter sun, mispyrming, early opeth, anthrax, abyssic, slow, immortal, abbath, emperor, sepultura, rotting Christ, megadeth, valkenfyre,anon amarth, death,fear factory,machine head,paradise lost, trollfest etc.some of these bands I only have 1 album of there's I really like or even own. Cheers for now 🥃🥃