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  1. I personal favorite of mine. What say you? I am in a band that sounds something like this, but a little more progressive.
  2. Re: Let's Write a Song! All of eternity will find the source of true Metal For the entire world lacks passion enough To be forever accepting of warriors Warriors
  3. Re: What Are You Listening To?
  4. Akuji


    Re: Deathcore About Job for a Cowboy I don't like them because they are too generic deathcore for me. Not because of scene kids. Scene kids just tend to follow the most popular names, and JFAC was one of the very first deathcore bands scene kids got into en masse.
  5. Re: Linkin Park This is not metal music.
  6. Re: How was your day? In five words or less Talking a friend through problems.
  7. Re: melodic death metal Agreed, though we should give beef a break. Death metal *originally* was very melodic. But the genre evolved into more "brutal" sounding music, rather than melodic, like Death and even Dethklok. Normal death metal is now, because of how the genre evolved, more fast paced, exciting, brutal shit. Misery Index, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death, Commit Suicide, etc. Rather than what used to be Death metal, but is now known as melodic (albeit the first death metal being melodic) like Death themself.
  8. Re: Harsh Vocals.... I wouldn't do it, haha. I only do slow, easy croaks inward, sometimes squeals. But I don't actually use either of those sounds in music. I was just curious, cuz I don't understand how one can growl inward.
  9. Re: Harsh Vocals.... Opinions on "phlegm" vocals? Personally, I don't like them. They sound too shallow and are just, not really vocals to me.
  10. Re: Harsh Vocals.... How do you growl inward? The only things I can do inward are croaks and squeals. But I only use those for singing along with some bands at shows. Outward growls were the easiest for me to learn. Highs were and are still not where I'd like them.
  11. Akuji


    I swear there is already a Death thread... I have a derp feeling I made it... but why isn't it in Death Metal....? http://www.metal-archives.com/albums/De ... erance/618 My favorite album, along side Scream Bloody Gore.
  12. Re: How was your day? In five words or less Ups and downs, dead inside.
  13. Re: Favourite Vocalist I always prefer harsh to clean. I avoid clean as much as possible. Quo Vadis is amazing, quite a vocalist.
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