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    I love Traditional Heavy Metal, Thrash and Hard Rock.

    Oh yeah, and I LOVE Lucy Vixen. :)
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    Lucy <3, Metal, Pokémon, Cars, Top Gear, Boobs, Alcohol, shtuff
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    Currently at College doing a games design course

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  1. KK’s Priest - Hellfire Thunderbolt
  2. Lots of impressive collections on here guys! Here's my collection as of now
  3. Soooooo I have my first ever date tomorrow..... Idk whether to be excited or petrified XD
  4. I almost got to see them live, had tickets booked but Lemmy died a month before the concert and ive not listened to abbath or immortal yet, but wil give them a go? wanna send me a link or two and i'l check them out
  5. Either of those answers work to be honest I suppose being covered in Centipedes? being bigger there would be less of them and I don't think they'd be as irritating Terminator or Rambo?
  6. Mercyful Fate - Curse of the Pharaohs
  7. Helloween - Skyfall Incredible!!!
  8. That makes sense, I think it sounds like Mpire of Evil more than anything sometimes remind me of the prime evil album, and I find Cronos Venom to be a bit of a poor imitation but i’ll have to give more a listen. Also I wouldnt mind another classic venom lineup album I liked Cast In Stone to be fair
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