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  1. Just found out the Saxon concert I was meant to be going to next month has to be rescheduled because Biff has to have urgent heart surgery, hope he’s going to be okay 😭
  2. Holocaust - Elder Gods Overkill - The Electric Age Diamond Head - The Coffin Train
  3. I wish I had a local pub like that, when I use the Jukebox after a couple songs it gets reset 😂 although one time I put on Holy Wars and there was an old long haired dude at the bar and he was like “oh hell yeah Megadeth man!” Oh yeah and one time when I was pissed I felt mischevious so when my mates said “ok you can put one last song on” (and I was surprised this was even on there tbh) I put on The Count of Tuscany by Dream Theater 😂😂
  4. Hey Troy, welcome to the forum bud
  5. Bill Ward, great drummer and with Sabbath a lot longer than Dianno was with Maiden. Ian Gillan or Glenn Hughes?
  6. Hope you’re ok @FatherAlabaster my bud, That must be so scary, just take care matey I wish you and your family all the best
  7. @par9noid No need to apologise mate, sorry to hear about your friend thats terrible, however I’m glad it makes you feel a bit better to get these things out in the open, remember therr are always people who will listen and pretty much everyone on here are very friendly and will listen. And thank you for the unexpected compliments! Appreciated mate, funny cos most of the time comments regarding my username are that its too complicated to look at lol and I always try to make significant posts hehe Edit: also about the animated avatar, not going to lie untilI saw your avatar I didn’t realise you could have a gif 😂 so i thought what better than my fave band logo
  8. @par9noid Oh man, i’m so sorry to hear that mate, thats a heartbreaking story, it must have been really difficult to write that out, but sharing stories usually helps somewhat. Also that is a great song! And on the Alcohol front I used to drink a lot (like get drunk every week) due to depression, thankfully I dont feel the need to now and I barely drink at all, and I totally get your attitude towards it
  9. Mercyful Fate - Curse of the Pharaohs