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  1. Hey Folks, new song out now + playthrough in YouTube! Check it out here and leave your comments and thougths about it! Enjoy!
  2. Hi all the metalheads in this community, hope you are having an excelente day!! My name is Juan Hoyos, I am a 21 years old guy from Colombia. I love to play the guitar and I do it since I was a 10 years old child. Recently I upload to the internet the first song from my instrumental project called Seven Epigonus. MOD EDIT - link removed, please keep all advertising in the promo section. This community seems to have a lot to offer and I am happy to be part of it. Thanks for take the time on reading this, it means a lot for me! Juan Hoyos
  3. Hi there metalheads! Today I am glad to let you know that finally, after so many efforts compositing, recording, mixing and producing, I have released the first song from my debut album called The First Row. Here I'll give you the YouTube, Soundcloud & Bandcamp links where you can find the song: https://sevenepigonus.bandcamp.com With nothing more to say, just want to you enjoy, share, and suscribe to the channel if you like it! Sure that it will help me a lot! Also, here is my instagram if you want to stay tuned https://www.instagram.com/sevenepigonus.music Thank you so much and lets headbang! Juan Hoyos