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  1. Extreme metal may be occasionally relaxing for some, but it's more stimulating than it is relaxing I think it's safe to say. It's a powerful rush, it's thought-provoking and high serotonin/adrenaline. There are many things that fit that description, but don't necessarily come from a peaceful place. I think extreme metal, in its imagery and deep sensitivity, is an outburst of anguish, and an artistic expression of nihilistic chaos. If I listen to Blut Aus Nord, or Godflesh, or Cannibal Corpse, or doom death bands, to extend a wide bouquet of the extreme metal spectrum, that's what I feel on all fronts. The common denominator, the fuel, is that infatuation with aural violence and an expression of anguish.
  2. Anyways what I'd answer to you is that "happiness" is very different from just enjoying something. You can enjoy a romantic relationship with someone that's solely based on carnal sexual attraction but it doesn't make you 'happy'. In fact isn't it true that most things that are bad for you make you feel real, real good ? 😛
  3. Sure, if you've got the article handy I'll read it.
  4. what, yes lol. Well I believe the theme itself is quite dramatic. I don't believe in random tastes, random thoughts, random words etc...
  5. Where does our deep motivation to listen to extreme forms of music come from ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNFmiLYjX48&feature=youtu.be
  6. NOTE: video is blocked in the US. So the theme is grand sounding, powerful ominous musical themes. Just to get a bit of discussion going and to hear a few suggestions, in your opinions some of the main themes I've left out.
  7. Give this an ear if you're looking for original musical ideas that don't fit the current mold. Yes. Mold. ...okay, *mould. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ve15dncfgO0&t=758s Navigation menu in the description. Each song is substantially different from the next, don't judge too quick.
  8. If you seek outside the box musical ideas, powerful metal with lots of variation and atypical song-writing, give it a shot. Ominis album preview here: Full tracks and album on bandcamp page HERE: ominis.bandcamp.com/album/ominis
  9. Hey guys check this out. I've put the whole album on YouTube, some feedback would be cool:
  10. Periphery, although a shitty Djent act, at least through Misha Mansour write real compositions with really original musical ideas. Tobin Abasi or wtvr is a complete phony with zero song-writing ability, a shitton of gimmicks and technical gizmos, and a whole lot of show, no substance. They rely on huge blockbuster production and tricks and millions of notes, and for the shallow fan, that's well over brilliant. Not to mention "Animals as Leaders" is one of the most stupid band titles there is out there in metal.