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  1. I just reviewed some of the first songs off that Emperor record on itunes samples, and it sounds good.. a good standard black metal record. My old high school band used to be really into Emperor's Into the Nightside Eclipse and I bought the first track off that record... the first track really summarizes everything I would be looking for in that record (and I think sets a great standard for Black Metal)
  2. Aquilus - Nihil (while intending to listen to the entire record of Griseus)
  3. Aquilus - Griseus (full rec) iTunes put Griseus on!... Finally... yet so soon..! Thanks PotentialBand for letting me know about this record
  4. Sepultura - "Inquisition Symphony" (listening full rec Schizophrenia)
  5. Belphegor - "Hexenwahn: Totenkult" - off of the record "Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn" (I listened to that in its entirety tonight too!) - thanks guys for helping me choose some Belphegor picks!
  6. Malevolent Creation! Behemoth!
  7. Belphegor - "Baphomet" - off of Totenritual (listening it into its entirety) Sepultura!
  8. Yeah, for instance, I'm listening to Opeth's Orchid right now... when I first heard it (more than 10 years ago) I didn't really like it... now, I'm really appreciating almost every part of it, so... who knows what will be a good album now and a good album tomorrow...
  9. Tool - "Rosetta Stoned" (during listening to the whole record "10,000 Days:)
  10. I agree, just make some singles or an EP that's such a good point though, how can one determine what's a great track in another's mind?..
  11. Krisiun is one of my favorite bands, Ageless Venomous and Southern Storm and my favorite records from them. That's a good question though, is it better to have a record with all good songs, or to have a record with a few godlike songs and others that aren't really that good?.. I play music too, guitar mostly, where are you with your riffs and songs?
  12. Immolation is definitely a favorite cool, I'll check it out Cool, Lucifer Incestus seemed to be more in the black metal phase, and their newer stuff seems to be more hardcore death metal... Maybe I should just get them track for track... Totenritual seems to be pretty good though