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    I'm John, I'm from Cambridge MA, I play guitar am learning the drums and can sing, born 1989
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    Music, Acting, Fitness

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  1. Haha! And Yet, That What Sustains the Life.
  2. Nile - Kafir! (nothing like a good "Kafir!" in the morning)
  3. Slayer - Seasons in the Abyss (full record listen)
  4. Mortiferous - Necromancer Awakens
  5. TesseracT - War of Being [full record]
  6. Converge - Last Light "this is for the hearts still beating"
  7. Disfiguring the Goddess - Sleeper (record)
  8. Disfiguring the Goddess - Circle of Nine (record)
  9. Incantation - Unholy Deification (2023 record)
  10. Mortiferous - Necromancer Awakens
  11. Interesting, what style of metal do you play?
  12. Hey Everybody, I've been playing with an ESP LTD F-50 Black Cherry for more years that I can count, and it's certainly given me a phone voice recorder full of nice riffs - a lot that I haven't used yet but intend to use for building my next Demo. This demo is going to be concentrated on dealing with recovery from mental illness, and so I need a lot of good emoting riffs and basically more diverse expressive riffage, than the last (which was mainly focused on the heavy.) I've been looking, quite keenly, at the B.C. Rich Warlock (a guitar that I used back in High School, that I got from Ebay, and that I got some good riffs from as well.) Only thing, is that any new or old edition of the Warlock is looking like, on the site, at around $1,000 - and I am sure that I want to get it fresh from B.C. Rich itself - thus, I have to be 100% dedicated to this change/edition to my guitar arsenal, and prepared for all of the riffage it brings (...phone is filled with riffs, so far, unused...) Question is, should I get that new guitar without hesitating upon all the new material it shall bring? Or, should I stay with the old n faithful, and put all of those stored away riffs into song before I commit to a new venture?
  13. Dormant Ordeal (a new record last year, one of my favorites of the year and probably all time) Elder (similar to other bands I love like Cult of Luna, Isis, Electric Wizard) Lacuna Coil (always put these folks on first when it's time to work on my vocals) Sepultura (drummer just got an award as one of the best drummers of 2022 by Drumeo) Devangelic (new record Xul, been waiting for this one, one of my favorites this year so far)
  14. My mom listened to classical music and the golden oldies station, so that was my start to music. The first thing I ever bought for myself (in 6th grade) was a cassette tape of Britney Spears (I thought she was cute!) Then I started to branch out into softer rock (U2, Nirvana), and got into punk (Punk-O-Rama (Epitaph Records) samplers), and got into Rancid and NoFX and Pennywise and Millencolin - I also got into some hardcore from those samplers, Madball and Raised Fist... I heard "Girl at the Rock Show" by Blink-182 on the radio and decided to get the album - but I thought their name was Linkin Park, and as soon as I listened to Hybrid Theory I got my mind blown away. After that I got into Nu Metal (Mudvayne, Mushroomhead, Slipknot, Rage Against the Machine, Tool...) and then I branched further out to hardcore (Hatebreed, Walls of Jericho, Throwdown (Bleeding Through later on in my life). The first death metal record I ever bought and listened to was Nile's - Annihilation of the Wicked (having heard "Lashed to the Slavestick" off of those free metal mixtapes, Concrete Sampler. And from then on I was hooked into Death Metal forever! My top 5 most influential DM CD's were Nile - Annihilation of the Wicked, Deicide - Scars of the Crucifix, Cryptopsy - None So Live, Behemoth - Demigod, and Opeth - Deliverance I still kept listening to all sorts of music, but those metal sampler cds and label promos and movie soundtracks really let me know about all of the other metal bands that were out there.
  15. I got this recorded at Chillhouse Recording Studios. Different Guitar Different Amplification (some) Different BPMs (some) Riff Edits and a little more effort (illustration drawn by my friend Martin Elperin, of a concept I made that you can see on Demo 1 (non revision))
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