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  1. Krisiun is one of my favorite bands, Ageless Venomous and Southern Storm and my favorite records from them. That's a good question though, is it better to have a record with all good songs, or to have a record with a few godlike songs and others that aren't really that good?.. I play music too, guitar mostly, where are you with your riffs and songs?
  2. Immolation is definitely a favorite cool, I'll check it out Cool, Lucifer Incestus seemed to be more in the black metal phase, and their newer stuff seems to be more hardcore death metal... Maybe I should just get them track for track... Totenritual seems to be pretty good though
  3. Opeth - Blackwater Park, Deliverance (both records in full)
  4. Morbid Angel - Heretic (record)
  5. Septicflesh - 3rd Testament
  6. Dawn - The Knell and the World
  7. Thank you for those suggestions, I just listened to them and they were really good. That Saor band had a cool folk element to it. That Aquilus project was amazing, thank you so much for that, it's definitely going to become part of my collection!
  8. I've been sampling a lot of tracks from these guys (on iTunes and YouTube) and they sound legit. I've been considering buying a few records from them, like "Totenritual", "Walpurgis Rites: Hexenwahn", and "Lucifer Incestus" - I just don't know which one I'm going to get... Maybe I'll get all of them! Who knows..! What do you all know about Belphegor and what suggestions could you give me as far as they are concerned?
  9. Drudkh - Golden Horse
  10. I don't know that one... No it's a full record, out in 2019
  11. Yeah it's an amazing record. I find that Forgotten Legends comes close though. I just picked up their most recent record A Few Lines in Archaic Ukrainian, I think it does black metal proud. Thanks, I'll check those out.
  12. Re: Balor. "Pyroclasts" Re: Father Alabaster. lol Pyroclasts lol
  13. YOB - Clearing the Path to Ascend Drudkh - A Few Lines in Archaic Ukrainian Wolves in the Throne Room - Thrice Woven