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  1. I got this recorded at Chillhouse Recording Studios. Different Guitar Different Amplification (some) Different BPMs (some) Riff Edits and a little more effort
  2. Ok, Good to talk to you. Best of luck on your Projects!
  3. Cool. It's going well. I am going to go into the studio Jan 10th and re-record my Demo, just tighten some screws up and make it sound better. I am definitely going to promote my Demo 1 Revision on Metal Forum. My project is called Metal Meditations and it's on SoundCloud. I'm looking for other musicians to play with so I might promote it on the Looking for A Band Member Forum on Metal Forum as well Do you have a band, or are you looking for other musicians to jam with?
  4. Made my first Demo on January 4th, 2022 @ Chillhouse Recording Studio Looking for other musicians to jam with, and expand on the material (to make these death metal riffs more melodic and progressive!)
  5. what should I listen to from Dream Theater?
  6. (Cleaning my Apartment to) Krisiun - Southern Storm
  7. (just browsing) Khors - Night Falls onto the Fronts of Ours
  8. TesseracT - "Of Mind - Exile" (off of Altered State) yeah, I like that track
  9. Enslaved - Distant Seasons "time is cosmic vanity"
  10. Just found a fresh record, Khors - Where the Word Acquires Eternity, any of you folks heard of these guys? The record so far is great
  11. Septicflesh - Portrait of a Headless Man (off of the recent live record, Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX) [I thought I'd share the video for the full concert. Saw these guys live back in the day, so awesome]
  12. Here's to blackened death metal. I just browsed this record - and it sounds awesome! I think I'm going to purchase it.
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