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    I'm a very old, extremely opinionated and loudmouthed New Yorker. Dyed in the wool metalhead who loves black metal
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    craft beer, rye whiskey, beard trimming and metal

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  1. Diabolical Fullmoon - Unholy Pagan War, Poland 2023 Black Beast/Bloodhammer - Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union, split 2006
  2. Azaghal - Of Beasts and Vultures, Finland 2002 Bloodhammer ‎- Abbedissan Saatanalliset Houreet, Finland 2003 (The Abbess's Satanic Antics)
  3. Darkthrone - Ravishing Grimness, Norway 1999 Azaghal - Helvetin Yhdeksän Piiriä (The Nine Circles of Hell) 1999
  4. Sonic Poison - Eruption, Finland Profane Order - One Nightmare unto Another, Montréal 2023
  5. Coffin Torture - Dismal Planet, SC 2018 Torture Rack - Malefic Humiliation, Portland 2018
  6. Old Coven - The Awake of Ascendant Darkness, LA 2018 Ritual Necromancy - Disinterred Horror, Portland 2018
  7. Spirit Possession - Spirit Possession, 2020 Portland Serum Dreg - Lustful Vengeance, 2018 Portland
  8. 1. Necrophiliac (Slayer cover) 2. Maze of Torment (Morbid Angel cover) 3. Metal Meltdown (Judas Priest cover) 4. Bullet (Misfits cover) 5. Strike of the Beast (Exodus cover) 6. Race Against Time (GBH cover) Not a particularly adventurous collection of song choices (I'm not actually familiar with the originals for tracks 3 & 4 tbh) but I guess it could be fun for a spin.
  9. Death Whore - Total Teutonic Torso EP, crusty death from France Inebrious Bastard - God Swipes Left, crustgrind Sydney AUS
  10. Couch Slut ‎– Take A Chance On Rock 'n' Roll
  11. Мракобес - Заклинания Против Расколдованного Мира, (English: Grim Reaper - Spells Against the Divided World) rbm Russia 2023, this is better than most of the raw black metal releases I come across. Drüben - Volden Er Naturens Mejsel, Denmark, I'm really hitting the jackpot tonight.
  12. Do Skonu - ...And Darkness Was Over the Surface of the Deep, one-man project from Ukraine, just discovering him now on his 8th full length. Arnaut Pavle - Transylvanian Glare, Finland. A very worthy follow up to the killer 2019 debut, I'm gonna be playing this one a lot.
  13. Obsidian Hooves - Morbidity, LA/Mississippi 2021 Obsidian Hooves - Illuminating Void, 2022, these guys are definitely one of my better recent death mtal discoveries.
  14. Kommand - Terrorscape, LA death 2020 Vassafor - To the Death, NZ 2020
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