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  1. Sounds like a good defense to me! Cheers!
  2. There are a multitude of apps and browser extensions that will flip any website with dark text on a white background and display it with white text on a black background. I use them on my desktop and on my phone as well. I have a zero tolerance policy for dark text on a white or light colored background. Even that black text on the grey background you have there wouldn't work for me, I want an entirely black page. I've been using these for so long I often forget that others are probably viewing the Metalforum site with a white background right now.
  3. Several of my friends were bitching last night on our ongoing text thread about how the new BAN doesn't have any vocals (at least not any traditional vocals) again just like Hallucinogen didn't. Vindsval is done with vocals they said. Normally that would bother me a bit, the way The Chasm's last album not having any vocals all but ruined it for me, despite the music being excellent. But somehow BAN gets away with it. Hallucinogen was fucking excellent, so good in fact that I don't even miss the vocals on that one. And the new one with the long name I can't remember and the shitty cover art is nothing short of stellar. Can't imagine it being improved upon any with some bestial barnyard noises added in. But don't worry Doc, I know you're just being facetious.
  4. Lovedrive's always been my favorite Scorpions album. Not a bad track on it. I'm pretty sure it was my first. Came out Feb of '79 when I was a senior in HS but I didn't discover the band until the following fall when I went away to college. I bought one album (Lovedrive would have been their latest release at the time) and then quickly started acquiring their back catalog. After Sabbath they'd definitely be my favorite 70's band. I would personally say that as far as 1970's albums go, the 6 that the Scorpions released in that decade are far more worthwhile than anything you'll get from Kiss. And I say that as someone who was a pretty big Kiss fan as a teenager back in the '70's. Never joined their Army though. But I've since moved on, and I haven't felt the need to revisit any of their stuff in a good many years. As always, to each his own. Feel free to rock & roll all night and party every day and drown yourself in cold gin if it makes you happy. But don't call it 'cringe worthy' man, we all like what we like and fuck what anyone else thinks of it.
  5. See now I just thought he was talking about that steakhouse chain you have over there in OZ, Ribs & Rumps. Butts and rumps aren't all that different. They don't have a location down there by you Vic, there are just 2 in NSW and 2 up on the Queensland coast.
  6. I find that it can be very difficult to dissect and put my finger on exactly what makes something great to me. While it's usually much easier to figure out why I think something is bad. So I can relate to your greater than the sum of its parts thing, there are many albums I feel that way about. But this is a metal forum where we come to talk about the music we love, the music we hate, the music we just checked out and the music we don't give a shit about. All we have here is words so I like to challenge myself to try to better describe why I do and don't like various pieces of music. I've never been any good at writing album reviews which kind of irritates me because I fancy myself as a man who's pretty good with words generally speaking. It's just so god damned hard to describe the intricacies and nuance of music. So I will agree there is much more that goes into evaluating music than just dissecting the sonic elements and what each instrument is doing in a clinical way. Music is a visceral thing for many of us and describing how or why something makes me feel a certain way is an art I have not as yet mastered. Probably never will. But I'll strive to do better Marky Mark. For your sake at least.
  7. Well you should understand Jon-O that with my 'casual and laid back' comment I was comparing the album just specifically with other death metal. I personally like a denser wall of noise in my death metal. These Golgothan dudes left a lot of space and air between their notes as compared to some other death metal bands, and that's how I chose to describe it. Laid back death metal, relatively speaking. It wasn't about beats per minute. That'd be an inadequate way to judge extreme metal I think just purely by BPM. I myself actually prefer a more midpaced approach rather than the rapid fire blur of machinated blast beats approach some bands take with their death metal. Fast for fast's sake doesn't interest me any more than bands showing off their superior musical prowess just because they can. Sometimes less really is more. But too slow when it drags and gets all doomy & dirgey well then that doesn't work for me either. So in my mind there's a real 'sweet spot' for death metal of let's say medium-fast but not too fast, with some good tempo changes giving me some faster sections and slower sections to keep things interesting. But not so many slower parts that I'll lose the plot and forget why I'm even there as well as all the reasons I thought I had to get out of bed and face another day. But lots of other things come into play as well when I'm auditioning a death metal album and deciding if I want to continue listening to it, and then once I've passed that hurdle if I might want to own it. It needs to be overall rough-dirty-filthy sounding, but beyond that I definitely need sufficiently rough & dirty individual instrument sounds, guitar tone in particular is very important to me. Moreso than the overall production or sound of an album, I need to be able to find something to like about a guitar tone. You could have the worst production ever but if you have a sick guitar tone I'll still give you a chance. Too clean, too twangy or too thin just doesn't fit with death metal in my mind and I'm out. The vocals also need to have a certain timbre to them that I find appealing on some level. Nothing makes me click away from a death metal album faster than bad or annoying vocals. Dissonance/discordance is another one of the biggest deal breakers in death metal for me, I'm not a fan of these techniques at all. Also odd time signatures, or like these wacky bands that try to pass free jazz off as death metal. I like a little bit of a groove in my death metal that I can bop my head along in time with. Dissonance impededs or sometimes completely removes my ability to keep time along to a piece of music prohibiting me from bopping my head along with it and that's simply unacceptable. So now you tell me Jon-O, what do you look for in death metal? Since last night. There's good howling and bad howling. But mostly there's bad howling. I know the good kind when I hear it. Barking has a little more leeway to be good, but sometimes it can miss the mark for me too, like with that GR album.
  8. But what's up with the howling and barking Doc? I'm just not sold on the canine aspects of the vocals. And then in track 3 the dude just randomly starts speaking French. I had to pause it for a sec to make sure the French speaking wasn't from some other tab I didn't know was playing. I keep going back to this album because so many people keep mentioning it in a positive manner. Now I'm not saying the album's bad, but the music isn't dense or suffocating enough for what I want from my death metal, it seems too casual and laid back to me, even as compared to their first album. At first I thought maybe it was just an Aussie thing, with all your sunshine, beaches, surf shops and everyone half pissed all the time it's gotta be hard to keep things brutal if you're hanging out in your boardies at Bondi Beach in the arvo chattin' up the Shielas. But there have been some pretty brutal Aussie bands so that can't be it. Can't quite put my finger on it, but if this album doesn't click with me soon I'm gonna have to stop going back to it and just let it go as one of the ones that got away. Intus Mortem - Exiled from Light, Italy
  9. I thought he was kissing Hetfield's ass. Shit I could have been Al Bundy. Or at least I have my hand in my pants most of the time.
  10. Been saying this for years but no one takes me seriously. Don't think it would even be that hard to implement, it'd just make a bunch of corrupt Congressmen redundant.
  11. Payback's a bitch motherfucker. The awful production killed that one. That and the fact they made Tom sound just like Sam Kinison. Couldn't stop laughing.
  12. I really don't understand why they can't just have people vote on their phones via an internet poll like they do for American Idol. We could have election results in mere minutes.
  13. Mega Slaughter - Calls from the Beyond, 1991 Swedeath Writhing Shadows - Writhing Shadows, 2022 Alabama death metal
  14. Helleruin - War upon Man, Netherlands Helleruin / De Gevreesde Ziekte - Invincible / Ω Split, Netherlands
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