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    I'm a very old, extremely opinionated and loudmouthed New Yorker. Dyed in the wool metalhead who loves black metal
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    craft beer, rye whiskey, beard trimming and metal

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  1. Ophiuchi - Bifurcaria Bifurcata I'm not hating this at all. But I doubt I will feel compelled to come back for a second helping. FUOCO FATUO - Obsidian Katabasis Cavernous Italian death/doom bordering on funeral doom
  2. now playing: Enoid - Negation du Corps, Ironically this is a Swiss band that might possibly be singing in French. Hard to say, how many languages do they speak in Switzerland, 3? 4? This album from last year is the same dude as Borgne.
  3. You skipped both L & M Let the Devil In - Sargeist Massive Killing Capacity - Dismember and now O On Parole - Motorhead
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