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  1. Do you seriously appreciate that Gojira nonsense? Bah. Books are better anyway. Got my hopes up when I saw death/doom Finland, but turns out this Mörkö is tedious. What's with the whispering? Oniricous – La Caverna de Fuego, Spain 2016
  2. As usual I'm the odd man out. I've never been able to understand any of this stuff. "Services" for people who have died, or the idea of friends and family needing a chance to say goodbye. I don't do funerals if I can possibly help it, I don't need to say goodbye. I went to my wife's service simply because I had flown all the way to NZ with the toddler in tow wanting to say our goodbyes while she was still alive in hospice, but we missed her demise by 25 hours. She had actually expired while I was packing our suitcase getting ready to leave for the airport, but nobody told me. We were stuck down there staying with her family members 9,000 miles from home and there didn't seem to be any tactful way to opt out so I went along with it. Fortunately my wife and her family and of course I are all staunch atheists so there was no clergy and they didn't play up the whole nonsensical god and heaven thing. They kept her pine box with the floral print closed and several people just got up and spoke some remembrances of happier times when she'd been alive. But still I don't see the point, I prefer to remember the dead on my own in private without the gathering. It's not even a dignity thing, I guess it's really the social gatherings I avoid at all costs, especially when they involve some kind of traditional ceremonies. Didn't go to my mom's service and I won't go to weddings or birthday parties or anything like that either, just don't care about traditions or birthdays or holidays. I attended my own weddings obviously, and my daughter's because she asked me to give her away, but that's about it. My people know not to invite me to stuff. I've told everyone in my inner circle when I die just chuck my body in the dumpster as you would with last night's table scraps and that old pair of shoes whose soles are coming apart. Because I'll be dead and I won't know or care. I don't mind if other people feel these kinds of ceremonies and things are necessary, that's fine for them to each their own, just leave me out of it. But you have my sincere condolences Cabbie, sorry for the rant, no disrespect intended.
  3. The Lords of Altamont - Midnight to 666, LA 2011
  4. Chapel - Satan's Rock 'n' Roll, Vancouver BC 2012. The Canadian Midnight Midnight Sacrifice - Black Rock 'n' Roll, Lima Peru 2023 Overdose - Two Wheels and Gone, NY 2020 All their album covers sucked, no idea who came up with the stupid seal mascot. Probably one of the reasons they never went anywhere. Shame because they were a great band in the early 80's.
  5. Riot - Fire Down Under, 1981 Riot - Restless Breed, 1982 Plasmatics - Coup D'Etat, 1982 ✊
  6. I loved Slayer...up through South of Heaven. Saw them only once, 33 years ago. Don't care what they're doing now. I don't care about them personally at all actually and I can't imagine being interested in any of this he said/she said reunion drama or who's suing who. Life goes on, I've got better music to listen to. Books are better anyway.
  7. Ciao. What factors were considered in your decision process to play thrash/groove? Did you ever consider playing blackened death/thrash? Gothic doom maybe? Seems there's a lotta gothic doom bands in Italy. Do you know the guys in Baphomet's Blood? I love them. Not physically, just from afar. My other question is, what is the significance of the flying penis in your video?
  8. While in Rotterdam, ejaculated LOAD
  9. Atomic Goatcrime - Atomic Goat Exterminium! EP Ecuador 2023 Complot! - Confrontation, EP Montreal 2018 Complot! - Split w/Primitive Warfare 2020 Wargrinder - Tank Tread Doctrine, Greece 2017
  10. Avulsed - Yearning For the Grotesque, Madrid 2003 Rottrevore - Iniquitous, Pennsylvania 1993
  11. Voidhanger - The Antagonist, blackened death/thrash Poland 2012 Voidhanger - Dark Days of the Soul, 2018
  12. I don't hate Sonic Youth, but I'm not real enthusiastic about them either. I have Goo but I haven't played it in forever. I think I like the idea of Sonic Youth more than I actually enjoy their music. At the end of the day it's still pop music just muddied up a bit and you know how I feel about pop. Unless it's the Beatles. Underground Youth though is awesome if you like stripped down bare bones dark rock with hints of post punk and goth. I think my favorite album so far is Sadovaya. Always amazing to me how a band like this with all these albums under their belt could slip under my radar for 15 years the way they have. Swans - Love of Liife, 1992
  13. Thanks man, I appreciate the recos. Yeah this kind of dark quiet stuff is great. I started with How I Loved You and it's exactly the kind of thing I look for, I just don't really know how or where to find this kind of stuff like I've learned how to find my filth. I usually either get stuff from Marko or just randomly stumble over it like I did with The Underground Youth last night. When I go outside of metal and punk I often like to go all the way out to mellow shit like this. I find stuff like this can be just as powerful as the brutal deathgrind and such, just in a different way. I guess I gravitate toward the extremes on both ends of the spectrum and eschew most of the normie "metal adjacent" shit in the middle. I'll definitey spin Love of Life after I figure out what I'm making for dinner here. Cheers!
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