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    I'm a very old, extremely opinionated and loudmouthed New Yorker. Dyed in the wool metalhead who loves black metal
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    craft beer, rye whiskey, beard trimming and metal

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  1. Fuil Na Seanchoille - The Crossing, Ireland Cursewielder - Arma Christi, Ireland Caverne - La fin de tous les chants, France
  2. Throne of Ahaz - Nifelheim, Sweden 1995, posted the title track because the full album wasn't up on the Tube Trelldom - ‎Til Evighet, Norway 1995 Tha-Norr - Wolfenzeitalter, Germany, 1995
  3. Don't Underestimate Snarky Teenagers FISH
  4. Hey kids, how's about instead of giving you my top 10 albums from some random year in metal I give you my top 10+ albums from each year since my early teens all the way up to the present day in a mix of genres? It'll be mostly metal of course because that's what I mostly listen to, but there will be some other things mixed in here and there as well. Wasn't sure quite where to post this monster but after poking around the site a bit I think this thread seems like the most logical place to me. I initially tried hard to keep this to just 10 albums for each year. There were a few of the 70's
  5. Vassago - Storm of Satan, Swedish melodic black metal Ondfødt - Norden, black metal Finland Sombre Figures - Streams of Decay, black metal Finland, a bit too chaotic maybe? Perverted Ceremony - Cavernous Hallucinations EP, Belgium, love these guys
  6. If Slayer, Sodom and Kreator had a 3-way and somehow produced a bastard love child. Hadn't heard these guys before, pretty cool but I wish they'd up the evil quotient. ZZTop - Heaven, Hell or Houston Don't worry Doc, we all envy your embouchure.
  7. Dusty Hill is gone, ZZ Top gone, wow what a shame. This one really hits home for me because ZZ is a band I actually listen to on the regular and hold in high esteem. My personal favorite of theirs, Deguello
  8. Shit, I wanted to say Doom but seems the Unholy one beat me to it. Necrotic
  9. @ Deadovic...It's not that I've grown out of music as much as they've just invented a whole new genre of music called heavy metal since I became heavily interested in music as a pre-teen in the early 70's. Turns out I like this metal stuff much more than the rock music I grew up with. By the time I was 30 in the early 90's they had already come up with myriad sub-genres of metal to pick from, virtually something for everyone. I didn't have the option to listen to black or death metal in the 70's when I was a young pup in my teens or even in my early 20's because it didn't exist yet. So I was f
  10. Did a full Mazzy Star cataloge run (I have 4 albums, not sure how many they made) last week one night. Such good stuff, totally underrated. As much as I love evil black metal if I could find more mellow stuff along the lines of Mazzy Star I'd be quite happy. Although unlike most people who seem to play their mellow stuff early in the day to get started, I usually like mine late at night to wind down.
  11. You know Deadovic, believe it or not I do still genuinely like some stuff from the 80's even though I don't spin it a ton anymore these days because I played all my favorite 80's stuff into the ground back when it was new and all throughout the 90's. Once I got around to black & death though (my true calling) that has deffo made many of those old 80's metal bands redundant to me. Some of those old 80's records still stand up to an occasional spin and some others I don't ever need to hear again. I stand by my assessment that while the 1984 Metal Church debut is gold, the rest of their
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