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  1. Alright now get this straight old man. Mark doesn't have an accent. 😉 I have an accent. You have an accent. Carlos has an accent. I'll go out on a limb and assume that the Orca has a broad Aussie accent. Blivvington is a bit younger than the rest of us so his accent is probably a bit milder. All things considered I reckon Aussies have got to have the hardest accent to listen to out of the entire English speaking world. Kiwis have an accent that's fairly similar, but not nearly as grating as most of those from the land down under. And I love the way Kiwis pronounce the word "head" as "heed." I'm fascinated by the way Kiwis pronounce the word "you" because try as I might I just can't replicate that vowel sound. Brits have all kinds of various accents, most of 'em are alright, although some are more pleasant to listen to than others. Don't really like the Brummie accent. I'm dying to know if Jon-O Blade has lost his Kiwi accent and talks like a Brit now, or if he's still Kiwi to the bone. Scots can't even be fookin' serious with their silly accents, although I do quite enjoy hearing it, and I like that they say cunt a lot. The "oop north" Geordie accent is pretty cool too. The Irish have a mellifluous accent which I personally find a bit more pleasant to listen to than all the rest of the English speaking world. Especially the chicks, I'd follow an Irish chick anywhere just to be able to listen to her lovely accent. But at the same time I'm glad I didn't get stuck with it. I'm not even in love with my own accent, but it's mine and I'm used to it now. When Russians speak English I love that accent. I'd trade my New York accent in for that one in a heartbeat. Italians have a fantastic accent, at least the chicks do. Was married to a Greek girl once, but I don't really like the Greek accent. When the French try to speak English that's probably the worst accent for us Yanks to have to endure. Fucking brutal. No offense Ari!
  2. Armagedda - Only True Believers, Sweden 2003 Nehëmah - Requiem Tenebrae, France 2004
  3. What kind of self-respecting Aussie bloke doesn't like Mad Max?!? Nah, just pulling your leg mate. Mad Max franchise is like the nu-metal of film. My wife really liked that last one from about a decade ago with Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron, she raved about it. But I tried a few minutes of it one time on Netflix and I wasn't feeling it at all. Strange, because dystopian post-apocalyptic might just be my favorite genre of fiction (other than Jack London novels or a good period seafarin' tale) but no one ever seems to be able to pull it off well on film. Always ends up looking cheesy with an idiotic plot and eye-rollingly cheesy dialogue. Cinema for Disturbed, Korn and Slipknot fans.
  4. Permettez-moi to assist you monsieur. Morrigan - Plague Waste & Death, Germany 2001 Inquisition - Invoking the Majestic Throne of Satan, Seattle 2002
  5. Black Forest - Black Forest, Germany Katharsis - World Without End, Germany 2006
  6. Xwîn - Xwîn Bi Xwînê Tê Şûştin, Türkiye Katharsis - Fourth Reich, Germany 2009
  7. Even your limpid Kiwi horde Ulcerate is exponentially better than Fallujah, innit? And I'm sure that holds true for whichever mix tickles your fancy. Wrach - Quae Infra Volo Videre, Wales
  8. No one opens dictionaries anymore Doc old boy, it's a 3 second search on our phones. I can inform you though that you have the distinction of being the MF poster who has caused me to perform the most 3 second Google searches for words I was previously unfamiliar with. And I appreciate that, because I enjoy words. Even if a lot of yours turn out to be arcane words from back in your day that have long since fallen out of common usage. I see now, you're one of those "sound environment" dudes. Yeah, that shit's all lost on the likes of me mate. I was really just talking about the music and the songwriting. I don't care about the sound of the drummer clicking his sticks together, I barely even care about his actual drumming. Details like drumming and production only stand out to me when there's a serious problem that's risen to the level where it's actively hindering my appreciation and enjoyment of the music. If everything seems to be basically as it should be I pay that trivial kind of shit no mind. Obviously I do love the muck, and I deffo believe that it's possible for a given record to be too clean/sterile. But that really doesn't happen very often with the kinds of things I'm generally clicking on. I'm never gonna be that guy who'll stop in the middle of a record and think "Wow this limpid production is really on point!" Nor have I ever put something in my top 10 or given it any extra points primarily because it was so well produced. Because I fully expect things to be competently produced here in the new millennium. Only when something's lo-fi to the point of near total obfuscation or there's a layer of static over the whole thing or maybe I've discovered a snare sound from hell that I just can't unhear, only then will I focus on or complain about production or declare something unlistenable. My caprine sensibilities and the filthy kinds of music I'm typically drawn to have conditioned me to be able to overlook a lot of fairly minor issues with album production that might prove to be fatal errors for more sensitive, refined and fastidious listeners such as yourself and maybe Mr. Milky Beans or Marky McMarkerson. Meuchelmord - Schwarzmetall aus Niedersachsen, Germany 2020
  9. Second time through it tonight I listened to the whole thing. Whenever there's a record everyone seems to be talking about I'll generally at least check it out and see how far I get. If it's really that bad I can always click out and listen to something else. But yeah I'm not saying Cutting God's Throat is a shit record, just that I don't personally see the appeal or why it would be anywhere near the AotY discussion. But to each his own man, if you dig it you dig it, it's really not for me to say. All your school mates aspired to be affluent, you had to be the odd one out who said no affluence for me, I just want to be effluent.
  10. Caprine is to goats as feline is to cats, or canine is to dogs, or lupine is to wolves, or equine is to horsies, or bovine is to an Orca. Never let it be said that I'm not effulgent. If this is what you professionals consider limpid...I mean granted, it's not anywhere near as purposefully chaotic, impenetrable and obfuscated as a lot of other stuff you've claimed to enjoy, and I've already said as much. But when compared to other music I'd categorize as "limpid" this wouldn't even rate a mention. It's still something of a difficult, or let's say a "challenging" listen to us caprines and other simple minded blokes who just want everything to be 4 chords in E minor in 4/4 time. I'll also add for no apparent reason that while I believe these Kiwis started out their career as some kind of a death metal band, I think they've now transcended that label because I really wouldn't call this death metal. Never too busy to make time to gatekeep. But again, this is not at all terrible, and it's not at all what I was expecting based on their reputation and on my distant memories of their past work. On a good day I might even be willing to spot you "three dimensional" but I do think limpid's a bit of a stretch. Yeah there are certainly riffs present here, they're not one of those riffless wonders like Imperial Triumphant or whomever, but these riffs aren't straightforward, catchy or hummable in my world. This ain't the Ramones, Judas Pweest or AC/DC. These riffs have too many high notes juxtaposed against lower notes creating a sense of unease. I'm no music theorist or musician obviously, but it sounds to me like they're all over the neck here. It's exhausting to listen to, and I find it a bit jarring. I can't just relax and enjoy it while bobbing my head, which is all I'm after when I sit down with a new death metal album. Obscurial - Heretic, death metal Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. This is more my speed.
  11. Alright Chocka Doc, I know you're down there in the ACT waiting patiently to hear my caprine perspective review of your new AotY. I finally tried it out for a good 45 minutes after dinner. Before tonight I hadn't checked in with Ulcerate in quite a few years (circa Everything Is Fire) and the memory really fades over time with stuff I don't like very much. So I guess I was expecting something a little more off the wall with convoluted, indecipherable compositions featuring extreme levels of gratuitous dissonance like Gorguts or Krallice or Artificial Brain or Portal or Pyrrhon or Ad Nauseam....you know the bands. But to my surprise it wasn't all wacky & crazy & angular like that, I found it more tedious and boring than anything else. Went in expecting a trapezoid, got served a rectangle. Definitely too much dissonance for my delicate sensibilities, but it wasn't overdone to the point of being stupid where you can't even make heads or tails out of it. I'd even go so far as to classify this as actual music Doc, unlike some of those bands I just mentioned. I tried (half-heartedly at best) to get into it, but there's just no groove, no catchy riffs, can't hum along with this, can't bang your head or tap your foot to it, it's not even mysteriously dark and evil sounding like DSO can sometimes be. It just sort of plods along aimlessly with plenty of slow quiet 'breather' sections that seem like they've been strategically spaced out to let the dudes catch a little rest mid song, when instead they should be running more laps and playing longer sets to improve their conditioning. Lazy bloody Kiwis. I can't honestly say that I hate this, like I could very easily say regarding Ad Nauseam and Pyrrhon, but I will say this is deffo not something I'll be coming back to anytime soon, or more likely not ever. The Drowning - The Radiant Dark: fuck me blue, just slit my fucking wrists and let me bleed out slowly, one excruciating drip at a time. Fellwarden- Legend, Forged in Darkness: not terrible by any means, but there's really no need for this to be an hour long. It's serviceable for post/atmo-black, but bloody legends they're not. I could probably skip this altogether and just put on a Summoning album. Nine Covens - The Dawning of Light, not a show-stopper, but definitely the cream of this particular 4 album crop. Not a purchase, but I would probably give this a second listen voluntarily in a week or so just to be sure.
  12. Inanis - Ex Utero Inferni, Germany Ominous Torment - Labyrinth of Perpetual Sorrow and Abandonment, Spain
  13. Inexistencia - Extinct... (the Coming of a Cursed Age) Brazil
  14. Nightfeeder - Cut All of Your Face Off, crust Seattle, WA Ashkara - In Silence, crust Switzerland 2017
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