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  1. Good for you. I performed at the Fringe festival back in 92. Went with a fledgling U.S. touring Shakespeare company from Virginia-we were called Shenandoah Shakespeare Express back then. It's actually grown into a pretty thriving institution in Staunton Virginia. Just looked them up, American Shakespeare Center. It literally grew out of a group of college kids from James Madison University and a charismatic Shakespeare proff in the late 80's.
  2. I'll end up with Love Drive, Animal Magnetism and Virgin Killer. I never actually had anything before Blackout. Love Drive seems to get the most love-har har. On Kiss, I'm not sure what it was other than the desire to grab their early albums for nostalgia and I think they're fun R&R albums along with the first two Alives.
  3. Jungle Rot/A Call to Arms Haunter/Discarnate Ails-like this one
  4. Blut Aus Nord/The Works that Transformed God-Zack's BAN deep dive has had me spinning this great album which was foundational in my understanding of millennial music. When I think of the albums that shaped my listening in the aughts, they weren't the heaviest albums necessarily but boundary pushing albums. Sure, Leviathon and BWP have to be mentioned, but for my money TWTTG has to be up there. Not particularly heavy, but visionary in its creativity and reimagining of heavy music that in my opinion are hallmarks of the aughts and pivotal to the sub genre stratification, weird ass metal that has come to color my listening. Listening now, TWTTG is not all that weird, not all that dissonant, and surprisingly melodic and dare I say smooth to the ears. But in 2003, this was out of the box and influential.
  5. Not that anyone's paying attention to my activities, but I've been filling in holes in my discography-some cringe worthy others, just worthy. I started with KISS-yes, Kiss-you wanted for the best, you got the best-OK, well if you weren't a kid in the 70's, that won't make any sense, but there was this thing called the KISS army. Then, I went on a major Motorhead gap-fill and now finishing Queen. Next, time to go on to a most worthy gap fill-70s (mostly)-Scorpions. The only two Scorpy albums I ever owned were Blackout and Love at First Sting. Just ordered: Queen S/T-because Jon demands it and damnit, he's the biggest Queen fan I know. It must be done. Scorpions/Animal Magnetism Scorpions/Love Drive
  6. Personally, I'm more of a-the sum is greater than the individual parts-guy rather than pull out and analyze individual pieces, even though it can be important to analyze individual parts when describing music. As with most artistic endeavors, rather than conduct a death metal dissection, I know it's good when I hear it. When it gels, good is simply good across a swath of extreme metal styles. It can be raw, chunky ODM, progressive death, atmospheric, modern dissdeath....anything but tech death which I don't like. When things click it's often an undefinable element than its individual parts. The sum is greater in combination with a variety of elements rather than the merits of those elements pulled apart....kind of like a good stew....
  7. Undeath/It's Time...To Rise From the Grave
  8. in the U.S., CDC guidelines are 10 days-5 days quarantine preferably separate quarters, but with a tight mask and distance if you must be in the same room. After 5 days, you can return to work and go out in the community but you should wear a mask around people for another 5 days. The last two days should be symptom free and then you are released from Covid parole and can unmask.
  9. Sounds about like mine. I cut the grass in my front yard tonight with a push mower so I'm nearly back. I really want a cold beer, but guess I'll give it couple of more days 😂 Good Dad taking care of your daughter. Mine just graduated from Uni as you say with a nursing degree. She'll shack up here until August when she starts her first nursing gig at John Hopkins assuming she passes her boards and moves in with some girlfriends in Baltimore.
  10. In my case it started mild, kicked in pretty good day 2-3, got then new antivirals which probably helped because, I'm in day 4 which includes the first day when the symptoms were very mild and I feel good. Not great-still some congestion and not at full energy-but pretty damn good. I've had asthma symptoms and trouble breathing for a couple of days and that's clearing up nicely. I consider my case pretty mild.
  11. I listened the other day, The Parchment stood out as a tour de force vocal performance given decades of strain on the chords and has moments that harken to days of olde-of courser it takes nearly 10 minutes to get to the pay off but that's modern Maiden. But I like the build up on that one.
  12. If you think it's second wave you like, have you done a drive by the essential brick layers-besides Immortal-Emperor, Darkthrone, Mayhem....for me I'd also throw in Gorgoroth, Burzum Enslaved and maybe Satyricon. I'd also throw in Bathory and Celtic Frost from First Wave. Just a starting point, really...
  13. That's on my to listen to list. I actually enjoy them or at least the one album I have, Kill on Command....grunt and pound. Me Tarzan, You Jane.
  14. Sorry to hear that RO. My number came up boys, on an antiviral. This sucks. So much music I want to listen to on my Bandcamp. All I really want to do is sleep. Getting a little better though.
  15. Queen/Debut Self Titled-On Jon's recommendation, I just streamed Queen's debut. It's really good! And listening to Scorpions go to earlier albums on Spotify: Scorpions/Love Drive Scorpions-Animal Magnetism Scorpions-Virgin Killer Scorpions-Tokyo Tapes
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