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  1. I've got Pierre Boulez conductor who seems well regarded. Verklarte Nacht is the most peformed-it's very nice. It's a stringed orchestra or quartet depending. That seems to be the usual place to start. Five Pieces for Orchestra next and far some avant garde operatic fare, Pierrot Lunaire. I like some of his choral stuff, but I may be in the minority in terms of enjoying choral operatic.
  2. Up early working on report cards. IK this isn't metal, but will try to give it a metal twist. I made through an 11 box set of Schoenberg. I had put this composer off hearing how dissonant, modernist and generally challenging his music was and honestly I really enjoyed his work. He has a ton of choral music which is quite good. I don't really understand conceptually beyond the mere basics his so called twelve tone method but it's not really all that weird. Most of it is melodic to me and he's one of the main guys to try to push music into new boundaries beyond the traditional tonal music.
  3. Bloodbath/ Resurrection Through Carnage
  4. The Antichrist Imperium- S/T Funeral Mist/Hekatomb
  5. Jon joining the partaaaayyy! Jefferson Airplane/Surrealistic Pillow Spelljammer/Abyssal Trip-stoner doom 2021 done right Khorada/Salt
  6. Pulled out the 'Coke today-two of my favorite metal albums Akercocke/ Words that go Unspoken, Deeds That Go Undone Akercocke/Antichrist Nola Jesus/Okovi
  7. Necrowetch/The Ones From Hell-this one goes out to my dude @Hungarino , a man of many names, Hungarian, hung-like-a-horse, Hungo, Hang'em'high, etc. One of my old pee:ps who happens to be a very cool guy (edit: that should read Satanic evil overlord of course) and keeps me in the goat fields among my poser leanings....from his best AOY list from 2020! This one has kept me shredding on my ride today.
  8. I started listening to Marduk in the early aughts and I'm a pretty big fan of the first three Mortuus albums-Plague Angel, Rom:512 and Wormwood. He seemed to usher a period of creativity. After that, the albums were just OK to me and got somewhat stale and repetitive.....thrilling initially with the Marduk through Mortuus viciousness but they lacked the element of surprise for me-a lot of bite without much variety. I did enjoy Viktoria more than Serpent Sermon.
  9. Daughters/You Won't Get What You Want Immortal/Northern Chaos Gods Cirith Ungol/Forever Black
  10. How are the new cans working out for ya?
  11. Schoenberg/ pierrot lunaire & Erwatung-so far Schoenberg is quite listenable to me. Not nearly as bizarre as I'd thought but maybe the later material will harder to appreciate. I'm thinking most open minded music lovers have heard their fare share of avant garde, free jazz and the like to not be shocked by some level of atonal and dissonant structures. All of this is quite interesting and enjoyable, although these selections employ soprano operatic singing which is probably a deal breaker for some, but not me. Waxahatchee/Saint Could Fiona Apple/Fetch The Bolt Cutters
  12. Dead, I've been thinking of you....glad you found it here...let's see if you can mind your manners...oh, cheers.
  13. Should do some more digging....Immortal/Battles in the North
  14. You really can't go wrong with vintage Electric Wizard.
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