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  1. Digging through my BC feed this week. Lamp of Murmur/ Submission and Slavery The Temple S/T The new Archgoat and Motiferum are probable keepers for me
  2. Concrete Winds/Nerve Butcherer-like this one. Hooded Menace/The Tritonus Bell Converge/Chelsea Wolfe-Blood Moon:1-giving this another try...turns out I don't dislike nearly as much as I thought....must be my soft spot for gothic folksy doom, Non Metal: The Clash/London Calling Pat Metheny/Road to the Sun (2021)-classical guitar compositions written by Metheny but performed by classical guitar performers Pat Metheny/Side-Eye NYC
  3. Haha-yeah, got off the new daily release hamster wheel a while back. There's just an oversaturation of music for me to keep up. I still like metal, but I listen to a lot more non metal across different genres now and other competing interests and hobbies not to mention demands at work. I'm lazy and not willing to spend hours on YouTube channels. I'll usually check the blogs listed on Metal Bandcamp pretty randomly. I'll see what people are listening to here and check my feed. But I mostly start paying attention after Thanksgiving and let the dust settle on what the better releases are.... Plus I feel like there was some interesting genre developments in the aughts and lately it's mostly trying to find bands that take a fresh approach to old tropes because I don't see new innovations or trends....across the cultural divide really....we're in the age of looking backwards sadly....nostalgia....make metal great again-wink, wink.
  4. Swallow the Sun/Moonflowers-I gave it a listen on Spotify driving to work today. I don't hate this at all. For what it is-I liked it better than I was expecting. But, I can do sad boy Katatonia, melodic Amorphis kind of fare from time to time-I thought the stringed arrangements were well done. I'd rather listen to this kind of gothic sad boy gloom than that Converge/Chealsea Wolfe mash up.
  5. For sure, not bad by any stretch, but could have been a lot more. I'll give the album another go, but first impression is they found a compromise that is somewhat middling ho hum between the two styles-both of whom I like.....Chealseagothfolkcore. Eh? No doubt, plenty of people will dig it tho. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise that the gothic doomy side one over chaotic metallic hardcore.
  6. Converge with Chelsea Wolfe -underwhelmed
  7. NP: Archgoat/Worship the Eternal Darkness
  8. Feelin like some Trane this morning Coltrane/Sun Ship Coltrane/Ole Coltrane Coltrane/Love Supreme Coltrane/ Live ve at the village Vanguard (disk disk 3 to be specific). Now some melo-atmoblack from this year I do like-Mare Cognitum/Solar Paroxysm
  9. Uncle, I never can really get a rise out of you-haha-you take a punch. I do think that mathematically, given a larger number of albums (think you say about 300) with a narrow focus produces lower quality control over all. That Satanism release on Bancamp was enjoyable enough. Alternately, that Stormkeep album everybody seems to be raving about is just goofy IMO. Guess I like my black metal with a a little more dark mystery and slight of hand and less Blind Guardian. Yeah, great to see our boy Navy back. On a personal level, the switch from virtual to in-person learning in the high expectations school district I work for has placed high demands teachers as we've transitioned to face to face instruction. Ask any special education teacher what the downside of their job is, likely they'll say the paperwork and it is at a fevered pitch now providing compensatory recovery services due to the shutdowns. I really haven't had the time to investigate a lot of new stuff this year.
  10. Fair, and not to be overly contentious the day after Thanksgiving, but to make my implicit point explicit, of the few war/bestial album I am familiar with (Weregoat, Teitanblood, Profane Order) and the larger number of so called goat black/death which have grown in number substantially since we've met , I was expecting hours of searching the internet to produce something not so run of the mill, sausage grinder mix and match, spin the wheel on the war metal....but hey....war is in the eye of the beholder I spose.
  11. Checking out my Bandcamp feed-props to Hungus for this one, one of my go-to Goat influencers -Vomit Spell-good stuff here... Nothing like a 5 day American Weekend free from work responsibilities with nothing better to do than eat, drink, argue and get caught up on 2021 metal-1914/Where Fear and Weapons Collide
  12. Just gave this a listen...so this is the result of hours scouring the internet? Oooof. Opiuichi/Shibboleth
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