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  1. Megadeth - United Abominations. Very good. Got their debut a few years back Goaty, really loved it. Haven't checked out their recent stuff so will fix that today.
  2. I loved The Blind Leading the Blind and I'm liking this a lot. Reminds me of God Dethroned in places (which is no bad thing). The spoken word pieces and inclusion of various sound effects etc. really add to the authenticity of the war theme/mood. Early days but its a YES from me.
  3. Cradle of Filth - Existence is Futile
  4. KAUAN - Tahtien hiljainen laulu
  5. Glacier - 'The Passing of Time' (2020). As good a traditional metal album as you're gonna hear.
  6. RAGE: Secrets in a Weird World
  7. First up this fine morning, as I tuck into some emails is the mighty Necrophobic "Mark of the Necrogram".
  8. Used to have a Visual Lies t-shirt back in the day. Great choice re Mad Butcher too.
  9. Lizzy Borden - Give em the Axe
  10. Wicked Smile - Wait for the Night
  11. Yep, Spotify extensively. I've got a NAIM Uniti system in the loungeroom (hooked up to Focal speakers) which has Spotify Connect. Brilliant. On the go, I use a Dragonfly Cobalt DAC/Headphone amplifier, between source and headphone, so again, its fantastic.
  12. Running Wild - Black Demons Onstage. Early demos + Live performance from 1985. Thank you @Requiem
  13. Ocean of Grief - Nightfall's Lament
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