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  1. Also, I missed all the Paradise Lost (+MDB & Anathema) talk a few pages back. Interesting that Greg & Nick have started a new electronic side project called…wait for it…HOST. The one song released (Tomorrow’s Sky) is actually kinda interesting.
  2. Drudkh - All Belong to the Night. 4 songs over 45 minutes. Really enjoying this.
  3. Did you give it a spin? I went to buy a physical copy off Bandcamp and shipping was +$30 to Australia. Just crazy for an $11 purchase.
  4. Mother of Graves - Where the Shadows Adorn. So much BMD Katatonia and early Rapture in this. Loving it.
  5. So Mick Mars has actually retired from touring. Sad but inevitable. Time to break out some Crüe - Too Fast for Love into the mighty Shout at the Devil.
  6. Hath - “All That Was Promised”
  7. New Riot City again. Hoping that Marduk rolls the Panzers through Melbourne on their just announced 2023 World Tour (and new album “Momento Mori”).
  8. Stryper - To Hell with the Devil
  9. Primordial - Where Greater Men have Fallen
  10. Arch Enemy - Stigmata. Last album of theirs I enjoyed.
  11. Dio - Killing the Dragon into Master of the Moon. These final two albums are much more in line with the first 4 albums. Highly enjoyable. Doug Aldrich’s guitar on KtD a highlight. Great tone.
  12. Queensrÿche - Digital Noise Alliance. This new one is easily their most enjoyable post-Tate release imo.
  13. The musical equivalent of the Bertie Beetle Showbag - something in there for everyone.
  14. Was a good show; and well attended.
  15. Was out with old forum-mate "Requiem" on Saturday, enjoying some of Kentucky's finest bourbon prior to Desecrator. As a result I'm on a bit of a Desecrator kick atm - np "Summoning".
  16. Yeah I’m a fan of Manimal. Good stuff.
  17. Going to see them with Desecrator & Harlott on Sat night.
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