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  1. Really eat another meatball WIGS
  2. ZZ Top Probably already done, but rest easy Dusty.
  3. Love a good mandolin. Ricky is definitely one of the best. Yonder Mountain String Band - Kentucky Mandolin YMSB - Crazy Train cover YMSB - Ruby > Robots YMSB - Jolene cover YMSB - Jesus on the Mainline Sierra Ferrell - Jeremiah Sierra Ferrell - Rosemary Sierra Ferrell - Bells on Every Chapel
  4. Perdition Winds - Transcendent Emptiness
  5. That reminds me to cue up some Yakuza today. Yakuza - Amount to Nothing
  6. More weird Finnish Neo-Folk/Psychedalia Armon Kuilu - Armon Kuilu 1 & 2 Somnivore - Crosses of Iron, Crosses of Gold (from the split with Circle of Ouroborous)
  7. Lotus Thrones - Fatigue Lotus Thrones - Diametric Retrograde Lotus Thrones - Liberate Reminds me of Beastmilk/Grave Pleasures
  8. Blood - O Agios Pethane Immolation - Stepping on Angels...Before Dawn
  9. Not to mention Jeff LaBar from Cinderella. I always liked the first couple of Cinderella albums back in the day.
  10. Key - Crown of Winter Key - Silver Moon Slumber
  11. Talk about 🔥🔥🔥. Fucking riff fest. The whole damn album just kills. Never heard Fela Kuti, but that was pretty cool too
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