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  1. $17? That's ridiculous. I did listen to a little bit of this yesterday but didn't look at what the price was. No way I'm paying that either. Even $10 seems too high.
  2. It's decent. I remember liking their last one a bit, but I can't say they really blow me away. I'd agree that they are a little long-winded and could stand an editor to cut back some of their ideas to make more coherent songs. I'm probably one of the few from Florida that really never got into Skynyrd. The radio played that crap to death back in the day and I was just never interested in them. Better southern rock to be had IMO. I'd take Molly Hatchet, The Allmans, Gov't Mule, Marshall Tucker Band, or the Outlaws over Skynyrd.
  3. I was about to yell FREEBIRD! and throw up the horns, but I kept scrolling and saw Elton John. WTF Man?!? NP: Ulthar - Anthronomicon
  4. Yeah Shelton's vocals are an acquired taste. The discography kind of falls off after 87-88, but it's still decent stuff. If I were to recommend a particular album to you, it would be Mystification or Open the Gates. They're a touch harder and have better production on the vocals. He's still very nasally, but more tolerable. Manilla Road - Mystification Open the Gates NP: Inquisition - Bloodshed
  5. While maybe never a big deal commercially, the best lesser known US metal act in the early 80's was Manilla Road. Crystal Logic is a stone cold classic. Studio albums[edit] Invasion – 1980 Metal – 1982 Crystal Logic – 1983 Open the Gates – 1985 The Deluge – 1986 Mystification – 1987 Manilla Road - Crystal Logic Manilla Road - Metal Manilla Road - Invasion
  6. That's exactly it. This hit right when I was getting into metal and Ozzy was the embodiment of Satan himself. All I knew was my mother hated Ozzy like the devil so he was my man. Lee's riffs may be an acquired taste these days, but back then it was the tits. The Ultimate Sin was pretty good in 86 too. These days, I'd agree you could combine the high points of those 2 albums and have a good EP. Back then, Jake E. was the man. He had/Has a distinctive style of riff that hits me just right. And I can't be the only one because I hear his influence a lot in newer bands. Aurthir Rizik for instance (Eternal Champion/Sumerlands) has Lee's fingerprints all over his playing. Anyway, I lost interest in Ozzy around Nor Rest for the Wicked and never looked back. NP: Bathory - Blood Fire Death
  7. I dunno about skipping BATM. Fucking Jake E. Lee is awesome on that album. Black metal classics day: Emperor - In the Nightside Eclipse Immortal - Pure Holocaust Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Inquisition - Into the Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult Bathory - Bathory Darkthrone - A Blaze in the Northern Sky Judas Iscariot - Distant in Solitary Night
  8. In Flames - Foregone So this isn't terrible, but it's also not melodeath. At least not in the sense that I think of it although there is a moment here or there (Foregone Pt. 1 & 2 is closer to it than some of the other songs). More so modern European radio metal. Something I'd expect SiriusXM to go nuts over (that's the satellite radio equivalent to terrestrial radio in the States. Not sure if everybody is familiar). I can hear Jose Mangin going nuts over this. Closer to Reroute to Remain that Colony. That's not a dig by any means. I liked RtR when it came out and the one that came right after. I'd agree that it's the best they've done since then. I'd probably go see them if they toured in my area and the setlist was light on the past 3-4 albums, but only if I didn't have much else going on and it was a weekend. I did see them in 06 I think and they put on a good show (except they didn't play Artefacts of Black Rain which is the only song I really wanted to hear...).
  9. I am intrigued. As I mentioned recently, I'm not terribly interested in melodeath these days, but best since Colony? I'm going to have to give it a go.
  10. You guys are tempting me into a Demolition Hammer binge today. One of my all time favorites and certainly one of the best live bands I've seen. The JB's - Doing it to Death
  11. New Order - Republic - just got tix to see them next month (what's left of them anyway). Spear of Teuta - Mother Illyria Poison Ruiin - Poison Ruiin 2
  12. Eternal Champion - The Armor of Ire
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