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  1. I tend to agree on much of that O Eternal Macabre one. I go through phases. Classic Rock/Punk/Thrash/Post-Punk as a teen, death metal as a young adult, black metal and prog after, goat metal (anything rough, nasty, abusive, and evil) over the past 5 years or so. Most recently I have been cycling through all of these with some regularity. What sounds good to me varies every day. I just like music, so I fill my day with whatever the current mood suggests be it bluegrass or war metal. I'd say my pallette has become well developed. Once in awhile something gives me that feeling I had way back when I first heard one of my favorites, but it's exceedingly rare these days. I guess the one thing that has changed is that I could no longer give any fucks whether or not anyone else likes the stuff I do. At various times that was somewhat important to me because I wanted others to see and feel what I did out of the stuff I really loved. These days I realize that it's just not in the cards. Once in a while something clicks for somebody and it does bring me happiness (my wife discovering acoustic Opeth and Anathema last year for instance). Everyone's different and that's cool. If it happens it happens. As an aside, I was listening to NPR on the way home today and it struck me how the little interludes between pieces reminded me of some newer Anathema. I don't know if that's an indictment of the band or an endorsement of the show.
  2. I wasn't crazy about it until I saw them live. Looking over my notes, it's likely top 25 rather than just outside the top 10. That linked list reminded me of quite a few releases I've forgotten about. I have the Suffering Hour queued up for tomorrow as one of those that had slipped my mind.
  3. This list although flawed had me laughing out loud at the category titles: Machine Music Presents: The Best Metal of 2021 | Machine Music - מאשין מיוזיק For the TL:DR crowd 6. INFERNO - Paradeigma 5. Dola - Czasy 4. Antichrist Siege Machine - Purifying Blade 3. Kaatayra - Inpariquipe 2. Suffering Hour - The Cyclic Reckoning 1. Grey Aura - Zwart vierkant I can't see any of those in my top 10 for this year although that ASM is badass and would be in the running for an honorable mention.
  4. Ancestral shadows - Eldritch Illuminations EP Ancient Mastery - The Chosen One EP Inferno - Paradeigma: Phosphenes of Aphotic Eternity Svrm - Розпад
  5. Toby Driver is the driving force behind both bands, thus the link. I've always intended on checking out Kayo Dot, but I can't remember every getting around to it.
  6. I liked maudlin of the well back when (late 90s maybe?), but I can't say for sure I've heard Kayo Dot.
  7. And it really shouldn't be. So much is intentionally off key (maybe minor/modal scale stuff going on but I don't remember enough of theory to pick them out) that it just shouldn't work, but it does.
  8. I'm obsessed with this band. Not a day goes by that I don't spin something from them or one of their related projects.
  9. I read No Clean Singing fairly regularly and would say they are the only site who's year end lists tend to be pretty good. I always find a few gems on Neal Jameson's lists he does for them. I check out Heavyblogisheavy and Last Rites occasionally they have some decent stuff. For interviews, I only read Bardo Methodology once in a while. That guy gets some decent interviews. The tabloid sites aren't even worth the time. I see enough of that shit on facebook and reddit when I'm suffering insomnia. My go to's for new music are this site, Youtube, Bandcamp feed, and friend recs. That said, I'm in the same spot as others. I made a conscious decision to jump off the new music carousel this year. It's just a bit overwhelming and not rewarding enough for the effort required. For every great new band/release I find, there are 20 more I wish I hadn't bought or never spin more than once or twice. I've even backed off buying vinyl at the moment save for a few bands because 1) the prices+shipping are just getting stupid at this point and 2) I've been burned a few too many times of late. I'm spending money on cd's and digital at the moment and eyeing an equipment upgrade for my newly remodeled play room/home office. Looking to upgrade my server, amp, and speakers in the coming year while juggling costs for the 4-5 fests I have planned for 2022. None of the above is cheap by any means, so adjusting the music budget is really the only way to get it done. Besides, I rarely spin any of the 3-400 vinyl I have at the moment these days for various reasons, so something really has to jump out at me to drop $30-50 or chase the cool kid limited release shit (Vothana is a joke. Shit's not even that good at regular prices much less +$200). I find that changing my attitude towards new releases to what I call the @markm approach has allowed me to enjoy music much more than I have over the previous 5-7 years when I got caught up in the new release cycle. Finding good shit from the past I missed out on or bands I never got into (like Enslaved for instance). And Jono is right, waiting a while to see what shit floats to the surface is much easier and less time consuming.
  10. I guess it's EP day here Ossuaire - Triumvirat EP
  11. This is the best thing I've heard out of Iceland in a while. Dauða - Dauða Eldfjall EP
  12. Yeah, sorry about that. I wasn't really thinking of it as a political statement when I wrote it. I think you make a great point, however. The spread of disinformation, alternate facts, or whatever else it's called these days is a huge problem for the future. Ne'er-do-wells including politicians will take full advantage of using it as a weapon to undermine us regardless of which side of the political or societal spectrum we fall on. When you can no longer trust the information you are being given from any source, how can you make intelligent decisions? The vast majority of the public is not educated on how to evaluate sources whether they are academic, news, or entertainment. Even with multiple years of post-graduate education on how to do so, I find it increasingly difficult in this day and age. So it's no surprise the average Joe can't do so. At least we can trust in metal media-sphere. I think by now we have all evaluated the usual channels including forums and made our decisions about the quality (or lack thereof) of the recommendations or have found our own trusted sources. I'm beginning to think that it is the one "real" thing I can still rely on although I have my doubts at times. Takes me back to why I was drawn to metal in the first place as a youngun. It brings comfort in an uncertain and confusing world. Gives perspective and helps me maintain an open mind.
  13. Infernal Gates - Gates of Hell EP
  14. Délétère / Sarkrista - Opus Blasphematum
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