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  1. never really listened to her, but she had an amazing voice. so sad... rip amy winehouse http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/gen ... _home.html
  2. Re: The Metal Advisor Discussions Part I: Bands of the Same if I'm not completely wrong Pain share's name with a rapper... and I know there's a death metal band called Blessed and a female soul trio named the same
  3. Re: TMA Discussions Part II: Physical Copies vs. Digital Fil my views in this matter: I remember when I bought my first cd record as if it was yesterday, I remember when I bought my first lp as if it was yesterday, but do I remember when I downloaded my first digital copy? no. what speaks in the way of digital files is that it's so much easier to access, you have in most cases much better quality and they don't break like physical records do. and if you'd happen to delete a file, you can just download it again. what's agains them is that they are so anonymus, what you basically have is a set of 0's and 1's and that's it. I have really nothing negative to say about physical copies, there's so more atmosphere about holding the booklet while listening to a cd the first time than just pressing play in windows media player. you own a physical record, you have digital files.
  4. khaos


    Re: Sheet! it's so horrible this whole event. we have you in our thoughts norway! someone gathered some statements and put together at ultimate-guitar about the attack, http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/news/gen ... sacre.html
  5. Re: Cover Art of the Album You're Currently Listening to Månegarm-Nattväsen
  6. Re: hello there metal heads welcome! I love tool and I hope you share your favourite philippinian bands with us! I've never heard any music from there
  7. Re: INTRO welcome! hope you'll enjoy your stay
  8. Re: Anyone Interested? nope, the guitar hero microphone
  9. Re: Say Cheese me on the right Inga Sharf of Van Canto on the left
  10. Re: Anyone Interested? I see you use guitar pro for the drums, if there's something I could "complain" about it's that the drums doesn't feel alive, you know what I mean? I don't know if you did this intentional, if you did it's pretty cool too, I mean it give the song a retro, beginning of programming feeling. listen to Inkubus Sukkubus and you'll get what I talk about. I'd suggest you get fruity loops and program drums in that instead, there are tons of plugins if you don't like the ones that comes along. the song as whole is really good, especially liked the heavy headbangable part in the beginning. starting around 0:23. I've done a lot of home recording and an untrained ear wouldn't notice that you've recorded it yourself. good job man, keep it up
  11. Re: Anyone Interested? I usually use 4sshared, through that site you can listen directly, anyway I'm downloading it now
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