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  1. Vermin Fate - Total Nuclear Assault
  2. SMORRAH - Welcome To Your Nightmare
  3. It seemed like at nearly any point in their career people always knew who Slayer were. Some might have said it was because the solos were boring and uncreative, others said the opposite, but they always knew who Slayer were. Love them our hate them they went out playing to full arenas and they went out with many fans demanding more. that's a pretty good career in any ones book.
  4. Yeah I'm not surprised it's fake, there was only one site reporting on it for several hours. I can't imagine that would have happened had it been real news. I say good luck to Slayer. I don't care if they want retirement money or they are doing it because they miss it. They went out on top and they'll come back on top and unless they have absolutely terrible gigs they'll go back out on top. I really don't see this being a huge reunion with a big tour or anything, but I could be wrong.
  5. AlSymerz

    Horror Films

    I don't get offended by words on a screen
  6. Someone is trying to start a story that the 'reunion' has been organise without Kerry's authorisation and that he's not part of it so he's getting his lawyers involved but I wasn't able to confirm the story (and didn't try too hard).
  7. AlSymerz

    Horror Films

    Perhaps it's not me that's taking it personally because I'm still having fun.
  8. AlSymerz

    Horror Films

    I paid nothing. Your analogy is ridiculous, or it's naive. You can chose which. Again, ridiculous or naive. But since you seem to be going with it, I was not asked, nor was I inclined, to give reasoning for my statement. I can quite easily, as you proved, make a ridiculous statement that defines what I said but at the time no such definition was required. Thank you for your permission however as you can clearly see it was not required as I had earlier stated that the books are better than movies and in the context of my post there was nothing wrong with how it was worded. It only became and issue when you decided that one sentence in a paragraph was not to your liking. Congratulations I like books too, they are much better than movies, and in nearly all cases the books of movies are better than the movies as well. There will be no payment as the only argument is one you created by deliberately taking a sentence out of context.
  9. AlSymerz

    Horror Films

    Of course I can say it. I can even mean it. Books are better than movies. See I said it again, and meant it. Of course you are free to disagree, but it doesn't make me wrong, or stop me saying it.
  10. Sounded the same? Sure it wasn't a black metal concert.
  11. AlSymerz

    Horror Films

    The crappy horror of the 70's and 80's is way better than anything released in the last 20 years. CGI has ruined horror and movies in general. Books are better anyway.
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