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  1. See I told you it's all a matter where you read things. Bottom line is, big circular blowy winds that fuck things up. Call then whatever fits where you come from.
  2. We get cyclones and mostly tropical cyclones up north. Depending on where the information comes from as to what the exact difference is. Some say tropical cyclones are bigger and last longer but others suggest Tornadoes are bigger. However the main thing is they are both big fucking circular wind storms that are best avoided if possible. I believe it's a geographical thing. Cyclones here, Tornadoes in most if not all parts of the US, Typhoons in Asia etc. And I was just riding you for the shit stir but didn't hang around for the response.
  3. Metal Church - Blessing In Disguise
  4. Yeah I read it first on a Aussie band web feed so we don't talk about tornadoes. I also read on Morbid Angel's FB feed that the gig was cancelled I didn't fact check it any further than that because I didn't feel the need to get down to tin tacks.
  5. Reports I heard said there was only 260 people in attendance, maybe they've worked out fewer smaller gigs are good for them.
  6. Seems the band/venue called the gig off but there was still a lot of people there.
  7. Haven't seen the news this today but I've seen headlines about a hurricane in Illinois. Apparently the hurricane hit a venue where MORBID ANGLEL, REVOCATION, SKELETAL REMAINS and CRYPTA were all playing. 1 dead 28 injured at the theatre according to what I'm seeing
  8. Think I already gave my review
  9. The last few days your fit has been so good we could share the same underpants! Haunter - Discarnate Ails
  10. I can't wait around for ever you know!
  11. I want to hear the next instalment of "Doc listens to..." The last instalment 20+ hours ago was alright let's see what the next instalment brings!
  12. I don't care what people call it, Buffalo is probably my most go to band of the 70's
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