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  1. 1. battles in the north by immortal 2. grom by behemoth 3. panzerfaust by darkthrone 4. at the heart of winter by immortal 5. under the sign of hell by gorgoroth
  2. 1. attera totus sanctus by dark funeral 2. damned in black by immortal 3. nordland 1 by bathory 4. nordland 2 by bathory 5. angelus exuro pro eternus by dark funeral 6. open the gates of hell by mystic circle 7. written in blood by gloomy grim 8. viktoria by marduk 9. defending the throne of evil by carpathian forest 10. serpent sermon by marduk
  3. 1. get what you deserve by sodom 2. ride the lightning by metallica 3. chemistry of consciousness by toxic holocaust 4. two faced by tankard 5. infernal overkill by destruction 6. .......and justice for all by metallica 7. executioner's song by razor 8. eternal devastation by destruction 9. tapping the vein by sodom 10. joke's on you by excel honorable mention: in the sign of evil by sodom, since it is just an e.p. and not an album
  4. i used to be a cd guy, but now i prefer mp3's. i still occasionally order cd's if i can't find an mp3 of a certain album. i enjoy efficiency of digital. i can listen to an album immediately after buying it. that's nice. never been a vinyl guy. 1, because vinyl players and records are expensive and 2, vinyl is overrated hipster bullshit in my opinion. vinyl does not sound better. that's a lie. also records are so fragile, they scratch even easier than cd's do
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