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  1. i'm on 2016 i think 2016 bloodshed across the empyrean altar beyond the celestial zenith by inquisition where shadows forever reign by dark funeral pale distant light by soul dissolution world peace......cosmic war by armory wolves of retribution by knightmare s/t by thundershield jomsviking by amon amarth fucked up lizard people by vault dweller decision day by sodom s/t by abbath
  2. like i said in the post about the big 4, i acknowledge that megadeth has more talent. but, i prefer metallica because i think they structured their songs alot better. i am just talking about '80s to early '90s metallica, because i don't care for the stuff that followed black album. anyways, metallica's riff to solo ratio is better than megadeth's in my opinion. a lot of megadeth songs in my opinion have too many solos and the solos are too long as well. a lot of megadeth tunes feel like a dave mustaine ego trip
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