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    Everyone from Metal-fi probably thinks I am full of shit from all my crazy travel stories but they are good dudes and don't let on if that's what they are thinking. I greatly enjoy listening to metal.
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    Multi-Dimensional Prism of Black Hatred
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    metal, surfing, travel, nihilism

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  1. Cristo Demente | Túmulo (bandcamp.com) Some blackened speed/d-beat. Switzerland Unholy Sacrifice | World Decay (bandcamp.com) Thrash! From Belgium. 2 song EP, but the featured track is titled Goat Rider. Keep it coming lads.
  2. Here is some goat juice to rinse the Tomb Mold taste out of your mouth! Dele Et Vinces | Blasphemous Division (bandcamp.com) No prisoner black war thrash assault from Peru! Just messing around the Tomb Mold is to me obviously excellent, but for me it's a sit back and analytically pick the parts that are good vs. listening and being mindlessly compelled to pump fists and bang head. Sometimes, most times, you just have to let the goats run wild!
  3. Vile Ritual - Caverns of Occultic Hatred Perfect words to describe these sounds! Grafvitnir - Into the Outer Wilderness Love these guys they always deliver icy Swedish black with no BS Ekpyrosis - Primordial Chaos Restored Italian DM that I always liked but they split up Maze of Terror - The Night Where the Evil Prevails Peruvian balls-to-the-wall black speed thrash. Fun times and this one is a horror movie themed album. Pretty sure this is the millionth time that has been done but who cares its good stuff.
  4. "under control" is relative Of course you and I both remember when 2TB was more memory than existed on planet earth.
  5. Pretty quiet around here but here are a few new purchases: Awesome new additions: IKKO OH300 IEMs. A budget IEM to be sure but instantly my favorites. Detail, stage, imaging, tuning- all really nice. Trend to the clear and bright side, but not overly so. Arylic S10 Streamer thing. Attaches to internet and wired to speakers with an app so I can easily play music on my powered speakers, controlled by my phone but not over wi-fi. This thing is great. Super easy to set up, control and unlocks ridiculous tonality, especially base, that I did not even know my speakers could handle. Really nice little device that was cheap enough for my budget hifi aspirations. Not awesome: Ifi Go dongle dac/amp. Not strong enough of an amp for HPs, not needed for iems. Decodes MQA which is why I got it, but Tidal dropped MQA. Has a nasty crackle at times, gets hot. Sounds fine but my smaller DAC dongle sounds just as good. Not offensively bad and sounds good when not crackling, but not needed anymore.
  6. Dark Angel - Time Does Not Heal
  7. Wallfahrer - Anthologie Der Abkehr
  8. Serviceable and faithful OSDM of the Swedish variety by way of Nippon. Frostvore • Drowned by Blood | Testimony Records (bandcamp.com)
  9. The Rite - The Astral Gloom
  10. Sarcófago - Hate Its channels like this that make me wish I spent more time on Youtube and less on Bandcamp and Tidal Death Metal Supply - YouTube
  11. Not sure but its pretty damn good. This Demonic Being is absolutely killer though.
  12. Under The Sign Of Rebellion | Rebaelliun | Agonia Records (bandcamp.com) Just the pre-release promo track, but I can't fing wait. Love these guys.
  13. Mudhoney - Souvenir of my Trip
  14. Dead you know I love bullshitting with you but you are falling into Russian propaganda troll territory. Sometimes shit is exactly how it appears: this is an unprovoked, unwarranted, pathetically executed war of aggression rife with war crimes, featuring utter disregard for any norms of warfare that has exposed Putin as a vapid kleptomaniac tyrant, and the 'vaunted' Russian army as a disorganized and drunken rabble of undisciplined goons. NATO, or the US by itself, would make short, surgical work of this sorry excuse of a military. And they totally deserve it. To suggest Ukrainians should surrender is hilarious and insulting. It is literally a line from Russian propogandists who are trying to salvage some modicum of dignity, pathetically and way too late, for their hollow sham of an 'empire'. What a joke. Ukrainians obviously will never surrender, and like all free people under assault from tyranny and genocide, their cause is moral and necessary. It is not if, but when, Russia and Putin will collapse under their own cruelty and greed. Glory to Ukraine!
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