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    Everyone from Metal-fi probably thinks I am full of shit from all my crazy travel stories but they are good dudes and don't let on if that's what they are thinking. I greatly enjoy listening to metal.
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    Multi-Dimensional Prism of Black Hatred
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    metal, surfing, travel, nihilism

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  1. Altar in Darkness - Memories and Ruins Slightly melodic 2nd wave black from Ukraine. Really well done.
  2. I was not aware of different art for this masterpiece!
  3. I don't know if I can say they are top 5 but I just stumbled across a nifty Peruvian DM band that mixes in some doom and thrash. Nice cavernous vocals. One of those super obscure gems that I love finding. Good for a listen and a few bangs of your filthy head. Hell Trepanner https://helltrepanner.bandcamp.com/album/unholy-proclamations-of-death-and-darkness
  4. Same here. Classic example of a trve cvlt band getting dragged for artistic decisions that moved away from church burning and corpse paint. I also like some of their later stuff. Darkthrone obviously did the same thing but somehow are above scrutiny, even though their recent output is pretty average at best, imo.
  5. Demanifestation (Hymns of Destruction and Nothingness) | Fiat Nox (bandcamp.com) Atmospheric melodic black/death
  6. These are all black metal bands, there are just different vocal styles within the genre. For instance:
  7. Funny because its the first time that anything approaching funeral doom did grab me. I like all the elements and execution, but kind of one trick pony to some degree: play really slow, then fast. I can see this providing diminishing returns, but with some polish and attention to detail these guys could get better. There are moments where they are putting together some layers and phrasing that are just poorly edited/mixed imo. But there are some ideas there, and I love the vibe and overall sound.
  8. New Escarnium! Haven't even listened yet. But these cats are seriously heavy. And awesome!
  9. That's killer mate. Utmost respect for everyone who plays metal. Welcome!
  10. Verbum (Chile) has a new release that mixes black death and funeral doom to immersive and devastating effect. I would post the link but I am typing from my phone currently and can't be bothered. Its on BC though, sorry if double posted.
  11. I happen to be in Japan right now, albeit sequestered away and not able to enjoy its many delights. Thanks for the link going to check this out!
  12. Off to Japan. Tyhja has a new one out and they are awesome. Going to check it asap.
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