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    Everyone from Metal-fi probably thinks I am full of shit from all my crazy travel stories but they are good dudes and don't let on if that's what they are thinking. I greatly enjoy listening to metal.
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    Multi-Dimensional Prism of Black Hatred
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    metal, surfing, travel, nihilism

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  1. Finnish Black. Been on repeat. Sarvipää | Aihos (bandcamp.com)
  2. Sorry if already posted Loving these, goat-a-licious Krwawy Pontyfikat | Okrütnik (bandcamp.com) Crucifier - Led Astray | Iron Bonehead Productions (bandcamp.com)
  3. Aloha Mark! Hope the east coast is treating you well. I do use the Dragonfly, or a small portable amp, or a dongle for both, but Meze's do not need much.
  4. Another 10 year-in-the-making release. Brutal black death from Mexico: Into the Path of the Gods | Alfa Eridano Akhernar (bandcamp.com)
  5. Feels like there are already a bunch clogging my wishlist. Here's one, after 10 years these Germans are back with a slab of slightly melodic, riff-stuffed black. The Aphotic Embrace | Zwielicht (bandcamp.com)
  6. Meze's are a treat to my ears! Warm, rich and surprisingly light. I have Drop's HD6XX and they are the other side of the coin - open back, very detailed, expansive, precise, and defined layers of sound. I probably lean to the Meze's more. Comfort food for your earholes.
  7. Back from hiatus but about to be super busy for a few weeks again. Thought this NYP gem was worth posting. Give it a chance and be rewarded with folk-tinged, slightly blackened pagan melodic death with some amazing but too few King Diamond-esque riff/solo runs. Beyond Unseen Gateways | Ildaruni (bandcamp.com)
  8. The Arylic was a great intro and I have since upgraded to the Wiim Pro Plus. Got it on sale for $175 on a black Friday deal. Ether from router to the wiim, coax to my Edifier S3000 pros, awesome app that I use to play my Tidal all the way to hi-res and mqa quality. Wiim pro plus meets the hype in terms of DAC, app functions including eq and sound quality settings, and full functionality of Tidal favorites and Playlist. This set up is end game and what I was looking for in terms of easy access and control, good remote, and connectivity. Unlocks the S3000s to full potential for deep clean base, tight, clear separation and detail throughout. Loud enough that we can hear the bass thumping from three houses over. Very happy with this. If bandcamp can just make a compatible app I will really be set.
  9. Changing pace, I haven't heard these Norwegians before but this is excellently crafted, thoughtfully done, stripped-down avant-garde/modern black metal. In Death I Shall Arise | Tilintetgjort (bandcamp.com)
  10. Vastum is back and the promo track is killer Inward To Gethsemane | Vastum | 20 Buck Spin Sticking with 20buckspin Gravesend also has a new one. Grindcore terrorism indeed (shoutout to @MacabreEternal for that phrase) Gowanus Death Stomp | Gravesend | 20 Buck Spin
  11. Cristo Demente | Túmulo (bandcamp.com) Some blackened speed/d-beat. Switzerland Unholy Sacrifice | World Decay (bandcamp.com) Thrash! From Belgium. 2 song EP, but the featured track is titled Goat Rider. Keep it coming lads.
  12. Here is some goat juice to rinse the Tomb Mold taste out of your mouth! Dele Et Vinces | Blasphemous Division (bandcamp.com) No prisoner black war thrash assault from Peru! Just messing around the Tomb Mold is to me obviously excellent, but for me it's a sit back and analytically pick the parts that are good vs. listening and being mindlessly compelled to pump fists and bang head. Sometimes, most times, you just have to let the goats run wild!
  13. Vile Ritual - Caverns of Occultic Hatred Perfect words to describe these sounds! Grafvitnir - Into the Outer Wilderness Love these guys they always deliver icy Swedish black with no BS Ekpyrosis - Primordial Chaos Restored Italian DM that I always liked but they split up Maze of Terror - The Night Where the Evil Prevails Peruvian balls-to-the-wall black speed thrash. Fun times and this one is a horror movie themed album. Pretty sure this is the millionth time that has been done but who cares its good stuff.
  14. "under control" is relative Of course you and I both remember when 2TB was more memory than existed on planet earth.
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