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    Everyone from Metal-fi probably thinks I am full of shit from all my crazy travel stories but they are good dudes and don't let on if that's what they are thinking. I greatly enjoy listening to metal.
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    Multi-Dimensional Prism of Black Hatred
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    metal, surfing, travel, nihilism

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  1. Can't be king of the world if you're slave to the grind!
  2. Just found this and really dig it. Will be geting spins.
  3. I definitely have some Merciless...or is it Mercyless? Both i think
  4. Whats up you degenerates. Been mostly out of the loop but mostly not hearing a lot thats post worthy. Maybe new Gevurah, Nocturnal or Vessel of Iniquity. Will take any suggestions for stuff I should hear. Also just home after 6 months of arduous work and working on a solid buzz.
  5. ALTARS ABLAZE - Life Desecration Ripping black death from Czech Republic. Devil's Emissary - Demiurge Asceticism Calling this Sludgey War Doom. Pretty rad stuff. If you listen hard you can hear some grunge-stylings, but this is heavy af. Poland.
  6. Essendon Bombers and Brisbane Broncos 4 Life! I really miss the footy.
  7. You are not wrong. The foundations of our system are being sorely tested. If we come through this I can only hope it will make us and our institutions stronger, but that cannot be assumed or even expected at this rate. I would point out though that America basically introduced the world to concepts like an individual's inherent right to liberty, peaceful transfer of power, human rights. While it's easy to point out our shortcomings in maintaining those lofty ideals, it is a little ironic because the world would not even be having these types of conversations had the USA not come to be. This is fascinating. I think we think we know a lot more about why stable countries fall apart than about how they advance. I do appreciate that once a country starts to slide into corruption and authoritarianism and strife it becomes incredibly difficult to reverse that trend.
  8. NEXWOMB | nexwomb (bandcamp.com) Great beastial war death. If that's not your thing at least check out the crazy song titles.
  9. USA is the world's oldest constitutional democracy. Also extremely small and historically homogenous, and subject to invasion if not properly aligned with greater powers. Otherwise I agree with everything you are saying.
  10. Zwielicht - With Love From Sinister
  11. This is your winner: Annihilation | Rebaelliun (bandcamp.com) Flat out one of the 1. Most extreme metal albums ever made. 2. One of the BEST extreme metal albums ever made. Everyone's opinion of extreme is going to vary. To some its how satanic can you be, others for some dumb reason like pig squeals and slams (that's not death/thrash though). To me, Annihilation epitomizes what you should be looking for, that is unrelenting tempo, aggression, and non-stop riffs that sound like the very sundering of space-time fabric with pure hell-fire. Eschew any sense of melody. Clean vocals, break-downs or slow sections are violations. If you are new to the sub-sub-sub genre of extreme blackened death/thrash, here's the place to start, IMO: Tara (REMIX version) | ABSU | Osmose Productions (bandcamp.com) Of course just look at early Kreator, Sepultura, Sodom, Dark Angel and Slayer's Reign in Blood and you basically have plenty of proto-death thrash extremity. Merciless, Death Hammer, Hellish Crossfire, The Furor.. and of course Destroyer 666 and all of their disciples that drift a little more into speed metal and away from DM. Here are some others off the top on my head: Profanation Of The Gods | Necrochakal | Weird Face Productions (bandcamp.com) Visions of Trismegistos | NEKROMANTHEON (bandcamp.com) Disapotheosis | TANATOR (bandcamp.com) Paroxysm Of Hatred | Rapture (bandcamp.com) Angelic Encounters | THANATOS (bandcamp.com) Luckily this is a well-traversed metal landscape. Many more in this universe and basically my favorite music.
  12. BC Friday haul, pretty random. But if they have it on Amazon Music Unlimited HD I usually don't buy it on BC. These are the leftovers or NYP gems KAAOSOTH by Nahasheol Quiescence (demo II) by Void Column Utopia 2021 by All India Radio Lure Me by Eguana I Hate Stuart Little by I Hate Stuart Little Blood of Dead God by AZOTHYST DEMO MMXXI by Deathless Void Odors Of Sepulchral by ANOTHERSIDE SODP087: Dark Phantom - Nation O... by Symbol Of Domination Prod. With Love From Sinister by Zwielicht
  13. I also definitely like Vrenth! You weren't kidding about the number of releases today! All of these hugely profitable underground metal labels must be preparing for the end of Fiscal Year close out Succumb to Chaos | Vrenth | Rotted Life (bandcamp.com)
  14. I know I like Detherous, trying to remember if I like Daeva but I know that name!
  15. Super solid thrash/crossover with some Bolt Thrower mixed in for good measure. Austin, TX. Members from Power Trip, Creeping Death, Impalers and Eternal Champion. MANIAC | FUGITIVE (bandcamp.com)
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