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    Everyone from Metal-fi probably thinks I am full of shit from all my crazy travel stories but they are good dudes and don't let on if that's what they are thinking. I greatly enjoy listening to metal.
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    Multi-Dimensional Prism of Black Hatred
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    metal, surfing, travel, nihilism

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  1. So sorry man. If there is a better place then cats deserve their place at the head of the line. Such complex and wonderful friends. Sounds like you did your very best in an impossible situation.
  2. Sympathy and love for you man. Sounds like you are doing all you can. No doubt they understand your love and compassion. We do our best for them and that's all we can do.
  3. Shit...this is going to command attention. Panzerfaust is so good they are almost too good, meaning this music demands attention and commitment and is fucking serious top-tier metal. Not unlike how I feel about The Ruins of Beverast. So when one of these drops I know its going to shoulder out some fire-and-forget goat metal. New one coming from Kurse Relic - black/dark metal from Seattle. I really like their debut. Prisons of Perpetual Praise | Kurse Relic (bandcamp.com)
  4. Did not see that coming, but right on I love em' too. Definitely in the top tier of the original stoner/desert metal groups from back in the day. NP: Svartsyn ...His Majesty
  5. Coffee and metal are best served black! Couldn't resist. I am badly addicted to caffein and coffee as part of my essential morning routine. I was up to 2 pots a day at one point and had to dial it back. Now I am about half a pot in the morning then maybe an energy drink or pre-workout in the afternoon. Red-bull is the OG Cadilac of energy drinks. There are a zillion imitators and wanna-be XTREME! products and I have probably tried them all at some point. But Red Bull is the 'cleanest' and best. Runners up are Celsius and maybe Rip-its. Worst include the super popular: Rockstar, Monster and Bang. Although I do like the Monstar Ice Tea and non-carbonated offerings. Zero sugar or low-carb of course applies to all of these. I very rarely drink sodas and try to avoid even sugar free as those sweeteners are probably just as bad for you.
  6. Cultus Funerus - The Life, The Time, The Death
  7. Terrorvision is a hilariously bad 80's alien monster horror movie, and I assume you know that, so that's a great name. "People of earth..."
  8. Yep - Death Comes for Us All. Good call! I don't like my chances of surviving 4 days. It will definitely require inhuman amounts of caffeine. I drink coffee like a fiend as it is.
  9. I definitely would have gone to see Necrofier because one of their shirts is my favorite. I like their music, obviously, but definitely the shirt. Its sort of funny back whenever MDF was announced and there was a thread I was tempted to finally commit and plan for it, but somehow in the back of my head I had a feeling that I wouldn't be able to go. Sure enough I get sent off on orders and now I am further away still (Guam!). God or Satan don't want me at MDF just yet apparently. This Sedimentum track is killer. I like the groovey riff to finish it.
  10. MA has this labelled DM but I am calling it Ripping black metal. Either way this slays. Impressive debut full-length...and from San Diego. Hope they have some shows when I get back there. The Arcana Spear | SACRILEGA | Blood Harvest (bandcamp.com)
  11. Landscapes of the Putrid Dead | Axxmaxxius Devastruktor (bandcamp.com) Face flaying mayhem from Western Oz. Evil and malignant death thrash grind. Also a new acquisition, also a NYP gem! Fun times.
  12. This might be my favorite Blut Aus Nord, like ever. Maybe because of the heavy tRoB Exuvia vibes.
  13. Yesterday's BC Friday haul. As usual these are the ones Amazon Music Unlimited doesn't have or other little gems. Claustrophobic Dysentery by CABINET. Tons of bands try to sound heavy and disgusting, so much that its formulaic. These guys actually surprised me when I heard their last one. NYP. Ira Et Exilium Fraternitas by Ancestral Domains. Surprising these guys are from Mexico - this reminds me of pagan UK black metal. THROUGH CAVERNS by SHROUDED INFINITY. Filthy rumbling Death Doom. Allegiance to the Myth by Serpentshrine. These 2nd wavers have stepped up their sinister game for this second album. Icy jagged raw black. Surprisingly skilled production. Vecio Sepulchral by Encirclement. Fuzzed out goat death doom. VATICINAL RITES - S/T. Interesting mix of death, a little tech and prog. Riffs and cool phrases and changes abound. Gnosis of the Wicked by Cult of Extinction. Abide the goat. Abomination of the Flames by BEYOND MORTAL DREAMS. Still digesting this. Not my favorite of theirs off the bat, but I love the band. Bloodrain - Bloodrain VI: Resurgam. Thrash! Towards Extinction by Spectral Souls. Maybe not the 'best' but probably my favorite of the year so far. Its all over the place and brimming with aggression and metal exuberance. Fun from start to finish. Infernus by Neter. Highly skilled death metal from Spain. A NYP gem from Satanath records. Tales From the Northern Vastlands by Primordial Serpent. All this Canadian does is chew bubblegum and crank out sick cvlt black metal releases. And he's still out of bubblegum.
  14. FWIW we talked about that new Golgathan Remains a while back but it warrants revisiting imo because that album is an absolute monster. Superlative for that brand of black death.
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