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  1. Curmudgeon's Better Half Curmudgeon is an old ale brewed with molasses and aged on oak; it becomes Better Half after aging—for 254 days—in bourbon barrels that have more recently been aging Michigan maple syrup Good beer for a cold night...hope they bring this one back again sometime soon. I'm down to my last bottle
  2. Just my own opinion, but that's probably the one style of black metal I've got no love for...I'm sure there are bands out there I'd enjoy but it's just not worth my time to search them out when I can listen to something else. SORT SIND - I Skyggen af Livet https://nuclearwinterrecords.bandcamp.com/album/i-skyggen-af-livet
  3. Nice...this is right up my alley Sulfuric Hatred - S/T Wall of thunder style death metal from members of Vile Ritual and Undeath https://sentientruin.bandcamp.com/album/sulfuric-hatred
  4. I recognize roughly 3/4 of the bands, but I've only bothered to listen to about 10 or so of those albums because I know most of them weren't worth wasting my time. I will give this list credit for feeling a bit more organic than some of their previous years. Feels like this is more indicative of the magazine contributors actual tastes, and less like a list of whatever bands just happen to be getting the most attention this year.
  5. I guess it's that time of year again...so here's this years Decibel list to kick it off DECIBEL 2023 40 Dødheimsgard, Black Medium Current, Peaceville 39 Kommodus, Wreath of Bleeding Snowfall, GoatowaRex 38 Street Tombs, Reclusive Decay, Carbonized 37 Obituary, Dying of Everything, Relapse 36 Fires in the Distance, Air Not Meant for Us, Prosthetic 35 Witching, Incendium, Translation Loss 34 Circle of Ouroborus, Lumi Vaientaa Kysymykset, His Wounds 33 Cattle Decapitation, Terrasite, Metal Blade 32 Final Gasp, Mourning Moon, Relapse 31 Spirit Adrift, Ghost at the Gallows, Century Media 30 Krigsgrav, Fires in the Fall, Wise Blood 29 Will Haven, VII, Minus Head 28 Smoulder, Violent Creed of Vengeance, Cruz del Sur 27 Kruelty, Untopia, Profound Lore 26 Night Demon, Outsider, Century Media 25 Incantation, Unholy Deification, Relapse 24 Filth Is Eternal, Find Out, MNRK 23 Cannibal Corpse, Chaos Horrific, Metal Blade 22 Great Falls, Objects Without Pain, Neurot 21 Krieg, Ruiner, Profound Lore 20 Rid of Me, Access to the Lonely, Knife Hits 9 Mizmor, Prosaic, Profound Lore 18 Autopsy, Ashes, Organs, Blood and Crypts, Peaceville 17 Cruciamentum, Obsidian Refractions, Profound Lore 16 Tribunal, The Weight of Remembrance, 20 Buck Spin 15 The Night Eternal, Fatale, Ván 14 Enslaved, Heimdal, Nuclear Blast 13 Gel, Only Constant, Convulse 12 Enforced, War Remains, Century Media 11 Blackbraid, Blackbraid II, Self-released 10 The Keening, Little Bird, Relapse 9 Thantifaxath, Hive Mind Narcosis, Dark Descent 8 Frozen Soul, Glacial Domination, Century Media 7 Lamp of Murmuur, Saturnian Bloodstorm, Argento 6 Panopticon, The Rime of Memory, Bindrune 5 Godthrymm, Distrortions, Profound Lore 4 Jesus Piece, …So Unknown, Century Media 3 Wayfarer, American Gothic, Profound Lore 2 Tomb Mold, The Enduring Spirit, 20 Buck Spin 1 Horrendous, Ontological Mysterium, Season of Mist
  6. I'm sure, but even in that regard the A.I. has to pull that info from various data sources. Those sources would need to be cultivated based on some standard of accuracy, completeness, consistency, etc. of the data which is determined by the programmers (Basically there's got to be some set of standards for what sources gets included and which ones gets excluded) and that's going to influence the answers it gives out.
  7. Thing about A.I. is the answer is only as good as the data it uses. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with any of those albums, they're mostly the really well known black metal albums as well...the ones you'd primarily start with when getting into black metal. Makes me wonder what criteria it was using to determine "best" and where it was scraping data from.
  8. Sevo - Aurora do Triunfo Herétiko ...fuck, I'm only on the first song and this shit slays! https://blackheartsrecords.bandcamp.com/album/aurora-do-triunfo-her-tiko
  9. Mangled - S/T EP Very thrashy death metal from Chile https://mangledchile.bandcamp.com/album/mangled
  10. These dudes are local, which is always nice
  11. New Tetragrammacide dropped today https://ironboneheadproductions.bandcamp.com/album/tetragrammacide-typho-tantric-aphorisms-from-the-arachneophidian-quran New GoatKraft as well https://goatkraft.bandcamp.com/album/prophet-of-eternal-damnation
  12. Satanism - Lycanthropic Legion https://satanism.bandcamp.com/album/lycanthropic-legion?from=fannewrel
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