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  2. You kind of have to this time of year. Other than the usual mainstays, I don't think I've seen a single dark beer come into my local stores in the last month or more...it's all IPA's and Sours. I've taken to drinking lagers and hefe's myself
  3. This, unfortunately, comes as a result of what I was talking about a bit earlier, where claiming offense is itself enough to be considered right. To apply common sense would be to "denying my lived experience" which is also offensive I know you didn't necessarily mean it this way, but I think that kind of downplays how devastating to a persons life this kind of thing can be. It's rarely as simple as just losing a job. If your info comes to light or is readily available, it means days, weeks, or months of harassment and threats for you, your family and your friends. It could mean people actively trying to make good on a threat. It means forever having your name tied to that kind of controversy, so good luck with your future job prospects, because that's definitely coming up in HR's google/social media search. ...and make no mistake, the mindset behind it is every bit as authoritarian/totalitarian as it is on the right...it's just dressed up in more acceptable terminology. EDIT: And Whitenoise is absolutely right. This isn't a left only phenomena. The right has done it before in the 80's and 90's, and they're more than happy to try it now...they're just not as successful with it anymore.
  4. I've generally found with cats, that if they're going the bathroom anywhere besides in their box it's either because they're unhappy about something (because they can be spiteful little shits when they want to be) or it's a medical issue and it's time to haul ass to the vet. Despite the stereotype, I wouldn't say cats are necessarily "clean" creatures, they're actually little dirtballs...but by instinct they do want to bury their shit just to hide it from bigger predators so when given the choice they tend to prefer their box. With dogs, I think it comes down to four things...I'm a puppy and don't know any better. My tummy hurt because I just ate an entire box of cheese danish when you weren't looking (true story). I had to go really bad and no one was around to let me out. I'm 100 years old in people years and had an accident while I was sleeping
  5. Apologies...I misunderstood your stance. Regarding what you're saying here, I think it depends on how you define "threat to free expression". I doubt this kind of thing will ever be able to completely smother expression. There will always be people who will go against the grain. The real problem is more insidious in my mind. I think it creates a negative feedback loop in people's minds where they begin to censor themselves, either consciously or unconsciously, just to avoid the hassle. It isn't as overt as online mobbing, but the end result is the same. Creative expression is being limited. Honestly? I don't know if we can ever actually stop it, it's been around long before social media existed, but I do believe we could curtail large portions of it if businesses and other organizations would stop indulging it. The reason cancel culture works is that it uses morality as a weapon, and plays on most peoples desire to at least appear to be good and upstanding members of society. Public organizations are the same way, they don't want embarrassment or damage to their reputation, so they give in, they apologize, and they rarely go to bat for the person being cancelled, because it's easier. The only way cancel culture improves is if people will stop giving it power, but I don't think that can happen until we as a society can move away from the idea that the offended party is automatically right, even when their not, simply because they're offended. I think the part of the enemy being more obvious is a result of where the attacks were coming from. For example, Tipper Gore and the PMRC were a bunch of straight laced outsiders attacking metal culture...In video games you had Jack Thompson, some boomer aged attorney, saying gaming caused kids to be violent in real life. These days, the attacks on subcultures all seem to come from within the subculture itself...or at least people who claim to be part of the subcultures. That's why, in at least some corners of any given subculture, you'll see calls for a return to gatekeeping hoping to keep people out
  6. Glad to hear she's starting to get comfortable. Yeah..cats are genuinely fun, and sometimes frustratingly irritating, to have in your house. Of my current three, the two youngest are brothers...one of them is laid back, doesn't get into much, easy as all get out to have in the house. The other one gets into everything, knocks shit down to play with it, and can generally make an asshole of himself... but then he'll do something like get his head stuck in a box, or grab a dog toy as big as he is to carry around, and have me laughing my ass off
  7. That's an old tip that supposedly works for cats or dogs, but I'd strongly advise against ever actually doing it. Not only is it rather abusive, but it can create situations where your pet will try and hide their accidents in areas you may not see like behind or underneath furniture. Only thing worse than dealing with animal accidents, is not being able to find the animal accident in the first place
  8. Okay...I'm absolutely going to regret this I'm sure, but I guess I'm too stupid to not jump on this hand grenade. Regarding people who were accused and punished without evidence: I mean, the whole thing with Johnny Depp for one. Now I'm not saying he was an angel, it sounds like they were both toxic as fuck with each other, but at the very beginning the accusations alone were enough that among other things, he lost his role in those Harry potter movies, was dropped by Disney from the Pirates films, and had that Dior marketing campaign yanked. Hell, they've even got Heard basically bragging about how no one would ever believe him. If you're familair with video games, you had Nolan Bushnell, co-founder of Atari. He had an award from GDC rescinded because he was labeled as a sexist and sexual harasser by several lunatics who wanted to create some kind of #metoo moment for the video game industry. Now this one got stopped in its tracks before it got too out of hand, but it started gaining ground until people who worked with him, especially some of women like Loni Reeder who'd actually been there in those early days, stood up to defend him. Maybe you heard of the whole "Mattress Girl" situation at Colombia University where Paul Nungesser was accused of rape by Emma Sulkowicz? They were friends who'd had a few hookups together at the school. After one hook up, she filed charges with both the University and the Police accusing him of rape. Both investigated, neither took action. So she started the whole carrying around a mattress everywhere she went as a protest. While Nungesser was still able to graduate, his life on campus became a living hell. He was ostracized, harassed, threatened, had both students and faculty telling him he should drop out. Now this may sound like a typical "system lets the victim down" situation, but he was able to provide multiple social media posts from after the rape supposedly happened, where she continued to reach out to him, wanting to get together, hang out, etc. Alexi McCammond lost her editor-and-chief job at Teen Vogue, that she'd literally just gotten, because of some people who were pissed off about her promotion and didn't want to work for her. So they managed to dig up tweets she'd made when she was 17...roughly 10 years before hand. Things she'd already admitted to, and apologized for previously. Didn't matter, advertisers started pulling their funds, and she was booted out the door. Additionally, I feel like the premise of your argument is incorrect. No one is saying there isn't "evidence". What most people are saying is that the so-called "evidence" either lacks context, is interpreted in the most vile way possible to stir up a mob, or that the punishment often exceeds the supposed crime. Howard Buachner was basically forced out of his role as the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association because of backlash over comments made about systemic racism by two other editors on an entirely separate podcast. Dr. Bret Weinstein of Evergreen State College, who I admittedly disagree with regarding his stance on Covid vaccines, was threatened, accused of racism, had his classes disrupted, and was ultimately forced to resign because he pointed out "There is a huge difference between a group or coalition deciding to voluntarily absent themselves from a shared space in order to highlight their vital and underappreciated roles.... and a group encouraging another group to go away." regarding changes to the schools Day of Absence Colin Moriarty was a co-founder of Kinda Funny, an online video games entertainment company that does podcast, videos, etc. He was forced out of the company because on a day where women were supposedly "staying off social media" he made a crack along the lines of "silence at last" on his personal Twitter. Now, he's landed on his feet and doing just fine, I won't deny, but because of what basically amounts to a dad joke, a generally left leaning guy is now forever labeled things like "alt-right" and "nazi" by large sections of the industry. Chris Pratt is someone the online loons go after over and over again because he supposedly belongs to a church that spun off from those Westboro nutjobs (he doesn't). Because of this, during the announcement of his daughters birth, where he said he was happy she was here and healthy, people online tried to twist that into him supposedly taking a dig at his first wife and his son who was born with health issues, and suddenly peple were screaming Chris Pratt was ableist. ...and lets be real here. Celebrities overcoming these accusations is a bug, not a feature. Just because many of them have enough money and connections to get past it, doesn't change the fact that the ultimate goal is to wreck their careers. When these things happen to people who aren't celebrities, the results are often much worse. There was a case at Smith College when a student was told a cafeteria she was sitting in was actually closed. She turned around and accused the staff of being racist. Even though the staff was cleared by an independent investigation, several members were essentially forced out, including one guy who wasn't even involved because the accuser mistakenly posted his image on her social media. Composer Bright Sheng at the University of Michigan was essentially forced to step down from his teaching position because he showed his class the 1965 film Othello, because it has Laurence Olivia in blackface. Hannah Fischthal was fired from her teaching job at St John's University because she read a passage from Mark Twain’s anti-slavery novel 'Pudd’nhead Wilson' in her 'Literature of Satire' class that contained an N-bomb in it. You can call it cancel culture, you can call it consequence culture, but I have to completely disagree with the idea it doesn't actually exist. There's too many incidences like this happening to deny it.
  9. I need to give it a few more spins. There's some parts I definitely dig, but it didn't grab me quite as strongly as some of the other albums
  10. Yeah...I'm not a fan of putting my cats outdoors, especially living right on a main road like I do. It's just asking for trouble. If I lived in a quieter neighborhood I'd probably reconsider it. Honestly Mark, depending on the age, use your best judgement for that situation. If you live in a quiet area, which doesn't get a lot traffic you'd probably be okay...just keep in mind, a cat will roam quite a ways, so it's not just your immediate road you want to think about. There's also other neighbors and how pissy they'll get, and other neighborhood pets and how aggressive they might be. As for the cat, give her time...They typically bond with one person more than others, but they usually enjoy being around all their people to some degree. Like FA said, some are slow to warm up. One of mine was really high strung when she was younger, scared of both my wife and myself. Wasn't until I took a nap on the couch one day that she finally started relaxing around us...just came up and plopped down next to me and went to sleep. She's been my buddy ever since. It's usually about them feeling confident in their new space. Once they realize its their territory you'll start seeing more personality come out. Hell, even the crazy one I had that basically lived in my bathroom got to a point where she would slip out and come sit with us when we were watching TV.
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