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  1. 100% agree...and then you add in all those people and yeah...that sound can get ugly real fast. You definitely made the right call with Soilent Green over Spectral Voice...they sounded damn good when I was walking past to go into Rams Head...I should have gone back out for that set. Glad to hear Vomitory managed to get things straightened out though. Yeah...I dont blame you for jetting on Dismember. Id had to run something up to my truck as they were just starting, and just as i was rounding that last corner to head back to the venue entrance I saw my buddy waving me off and telling me to turn around. He said there was no way to get close to the stage inside and everything sounded muffled and muddy from the back because of all the bodies and tents and shit. Sorry to hear Mork was a bust. I was kind of interested, especially with black metal being on the sparse side.. but I absolutely needed some kind of break if i was going to get through Haemorrhage. Today is definitely going to be a bruiser...plan to basically plow through from Ripper until Abbath starts, take a break, go back for Gorguts, break again at Mayhem, and then head down until the end...going to be a long one
  2. Didn't get started until Forbidden, and I have to say, as someone who doesn't do a lot of traditional thrash this was a really fun set...they were definitely killing it. Deathhammer was next...fast as hell and kept the energy high. Great follow up to that killer Forbidden set Sacrifice was after that, and agree with Navy 100%. Boring set...they just had nothing going on and the crowd had no energy for them. Ditched out on the last Sacrifice song to head over for Vomitory. Maybe they managed to finally get it sorted, or maybe it was just the spot I was in, but either way I wasn't able to make it through even one song. It was all snare and tom drum The vocals were buried and the guitars were muddy. Really bummed, because you could see they were going hard, but I think theres something about the way that Power Plant stage is enclosed on all sides including the top, that screws with the sound. Dismember was a straight up bucket list band for me, so I was standing out there rain or shine. Thankfully they delivered in a massive way, pulling tracks from pretty much all their albums. It was definitely a madhouse inside the actual venue area, and if you were too far back, it sounded muffled because of the amount of people in there. The thing was, one of my friends and I had noticed on our way to get food earlier, that the pathway around the venue, outside the fence, runs very, very close to the stage area. The view wasn't perfect for seeing them, since you were looking partially through a fence, but damn...that sound was totally dialed in. Honestly couldn't have asked for much better from this set. Spectral Voice...I think after the Dismember set, I just wasn't in the mood for them. They sounded good and thick but it just didn't come together for me. Definitely enjoyed the last time i saw them a lot better. After that was a break, to rest up for Haemorrhage. I tend to forget how groovy they are as a grind band...its not all blast beats by any means. Band had a ton of energy...they were clearly into it, and so was the audience. Really great way to end the night! ...and while I failed to mention it previously, Navy...it was a total pleasure, brother! I mean, it's literally their only album...so technically this is true in the absolute literal sense. It is a pretty goddamn rough album though, even though i know its got its defenders. Personally. I don't care about the clean vocals all that much, but dumping all those riffs for a more simplified music style was a complete mistake.
  3. Co-sign Spectral Wound...that was a great set. Skipped Bolzer after seeing him play both sets in 2014 and in 2018? All 3 times he was absolutely on point, but I just don't have any interest in anything from that full length. Really liked the Ahab set..outside of a couple feedback issues, they sounded killer. Plus Ahab has never been to the U.S. which was cool...but yeah, i was into it. Siege Column was fun...energy was definitely there, though sound was a little muddy...Still an enjoyable set Agalloch sounded great up in the parking garage, where my group kicked back and had a nice break. Wouldnt have wanted to be down by the stage since theyre boring as fuck live, but they werent bad for some background music. Skipped 1349, though a couple of my friends stayed...did catch Weekend Nachos and that was pretty killer
  4. This...they were fucking massive live...on a totally different level than their albums ...also, Navy...hit me up brother. We should at least say "hi"and exchange manly hugs real quick
  5. New Altar of Gore Litanies of the Unceasing Agonies https://altarofgore.bandcamp.com/album/litanies-of-the-unceasing-agonies?from=feedfan-mikevivisect Goatpenis End https://brazilianritualrecords.bandcamp.com/album/end Brutally Deceased Chasms https://brutallydeceased.bandcamp.com/album/chasms
  6. Whoredom Rife - Den Vrede Makt Nächtlich — Exaltation Of Evil ROTTEN TOMB - The Relief of Death (top notch release here) EXHUMATION - Master’s Personae Kratti - Haudanvartija
  7. Black Witchery - Desecration of the Holy Kingdom
  8. For the record..new Aquilus album is out...FA, Mark, and Navy...if you dudes aren't familiar, I'd highly recommend Aquilus - Bellum II
  9. Malevolum - Veritas et Violentiam
  10. TRANCE OF THE UNDEAD - Chalice of Disease https://tranceoftheundead.bandcamp.com/album/chalice-of-disease
  11. Listened to this the other day, and wasn't particularly impressed. Wasn't awful, but I'm kind of surprised it seems to be getting a small bit of buzz Grave Heresy — Incineration Victory
  12. Morsch - S/T demo https://morschband.bandcamp.com/album/morsch
  13. Taubra - Therizo https://taubra.bandcamp.com/album/therizo
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