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  1. CROWN OF ASTERIA - Cypher. I finished this. Not too weird actually. The sound a bit thin but good stuff. THE NOX ENTITY - LHAÄD Beneath. This is what I'm talking about. This sounds great. I can even hear the different cymbals. Also excellent everything else. NP - SLOWDIVE - Slowdive. Noice.
  2. You are no doubt correct and I get that the sound was the choice they made, but you can still have warm metal fuzz with greater definition in the lower frequencies. I was a bit harsh saying it sounded like shit. It is a good album but I just think it could have been better.
  3. OCULI MELANCHOLIARUM - Euphorbia. Noice but probably too nice for most of you savages. ILAT MAHRU - Ilat Mahru. OK but would be so much better if it were better produced. That is, if it didn't sound like shit. ANGRRSTH - Donikad. No complaints. NP - CROWN OF ASTERIA - Cypher. I thought this would be weird and weird it is, but in a good way I think.
  4. Some things - bands, songs, even whole albums - are better live so I can understand what you are saying.
  5. Yep. And a pretty good album with one of my favourite Opeth songs - Heir Apparent.
  6. SLOWDIVE - Slowdive BIESY - Transsatanizm CISTVAEN - At Light's Demise
  7. AMPLIFIER - The Octopus. Their magnum opus. NP - OREN AMBARICHI - Ghosted II . Repetition is variation. Very cool. 'The past is gone and it's better that way.'
  8. Lovely and very nicely paced. Thanks. By way of contrast, this is what I listened to this morning. BONGRIPPER - Empty And just before I came here for a visit, and before I resume work on a series of pieces I'm writing for 3 marimbas, vibraphone and double bass BING SATELLITES - Extensions Of Reality But I'll listen to the whole Sorey's piece before I start.
  9. DISTANT SHAPES - Distant Shapes. Just when I think I'm getting into it it goes soft and drops in some cheesy synth or wholesome singing. Still, good in parts CONFIÈRE - L'impôt du Sang. This also goes soft and sounds like crap to boot. VALBORG - Barbarian. By way of contrast, VALBORG never disappoint. NP - GLASSING - From the Other Side of the Mirror. Just starting on this before I head on out with Mrs Thatguy - it will be SBS Chill while we drive - and it seems like a good antidote to the softness of the first two.
  10. Computer generated I guess, but I like the cover art. The music not so much. Generic sing-a-long first track and I gave up half way through.
  11. Nah,they got better. Noisy dense dissonant. Everything you hate.
  12. All good. And I'm only half joking. NAXEN - Descending Into A Deeper Darkness. This does not manipulate Thatguy into feeling anything but pumped up and ready to run.
  13. CRAWL - Altar of Disgust OSSILEGIUM - The Gods Below
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