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  1. I know you were joking, but... There is no purpose. We all tend to inappropriately personify nature and evolution and it is easy to fall into teleological reasoning.
  2. This is pretty good. With the organ and rhythmic trickery it started off sounding like Van der Graaf Generator without the woodwinds. The guitarist and the chord changes later remind me of Dave Gilmour. The vocals fit I guess, but they are the weakest link for me. You are correct. Not my thing but I get what you see in them - beyond the album covers!
  3. It is never too late to pick up an instrument. The desire to play and learn and 'open ears' are all you need. Playing music at any level is one of life's great pleasures and surely is therapeutic. I wish you every joy.
  4. I genuinely don't get what you are hearing. There is a drone of looped guitar and electronics underlying bass heavy slow riffing. Then vocals. I hear no static! And the one from the other day had even more discernible music, with, as I said, gentle strumming guitar then bass heavy riffing. Yep, there is a ton of distortion and a deliberately compressed sound, but I hear no static. By the way, I don't really care for this particular track. I haven't heard it before.They are better without vocals.
  5. There is also a green orca hereabouts.
  6. I know I'm a dick, but you are overestimating the extent of my dickitude. I was actually warning you off it! Spot on. And that is what I was doing with it. But here's the thing. You said you couldn't hear any music in the Nadja track on the other thread, but compared to this you really could, couldn't you?
  7. LIMINAL SHROUD - All Virtues Ablaze. Noice. NP - LOCRIAN - Ghost Frontiers. Some of you won't like it.
  8. HOOFLESS - Ad Nauseum. Nicely played. interesting orchestration. Folkish prog. It's OK. LUXFERRE - Faces. Kind of post-rock with vocals. Worth revisiting. PRIMITIVE MAN - Immersion. This is ugly in good way. Best thing so far this week. BA'AL - Ellipsism. But this is good too. NP - ANTON WEBERN - Anton Webern Complete Works: Op.1 - Op. 31. The least prolific of the power trio.
  9. The only fun to be had in Monopoly is if you cheat. My brother was the Monopoly cheating master of the universe when we were kids.
  10. Um, it starts with quietly strummed guitar then goes on with a bass heavy wall of sound repeating a nice riff, then some quiet vocals - multitracked. Not sure what you are hearing.
  11. You have hit the spot. Nadja are prolific, and I have many of their albums, but not this one. Nice review. The cover art is very nice too. Probably, 'The Stone Is Not Hit By the Sun...' is my favourite. But I'm with the GG on the symphonic prog. It's not for me.
  12. Had they evolved into a thrash metal band by then? Nope.
  13. Nice rant, GG. Well considered, and, well, wrong. Groove, like most things, enters into the realm of the subjective and I feel groove here. Dissonance is the spice of life. Yesterday was a day for old favourites. Today I'll go somewhere else that also won't appeal to you. All good.
  14. CASTAVET - Obsian. This one brought home the bacon. FEN - Dustwalker. 'Walking the Crowpath' will be played at my funeral. No time soon I hope. NP - STEVE ROACH - What Remains. Ambient chill that is perfect for a grey wet afternoon.
  15. It never occurred to me what KKs avatar was until you pointed it out. And I agree, it's definitely an orca.
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