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  1. Thatguy was out of town for a few days. Yers have behaved yourselves well enough unsupervised. THULCANDRA - Hail The Abyss. Good fun. GNAW - Cutting Pieces. The singer from Khanate and band. Sounds like Khanate. Pretty good and a great band name.
  2. I have always thought this is a great band name. Their music is not my thing at all though.
  3. I had a listen and I decided I didn't need it. Interchangeable says it well. Good background music I guess but I've got plenty of interchangeable ambient music to do that job.
  4. Not bad at all. I can hear the bass. If I can't hear the bass I don't want to listen and yep that means I miss some good music, but no bass and its a big fuck you from Thatguy.
  5. Never never never call Wagga Wagga Wagga. Calling Wagga Wagga Wagga is wrong.
  6. RORCAL - Myrra, Mordvynn, Marayaa. What a great band. I think there could be a new album this year. MIDNIGHT OIL - Place Without A Postcard. Just pips 10,9, 8...as my favourite. NP - BLOODMIST - Arc Where's Al the Orca?
  7. Really, dude? What language is that? KHANATE - To Be Cruel. Again. Just because. DODHEIMSGARD - Black Medium Current. Likewise.
  8. I can't agree. There's heaps of great Aussie beers, but you just don't get many on tap. And/or you've got to pick your boozer. Oh, and Nu-metal sucks, of course.
  9. YAKUZA - Sutra. Enjoyable but many will not care for the vocals. KHANATE - To Be Cruel. Khanate's back baby. Just what you were waiting for. This is crushing noise. Loved it. NP - THE OCEAN - Holocene. Hmm...like all of their albums that I've heard, musically sophisticated, well recorded, thematically ambitious. But, as ever, rather anaemic and not very much fun at all.
  10. Not XXX. Good natured ribbing of the Western province is not meant seriously, but seriously XXX is piss and unfit for human consumption.
  11. I have some old photos that suggest I was, and I did have a beard like the dude second from right (but red brown) but I still doubt it. You can't hate Perth. You can laugh at it, condescend to it, treat it with disdain, but life's too short to hate it.
  12. DROWNING HORSE - Drowning Horse WINTERFYLLETH - The Reckoning Dawn
  13. I will take it in the spirit offered and will crack on.
  14. Neither of those are for you. I find Botanist intriguing though and it still amuses me that dulcimer players want to play metal. I should have warned you off Bloodmist. I expect no-one here would like them but me and I keep listening to them to torment the Orca. And there is no getting rid of the Orca. He knows that I know that he is not listening to what I am but I know I will never stop him pretending to because he thinks it annoys me. It's been cold and miserable here too - 11C now - but the sun has come out and my son's black cat - ours now the son is in the UK indefinitely - has just climbed onto my lap and is purring. My oldest friend - we discovered this album together while we were at high school - has booked us to see a PF cover band do the album at Thirroul at the end of June.. I never listen to PF any more, but it should be fun.
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