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  1. I normally want to hear vocals too - and it doesn't have to be howling and barking but I didn't much like the clean vocals on the CAVE IN - but I agree, it's not a problem with BAN. It's a good album.
  2. CAVE IN - Heavy Pendulum. Very well done but not really to my taste. BLUT AUS NORD - Disharmonium - Undreamable Abysses. This is more like it. Murky and dark. Not enough howling and barking on either of these though.
  3. Yep. And when was howling and barking a bad thing.
  4. A gloomy take on the world. I'm not saying you are entirely wrong, but there is ascertainment bias here. I interact with a different bunch of younger people but we all consume too much, me included. In person.Very simple and convenient.
  5. VANUM - Legend. A bit too nice. HOLY FAWN - Death Spells. Also kind of nice, but better. GOLGOTHAN REMAINS - Adorned in Ruin. Not nice at all. This one brings home the bacon.
  6. I was asked - do I have a valid reason? To which my answer was of course, yes. (And the reason? Because I wanted to.) I am tired of apologising to my kids that the old bastards - not me, but my generation - have got it wrong again. I think the voting age should be lowered and that there should be a maximum age for voting. The former is an idea whose day will come. The latter probably not but the future belongs to the young and I would give up my vote at, say 85 (if I live that long) in the hope for a better future.
  7. The yoiks who talk are self selected. Either they have an agenda or they are too clueless to know they are being manipulated. Then the journalists select and edit. A total waste of air time. I - like > 30% - voted early so the polls are meaningless too. The Greens are the sensible voice and so rarely heard.
  8. I hate Windows with a passion and refuse to have anything to do with my wife's computer that uses it.
  9. I'm glad the sound effects had a moment. They were meaningful to me, but perhaps I'll move on. FEN - Winter. Masterpiece is an over used word. I'll say masterful instead. FUNERAL TEARS - Beyond The Horizon. Bloody hell. There's another 25 minutes to go. There's loud bits and there's quiet bits. It's a little dull but works as background music.
  10. Thatguy


    Maate, what you want is for RU to be more like RL. Makes sense to me, of course. Test cricket? Background noise/vision in the summer. Pop your head in and watch a bit when you are too hot or whipping inside to get more beers. Sit down and watch? đŸ˜´indeed.
  11. FLOATING POINTS - Crush. Bleep bloop. BREE VAN REYK - Superclusters. Bing bock. PRIMITIVE MAN - Insurmountable. Doing. ENOID - NĂ©gation Du Corps. Twang.
  12. Already onto this. Enjoyed it. I continue to wander through my prior purchases. This afternoon CONVERGE & CHELSEA WOLFE - Bloodmoon I. Pretty boring actually. I shouldn't have bothered with it.
  13. Thatguy


    A Westie is a bogan from the outer Western suburbs which are far from the hipster delights of the inner west, the gentrified grooviness of the eastern suburbs, or the entitled arseholery of the north shore (etc etc - there are more tribes than this in Sydney). We actually moved around quite a lot when I was a kid, but I spent my teenage years in a Housing Commission flat ( pubic housing apartment) in a shit hole suburb called Ermington. I was brought up by my widowed mother - with an older brother - and we were pretty poor. My mum had little education but she was smart and always reading and so my brother and I did to. My brother went to Uni to study architecture and so I went to Uni too, and - long story (and it is a long story) short - eventually ended up as a doctor, thank you Saint Gough for the window of free Uni education. So, in summary, the guy in the photo is what I am not, but what I came from.
  14. Thatguy


    When we went to see Midnight Oil my son pointed out that my speaking voice is very similar to Peter Garrett's. Pete has the accent of a Sydney boy who went to a private school then took up rock and roll. I have the accent of a Westie who got an education... As for the sherbets, doctors are culturally heavy drinkers here, but even more so in England I discovered, but I am older and wiser now.
  15. Thatguy


    Fuck me dead. That kind of price is insane. The price for an NRL game varies depending on which ground and which seats of course. Some of the most fun I've had at the footie though has been in the cheapest seats - benches or stand up only - in suburban grounds of enemy teams. It's fun to bang up against the bozos and bogans that make up most of an NRL crowd and most are friendly past the expected banter. It's fun to hear the enemy supporters whinging about the refs, the coach and the bludgers on their team just like we do. At the end of the game the sherbets will be kicking in so you need to take care of who you tease if you value your font teeth.
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