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  1. Yo, Dead. You should bring back your 'unknown classic or piece of shit' poll thing here if you can figure out how to do it. I always liked that and the bigger numbers here could make it more interesting.
  2. ALVARO DOMENE - The Sword Still Hangs Upon The Wall. Solo electric guitar. A bit of noise, but mainly melodic to my ears. Not scary like CHORD ya big babies, but you still won't like it.
  3. Fun trivia for all you guitar focused dudes - of which I am one these days. There are an infinite number of types and subtypes of saxophone mouthpieces, but the fundamental split is between Link guys (and girls) and Berg-Larsen guys. Fela Kutis is using a Berg-Larsen - as does Sonny Rollins. Coltrane was a Link guy. I use Link for tenor/baritone, but B-L for alto.
  4. Well, he would have been but I missed this. You know your poseur. This seems like my sort of thing. Thanks.
  5. All good, GG. I know you have a very open musical mind but I don't expect you to like much of what I enthuse over. I just like to poke the goats... And, yes, the album name Obsian bugs me too, and yes, the album is full of intriguing rhythmic and harmonic twists and turns - just the kind of wankery I like. I listened to it every day for an age when it first came out and I am listening just now, just because, and fuck me if I don't love just as much as I did then.
  6. Thanks for this. I have been praising Castavet forever and the unworthy Metal-Fi goats just ignored me. I will check out Aeviterne and Turris Eburnea right now.
  7. SIGIL - Nether. The blurb on Bandcamp compared then to Castavet. Remember Castavet? I do - they were great. A good comparison, and this is a good album.
  8. It's a reflection on the negligence of the federal government. The born to rule mediocraties of the LNP declined to provide proper quarantine facilities even though it is their constitutional responsibility and declined to ensure proper vaccine supply. Don't say all politicians are to blame. The LNP had responsibility and they have failed us.
  9. Thatguy likes noise and so of course I have listened to this. I liked it...the old M-Fi'ers will know that I have seen Portal live and lived to tell the tale. Just now listening to Daniel Herskedal - Harbour. DH is a composer and tuba virtuoso. Excellent tuba playing but a bit nice/jazz lite for my taste and I am about done with it now.
  10. Whereas this boomer really likes all sorts of other stuff blended into metal. Nothing has a permanent, substantiial being, yet here we are.
  11. EPIPHANIC TRUTH - Dark Triad: Psalms to a Sordid Species On my run this morning. Thatguy approved degree of musical interest but many of the Goats would appreciate this. Massive drumming and a stunning vocal performance. Either there are multiple vocalists or it's one incredibly versatile guy.
  12. They are a gang of second rate chancers. They and theirs are vaccinated and their donors are still doing fine and they still have their snouts in the trough, so all good. Here's a press release to keep the plebs happy...
  13. I was trying to think of a polite way to tell them they are sad obsessionists. This will do. DRAWN AND QUARTERED - Congregation pestilence
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