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  1. Yes, but my obvious riposte is imagine this volume of traffic held up by traffic lights!
  2. Saw them - and her - at Hymns To The Dead in Hobart in June. And I agree with all this.
  3. True. Canberra is roundabout heaven, Fuck traffic lights. Suffer in yer jocks. MAGAZINE - The Correct Use Of Soap MAGAZINE - Real Life Howard Devoto's vocals are an acquired taste I guess, but his sneering sardonic tone has always suited me. Apart from weird jazz, Magazine was one of my go to listens in the 1980's, and I enjoy coming back to them now and again.
  4. IMPERIUM DEKADENZ - When We Are Forgotten. Great album, and 'Transcendence' is one of my favourite songs. Didn't annoy the neighbours because it was through headphones on a run on a glorious spring morning. The arctic weather system has passed and the rain has stopped at least for the time being. Heading to 24C today and it is a great day to be alive!
  5. HEGEMONE - Voyance MO'YNOQ - A Place For Ash DYSGNOSTIC - Scar Echoes
  6. Don't start is my advice. I went back to this despite my resolution not to and I have watched all three now. Gotta say I love 'em
  7. REMINA - Strata. Put me in mind of The Gathering. Lovely female vocals. ULTHAR - Nightgaunts MMXVI - Nothing lovely about this. Good stuff.
  8. I can't turn that first one off. But I still have the strength of will not to listen to any others, I think...
  9. I guess I like Drudkh more than you, but try They Often See Dreams About The Spring. It has the (pre-invasion) exuberance that I was on about and is an album worth going back to again and again.
  10. I listened to GAEREA - Mirage again. There is some good music there but it is too long and the filler blots out most of my recollection of the good stuff. NP - HOLY FAWN - Dimensional Bleed
  11. Oh, the fucking spreadsheet. I had forgotten how dumb it was and how obsessed they were as if they could scientifically and objectively determine what was good and right. Thanks again GG for fucking it over.
  12. I don't think you will insult anyone here with that opinion. As for having to sit through it. Suffer in yer jocks, mate.
  13. I had an Expresso Martini while I was on holiday. It has added another thing to my coffee repertoire. Otherwise I do not like sweetened or syrup enhanced coffee. No Australian believes an Americano is actually coffee.
  14. AI - I like it and may buy it BC etc - never heard of them Drudkh = do yourself a favour and listen
  15. CANTIQUE LÉPREUX - Cendres Célestes FLOCKS - You Were Probably Younger Then
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