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    From the states originally, now reside in the UK. I love Metal and many other genres of music - but I really like Metal.
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    Norwich, UK
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    Metal, Coding, Family, Business, Movies & Gaming
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  1. dilatedmind

    What's on your mind?

    I have 666 unread posts! I thought I should come say hey!
  2. dilatedmind

    Merry Christmas everyone 2017

    Merry Metal Christmas!!
  3. dilatedmind

    Most anticipated albums of 2018

    Do you know any more details? Thanks for reminding me to check on their latest stuff.
  4. dilatedmind

    Hello from Wales!

    Welcome to Metal Forum!
  5. dilatedmind

    Page doesn't load without refreshing.

    This should be fixed... Are people still getting it?
  6. dilatedmind

    Where is a good place to buy band tees?

    Thanks man, I'll just drop this in here to: https://www.metalforum.com/store/ Great place to buy band tees!
  7. dilatedmind


    Welcome man, good to have you aboard
  8. dilatedmind

    Black Sabbath

    What are your favourite Black Sabbath albums? My top 3 are: Heaven and Hell Sabotage Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath This does change according to my mood though. I'm curious to know which albums others rate highly.
  9. dilatedmind

    What's so good about EMG pickups?

    I've been looking around and it seems EMG pickups are really popular. What's so good about them? Is there any good alternatives you'd recommend?
  10. dilatedmind


    Hi there, welcome to Metal Forum. What bands are you into?
  11. dilatedmind

    What's on your mind?

    From me too!
  12. dilatedmind


    Good game, although played more h1z1. Rust was a gateway game though for me!
  13. dilatedmind

    Hi from the UK

    I live in Norfolk! A warm welcome local Metal Head
  14. dilatedmind

    New Website for Hell Republic Records and Webzine

    Good job!