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  1. I don't think many metal bands manage to pull off a decent genre switcheroo. The one's that come to mind: Bathory - from early black ->thrash -> folk HOWEVER the switch from folk -> extreme metal suck bollocks (Octagon). Switchback to folkier stuff was haphazard but eventually resulted in the two brilliant Nordland albums Behemoth - from black metal -> death metal (though lost plot over years). Carcass - grindcore -> death metal -> melodic death metal Corrossion of Conformity - from hardcore/crossover -> southern style metal Napalm Death -grindcore -> death metal -> groove metal (Diatribes etc) ->back to grindcore. Though output has not been consistent. Pantera - from glam metal -> groove metal Paradise Lost - from death doom -> gothic metal. Pestilence - from thrash metal -> death metal -> cool jazz weirdness with Spheres. Resurrected band is shit. Suicidal Tendencies - from pure hardcore -> thrash -> almost avant garde thrash/punk Tiamat managed to do something awesome with Wildhoney but they lose me after that and I can't comment on whether it's any good as I don't listen to alt/goth rock. Iron Maiden evolved into a prog band and At The Gates into a thrashy death metal band but they're gradual evolutions so I don't think they count.
  2. I LOVE THIS POST! Oh to be a well off American/western European teen/early 20s in 1980s.
  3. High Command album's a winner for me! Love that guitar tone.
  4. Cause it's a great album! ---- Decibel's online portal tends to throw up good recommendations that suit my tastes. I like the writing style - proper journalistic writing instead of "high school hack" or "wannabe philosopher" ala AMG and Heavy blog crap you get with blogs. Up to recently I was buying Zero Tolerance (you can't get Decibel locally and subscription system collapsed when COVID hit and USPS still doesn't post to Australia). Problem with Zero Tolerance is the format - small writing which would be fine except for sometimes you get dark text on a dark backdrop which makes it really hard to read. That and the covermount CDs are shit. I also occasionally binge on Youtube New Wave of Old School Thrash Metal and New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal channels though to be honest these are seldom anything I want to buy,, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD5Ny_jQ8cs9JXVPWXg9iNw https://www.youtube.com/c/NWOTHMFullAlbums Finally I do occasionally binge Gimme Metal radio and get some good stuff from there. I still go to Blabbermouth but it's becoming more about how much Lars sold his house for or which celebrity said what regarding COVID.
  5. Metallica - Ride The Lightning Metallica - Master of Puppets Nekromant - Temple of Haal - NWOBHM/Doom metal. https://nekromant.bandcamp.com/album/temple-of-haal Crypta - Echoes of the Soul - meat n potatos DM with BM-esque vocals. Features a few ex-Nervosa members.
  6. Nekromant - Temple of Haal Swedish heavy metal - mixture of NWOBHM and doom metal. Out 3 December 2021 on Despotz. https://nekromant.bandcamp.com/album/temple-of-haal
  7. Here in Australia I don't think the maintenance provisions are well enforced. I know plenty of dudes who abandoned their kids and they've managed to skirt around paying any maintenance - literally moving states or even towns seems to be enough to somehow get out of dodge. I also know other guys who were denied access to their kids despite wanting to be an active father and then forced to pay massive maintenance because the ex-wife/girlfriend was the only carer! I only know of one case where the father actually got custody - the mother didn't turn up to court cause she was on a speed bender (he was a drug addict too and a violent one and their kids were often hungry)! Problem with maintenance/custody is the laws governing it put a lot of emphasis people working it out themselves and if there are disputes it has to go to court and court is hard, stressful and outcomes aren't guaranteed or predictable. Family law courts are also overburdened, under resourced so you often have to wait a long time. System is regarded as broken and the glorious neoliberal fundamentalist Christian scum that we apparently elected to parliament legislated to abolish Family Law Court this year and merge it with another court (thus making it even more problematic)!
  8. Cave In - Until Your Heart Stops - 1990s metallic hardcore. Never heard this before. Not bad!
  9. The art is spectacular. Maybe I want to like the music so I can justify buying the albums for the art work!
  10. Sheol, so jealous. Here it's 25 degrees and I already can't stand it. Meant to get up to as high as 27 by mid week- yuck. If I had my way I'd spend April-October in Tasmania and November-March in Europe.
  11. Exodus - Persona Non Grata - It's not bad but not essential. Khemmis - Desolation - One of those bands that always disappoints. The style, riffage and overall concept is excellent. Yet like all Khemmis it sounds weak and underwhelming. Only time these guys managed to get it right is the song they did for The Dark Pictures Anthology video game. Napalm Death - Throes of Joy In The Jaws of Defeatisms Eternal Champion - Ravening Iron - Such a good album and one I've still been unable to buy physically. Frank Sinatra/Bing Crosby - Christmas compilation - alas the family thought this was the better listening option whilst putting up the Christmas tree! And a little secret - I actually like Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby as well as Tom Jones and Dean Martin. Great voices, great songs, great vibe and to be honest I don't think anyone will be as cool as the Rat Pack or Tom Jones. I actually suspect the fate of western civilisation was sealed when the Frank and Dean died. SpiritWorld - Pagan Rhythm Interesting mix of styles - thrash metal, hardcore, death metal, groove metal but also some Ministry vibes. Riffage is very much my kind of thing! Smattering of their songs:
  12. You sound like a very busy man! I know people in farming including cattle and dairy and it's a lot of work! --- I live in the kind of mindless treeless soulless cookie cutter modern suburbia that the mainstream media, government and vested property interests markets as the Australian dream. The house would have looked good in a magazine when it was new but it probably started to fall apart 5 minutes after the first owner moved in 7-8 years ago. Building quality is only one step away from a tin slum in Rio de Janeiro or Mumbai. Even the electrical systems are shonky and constantly shorting out. I used to live in a slightly older very tree lined suburb full of nature reserves (established 1950s though house was a solid 1987 build) next to some amazing natural scenery but house wasn't big enough or had enough bathrooms for the women in my life (daughter is 9 going on 21). https://www.launcestoncataractgorge.com.au/ Tasmania is beautiful but you don't get to see nearly enough of it when you work 8:30 - 5:00 in an office and then spend your weekend cleaning your oversized, decaying, crumbling near brand new house and the weather is often shit especially on weekends (weather gods think they are funny fuckers)!
  13. Celtic Frost - Monotheist Creeping Death - Wretched Illusions Decapitated - Anticult Dying Fetus - Reign Supreme Stallion - Rise and Ride Mindsnare - Unholy Rush
  14. Wow, congratulations. I hope you have plenty of hobbies to keep you busy! ---- I've worn metal tops to work on 1-2 occasions when there's been no one there.
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