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  1. Heaven Shall Burn - Given in Death
  2. Dimmu Borgir - The Serpentine Offering (live at Wacken 07) Been binge watching many of their Wacken shows lately, my favorites are probably year 2007 and 2012 🤘
  3. In some cases lyrics matter to me, in other cases they don't. There are metal bands I love mainly because of their amazing lyrics, and there are other bands where the music itself is just so amazing it doesn't matter what their songs are about.
  4. I'd say several Metallica songs, especially The Unforgiven and Until it sleeps. I think they're relatable for some people who've broken free from (religious) oppression, or are struggling with some kind of illness or darkness inside them. I think James Hetfield is very good at expressing his own life experiences and feelings into the music. Master of Puppets and Sad But True are also among my Metallica favorites.
  5. Metallica - Until it sleeps
  6. Dimmu Borgir - Ætheric Dimmu Borgir - Progenies of the great apocalypse:
  7. Putin's underlying fantasies fail Quak
  8. Hammerfall - Hearts on fire
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