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  1. it is a pretty generic list but 1. master of puppets - metallica 2. Reign in blood - slayer 3. Rust in peace - megadeath
  2. back in 9th grade I got more into their discography after only ever knowing the singles from the black album and now I have heard all 10 studio albums, 1 of their eps and most of the covers they released, now they are my favorite band of all time and the second they come to were I live I'm determined to see them live in the front row! (the last time they came was back in 2019 and i missed them)
  3. I wanted to listen to some bands that I never heard before so I thought about listening to one or of the metal massacre compilations from the 80's and 90's but didn't know which one would be the best for me to start with.
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