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  1. My fac prog band is Crimson Glory fav*
  2. Tell me, no problem. I would like to listen.
  3. We should not stick our lives into certain philosophical patterns or ideals. We need to open our horizons and look at our lives from different angles and windows. This expands our vision. Ideals are shaped according to beliefs, but a person without belief cannot be called without ideals. A person without an ideal cannot be called an unbeliever.
  4. About moonsorrow you should listen jotunheim, non-serviam and pakanjhula Nalgfar- Harvest album is so good. aboıt valkjyra- The agonist’s fire is good
  5. thanks for advice i didnt know that much my favs are moonsorrow valkyjra primodrial arckanum nalgfar(swedish)
  6. I dont know maybe they have but not like humans
  7. what does this have to do with it? The subject was People live by reason, emotions, feelings, hormones and impulses. Animals only have impulses. Should we live like animals? Or like humans? or another Is there a theory? by feeling 0 emotions does it make sense to live
  8. i guess i was drunk im sorry. I always wanted to be a cat dxmajxm
  9. No no my question was for impulsiveness and philosophy
  10. (in the sense of impulsivity and reason)
  11. https://youtube.com/c/KillbotGorGorAttack https://youtube.com/user/jhofffilms https://youtube.com/c/BradleyHallGuitar
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