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  1. Having Extremely Awesome Delights QUAD
  2. Sorry didn’t notice this post earlier! Yeah I agree with everything you said, tbh Steve did a really good job on The X factor album with adapting the material with Blaze, not so much on Virtual XI on a couple songs though. It’s nice that they are on good terms, I agree that its a shame when bands end up having bad blood like Venom for example. Also on another note I really like John Bush! My fave song with him is Random Acts of Senseless Violence. Armored Saint are a great band also. And i’m glad you like TMWWND! He does definitely have a powerful voice he has about 6 lungs hahaha, love his voice and range bit different to what were used to with Bruce Bruce, and I know as you mentioned on the What are you listening to thread you aren’t a big fan of his lyrics, I can see why somewhat, I think the main problem is the songs on that album are probably a little bit longer than they should be, and maybe slightly repetitive. I listened to another Blaze album last night, Promise and Terror and really liked it! So if you want give that a listen, I thoroughly enjoyed it 🤘
  3. Very nice! Let me know what you think 🤘😎 S.O.D. - Sargent D and the S.O.D.
  4. Aw mate hahahah, it’s thanks to you I checked it out, not listened to it yet i’ll give it a spin tomorrow when the CD arrives and I’ll let you know what I think 🤪🤪🤪
  5. I’m already halfway there 😎 I have a guitar 🤪 so I might have a look into lessons 🤘I love a good Riff so i’ll habe to start learning
  6. @JamesT I just bought Artillery - X on CD Digipack 😎🤪
  7. Frighteningly Ingesting Ninety Eggs BONE
  8. Thanks mate! Good to hear from you too, I never used to be a big fan of the X Factor album, but the first time I heard Sign of the Cross it blew me away, got to be a top 10 maiden track for me for sure. His Solo stuff is brilliant and I love his voice, took ne a lil while to get used to it but his voice is very powerful in the lower ranges, Bruce is for sure a better fit for Maiden in general but for the material and the time that Steve Harris and the band were goi through at that time Blaze was a perfect fit, as The X Factor was a very dark gloomy sounding album. and yes I have seen Blaze live!! It was fantastic his band is awesome the sound was amazing, was great as I also got to see KK and Ripper perform just before they actually formed Kk’s Priest! I even got to meet Blaze himself and he was an absolute gent I told him how I loved his albums with Maiden and he said he appreciated it and we talked about his solo albums how I love The Man Who Would Not Die here is my pic with Blaze! https://imgur.com/a/zSFAhGc Also Blaze Bayley is definitely a more metal name that Bruce Dickinson. However @KillaKukumba Bruce Bruce does indeed trump Blaze’s name for “metalness” 😂😂😂
  9. Can’t say i’m surprised 😬 said some pretty nasty things there
  10. Yeah By Inheritance is an amazing album, especially the Title track and Khomaniac, havent listened to their other stuff though. Hardwired is a fantastic album, one of my faves by Metallica.
  11. Hi mate!! Looking very cool in that pic, wish I learned to play guitar, nearly 25 now, any tips on getting started?
  12. Rodney you plonker!! And Granville fetch your cloth love Porridge and Only Fools 😂😂 and open all hours aswell great shows, I love how Arkwright can never get his words out properly and how he is so stingy. Ronnie Barker was brill in Porridge as was David Jason, I love the episode with the ping pong ball i think it was also Mr Mackay is class
  13. That was definitely interesting Daiena, noone here is to antagonise you or make enemies we’re a friendly bunch on here
  14. Thank f### you did one lol as the only band I knew was Xentrix 😂 Artillery
  15. Definitely Expected As Decrepit LOST
  16. Fair enough, I don’t really listen to the Dianno albums either, I listen to the Blaze era albums much more often, those 2 albums are good, Tattooed Millionaire isn’t great but there are a couple great songs on it, my personal fave is the Chemical Wedding.
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