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  1. Yeah mate it sure does, and yeah I had injections for a week, now i'm on pills for 3 months XD
  2. So recently I woke up and I had a terrible pain in my leg, had no idea what was up but went to the doctors and found out it was a blood clot…. (DVT) haven’t had much energy so I’ve not been too active on here either mostly been resting 😂
  3. Hello guys just thought i’d let you know I have a new youtube channel where I do rankings and weekly pickups, if any of your are interested feel free to check my channel out, I have already ranked Motörhead’s and Tank’s albums 🤘😁 Here’s the link below: https://youtube.com/channel/UCB-Og6BiIVeDc1FgP2dvAuA Stay metal guys 🤘
  4. Terry Hates Apple Turnovers RAVE
  5. Saxon - Destiny This is so bad 😭😂 Saxon - Killing Ground Ahhhh... that's better, could barely finish listening to that Destiny what a shite album XD thats definitely one of the worst "metal" albums i've had to sit through
  6. The Head Cat - Fools Paradise
  7. The Head Cat - Fool's Paradise Raven - Architect Of Fear Raven - One For All Judas Priest - Bullet Train (Single) Judas Priest - Machine Man (Single)
  8. I was secretly hoping someone would say that and you did me proud XD Bob
  9. To be fair I Wouldn't be surprised
  10. Blaze Bayley - The Dark Side of Black
  11. That is a fantastic album, I think Shotgun Justice is the best Razor album though, maybe even the best Thrash album ever made, its certainly one of the most insanely fast and brutal thrash albums.
  12. I listened to Razor's Shotgun Justice the other night before bed, wasn't a great idea because I was so pumped with adrenaline I couldn't get to sleep!
  13. Hello Kerrigan, what is your fave metal band? Also Bees are adorable, Wasps are C#nts except for Blackie Lawless, and since you bring up Bees I have to ask
  14. Udo is an absolute legend!! just wish his band would come to the UK, also I personally love that cover hahahaha. U.D.O. are one of my favourite bands top 10 easily Also all those observations are hilarious
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