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  1. Remember that its Albums not songs matey “No Prayer For The Dying” - Iron Maiden
  2. “Evil Invaders” - Razor
  3. “God Hates Us All” - Slayer
  4. Well, forgot to post while drunk (again) but i’m now posting hungover😂, celebrated My 22nd birthday last night, had Jack Daniels, Stella, Kraken, Baileys and Corona, fun night 🤣 Slightly pissed in this pic 😆
  5. Picked up these 4 albums for 20 quid! all I need to get now is the deluxe edition of Eternal Idol, and I have the full Tony Martin collection! Love Headless Cross and TYR, but need to listen to Forbidden and Cross Purposes, i’ll listen to them on my Pizza Deliveries 😁
  6. Satan - Cruel Magic Can’t stop listening to this awesome little song
  7. Black Sabbath - The Shining (Ray Gillen version)
  8. I'd say these are my favourite Album closers (no particular order); Judas Priest: Jugulator - Cathedral Spires Iron Maiden: Powerslave - Rime of the Ancient Mariner Black Sabbath: Sabotage - The Writ Dream Theater: Black Clouds and Silver Linings - The Count of Tuscany Dream Theater: Octavarium - Octavarium Iced Earth: The Glorious Burden - High Water Mark
  9. Hmm Groovy, I like that one. 8/10 Can't stop listening to this gem at the moment (along with the other two songs from the Gettysburg trilogy)
  10. Interesting, that was.... something i guess lol 5/10 Bit of a contrast to that, probably my fave non rock/metal band.
  11. Hey dude, welcone to the forum, what bands do you like?
  12. Onslaught - Children of the Sand
  13. Holy shit thats some brutal stuff, I like it😅 7/10 Love this one from Saxon
  14. Zappa Bruce Dickinson fronting Judas Priest or Rob Halford fronting Iron Maiden?
  15. “Another Perfect Day” - Motörhead
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