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    Art/photography, nature/outdoors, music, travel, horror films, Halloween & all things spooky.

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    Pennsylvania, US
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    art/photography, nature and the outdoors, music, travel, architecture, horror films, Halloween & all things spooky.

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  1. Eldamar's album - The Force Of The Ancient Land
  2. lia_kat15


    OMGAH!!!!! <3<3 Too precious.
  3. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Withered Hand of Evil
  4. My cat has done this twice already! Ugh. She's lucky I love her. **Hugs** Thank you so much. And I agree, thankfully mine isn't tiny but yeah, that'd be torture.
  5. How quickly someone can be your friend and lover and then turn into a stranger. ?
  6. Agalloch - Not Unlike The Waves
  7. Not sure if this allowed (please delete if not), but I would love to have this thread be a place where (those who are comfortable) can share their social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc, or blogs to follow, such as Tumblr. I think this would be another neat way to interact online with each other, show support (I follow a lot of artists on Instagram), and become "virtual" buddies outside of the Metal Forum. Let me know what you guys think.
  8. Omgg what a cutie! Reminds of the green little caterpillar that was on my door yesterday. They're so beautiful.
  9. Never been a fan of Judas Priest (am I banned now? lmao ?). And it's closed back slippers.
  10. My art/photography- a few favorites of mine. Some new & older ones. I was going to add a photo of myself but for some reason igmur is not letting me load it. Maybe later. Edit: I wanted to post a cool "so metal" photo of me at Duff's bar in Brooklyn but igmur apparently hates it so here's a boring selfie instead. ?
  11. I'm in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown).
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