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  1. Eldamar's album - The Force Of The Ancient Land
  2. lia_kat15


    OMGAH!!!!! <3<3 Too precious.
  3. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Withered Hand of Evil
  4. My cat has done this twice already! Ugh. She's lucky I love her. **Hugs** Thank you so much. And I agree, thankfully mine isn't tiny but yeah, that'd be torture.
  5. How quickly someone can be your friend and lover and then turn into a stranger. 😕
  6. Agalloch - Not Unlike The Waves
  7. Not sure if this allowed (please delete if not), but I would love to have this thread be a place where (those who are comfortable) can share their social media profiles like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc, or blogs to follow, such as Tumblr. I think this would be another neat way to interact online with each other, show support (I follow a lot of artists on Instagram), and become "virtual" buddies outside of the Metal Forum. Let me know what you guys think.
  8. Omgg what a cutie! Reminds of the green little caterpillar that was on my door yesterday. They're so beautiful.
  9. Never been a fan of Judas Priest (am I banned now? lmao 😂). And it's closed back slippers.
  10. My art/photography- a few favorites of mine. Some new & older ones. I was going to add a photo of myself but for some reason igmur is not letting me load it. Maybe later. Edit: I wanted to post a cool "so metal" photo of me at Duff's bar in Brooklyn but igmur apparently hates it so here's a boring selfie instead. 😆
  11. I'm in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown).
  12. Bump. I was thinking of starting a similar thread, curious to know where everyone's from. Anyone from Pennsylvania? I'm originally from Florida (yuck) and moved up here about eight years ago. Most suburbs and rural towns are calm and peaceful. Lots of nature and outdoor activities, which I love. So much beauty. Lots to explore. Fall is gorgeous too and there are many festivals and fun activities to enjoy. Many people move here from New Jersey and New York.